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Nutty Buddy First Class Euro Sluts 3 3.5 starsFirst Class Euro Sluts 3 3.5 starsFirst Class Euro Sluts 3 3.5 stars
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First Class Euro Sluts 3

First Class Euro Sluts 3

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for First Class Euro Sluts 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
First Class Euro Sluts 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks First Class Euro Sluts 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks First Class Euro Sluts 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex First Class Euro Sluts 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting First Class Euro Sluts 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras First Class Euro Sluts 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality First Class Euro Sluts 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  6/10/2005
My name is Tom. I am from Greece. I am 30 years old. I am a computer programmer and I use internet since 1994, were very few people here in Athens knew about its social role and use.
Although I have an affair for many years now, a relation ship that is built in true love, human communication and understanding, I have never stopped seeking a way to fulfill my fantasies. Unfortunately that implies a lot of risk, a risk that I am not willing to take in order to test my girlfriend’s feelings or to sacrifice the foundation of our future. (I do plan to get married with her and have many children). So, for many years now, my intimate fantasies are projected in my television or computer screen, through the adult media.
Having seen several adult films so far, I was lucky to witness some very attractive women getting wild and hot in front of my eyes. Many adult female stars have paraded on my screen from all the parts of the globe. Sexy women, stunning women, naughty, filthy, dirty, alluring, charming, elegant, active, mincing, wild. Natural gifted men were providing their sexual services to them in every way possible. In singles, couples or groups they were all engaging in many oral, vaginal or anal sexual activities producing vast amount of eroticism and heat. I have often fantasized of taking one male actor’s place and have sex with some of those gorgeous women, that flatter my screen. I have seen many different adult companies from all over the world, many directors, with their individual capturing technique each, many fascinating erotic positions and all the shifts in the flow of the adult film making, through those years.
Well, in the lines that follow, I will try to deliver you the experiences I had, watching some of those movies. I will plan to do that, in my point of view, in a lover’s point of view. Together we will place our selves inside the action altering our roles, from passive demanding adult spectators (commenting and criticizing accordingly) to active sexual participants. I will take you to the corners of the world, bringing you characteristic specimens of the adult filmography industry. In these reviews, you will learn many sexual secrets and other making love advices. We will visit the backstage of the porn theaters and we will expose lots of directing and sex setting techniques. I promise you, I will try to get improved review by review, in order to deliver you the most out of this fascinating adult video world.

Title: First Class Eurosluts #3
Company: Red Light District
Director: Tony Ribas
Starring: Claudia Clair, Eva San Marcos, Silvia Lancome, Demi Blue, Valentina Bond, Terri Summers, Bobbi Eden.

Toni is not new to the directing business. He is a rather experienced gonzo director who has run a couple of lines in the past. I like his work as well as his participation in the scenes. He is considered one of the greatest male Euro talents in the industry and surely not unjust. The previous two titles of this line were very good. (The first one kicked ass). I anticipate the next sequence.

Scene first. Claudia Clair.

Claudia is a tall pretty Spanish busty blonde with nice rack. She is dressed in a sexy black lingerie which includes stockings. (I love stockings). There is a brief glamour teasing before she is witnessed lying in bed. Toni’s dick is shown in POV style and she starts immediately the oral treatment. She has beautiful light blue eyes. A sensual kissing ensues and Claudia moves down kissing his body softly. Erotic! Now they get in the famous sixty nine position and start offering to each other oral services. Toni performs a pussy massaging and finger fucking, which naturally makes her pussy extremely wet. The fucking session begins in spoon while he shoves a few fingers inside her pussy too. She likes it. Another man comes forth and enjoys her oral skills while Toni takes her in sideways. Cut and she bounces her body on other man’s dick in cowgirl while she gives head. Kisses. She changes anchors and Toni nails her pussy in reverse cowgirl. The other man is groping her ample breasts. She rubs her clit and Toni fits some fingers in her pussy along with his dick. An one man DV? Her left high heel shoe is hanging from her foot. There is a highly erotic instance, where the other man fucks her in doggy and kisses her shoulder, as Toni at the same time has his head buried in her tits and she is petting his back. She mounts Toni like a good cowgirl while he in turn massages her anal area. Now the other man penetrates her vulva in pile drive, before he shoots his sperm on her face. Toni blasts his sperm in her butt. Even if the scene had no anal, still it was nice and highly erotic.

