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First Time 6 (Dolphin)

First Time 6 (Dolphin)

Studio: Dolphin
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
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TouchDown Tony's ratings for First Time 6 (Dolphin):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
First Time 6 (Dolphin) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks First Time 6 (Dolphin) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks First Time 6 (Dolphin) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex First Time 6 (Dolphin) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting First Time 6 (Dolphin) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras First Time 6 (Dolphin) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality First Time 6 (Dolphin) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by TouchDown Tony  on  10/13/2001

Dolphin Entertainment
Directed by Alex Clark
Starring Egor S., Misha S., Sasha M., Sergey B., Rodion R., Nikita K., Artem Y., Dmitriy S., Andrey Sh., Gleb S., Yanis L., Artem K.
One hour, forty-nine minutes.

Scene One Morning Solo on Leopard Skin Sheets
Scene Two Breakfast for Two
Scene Three The Twins
Scene Four Welcoming Committee
Scene Five Phoning it In
Scene Six How to Play the Piano

I took the chance and returned to St. Petersburg, Russia with Alex Clark and his roving camera. The sixth in Clark’s “First Time” series proved to be as good if not better than some of the previous ones, yet still not as good as others. If you’re like me, and like your boyz uncut, “cute, young, hung & horny,” there are a few scenes out of the six in “First Time 6" which will surely satisfy your needs; and even though the scene is short, and there is no physical contact between them, I found myself repeating, “This is the one with THE TWINS.” (Go ahead, repeat after me: “This is the one with THE TWINS.” - - now, don’t you feel better?) Aside from the lengthy running time, one hour and fifty minutes, Dolphin Entertainment has loaded this disc with a fine array of Special Features, but I’m sure you’ll find yourself repeating the watch cry, “This is the one with the twins.” Six scenes, eleven boyz add up to an almost completely satisfying trek.

I find it frustrating to say the least, that neither director Alex Clark, nor Dolphin Entertainment gives their casts proper credit (and without the aid of one of the features, I wouldn’t have come up with the credits I have come up with). Dolphin Entertainment has given us four “Meet the Models” segments in their “Special Features,” and these interviews, in Russian, with English subtitles, are an interesting addition to the disc. Of course, the five models interviewed all lay the claim to being straight boyz: the twins Egor and Mikhail, Tom Everett Scott look-alike Nikita, Dima and Gleb all discuss their day on the set, and their sexual fantasies for the camera, while remaining clothed. Nikita even expresses his desire to fuck Christina Aguillara doggy- style, proving that his good looks don’t necessarily compensate for his tastes.

Over an English-lyric, pseudo-pop song, Clark introduces his players invloveld in various activities before settling into the bedroom of a gorgeous brunette. Beneath his leopard skin patterned sheets, this lovely boy treats himself to an eyes-clenched-shut solo session. As this anonymous boy is quite a piece of eye-candy, it would have been nice to see him in a partnered session of some kind.

After the bedroom, the camera takes us into the kitchen (but whether or not we are in the same house is left unanswered), where a beefy boy is making breakfast for the one he loves. The object of his affections is Nikita, The Drop-Dead Gorgeous. Nikita possesses a perfectly toned body, which beefy boy just can’t keep his hands off. Nor his mouth for that matter, as he treats himself to an ample helping of Nikita’s hot breakfast sausage. Unlike all the other pale- white Russian boyz, Nikita is more than amply endowed with a beautiful cocoa-colored cock and balls, which would make any mouth water in anticipation. As beefy boy goes about his “breakfast” duties, Nikita’s facial expresses absolute pleasure as if with each lick and suck, he’s about to add a healthy dose of liquid to the beefy boy’s diet. Nikita then tosses beefy boy onto the kitchen table, and takes his own serving of breakfast goodies as he dives right into beefy boy’s hairy ass. Clark directs this scene better than any other, with great camera angles and intense camera movements, making this one of the hottest scenes in the Alex Clark oeuvre.

Now it’s time for the moment we’ve been waiting for: The Twins. Egor and Mikhail sit side by side on separate chairs perusing porn magazines. With their baby-faced facades, and their nearly auburn hair, The Twins are a sight for sore eyes. But alas, they solo - - with sidelong glances to each other, without ever making physical contact with each other. All too soon, they shoot their loads as the scene ends. Clark could have lingered on this scene a lot longer, or at least provided a little more action for the twins.

The following scene contains no set-up whatsoever, as two dark-haired boyz, come into a hallway from outdoors, and have a quickie in the entry-way. It’s entirely possible that these two are Dima and Gleb, who were profiled in the “Meet the Models” feature, or Dima and Gleb could be the soloists involved in the next scene, where after a telephone conversation, two boyz solo in different locations. Clark has directed these simultaneous solo scenes quite well, as his camera and editing alternate effectively between the two boyz.

The last scene is charming in both its set-up and its action. Music can usually serve as a nice prelude to a kiss, think of all those years that Johnny Mathis’ tunes were considered make-out music, but when a grand piano is involved, you just know that you’re gonna score! Unless of course, that grand piano is the chosen seductive device of this scene. It’s a shame, too, as these two boyz, one dark, one fair, are very cute; but the piano is so out of tune, that one wonders if the fair-haired beauty fucks the darker one to make him quit playing that particular piano. At any rate, the fair-haired one gives a delectable lesson in how to play “Stride Piano,” as he mounts both the other boy and the piano for his fuck session. We never find out though, whether a fuck atop a baby grand is the proper way to tune a piano.

As previously mentioned, Dolphin Entertainment has loaded this disc with Special Features. In addition to the “Meet the Models,” “Behind the Scenes” offers up five galleries of self-playing stills, and there are Trailers for the other “First Time” series, as well as for “Young and Innocent”“ which features some of the hard-core scene seen as soft-core on “First Time 3;” and “Young and Innocent 2,” featuring no nudity, but a festive, party atmosphere as several boyz gather together with champagne and fireworks.

With Alex Clark’s “First Time” series, there seems to be an element of “hit-or-miss,” and “First Time 6" is closer to the “hit” side. By far it has the best photography, editing and choice of boyz of the ones that I’ve viewed. The disc itself has a near to perfect picture, and has a soundtrack, which except for the opening song, is geared for pleasure. Fans of foreskin, hairy butts and white Russians should most assuredly check this one out. And remember, “This it the one with The Twins.”

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