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johnshaft820 First Class Euro Sluts 4 3.5 starsFirst Class Euro Sluts 4 3.5 starsFirst Class Euro Sluts 4 3.5 stars
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First Class Euro Sluts 4

First Class Euro Sluts 4

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for First Class Euro Sluts 4:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
First Class Euro Sluts 4 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks First Class Euro Sluts 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks First Class Euro Sluts 4 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex First Class Euro Sluts 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting First Class Euro Sluts 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras First Class Euro Sluts 4 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality First Class Euro Sluts 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  3/23/2005
Toni Ribas': First Class Euro Sluts #4

Initial Thoughts: There is just something about a Euro babe, they do all the nasty stuff without issue, and so many of them do it with this eroticism and sultry happyness that is so sexy to watch. Toni Ribas has impressed me quite a lot with the last couple of discs of his I have checked out, so that and the Euro babe promise got me through the door. This is a pretty hot title, the down and dirty factor is quite high, these girls do thier best to earn the moniker in the title of sluts, lots of anal, and lots of hole to mouth action from the girls. There is definately that euro feel to the disc, and if your a fan of euro porn or euro babes, then you know what I mean. The extras are nicely done and add quite a bit to the disc, and overall it's a fine addition to the series.

Technical Considerations: Picture quality is just a tad grainy, Lighting is not too bad but a little shadowy at times, Camera work is solid but occasionally a bit unstable, and sound is just fine. I have no complaints on the editing, for the most part it lets the scene progress well and doesn't jump around too much, Menu's are standard PXP design and are well done and nice to look at and use.

Condom Usage: No

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Nikki Blond and Max Cortes, Toni Ribas

Sexy Blond Nikki appears out in a huge courtyard and then back and forth inside an apartment and it's complex, she has on a sexy red dress, and then outside a pair of jeans and a sexy top with a denim jacket, she strips off the red dress on the bed inside and soon gets two hard cocks to play with now that her sexy body is naked. She energetically swaps between cocks and gets face fucked a little bit with a smile on her face. Great enthusiastic dick sucking before she gets layed down on the bed and fingered and licked while she blows a cock, Toni fucks her sweet pussy in spoon while she rapidly jerks off Max, she hops on a cock and rides reverse cowgirl while she keeps up her jerking and sucking frenzy, fantastic energy from all three of them, Nikki goes to cowgirl and rides hard with some anal fingering from her partner, and then the anal starts, still in cowgirl with Nikki popping one cock out of her mouth to go and suck the one fresh out of her ass. Nikki gets her butt fucked in doggy while she contintues her dick sucking practice next, the guys trade off with taking her ass, and after a while they move to some RC anal again trading and giving her some ATM opportunities, missionary anal is up next and Nikki gets nicely revved up, and soon one of the guys pulls out of her ass and pull up to her face, the camera comes up close, and he intentionally spurts his goo on her face and the camera lens, Nikki gets a decent facial and licks the camera passionately, it's a bit odd really, but it works, contestant number two is still in her butt and the camera gets cleaned up for us to see this and the ensuing popshot across her belly, she jerks him off with her feet for a hot footjob finish to a good scene. Duration: 27:07 mins

Scene 2: Carmen, Dunia Montenegro and David Perry, Max Cortes

I'm not too sure of either of these girls resumes, but regardless this is my first time seeing either one of them, Carmen has long black hair and a nice body and light skin, Dunia has a darker skin color also with a nice body and has long black and light highlights in her hair. The two girls caress each other and crawl over to the guys on the couch where the dick sucking begins, each girl getting pretty sloppy and nicely enthusiastic and energetic in thier blowing, after the guys are well ready and up to the task Carmen gets fucked hard in doggy and Dunia rides while getting a finger up her butt in cowgirl, both girls do some Pussy To Mouth before Carmen gets her slit filled in missionary before helping out Dunia with some dick sucking while she gets plowed in doggy again, the girls go back to seperate deepthroat, face fucking, nasty cock sucking before they come back to the couch and get ripped royally in reverse cowgirl side by side. The girls both get thier butts bored out next with Carmen in doggy with ATM and Dunia still riding cowgirl with ATM of her own, she next gets it in doggy while Carmen takes her anal helping in spoon with some more ATM from both girls.

They go through and everybody nails everybody in a crapload of positions next with almost all anal action, but they return to a sense of normalsy with Carmen getting a reverse cowgirl double penetration with ATM after the onslaught, Dunia gets her own DP in cowgirl and Carmen does some Ass To Other Girls Mouth action before the girls go to some energetic riding on the couch before Carmen eats out Dunia's ass while she gets it in her pussy from one of the guys, and then gets DPed again in cowgirl with Carmen waiting below for ATOGM, after a few more shifts in position and a return to DPing Dunia, Carmen gets a nice shot of cum and a wad of spit blasted into her mouth and she does a nice job of swallowing and sucking out the remainder from the cock, the girls share a kiss with his cock between them before Dunia gets a good gooey facial to finish things off, both girls are a nice sticky mess and they share another kiss to close. Great energy and pretty good chemistry throughout. Duration: 31:02 mins

