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First Class Euro Sluts 5

First Class Euro Sluts 5

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for First Class Euro Sluts 5:
Overall Rating 3 stars
First Class Euro Sluts 5 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks First Class Euro Sluts 5 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks First Class Euro Sluts 5 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex First Class Euro Sluts 5 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting First Class Euro Sluts 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras First Class Euro Sluts 5 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality First Class Euro Sluts 5 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by scipio  on  11/5/2005
First Class Eurosluts - Volume Five

Dir: Toni Ribas.

Bonus Scene: Details after the feature review...
Behind The Scenes: MTV-styled intro, then we seem some hairy, creepy dude (Steve Holmes?, with a beard and unkempt wild hair) eat out and fuck a dark-haired 22 year old girl from Budapest (Barby) while Toni interviews her. Robert shows up and she blows him too, then both of them.. then Robert fucks her while she sucks the other guy, while Toni stands across the room nochalantly taking photos, till she gets up and walks off. Toni interviews a tiny blonde girl called Linda as he undresses her. Some kind of interview with other girls, but the audio is really bad, so I can't make out what is said.. but Toni makes out with her, then she kneels as if to blow him, and he slaps her a couple of times.. They hassle some girl in makeup, then the same girl showering. Some extra fucking from Kitty Sixx, then Toni wants to fuck her, then he follows her into the shower room where she poses, then sucks his dick and he fucks her against the sink. Next we see Toni eating out Barbara, dancing around with her, fingering her, they go into another room and she blows him and he fucks her missionary. then it ends. 20mins.
Cumshot Recap: Exactly what it sounds like...
Photo Gallery: A series of ok-quality stills with borders in autorun format. 5mins 30secs.
Trailers: Cum Soaked Teens, Internal Discharge, Ass Lickers 5, Sex Friends 2.
Website: Web-enable this disc by putting it into your PC, you know the drill by now..

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

None of the scenes feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.

This is the first of this series I've watched, and with luck I'll enjoy it. Toni Ribas is a good performer, so I'll see what I think of his directorial skills.

Scene 1:
Tiffany Rousso, Toni Ribas, Erik Everhard.
Pussy Gaping, "Squirting", Creampies.

Tiffany has medium-length dark hair with blonde streaks through it that looks like a bad wig, a slightly masculine face and a nice body which features large natural breasts and a completely shaven pussy. She looks a bit 1970's, really. The scene starts with her blowing Erik on a small bridge feature in someone's back yard. Titty fucking, then he bends her over and eats her ass and pussy from behind. Cut to a close-up of reverse cowgirl in action. Tiffany's body looks good as it bounces up and down. Soon Toni turns up and puts his dick in her mouth as she bounces. She gets off of Erik and sits down on Toni, and Erik stands so she can suck him off now. Pussy Gape, she bends over on the seat and Erik enters her from behind while Toni moves around so she can suck him.

She gets on Toni cowgirl, and ge gives us a massive pussy gape, she leans right over his head to suck off Erik. Another gape, more fucking, duelling blowjobs, then Erik fucks her missionary on the bench as she sucks Toni. More screwing by Erik, Toni fingers her and she "squirts" all over his hand, getting some on the lens as well seems to be the requirement for these scenes, then he fucks her and comes inside her pussy, gaping her so it can drip out a bit. Next Erik decides to stir the porridge, so to speak, and also comes inside her, with Toni's cum caking his dick as he does so, then she squats so the cum can all drip out, waves goodbye to the camera, the end.

Well, I wasn't hugely enamoured by Tiffany, or by the squirting, or the creampies, but the scene had some decent energy to it.

Scene 2:
Barby, Steve Holmes, Robert Rosenberg.
DP, A2M, Facials

Barby is a brunette, wearing a fishnet sleeved-dress-thing with fishnet stockings. She looks okay, but not fantastic. The scene immediately starts her on her knees giving a double-blowjob as the guys kind of force their cocks down her throat, but seemingly not too hard. They use the dress top, which it turns out was seperate to bind her arms behind her back as they lead her over to a couch, and immediately DP her cowgirl. The anal part quickly becomes A2M as Barby removes one arm from her fishnet bindings, though she still keeps both arms behind her back. More DP with some face-slapping, A2M again, then Robert makes her eat his asshole while Steve fucks Barby in the ass doggystyle. RAC sitting on Robert which becomes a DP, then back to RAC and a BJ for Steve. Brief gape, the RAC rolls over to spoony anal, as Steve fucks her throat again.

