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Finger Licking Good 6

Finger Licking Good 6

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Ghost K's ratings for Finger Licking Good 6:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Finger Licking Good 6 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Finger Licking Good 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Finger Licking Good 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Finger Licking Good 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Finger Licking Good 6 Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Finger Licking Good 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Finger Licking Good 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Ghost K  on  11/16/2008
Starring: Alexis Texas, Annabelle Lee, Erin Avery, Georgia Jones, Jana Jordan, Kimberly Kane, Lexi Belle, Nautica Thorn, Sochee Mala, Sophia Santi

I picked up two dvds in the past couple weeks that I plan on reviewing over the next few days when I get the time to do so. One of them is Finger Licking Good 6 and the other will be revealed at a later date cuz surprises are fun like that. Both of these DVDs haven't been reviewed yet and I tend to like to fill in holes no one else has rather than review a dvd that's been done before.

Finger Licking Good 6 is a lesbian themed DVD with five one on one scenes featuring the chicks listed above, all fine, fine examples of womanhood. In fact that's what brought me to pick this up. I'm big on Georgia Jones and Jana Jordan, Sochee Mala is a new discovery of mine that I'm rapidly losing my shit over, and the others all at the very least interest me. I could care less about what particular niche a porn film is in so long as it's got a good cast of females to keep things entertaining, and in this regard this dvd delivers. As mentioned it's all lesbian sex with the theme being that the girls all get completely naked and there's no toys involved (except in the extras). They only use what nature gave them to get each other off. So lets get moving shall we?

The opening summary video has a lot of shaky effects going on that makes it appear as though simple girl girl kissing causes the earth to tremble. It's kinda wacky, but the music is actually catchy, and if there's one thing I tend to hate in pornos it's music.

Scene 1: Kimberly Kane and Sochee Mala
Reason number one I went out of my way to pick this dvd up makes her appearance in our first scene. I first saw Sochee Mala on Glamour Girls Gone Bad and after some digging around found she also did a lesbian scene for We Live Together. Ever since I've been more than a little enthralled with this one and find myself surprised more people don't talk about her. Maybe she needs a little more exposure so seriously, check this woman out. I'm not sure what ethnicity she is but she's got an exotic look with a couple small tattoos, nothing absurd that's gonna turn ink haters off of her. I actually think she looks kinda like a young, all natural and less curvy Tera Patrick. Sochee's breasts are perfect - they're not too small and they're not too large, with long dark and erect nipples. Plenty of jiggle to them too. Again, if you haven't seen her before, go out of your way to check her out. You'll thank me later. Gifts are appreciated.