Scene 3: Jessy and Toni Ribas

Jessy is a cute blonde with a big set of gazongas, and she shows them off in the shower and then in a room with a nice lighting effect, the two kiss and Jessy drops down to suck his cock in the darkness, but they soon cut away to a normally lit situation with Jessy bent over and sucking his rod, she soon hops on for some cowgirl vag and anal fingering, and gets out the dildo for some pussy work while Toni fucks her ass in Missionary, they lose the toy but pick up the energy in spoon anal, and go to some anal reverse cowgirl with ATM before the toy comes back for some toy - cock double vag and DP action, they go back to missionary and keep up the quasi DP before Toni pulls out and spurts his load on her pussy and belly, she cleans up his cock and nuts with some hot sucking to end while she slides the vibrator into her pussy. Duration: 21:44 mins

Scene 4: Aisha L'Amour, Yanire Bertoni and David Perry, Andrea Moranti

Aisha is just flat out gorgeous, she is super cute and has a very sexy attitude, Yanire is also a real hottie with big breasts and blond hair, the two play with a black dildo for a while each having a turn sucking it and they get into some kissing and it's all done with a kind of teaser style of editing, so it's not very progressional. Before long though the guys come out and each girl gets to work quickly sucking a cock, both girls get on well with thier partner and thier very enthusiastic, Yanire is the first to make the move for some fucking, and she gets it in reverse cowgirl, Aisha soon follows with her guy and rides him in cowgirl, the girls keep up contact with one antoher too, and there is a great vibe going in this scene, a round of PTMs, and Aisha gets drilled hard in missionary with Yanire taking her pussy stuffing in doggy, and soon changing over to an anal breakin with ATM, they switch to spoon vag while Aisha takes an anal route of her own still in missionary with her guy. Some PTM for Yanire before she hops back up for some anal cowgirl and Aisha is now getting it sideways anal while she licks at the cock going in and out of her friends asshole and eventually gets to suck it and taste her friends ass.

They switch partners and Aisha gets drilled in her pussy in doggy while she gets caressed by Yanire who is back as an anal cowgirl with her new stud, these girls look so good, and the energy in this scene is really fantastic as they keep up the pace and all four seem to have good chemistry too, with lots of looks and caresses from partner to partner. Aisha has now joined her friend as an anal cowgirl and the two lick at each others tongue as they ride in tandem beside one another, Aisha fingers herself in both holes as Yanire gets a cowgirl DP next, and the girls then share a kiss while they get on top of one another and get in position to do some ATOGM while each girl gets her ass humped. Aisha has the bottom, and she gets the first load as her man pulls out of her and sprays on her face while the other guy soon follows and pulls out of Yanire's ass to fire a load on Aisha's pretty face, she sucks a little dick to close. Duration: 29:37 mins

Scene 5: Liliane Tiger and Ramon Nomar, Toni Ribas

Liliane has it all, the body, the breasts, the face, and the personality, she is one sexy girl, and she puts on a little tease show for just a minute before getting down and sucking on two hard cocks, double oral stuffed withing a few seconds, and she puts in some good stuff here with her hands and mouth, she has on a little leather looking top, but it covers nothing. Once the guys are at attention they lay her down and fuck her pussy in missionary while she blows the other. they switch and she blows Toni while getting fucked in doggy, she keeps up her great attitude and rides some dick in both cowgirl postions with anal in reverse, and all with a dick in her mouth, they DP her in reverse cowgirl, and she does a little PTM sucking, they really put her through some energetic sex, and she just seems completely lost in the moment which is really hot, the dungeon style setting is rather hot and there is plenty of passion from all three performers as Liliane rides cock and looks up at Toni and they kiss while she jerks the hell out of his cock before sucking it some more. The guys double pack her with a DP again in cowgirl with some ATM this time around and before long Ramon pulls out and spurts his load all over her pussy while she jerks him off while on top, she drops down and sucks his cock while Toni fucks her pussy in spoon, and before long she gets up on her knees and sucks him off to a facial for that gorgeous mug of hers. Fantastic scene. Duration: 28:14 mins

Extra Stuff

Aisha and Yanire The girls get into soe fun with a big black dildo, and do a little fingering and licking on each other 5:31 mins.

Behind the Scenes: Wonderfully handled by Sophie Evans, a stylish look with plenty of goofy laughs and lots of extra sex some sexy tease and some interview too from several of the girls, 31:01 mins.

Photo Gallery: Around 30 pics from the feature, posing and hardcore.

Bonus Scene: I'm not sure of the participants, the way the cover reads some might be lead to believe Sophie Evans is in the Bonus scene, but this is not Sophie, she is a pretty blond with a couple of tats and nice breasts, she teases and does a hot POV BJ taking a pop on her face and jerking the guy off. 12:43 mins.

Cumshot Recap: All the popshots from the feature, can be played together or apart.

Trailers: "The Whore Next Door", "Sperm Smiles", "Firebush 2", "Teen Fuck Holes".

Other Extras: Web Access

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

I really liked this disc, it had most of the qualities I like to see, and those being hot girls that have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, good chemistry and good energetic sex, the scenes kept up almost all the way through and didn't have too much of a lull in them, and it really had some good hard driving sex. The extras where great and added over 50 minutes of content to the 140 minute feature, all in all I think it's a good pickup if your in the market. Definately a raincoater aimed disc, but the odd couple may find something to like if your into the rougher stuff and passionate energy. I think a rental or purchase is worth the time. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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