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Fit Mama Slammers

Fit Mama Slammers

Studio: Porno Static
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for Fit Mama Slammers:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Fit Mama Slammers overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Fit Mama Slammers Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fit Mama Slammers Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Fit Mama Slammers Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting Fit Mama Slammers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fit Mama Slammers DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fit Mama Slammers A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  5/6/2008
Fit Mama Slammers is the name of the movie but do not be expecting any mature woman in this film,if you like watching hot 30 something British women with fit bodies get a workout they wont forget in a hurry step inside to the world of Pornostatic.The whole milf scenario can be mind boggling at times as debate rages on about milfs what age they have to be before they can be classed as one etc.This title focuses on women who are in there thirty's,who have great bodies and who love getting fucked and guess is great to watch.

Scene 1-Aeisha

Scene starts with Aeisha dancing,she is wearing a red dress which has ridden away up,she has red fishnet hold ups on with red leg warmers pulled down to her ankles
and red fishnet gloves that go up to her elbows,red high heels on too..and no panties on.That's right guys better get the snake out just now as i have a feeling this is going to start straight away.Aeisha is pretty,slim and sexy looking,lovely long hair and looks truly fantastic,this girl just oozes class and sex appeal and as i mentioned her pussy is on display,shaved at the sides but with a lovely tuft of pubic hair that is shaped into a triangle it might not be the bermuda triangle but i would love to get lost in there,she does look sexy and her pussy is pierced.We get teasing shots of Aeisha on all fours as her amazing ass is on display,i think i am going to ooze..and it's not going to be class or sex appeal either if you get what i'm saying.As she pulls her cheeks apart to show us her pussy and ass i thought to myself this is one girl i could cheat on my right hand with.Aeisha smiles as she gazes into the camera and she looks very posh,and you know what..posh girls loved to get fucked the same as every other girl,or at least we are going to find out as the camera catches sight of a guy sitting on her sofa.Next thing he is over there hands all over her body spreading her ass cheeks and licking her bum hole..i hope she knows this guy.As he spreads her pussy lips i'm sure juice started leaking from my television,her pussy looked so wet.He spits on her ass so if you detest spitting i'm sorry.The guy is giving us a commentary on what he is doing i really just wish he would go about this quietly.Aeisha's tits are perfect,they are not too big or too small and she has nipples that could poke your eyes out..As the camera pans up and down her body she has a tattoo just under her belly button,and her belly button is pierced.Soon she is gobbling on his cock and doing a great job too,the guy is still muttering away i wish he would just be quiet it's an unwritten rule that when getting a blowjob the only noises a man should make is ohhh and ahhh.Soon she is straddling him cowgirl i swear her asshole winked at me as she climbed aboard him,i just sat there with a silly grin on my face.Aeisha has a great ass,it's lovely and round and makes great viewing as she bounces up on down on his cock.Reverse cowgirl is next and her pussy looked tighter than two coats of paint as she rode away.Next up some spooning and Aeisha moans like hell as he slaps his tickling stick deep inside her.Aeisha eventually sinks to her knees and blows him off,he still mutters away..i hope this guy is not sitting behind me at the cinema one night as i get the feeling he would talk you through the whole film.He soon has Aeisha bent over an exercise bike and rattles her doggie style before doing her the same way over the couch.When i do eventually die i am going to have a word with him above(GOD) life just seems so unfair to me.The scene ends with Aeisha taking a facial after sucking and wanking him off,but he chooses to wank off into her face what a silly man.

This was a good scene i really liked Aeisha she had a great body and took a good fucking,wished the guy had been quieter in the scene but credit to him he did give her a good hard shag.Aeisha is very sexy looking and she looked like she was loving the action which took place in a smart pad complete with exercise bike etc.