On to the scene, today just happens to be Kimberly's Kane's birthday and Sochee has baked her a cake. See? She can make tasty desserts too. I'm telling you, the woman is perfect. Kimberly samples the icing, sharing some from her finger with Sochee before the girls move onto some sweet frosted kissing with the icing between their lips. Kimberly sucks some icing from a candle, asking Sochee if she likes seeing her with something in her mouth. She does, of course. Things get hot and heavy with Sochee telling Kimberly to suck on her tongue which she does, almost giving it a kind of blowjob. Must've been one hell of a cake cuz these two are very into each other during this makeout session. Sochee has a surprise for the birthday girl and suddenly we're in another room where Kimberly is laying down topless and Sochee is kneeling next to her in her underwear with a candle. Looks like we're getting hot wax as Kimberly says she's scared and asks if it'll burn her, as Sochee promises she'd never hurt her. Much anyway, cuz while I've never tried hot wax I'm sure it doesn't feel painless. I mean that's kinda the point of it. Sochee pours the wax and Kimberly likes it, asking her to lick it off. Maybe this isn't wax cuz I've never heard of licking that up. Sochee massages it over her body before sucking on Kimberly's nipples, getting them nice and erect. Someone needs to make a film devoted to tit sucking and make Sochee the star because damn this is hot stuff, the way she suckles hard on Kimberly's breasts. A little more wax that Sochee licks up and kisses Kimberly to share the taste. Sochee's bra comes off, Kimberly takes one look at her rack and pounces, and I mean pounces, on her boobs with her mouth. I can't blame the woman. She practically attacks them, squeezing one of Sochee's all natural tits between her hands and sucks. Kimberly climbs atop and the girls make out laying down, grinding their bodies together. Kimberly compliments Sochee's legs before attempting to put hickies on her thighs and calves. Sochee responds by rubbing her bare feet against Kimberly's breasts. Kimberly gets down on all fours on a stool and Sochee mouths her body from behind like a cowgirls, spanking her before pulling her panties down to reveal a very wet pussy. Sochee salivates over Kimberly's pink, rubbing it while kissing her ass in a literal fashion. Sochee removes Kimberly's panties and stuffs them into Kimberly's mouth before attacking her pussy, ramming her tongue up there while Kimberly grunts with a mouth full of underwear. Aggressive girl Sochee is, licking up Kimberly like her pussy is covered in that icing from the cake. These two are like animals the way they interact with each other. Sochee gets into the position Kimberly was in and Kimberly pulls off her panties, commenting on her small pussy. Kimberly can't get enough of Sochee's legs, laying her on her back and spreading them wide while tonguing her exotic pussy. Sochee: "Oh that fucking clit loves you". Kimberly puts to use a little pussy massaging technique she picked up somewhere before giving her some deliberate licks. Sochee sits up and licks her own juices off of her blonde girlfriend's face before the two switch positions. Some toe sucking from Sochee as Kimberly rubs her squishy breasts with her other feet. Sochee loves knees and Kimberly thinks that's kinda sexy. Ok. Kimberly tastes like a candy apparently but Sochee can't put her finger on what one. I want to taste the candy if she remembers before the end of this scene. Sochee really is into her pussy licking, licking salvia in her wake as she licks Kimberly up before licking her feet some more with Kimberly's juice all over her face. Kimberly mentions how gentle Sochee is with her clit as our exotic beauty plants kisses all over her lower regions. Just what I was hoping for - the girls move to scissoring each other on the stool. They're saying something as they furiously grind pussies and I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is but it sounds hot. Sochee has a screaming orgasm from this and seems to want more afterward, but the girls calm and embrace for some more kissing and nipple sucking. Kimberly was fine here but damn if this didn't make me want more Sochee afterward. The girl likes what she does.

Scene 2 - Lexi Belle and Annabelle Lee
We start with Lexi undressing in front of a mirror to get into a bathtub, looking gorgeous as always. Annabelle, who I've actually not seen that much of before is delighted to find Lexi naked and asks if she can join. The two embrace in the tub with Lexi straddling Anna's lap. Lexi's coos and moans are heavenly; she really does have one of the sweetest voices in porn. Like before there's some foot fetish play in here with Annabelle sucking Lexi's toes. Some more kissing, breast fondling and nipple sucking as the two make out naked in the water. Lexi sits on the edge of the tub as Annabelle moves in to lick her bare naked pussy, doing a fine job as the camera gets a nice look. Best of all Lexi's moaning up a storm during all of this. She makes the word fuck sound like the cutest word in the world when it escapes her lips. A towel gets laid on the side of the tub as Lexi changes to the other side for some reason. Annabelle buries her tongue inside Lexi's folds as her legs are spread wide. Lexi's feet pet Annabelle's back and carresses her ass as this is going on. Fingers get inserted and a jiggly assed Annabelle seems determined to get her lover off licking her greedily, but before she does she stops for some more kissing as it's Lexi's turn to do a little pleasing. Lexi wets her fingers and rubs Annabelle's clit before moving in with her tongue and mouth, flickering her tongue all around. Annabelle calls her pretty girl before Lexi comments on her cute her pussy is. Annabelle says there's nothing better than Lexi's pretty face as she's licking her and I agree. Camera is facing at an angle showing Lexi's laying on her stomack licking pussy and her ass is in the background with her feet waving slowly in the air. She looks so cute you just want to eat her up (no pun intended of course). Annabelle starts trembling and has a killer orgasm, thighs tightening and body shaking as she moans. Like before there's a post makeout session with Lexi sucking on Annabelle's bottom lip, but it looks like this time both girls are gonna be cumming as Lexi offers up her ass and pussy doggystyle. Annabelle gives her a rimming before moving in for some doggystyle pussy licking, stopping only to suck on Lexi's rear end. She tells her to fuck her face as Lexi responds by grinding her pussy backwards into her mouth. Annabelle, like Sochee before her has a very messy pussy eating style that I adore, she's just all over it with her tongue. Anna isn't done yet as she turns away, raising one leg out of the tub and leaving the other inside, giving her pussy to Lexi so she can sit below her in the water with her face between her legs. Annabelle appears to cum again from Lexi sucking on her clit and the girls sit back in the tub, sucking and licking each other's tongues to close. Lexi really is cute as a button and Annabelle looked great here, particularly those orgasms.