She gets off Steve and climbs aboard Robert for RAC again while sucking Robert's dick, which I guess counts as yet more A2M before he enters her puussy for another RC-DP. They swap and it's cowgirl DP, more A2M. Piledriover anal from Robert with face-and- tit-slapping and ATM and robert dropping his asshole onto her face and face-fucking and back to the piledriover anal and spitting in her mouth. A2M again while Robert chokes Barby with her own hair around her throat while Steve shows up again and sodomises her doggystyle. Double-blowjob time, and Steve even gobs into her mouth as she's sucking his dick and there's a bit more face-slapping. Robert (I think) fucks her vaginaklly missionary, then pulls out and shoots a big load onto her face, then Steve fucks her in the same position until her pulls out and drops his near-invisible, watery load there, afterwards she sucks his cock with enthusiasm, as well as Robert's. We get a full-body-shot of her semen-streaked face and torso as Barby holds her hands behind her back as though they were bound, while someone whacks her face with a riding crop for a minute or so.

This scene was full of stuff I hate to see, and Steve is not a pretty man here by any means, and yet I didn't completely hate all of it. I guess that means if you like this stuff, it's a damned good scene. My score however, reflects my own tastes.

Scene 3:
Barbara, Kitty Sixx, Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard, Toni Ribas, Robert Rosenberg (I think).
DP, A2M, Facials.

Both girls are nice looking blondes, wearing those fetish-y black leather/pvc bikini sets that feature peek-a-boo breast holes. Kitty looks really good however. They walk over to Steve, who is laying on the couch in street clothes, and Barbara sits on his face while Kitty peels his cock out of his pants. Erik however wanders over and gives Kitty's shaved pussy a licking. Steve meanwhile starts fucking Barbara while Toni appears and Babs starts sucking him. Kitty on the other hand jerks off and sucks on the other two guys. Steve fucks Barbara in a standing doggy as she sucks Toni, who sits on the couch.

Doing a full blow-by blow for this scene would be pointless, so some points of note are: both girls get analled, Kitty does P2OGM while being fucked, Kitty gets RC-DPed a couple of times by different guys, Kitty gets standing (held up by the guy) DPed, Kitty gets cowgirl DPed, Barbara gets fucked a lot, mostly one-guy vaginally and rotissarie, RC for Babs while Kitty does RAC and RC-DP next to her. Barbara does some ATOGM from Kitty's ass several times as Kitty is DPed again. Kitty sucks one of the guys off while getting DPed. Kitty gets analled in doggy position and Barbara does constant A2M.

One guy jerks a big load onto Barbara's mouth, a second pulls out of Kitty's ass for a weaker A2M pop, Kitty licks some cum off of barbars's mouth. next one of the guys fucks Barbara and pulls out to come on Kitty's face, and then the last of the four guys does the same, finally the two girls kiss with their semen-covered faces and the scene ends.

I found Kitty way hotter than Barbara both in appearance and performance, so for me this scene would have been better served as two seperate scenes - one with the incredibly hot chick, and one with the more average chick. Still, it was a pretty good scene for the most part, even though I dislike A2M of any kind.

Scene 4:
Niky Rider (aka Niki Rider, Niky Rider, Vica Ryder, Vica, Judy Rider), Toni Ribas, Robert Rosenberg.
Choking, DP, A2M, Facial, 4 fingers, Squirt.

Next up, we have the main event, and the reason I got this disc - Niki Ryder. That's her on the front cover. In the scene she wears a red teddy as well as the stockings that are seen on the cover. Nikki also has a tongue stud and really looks like one of Suze Randall's porn models in this scene with that kind of perfect heavy makeup. She also has a large tribal tailbone tattoo.

We open with her making porn-sexy-faces, as Toni holds her by the throat ..not the best start. He slaps her face and kisses her roughly as he puts a dog collar around her neck. She kneels and deepthroats him before he makes her gag on his dick, then throatfucks her. More deepthroating and spitting and ball-licking. Toni fingers her ass, slaps her ass then puts his dick in there and briefly fucks her, he fingers and pussy with multiple fingers and puts his dick back in her mouth for A2M. Next up is hard doggy anal and he holds her hair, head and throat while pounding away, then A2M again.

Next Toni holds her from behind, and strips off her teddy and panties, then fucks her from behins in a standing vag, then lifts uop one of her legs. He gropes her breasts hard, and we can see the unfortunate brown scarring underneath pretty plainly. More rough kissing as he fucks her, then she's on her knees again sucking his dick with enthusiasm, including a long hands-free BJ.. Toni tit-fucks Niky, then lays her on her back, and fingers her so that she pisses ..err "squirts" all over his hand and the camera lens. Then he moves up and fucks her mouth again. Puts two fingers from each hand into her asshole to open her upm, then buttfucks her again as she kneels over and he stands. Niky licks his toes while he does this. She licks his balls again, and then is led off to the stairs by her dog lead, and Toni throws her over his shoulder and carries her off..