Scene 2-Anjali Kara

Scene starts with Anjali looking sexy as fuck,she has her long hair in bunches,long sleeved white top on that just covers her tits with the ties in the middle hanging down to her navel.If you are looking for a name for it,it's cock teasing material to you and me.She wears a pair of black lace-up shorts she also has on black hold ups and looks so beautiful a real Indian princess.She has long fingernails and how i would love those long nails raking down my back,her white top struggles to contain her big juicy tits.She must have heard me as the top got eased down and what a pair they were indeed.Soon Anjali has slipped off her shorts to reveal a sexy curvy ass then we get to watch as she strokes her pussy.Even a corpse would sit up and take notice of this..well my stiffie did anyway.She has a lovely pussy which is shaved but with a landing strip i think i'm in love.As she fingers her pussy and talks dirty i think i'm going to abuse my cock and quite right too.Back on screen and a cock comes into view and Anjali feeds it into her mouth sucks on it wanks on it talks dirty and you know's hot as fuck to watch.Anjali stands up spreads her legs and gets her pussy licked,she is loving it and moans like crazy.Back to cock sucking she went and you can see that she really loves doing this,soon she sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl it's a condom scene if thats a big deal to you.You wont even notice as she bounces away on the beef bayonet,next up she is getting it missionary and really gets off on being banged hard.The action then swings to Anjali sucking cock,i think some population paste to the face could well be on the cards.She again sucks and wanks him off and talks dirty,she also loves to dribble her saliva onto his cock as she wanks him off.The scene is not over yet as soon he has her bent over as he gets rubbered up and then takes her doggie style as he slams her pussy deep he pulls on her bunches while she turns the air blue.The finale involves Anjali sucking him off until he chooses to wank himself off and it seems to go on for ages.This guy must have bigger biceps than Arnie.Even with Anjali helping him along with filthy talk it took ages for him to cum,then at last a creamy explosion splattered her face and mouth.She sucks and licks on his cock then plays with her pussy only to take his cock in her mouth once again and suck him dry.It would probably take that guy about 3 weeks to get his heart rate back to normal after that.

Good scene again,Anjali just loves to suck cock and talk dirty and it makes great viewing.The male talent got on with his job and fucked her hard(lucky bastard) wearing a condom.My only gripe was the pop shot at the end as he seemed to take ages to deliver the salty swimmers..who am i to have a go at ex left me when i could not find her

Scene 3-Antonia

Scene starts with her doing a sexy dance while some background music plays,she has long dyed blond hair,she wears an identical top that Anjali wore in last scene with flashes of bikini top on show underneath,she has tiny white shorts on and she has a slim toned body,i wish she was a little bit heavier she does have a fantastic ass though so all is forgiven.She has long legs which we get a great view of as the camera pans around her entire body she also has a couple of tattoos.Soon her top is open to reveal the bikini and she sits on a exercise bike,all the scenes take place in this posh pad with exercise bike etc then a male walks over to her.Holy Fuck it's my pal from the first scene he better not talk through this..please.As she pedals away he is behind her and has her tits out helping himself to a feel.He is persistent i will give him that.As he sucks on her nipples i again look at Antonia and she is far too slender for me,she is a nice girl but just not my body type..and teamed up with Mr Talky this is sure going to be a challenge.Antonia has a pierced pussy and soon the male talent goes to work on her beef curtains.As you may have guessed he spits on her pussy then fingers her cunt while she moans away.Soon Antonia is sucking on his cock i do not think she knows what she is in for..get the ear plugs in darling.Soon she is in reverse cowgirl and it's a condom scene again as she bounces away on his cock,some spooning action follows as Antonia gets it hard.She gets it doggie as she bends over the exercise bike,he gives her quite a workout,soon he sits on the bike and she bounces away reverse cowgirl on his dick.Next up a bit of tittie fucking Antonia has enhanced boobs at least i think they are..don't quote me on it please.Because she is so slim and slender her boobs do look false against the rest of her frame.The scene ends with the guy wanking off over Antonia's tits.

I never really enjoyed this scene,Antonia was far too slim and slender for my tastes but hey if YOU like girls that body shape you might well like this scene.The male talent chatters away but i was expecting it this time and he gives his all when fucking Antonia.Condom scene again for those out there that want to know.My penis thought he was onto a winner when he seen he is pretending he is sleeping..sulking more like.Bring on the next scene.