Scene two. Eva San Marcos.

Eva is a busty short hair brunette native Spanish. She is certainly not the most beautiful girl in the world, however she possesses a very large set of tits which is very sexy to watch them swaying. Toni Ribas and Andrea Moranti are approaching her naked and erected. She starts giving them blowjobs before Andrea goes beneath her and inserts his pole in her vagina, taking her reverse cowgirl style. She power fucks her while she gives head. Damn, look at those tits moving uncontrollably. The men shift roles but not position. There is a moment where Andrea pretends that he is holding her body and is pushing it down towards Toni’s pole. Toni and Eva exchange a nice kiss while Andrea is rubbing her clit. Eva lies on her side offering her mouth to Toni when Andrea comes along and stuffs her love tube in side ways while he is holding her leg up. He fucks her hard and she likes it. Andrea then takes her in doggy. She mounts Toni for a cowgirl and her big booty is on display. Andrea prepares her asshole with his fingers before he shoves his thick dick in providing a cowgirl DP. Andrea has a big black scorpion painted in tattoo on his right butt cheek. Damn, it is distracting. The DP is very hard and the guys pound both of her holes in full speed. She loves it. Andrea pulls out just for him to get some ATM. Toni takes the chance and fills her asshole in cowgirl. Then each of the guys applies some finger pussy fucking - massaging trick which naturally sends her in orbit. Cut and her bumhole is violated in reverse cowgirl manner by Toni before Andrea comes forth and fills her vulva with his cock completing another hot DP. Andrea really goes to town in her pussy and when he withdraws to cum in her face, Eva is still breathing heavily trying to recover from the pleasureful DP shock the guys caused her. Toni fucks her arse in reverse cowgirl before he ejects his seed towards her. He misses completely. The scene is intense and the sex is hot, yet is short and the positions limited.

Third scene. Silvia Lancome.

Probably many of you are not aware about this girl. She is a brunette Czech whose real life husband is Andrea Moranti. Silvia is not famous for her facial looks but rather for her well shaped body, her perfect firm butts and of course the high energy she shows in most of her scene she appears in. A brief photo teasing before she approaches Andrea Moranti and another man who are sitting on the couch. She starts giving them blowjobs before the other guy pulls her yellow panties aside and penetrates her pussy in doggy. Her pussy is stuffed all right while she gives head to her husband. Andrea brings her on top of him and nails her reverse cowgirl style. She flips around and mounts the other guy. Then before you have the chance to spell DP Andrea comes behind her and pushes his cock in her arse hole. Tony initially captures the action in a close view. She needs some time to adjust to the DP but eventually she takes it good. They fuck her like this for a while raising gradually the speed. They break for a couple of ATMs and continue again the double drilling. The side view is nice but the penetrations are not very clear. Andrea fills her asshole in spoon and sideways while the other man stuffs his fingers in her pussy. She loves that. Silvia rides the other man’s dick in reverse cowgirl getting her anus impaled while she sucks Andrea. Andrea takes her in the same way before the other guy sticks his pole in her exposed pussy applying the RCG DP. The position is hot and her left leg surrounding the butt of the man above her erotic, yet Andrea is barely moving in her ass. The guy on top fucks her pussy hard, pleasing Silvia very much. Andrea commits a last fuck in doggy before he unloads on her face. The other guy does the same in faster tempo, which Silvia enjoys a lot. A very intense scene, indeed.

Scene fourth. Demi Blue.

