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First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin)

First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin)

Studio: Dolphin
Category:  Gay
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TouchDown Tony's ratings for First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party (Dolphin) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by TouchDown Tony  on  7/29/2001
Victor’s Birthday Party!

Directed by Alex Clark
Starring Oleg Vorobyev, Nicholai Russian, Nikita Adamovich, Dinnis Golubkin, Fedor Zarazin,
Andrey Nazarov, Alex Fantatov, Victor Somov et al.
Approximately 90 minutes

After a promising first encounter, things go from fair to middling as several of the male residents of St. Petersburg, Russia, gather together for Victor’s birthday party in Dolphin Entertainment’s fourth entry in their “First Time” series. When I have my birthday party (August 6th, so buy those gifts now), my guests should include at least one or two of the guys showcased by director Alex Clark, as I do have a fondness for men with their foreskins intact. Hopefully, Mr. Clark will be reading this and arrange to have the hairy beauty from the first scene knocking on my door, and he doesn’t even have to bring the watermelon! Just have him there, clothed or naked, and my birthday will be even better than Victor’s.

First Time 4 opens with a few people arriving at a country house, with wrapped parcels in tow. They are greeted by a skinny kid with a white hat, which upon viewing the remainder of the movie, must be glued to his head since he never takes it off. (Perhaps he’s been listening to that Randy Newman blues song, “You Can Leave Your Hat On,” wherein a prospective lover tells a prospective conquest to “turn off” nearly everything, but “...leave your hat on”). I took a wild guess and came to the conclusion that since he’s accepting all the gifts, he must be the Victor of the title. Dolphin International has not given a cast credit page, merely the names of the models in the opening titles, so putting a name to a cock, or even a face is pretty hopeless.

We then see two reasonably good-looking guys stopping to buy watermelons. We can only assume that they are going to Victor’s birthday party, and that the watermelons are for eating, not sex. Hey! One never knows about these things, even in Russia!

Once in their car, the call of nature strikes, so they rush off into the bushes for a quickie. These guys are the best looking guys in the whole movie, so, it was kinda exciting to watch them go at it. One has a strongly chiseled, very Russian face (looking like someone out of Doctor Zhivago), slender, tattooed and tanned; while the other still has a tad of baby fat and more rounded features. The scene is a standard suck and fuck, but Mr. Rounded Face has such a beautiful hairy ass, and dark purple man pussy...well, he’s hot, and I was surprised to see that he was the bottom for this scene - - see how wrong first impressions can be? Given the setting, it is a fairly sensuous scene -- a thick cock sliding in and out, balls slamming against that brunette-haired Nothing new here, just two cute boys having the time of their lives against the nice verdant landscape. The cum-spouting, however, did make me want to jump up an lick the screen.

We’re back to Victor’s house, and he’s getting in on with a youth - - and I do mean youth, who still has pimples, and well, to be truthful, I zipped through this scene, since I didn’t really want to watch the pimply guy sucking “gotta keep this hat on” Victor. But that tongue went into other places, too, and for a second I thought, “hmmm....a little rimming....hmmmm,” but that’s all it was, just a little rimming before hat boy thumps his massive rod (it’s gotta be at least 8 inches) into the other’s waiting asshole.

Once again we go into the woods surrounding Victor’s maison. Some of the party guests are out berry-picking. (Alright, if First Time 4 has a central motif, then its fruit...something they didn’t teach me in Russian History 101)! The amble with the berries leads to berry eating, as two youths feed each other the fruits of their labors (I couldn’t resist, so sue me!), and before you know it, other things are being eaten. Lip locks, deep tongue-ing, chest licking and a little honeyfucking are all these two need. Those berries must’ve been aphrodisiacs!

And then those two boys from the first scene re- appear, watermelons in hand. Victor could care less about the fruit - - his way of greeting is to get down on his knees and suck each one to ejaculation! (I’m not making any promises for my birthday party).

My other favorite boys are up next, as Victor makes a phone call, we see who he’s calling, and sure enough, THEY’VE GOT FRUIT, TOO! It’s a very busy kitchen table, with the wrapping of presents, and the unwrapping of tools. A little sucking. A little rimming. A little fucking. The boys in this scene are nearly as cute as the first couple, so their sexual table interlude is pretty decent.

Then it’s back to the dacha (see, other than dahz- vin-dahn-ya, I know a Russian phrase or two), where the food is cooking on the grill and the guests are all ready for dinner. After a little Russian pop song, Victor (ever the perfect host - -even with that HAT) sees to it that all his guests get their just desserts.

As you might have gathered by now, I wasn’t too impressed with First Time 4. It’s not for lack of trying, though. I’m really into that whole Eastern European man thing, and maybe that’s what’s wrong with the movie for me: the models here are all too boy-like for me. Their uncut cocks notwithstanding, the boys and their rarely excited me. The camerawork is only so-so, and this whole thing with fruit, well, maybe I’m looking for a little more meat in my movies and my men than First Time 4 has to offer. I’m glad that they finally settled down to eat, because many of them (especially Victor) seem to be on the verge of bulimia.

Dolphin International has however packaged First Time 4 with trailers for three of the other “First Time” series, as well as a nice solo turn by Cover Boy (Victor) whose hat remains on through his outdoor jack-off session. After viewing First Time 4, I can only hope my birthday will be as full of sexual activity as Victor’s was; should you drop in - - you can take your hat off.

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