Scene 3: Erin Avery and Georgia Jones
I don't remember the first time I saw Georgia Jones. It was either on Little Mutt or in a four way lesbian scene from We Live Together but ever since I go out of my way to check out anything she appears in. Her eyes are haunting in the sexiest way imaginable and her lithe body is remarkable. Just another name that tempted me into shelling out for this one. This time she's taking on a chesty Erin Avery who is happy to see that Georgia has brought some cherry flavored edible massage oil. Erin lays stomach down as Georgia straddles her back, undoing Erin's bra and making out with her from that position while rubbing her breasts. We get a back massage with Georgia rubbing the oil over Erin's back, ass and legs. Georgia decides to taste the cherries and sliding her tongue along Erin's rear end, leading to Erin turning around and the two kissing. Erin wants to give Georgia the same treatment so we get a rubdown on Georgia's gorgeous back. I like this scene already - very erotic stuff. Georgia soon turns back into a kiss and the girls get a little more wanton in their exploration of each other, leading to both of their panties quickly being removed and pussies being rubbed by hand. Erin seems to be getting off by grinding herself on Georgia's knee as well. As has been the norm for this film so far both girls are completely nude. Erin ends up on her back with legs spread giving Georgia room to please her with her mouth. Georgia finger fucks her while licking her clit as Erin cries out in bliss. Georgia slows it down a litte, kissing the inside of Erin's thighs and teasing her with her tongue. Erin rises up and Georgia assumes a doggystyle position so Erin can lick her and use her fingers on her from behind. Georgia immediately reacts upon Erin touching her clit, letting out a cute little EEEEEEEE sound or something. Erin thrusts her tongue inside of her slit before Georgia rolls to her back, giving Erin a better angle to work her over to an orgasm. Appreciative, Georgia tells her to come here and pulls her up into a kiss, the naked girls caressing each other's nude bodies. Erin gets paid back by Georgia telling her to sit on her face, allowing Georgia to slide her tongue back and forth across her slit as Erin reaches back to rub Georgia between her legs. This leads to the first 69 of the film with Erin on top and Georgia on the bottom. Erin starts getting real excited, grinding back against Georgia's face and having a very loud orgasm just before Georgia comes herself. I dig both of these girls so I was fine with this.

Scene 4: Jana Jordan and Sophia Santi
Jana is apparently very technologically oriented as she spies Sophia showing up outside of her house on a security system. The two head inside and immediately get into it with Sophia slapping the hell out of Jana's tits as Jana eggs her on. Jana returns the favor on Sophia's larger rack. I've only seen Sophia a couple times before and never on video - she's got a great pair of all natural breasts and a huge back tattoo that sort of snakes it's way around her left side a little bit. Personally, I like it but I'm sure someone's probably complaining about it somewhere. Sophia's thong gets taken off and she's naked and spread legged telling Jana to drool on it, which she does cuz Jana is a nasty girl like that. She's a dirty talker too, telling her all about how she's gonna fuck her with her fingers as she slips a pair inside. Sophia is already going crazy from this, almost like she hasn't been touched sexually in some time which frankly, is kinda hard to believe. Sophia's screaming about nearly cumming and Jana tells her "you're not cumming yet". Then she makes her cum. Surprise! Jana is happy it's her turn next and she climbs on the bed with her pussy and ass facing the camera. Sophia drops spit over Jana's asshole before licking and spitting all over it some more. Jana screams like she's getting fucked by six women at once. Her and Sophia are quite talkative and generally I like hearing Jana cuz she tends to sound hilarious in scenes I see her in and say funny things, but here it sounds a little much. The two sound near orgasmic about three minutes in and it just doesn't feel as natural as the previous three scenes. I guess it fits with the story that they apparently are lovers that haven't seen each other in a long time if you want to get technical. With that said, both girls are hot and in the end that's really all I care about. Maybe I'm easy to please. Lots of spit flying over pussies and f-bombs being dropped. After a Jana orgasm Sophia climbs atop her and jiggles her booty as Jana finger fucks her from below. The girls 69 for a bit before Sophia lays spread legged on the couch as Jana kneels next to her, the girls rubbing each other's slits. Back to a 69, this time with Jana on top. The girls continue to be loud and aggressive with each other and Jana looks mindblowingly hot getting her pussy licked by Sophia as she arches her back and looks back in her direction. Sophia soon cums while her tongue is still buried inside of Jana. Jana climbs off Sophia and makes a point of licking her own juices off of her friend's face. Jana loves Sophia's "big fucking tits" and she isn't the only one.