Demi is brunette girl in mini sizes. She wears a collar, which is written on : “SLUT”. She starts giving hand jobs to the guys who are on each of her sides. Those are Toni Ribas and Max Cortes. They kiss a little bit before she is witnessed giving a blowjob to Max while Toni goes for a muff dive. Toni practices his known finger trick with her pussy and Demi’s love hole is drenched in internal fluids. Max goes first inside her feeding her with his massive dick. Her pussy is tight so is the fit. Demi mounts Toni in cowgirl while she gives head to Max. He power fucks her from beneath. Tempting view of her ass cheeks. She flips around and hops on Max’s pole while Toni licks her nipples and her neck. Her pussy is fully stuffed. Cut and she gets laid by Toni in spoon, before he decides to alter holes. Toni reams her bum hole nicely as he alternates poses between spoons and sideways. Max takes his turn in her ass doggy way. He is literally reaming her anus, enlarging her anal opening by his big cock. All this while Demi deep throats Toni and licks his nipples. She lowers her tiny body down on huge Max’s pole getting impaled in cowgirl. Damn, look how her anal ring got wider after Max’s treatment. Toni is challenged by her exposed bum hole and fills it with his dick delivering a hot hole-stretching cowgirl DP. They take a short break for a little ATM before they continue again double drilling her holes. She goes for an anal reverse cowgirl by Toni before both guys unload on her face. Lots of cum. Nice scene.

Scene fifth. Valentina Bond.

Valentina is a tall brunette latina. (from Argentina). She starts giving head to a guy. Something happens to my DVD and now she is getting fucked in sideways, while she is laid upon a leather stool. I hope I haven’t missed much. Nice view as her leg is lifted above the guys shoulder. A blowjob and a sensual kissing moment ensue before she mounts like a nice gaucho girl. Nice multi angle covering of the action. She flips around and fucked in reverse cowgirl manner. (Guys judging from her belly, I think she may have given birth to one or more kids) Anyway, the guy’s dick eventually penetrates her asshole and fucks her in an almost vertical doggy fashion. She hops in for a reverse cowgirl anal ride, which she seems to enjoy very much. A few ATMs are also applied in between. The guy spews on her face while he is still laid down. Not a bad scene for a rookie.

Scene sixth. Bobbi Eden and Terri Summers.

This scene is entitled “Dutch Dream”. Well I don’t know about you, but I think it is really a dream to witness those gorgeous ladies naked, not mentioning to watch them fuck as well. Both girls are drop dead gorgeous Dutch with perfect bodies and big breasts. Bobbi Eden is blonde and Terri Summers brunette. A glamorous photo session prepares us nicely for the main hot plate. Both girls are on the bed licking a plastic dildo. Then Bobbi licks her friend’s pussy before shoving the dildo in. Toni comes behind her and treat her own pussy as well. Then he and Terri exchange a passionate kiss before the lucky men receives their oral care in pair or in single mode while the other girl kisses him gently. Oh my God! There are times like this when I really wonna be a porn star. Bobbi positions her body over Toni’s head getting some more oral attention, which greatly enjoys. She goes a little lower and Terri leads Toni’s cock to Bobbi’s pink pussy. Bobbi is fucked well in reverse cowgirl while Terri takes her place above Toni’s head. Bobbi provides some PTM before they switch and Toni has Terri now mounting his thick cock in cowgirl while Bobbi goes for another muff dive. Terri dismounts and sucks his cock. It’s pleasure time! Toni applies the finger massaging pussy trick and stimulate Bobbi’s G-spot. Bobbi has a tremendous orgasm that makes her body tremble from the spasms. Her eyes are rolled up and she breathes heavily. I absolutely adore to watch striking women like Bobbi coming like that! Beautiful! Both Terri and Toni attempt to lick her soaked wet clit some more extending her pleasure. Toni offers his services to Terri as well, who in turn holds her head getting dizzy from the bliss. The girls give him a dual blowjob to thanking him this way for their ecstatic moments he got them, before Toni starts power fucking Terri’s silky pussy in spoon. She loves it. Bobbi applies some PTOGM while Toni stimulates her pussy with his fingers some more. The blowjob Bobbi gives causes Toni to cry from joy. He stands up and goes behind her, pummeling her pussy in doggy while she is treating her friend’s love tunnel. Then he makes my day when he fills her tiny asshole with his thick pole. He practices some clit rubbing as well and the blonde Dutch is in heaven. Check out how her legs are shaken, lifted in the air and her toes are rolled over. This was one hell of an anal orgasm. Terri gets fucked in spoon with a simultaneous clit rubbing, before Toni goes in her rather virgin bum hole. She is very tight there so he must make another attempt to achieve decent penetration. He succeeds for a couple of seconds after pounding her vagina some more time. Unfortunately Toni’s cock is too fat for her, so Bobbi takes over and jumps upon him. Her ass is violated hard in reverse cowgirl mode and this is an awesome site. Fantastic! The girls are offering him a very pleasant double blowjob and he returns the favor by applying some more G-Spot massaging to both of them. There is no need to tell you that they enjoy it very much. Finally there is another hot picture where Toni fucks Terri’s vagina in missionary, Bobbi is positioned above her girlfriend’s head and enjoying a pussy eating while she is kissing Toni at the same time. Toni switch sides and goes behind Bobbi. He takes her pussy briefly before he unloads his sperm upon it. The sperm flaws smoothly down onto Terri’s mouth. The double post cum blowjob ends an incredible FFM scene. Even with the failed anal on Terri, this scene gets the highest grade. I am really sated. Don’t you dare miss this one J!