Scene 4-Rebecca Smyth

Scene starts with Rebecca on the exercise bike i let out a cheer as she has a curvy body,she has dyed blond short hair and wears a white top that contains a great set of tits she has on a white tennis skirt and looks great.My penis has woke up now i can tell you.As she does a sexy dance the camera pans down her body i simply know this scene is going to be great just from looking at her curves,i know i will enjoy this scene and when she spread her legs and lifted her tennis skirt up to reveal her panties i was the one shouting "New balls please".She has great thighs and if i ever got the chance to shag her it would take about 8 of the Pornostatic film crew to scrape me off her,Rebecca soon peels down her top to show a white bra containing tits that could solve calcium problems throughout the world.Soon she is licking on one of her nipples and they stood to attention and so did my cock..synchronized perversion indeed.We get to see Rebecca's bubble butt i think i'm going to walk over and try and fuck my that why they called the company Porno Static i wonder.As she pedals on the bike she turns her attention to cock saying she wants a hard cock etc,next thing you know a guy has walked over and she is soon taking his cock in her mouth.I was looking forward to this as Rebecca looks like one of those dirty girls you just know is cock crazy dreams about getting fucked senseless at nights..ok i know it's male fantasy stuff please don't take that away from me it's the only pleasure i get these days..dreaming etc lol.I was right though she took to that cock like a duck to water Rebecca was soon slipping out of her knickers and bending over for the guy to eat her pussy,plenty of dirty talk from Rebecca before its 69 position for mutual oral fun.Rebecca sits on his face to really get eaten out before going reverse cowgirl and taking control.Soon she gets it doggie and we get a close up of her face and she talks dirty while getting rammed from behind.Next she stands up against the bike and leans over to get done again before the guy sits on the bike and she straddles him reverse cowgirl.Next she gets done in missionary and some good camera angles show her pussy stretched with cock as the guy pumps away as orgasms rip through her body,soon rebecca is slamming four fingers into her pussy is her nickname Kit Kat in the UK...a Kit Kat does have four fingers you know.The scene ends with Rebecca finger fucking herself and talking dirty while the guy wanked off and came over her face which she scoops up and rubs over her tits and pussy,she slaps her pussy and fingers her hole with her creamy fingers..phew the end.

This was a great scene,Rebecca was one dirty horny little cockteaser..thank you Rebecca.she put a lot into this scene and you could tell she was really getting off and loving it,the male talent did his job giving her a good fuck..and no talking either well done.good chemistry in this scene,this could be my favorite so far a hot 30 something horny woman you cant beat them..

Scene 5-Angel Ray

Scene starts and we see Angel wearing a baseball cap she has shoulder length blond hair she has a tight toned tanned body,a white bra top on and a short white skirt and white fishnets on,she has several tattoos and bitch tattooed along the base of her back.She is shaved and she is pierced down below,as her top came of she has both nipples pierced plenty of teasing continues in several poses etc before she sits on the exercise bike..only to have two guys appear either side of her with hard cocks at the ready.She goes to work on both cocks as if she has just escaped from a convent one of the guys soon has her doggie style and she has fat pussy lips if you like that sort of thing nudge nudge wink wink.The other guy has moved in to get his cock sucked as she continues to get done from behind,Angel is screaming like crazy i would hate to hear the noise she makes if she got teamed up with Blackzilla.Soon she is in reverse cowgirl as she sucks cock at the same time,she is making some amount of noise as she gets fucked you would need soundproofing in your bedroom if you wanted to avoid the wrath of nosey neighbors while you fucked her.Enthusiastic is the word for it,this woman has been deprived man meat and how she is making up for it both guys swap about and take turns ram raiding her pussy eventually both guys wank off and cum on her face.

If you like loud enthusiastic women you will like this scene,Angel takes everything the two guys can throw at her and really gets off on it.An enjoyable scene indeed and a good scene to wrap up the movie.My favorite scene is Rebecca's i will go back to that again and again.Pornostatic have delivered a good solid title,hot 30 something babes getting fucked now that is surely a winning formula.

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