Scene 5: Alexis Texas and Nautica Thorn
We start off outdoors by a pool with a closeup of baby oil being poured over a large ass, so I'm guessing this is Alexis Texas. I don't know how many pure lesbian scenes Alexis has done before but this is one of the first all girl ones I've seen her in as she generally does sex scenes with guys, but this time she's going pussy only with Nautica Thorn. Her ass gets soaked in oil with Nautica rubbing it in when Alexis isn't doing a booty shake. Alexis gets naked followed by Nautica, who gets oiled poured over her breasts that she subsequently rubs against Alexis' nude body. The girls head inside for sex which I'm thinking was purely an excuse to give a reason to show Alexis walking from the back. I applaud whoever made this directorial decision. Once inside Alexis crawls onto a couch with her pussy and ass facing the camera as Nautica spreads her open and lets spit drip inside of her hole. Alexis rolls to her back with her legs open as Nautica gives her oral. Nautica puts a finger inside of her and Alexis fucks herself on it. Nautica adds a second and then a third digit before spitting some more on her pussy. Alexis squeezes her pussy around Nautica's fingers as the beautiful Asian sucks on her clit. Alexis wants a taste, after Nautica rubs Alexis' juices from her fingers over her own pussy. Alexis blows on it and comes off like a total pro at this, talking quietly yet dirty as she bends Nautica to her will using her fingers and tongue. Nautica gets her thick lips sucked on before telling Alexis to spit all over it. Nautica's got a bit of a saliva fetish that Alexis is more than happy to help her out with. She gets pushed all the way to orgasmic bliss through Alexis' finger fucking, screaming all the while. The girls scissor after that and Nautica looks like she really wants another orgasm already. Alexis takes Nautica's left foot and sucks on her toes, taking all of them inside of her mouth before Nautica demands more spit - this time on her foot. Alexis has her rub her pussy with her foot which Nautica does, rubbing Alexis' pussy lips and clit between her toes. The two move together for a naked embrace with Alexis on top, leading to some grinding from that position. We move to a 69 with Alexis on top and Nautica moaning up a storm from below as she sucks on clit. They stay in this position for awhile with Nautica loudly sucking and pulling on Alexis' clit with her mouth. Alexis has a quiet orgasm from this before climbing off of Nautica and kissing as the scene closes.

Extras - There's trailers for Cum to Momma, Filthy 2, Head Case 2, Real Racks 3 and Big Loves. You get the usual photo gallery as well. Behind the scenes provides some short fun goofing around. There's also an alternate toy angle feature that basically lets you watch the girls use toys on each other which you don't see in the normal scenes. Adds a nice fair bit of extra content to the scenes.

Thoughts: Overall it's a good lesbian porno, particularly if you're tired of seeing sex toys in every girl girl scene you happen to come across. I like the fact that the girls get completely naked for their scenes, giving you a nice look at everything their bodies have to offer. The sex is mostly erotic in nature save for the heated Jana / Sophia encounter which comes off as a more aggressive scene between two girls dying to get their hands and tongues on each other while saying fuck as many times as possible. The scene with Georgia and Erin is beautifully passionate and I'd really like to see the two work together again, while the Lexi / Annabelle scene was another notably hot encounter Sochee was my main reason to check this one out for curiosity sake and she looked great, leaving me to look forward to that other flick I'll be reviewing that she's in. Definite thumbs up overall.

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