Bonus scene. Anastasia Mayo.

She is a very short pretty blonde Spanish. She is crawling in all fours before she pulls off Toni’s underwear exposing his erected member. She starts deep throating him, licking his balls too. There is a nice POV capture of the event. Anastasia uses both of her hands to stroke him and he finally blasts a good size of thick white load onto her mouth.

Final thoughts.

This is a very good film in general. The sex in every scene was from good to outstanding and the pace despite the lack of mutual talking was great. It contained many sensual and erotic elements that were combined beautifully with the hard sex moments. I really love this mix in the adult movies. Toni is a great male performer. He is tender and hard, passionate and daring, bringing out the best of his female partners. All the girls have their moments of joy reacting wonderfully in front of the camera. The heat level had reached red pick many times in the movie. This is a great answer to those who consider that the rough raping style sex is the best way to elevate the heat. Even if most of the women that appeared in this label were newcomers to the world of porn, the lack of adult movie experience on behalf of these women didn’t harm much the sex rhythm. My only complains about this title was the lack of more female beautiness. The audio/video quality is perfect. Check out the behind the scenes coverage and the interviews made by Sophie Evans. Recommended.

PS1. Toni Ribas is married to the hot porn star Sophie Evans.

PS2. Claudia was used to do a porn show in Baghdad. That’s why the Iraqis started suicide bombing assaults after she has left.

PS3. Eva likes to fuck in the exterior. She had a fuck in her office and in the parking lounge of a super market, while someone watched them.

PS4. Eva has counted the average number of strokes she needs to get satisfied. The magic number for her is fifteen. No comment.

PS5. Silvia wants to experience a FFM trio in her real life. I have the feeling her husband Andrea will really enjoy this.

PS6. Silvia performed her first real life DP in the age of sixteen! WHAT??? I wonder what is the meaning of the word “virgin” in Czech.

PS7. Silvia’s comment about her first DP experience. “Then, I thought it was normal but now I realized that it was crazy”. Now she realized that?

PS8. Terri is new to boy – girl scenes. Guys watch out for this one, I have a good feeling for her.

PS9. A statement for the golden ratio of sex to the men who consider love as a form of art. Try to be sensual but not too soft. Be hard but not rough. Be the master and the slave. Dominate her with your manhood but don’t forget to respect her sensitivenature. Show her that you want her. Care for her, she needs that.

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