We cut to a couch downstairs, where Niki sucks Toni's dick while another guy fucks her doggystyle. Niky soon sits her asshole down on Toni's cock for Anal cowgirl and sucks Robert's dick at the same time as riding Toni. Toni grabs her by the throat and kisses her roughly, before putting her mouth back on Robert's dick. He changes from anal cowgirl to vag cowgirl, Toni opens uo her asshole with his fingers again, then buttfucks her some more. Niky is lifted onto the couch, and sucks Robert while Toni sees just how many fingers her can get up her asshole, really trying to gape her, and also feeding her his fingers A2M. More of the same for a bit, till she climbs onto Robert in the RAC position and sucks Toni. We see some balls-deep anal pounding and deepthroating, then Toni removes her collar, then DPs her while holding her hair, kissing her roughly, slapping her face. More RAC and RAC-DP, then a long cowgirl DP, anal doggy on the couch, the collar placed back on Niki's neck, and A2M for the first cumshot into her mouth with a bit on her nostril, she sucks his dick, shows off the cum in her mouthm, then swallows and shows us the "proof" that she's swallowed it. For Robert, he fucks her mouth a bit, and presumably comes inside her mouth and it's sucked away. Nikki is then led off by her collar and that's all.

Well I guess this comes under that "domination" theme that the cover text mentioned. This was pretty much two scenes in one. Although I hate choking and slapping and squirting, the squirting was brief enough to ignore, and the sex acts still seemed pretty hot instead of brutal, which surprised me. I would have enjoyed this scene more if those aspects that I mentioned weren't present, and if the cumshots were a bit better to finish off the scene. It would have probably gotten a 9.5 if not for those things, so if you like those things then rank up the scene appropriately. From me though, 7.5 is still a very good scene.

Scene 5:
Susanne Brend, Victoria Slim, Erik Everhard, David Perry.
DP, A2M, Anal Creampie, Facial

Susanne Brend looks similar to Niky Rider in a lot of ways.She has a very similar face, hair, makeup and body. She has a medium- sized tattoo on her left pubis and a pierced clit. It looks like she has natural-sized breasts, underneath her white-and-pink chequered top. Victoria Slim is a gorgeous blonde with small perky breasts,

The girls pose on a couch together and are quickly joined by Erik and David. Erik goes right down on Niki while David fingers Victoria and gives his fingers to Susanne to lick. Both guys then start screwing the girls doggystyle, side by side, there's P2M and P2OGM. Susanne gets fucked missionary by Erik as Victoria goes down on David, before jumping on for anal cowgirl. Soon they swap partners and Victoria is getting it doggy anal while Suzanne is riding Eric anal cowgirl. Victoria gets 4 fingers up her ass and A2M fingers, then gaped. Suzanne does A2OGM, Victoria gets cowgirl DPed for a long time (with lots more A2OGM in there). Next Suzanne jumps onto Erik for RAC, which David turns into RC-DP while Victoria is now blowing the cameraman (Toni?). The boys fucking Suzanne take turns fucking her ass before DPing her again. RAC and now Victoria is the recipient of A2OGM. Victoria is set up for doggy anal on the couch with Suzanne below her, so that Davis can A2OGM her at regular intervals while Erik fucks her pussy.

Finally, David comes inside Suzanne's ass for an anal creampie, then Erik moves into position to stir the porridge and also come in Suzanne's ass. He then holds her asshole open for the goop to drip out onto the couch. The two girls then lick it up. Ugh. They then give the cameraman a double blowjob which he mostly drops inside Suzanne's mouth, though Victoria milks some out as well.

Well the sex in this scene was mostly well done, except for the excessive A2M/A2OGM which quickly became boring and mechanical. The double anal creampie was a huge turnoff and doubly so when the girls started to lick it up. Not a scene I'd choose to watch again, unfiortunately.

Bonus Scene/Scene 6:
Janet Alfano, Toni Ribas.
POV, 4 Fingers, "Squirting"

Janet has medium-length bloinde hair and a natural body, small natural breasts. Pierced tongue and navel. She pretends to sleep until Toni removes the covers. She gives a blowjob, he fingers her and she tastes it, then climbs onboard for laying-back cowgirl, P2M, then she bends over and fingers herself with 4 fingers and gapes her pussy a little, then drops down for reverse cowgirl, and Toni sticks his thumb up her ass. She fingers her own ass, more RC, she gets off and P2M. Toni 4-fingers her and some drops of liquid appear on the camera lens. Cut for clean-up. Missionary, Toni slaps and chokes Janet for about 6 seconds total, seperated by some slaps to the face. Grabs her breasts hard, pinches her nipples hard, she goes down on him, he comes in her mouth and on his belly, which she licks up and swallows.

I didn't find Janet's especially attractive, I don't like choking, or slapping, or choking. So not surprisingly, I didn't like this scene.

Well I know that PXP is well known for being quite hardcore, but many of the acts in this disc really turned me off. I have to admit it's my own fault to a degree since the back cover text clearly states the disc has Internals and Domination, though these things can mean different things to different people. While I can sometimes enjoy a vaginal creampie, double anal creampie with the jizz being eaten afterwards is a bit more extreme. Even with this all taken into account, there was some really good sex in spots, that trancended the bad stuff. In the end though, I can only give a score based on what I like to see.

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