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Crucifixio Jones Filthy & Violated Francesca Le 4 starsFilthy & Violated Francesca Le 4 starsFilthy & Violated Francesca Le 4 stars
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Filthy & Violated Francesca Le

Filthy & Violated Francesca Le

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  All Sex
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picman's ratings for Filthy & Violated Francesca Le:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Filthy & Violated Francesca Le overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Filthy & Violated Francesca Le Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Filthy & Violated Francesca Le Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Filthy & Violated Francesca Le Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Filthy & Violated Francesca Le Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Filthy & Violated Francesca Le DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Filthy & Violated Francesca Le A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  10/23/2008

Prologue Francesca Le' is one of the most beloved and enduring cockstars of all time. She entered the porn industry in the early 90's, cute as a button and dirtier than a two dollar whore. After a couple of very busy years, she remained on the fringes in fetish and behind the scenes work, meeting and marrying Mark Wood while she was working in the offices of the often reviled Extreme Associates. Not only have they forged a seemingly successful long term relationship, but they have partnered for years in their own productions. The mom and pop store of porn, Le' Wood. Unfortunately, for us fans, Francesca has spent most of the time behind the scenes, although constantly delighting us with her video interviews, and occasionally coming in front of the camera for instantly memorable scenes. With the MILF boom of recent years, it only makes sense that Francesca would seek, and get, more outside work. And she has, mostly appearing with her husband in ludicrous portrayals of Mark as a corruptible youth. This video is all about Francesca, produced by her and Mark, putting her in several different erotic situations. Almost by definition, it can't be bad. The only question is how good can it get?
A little tease to set the tone. Francesca's hard brown nipples sticking through the tight mesh of her skimpy white net top. A shot of firm ass, and on to Annette Schwarz in black fishnets, displaying one of the greatest natural bodies I've ever set eyes on. Shots of each play back and forth, warming up my immediate area as they do increasingly lewd things to themselves. Their worlds collide when Francesca takes a walk into the room Annette's playing in, and camps out between her legs to taste the hot pussy. If I may digress for a moment, a lot has been said about Annette's physical perfection and her manic sexual appetites, but I don't think anyone has ever waxed poetic about her exquisite vagina. So small and smooth, with the fattest lips, the immediate reaction of anyone faced with this would naturally be to chow down. The fact that it's already juicy would make it irresistable. Annette gets her turn to worship the star, and does so with trademark passion and aggression. Spanking and sphincter slurping along with the more mundane carpet munching has Francesca almost curling up into a ball of pent up pleasure. Kissing hungrily, Francesca points out they have a rapt audience in attendance. Mark Wood, of course. He's not standing on any ceremony, already naked and hard, and the ladies attack his cock and balls like wild women. Annette can't keep away from Francesca's ass for long and they form a broken chain of oral delight. When Mark stands, they resume the tandem bj, Annette showing off her deep throat in an effortless swoop. She also tosses his salad while Francesca plays the horn, but they remain focused on each other, just using Mark like a prop. Francesca throws Annette down on the couch and goes back to tonguing the Teutonic twat while Mark sneaks behind and start ramming Francesca in an up and over doggy. Annette inhales his cock P2OGM, then takes a seat on him in CG while Francesca laps at their genitals, including eating out her husband's asshole. Francesca plants Mark's cock into Annettes asshole, who can't believe how hard it is. Francesca shows what a dirty slut she is, continuing to tongue Mark's colon and jamming her own with two fingers in preparation for the ensuing RCA she initiates. Annette's turn to eat ass and Francesca gets rough with her, prompting Annette to insist on being choked. Mark picks up the pace in Francesca's butt and Annette does A2OGM, lingering too long on the cock for Francesca, who smacks her around and reseats the RCA. It only makes Annette love her more, who returns the favor of a choke as Francesca reaches a peak. Tandem bj with nasty spit swap, then CG anal for Francesca. Hard spanking by Annette, who also pushes Francesca deeper onto the cock, then a slow, sensual, highly erotic folding in of the buried dick by Francesca before Annette sucks it clean. Mark sends them across the room and has them stack, Francesca on top. He proceeds to plunder each ass, Annette receiving a choking by Francesca along with her savage sodomy. They restack back to back and Mark remains in anal heaven. Another tandem bj that evolves into passionate kissing and Annette lapping Francesca's labes while Mark lines her up for another rear entry. A2OGM for Francesca, then mish anal for Annette. Francesca plays in her pussy while Mark slams the ass, Annette seemingly getting off without big theatrics, then begging for cum. She sucks her ass from his cock, then the girls share in an effort to draw out some tasty tribute. Mark jerks his load over their tongues, followed by a kiss and mutual face cleaning.
This scene proceeded with break neck speed and an almost savage debauchery. Both women were awesome in both looks and attitude, getting this Francesca Le' tribute off to a rousing start.
Francesca is vibing herself with Chris Charming standing by, dick semi hard. She gets right down to getting rid of the semi, then lays back for Chris to help with the buzzing masturbation. Mark is behind the camera and there's a running conversation and casual feel to the whole setup. Chris plays at her gates with his cock, rubbing it along the lips before a slow insertion and steady penetration that goes deeper and deeper with each stroke. Francesca is almost overwhelmed by his size and he goes down on her for a moment, then shoves it back in and ravages her little pussy. Francesca is panting like an animal in heat, accepting the rough pounding and choking in no uncertain terms. He pulls her legs over to the side for some long strokes, triggering something in Francesca when he goes balls deep, as she jumps off the couch and tries to swallow his huge cock whole. He face fucks Francesca, who's getting off on the ruthless dominance. Chris peels her legs back to the ears and jams his truncheon into the little snatch again. His hand on her throat and her hand on her clit, Francesca gets off to the hard shafting. Chris goes down on her again, tasting the fruits of his labor. Francesca sucks his cock and balls, then mounts in CG. If there was any thought that she was being pushed too hard in the beginning, this ride will banish that notion. She's on fire, driving it deep and hard, asking for some ass play, and showing some gaping pussy insertions. P2M while Chris is spreading open her backdoor with his fingers. He's definitely lobbying for some anal, but Francesca keeps trying to play it off as a joke. She actually needs lube just to continue the pussy pounding, taken up again in RC, and just as furious as before. They spoon and Chris finally gets his way, smuggling his bone into Francesca's unprepared rectum as she breathlessly whispers: "It's gonna be dirty". No, no, no turns into yes, yes, yes in this anal rape that has Francesca orgasmic with a hand wrapped around her throat and her clit rubbed. They roll into RCA, Francesca doing some riding, then begging for a break, which is denied. The conspiracy of cocks is taking advantage of this self professed anal whore, and they're not letting go of her easily. A2M while Charming three fingers her violated hole. On her knees, Francesca offers up her throat to the fat cock. Chris gives her some pussy strokes in mish before going back to her abused shitter. A2M so it's clean enough for her pussy, then legs peeled back for deep vaginal, balls nestling in her crack as Chris invades the womb. He turns her for doggy, switching back to the ass after he gets her warmed. Cut to spoon, Francesca oblivious to the balls banging her pussy as her whole body moves into the pistoning prick. She wants Chris to show what a good whore she's been, expecting a load, nay, needing a load that's commensurate with the raw heat they've generated. He actually spurts some precum just pulling out of her, then jacks off a nice dollop onto Francesca's greedy tongue. She actually looks to Mark for the possibility of another load to swallow, but she's out of luck.
I've always found Chris Charming to be a bit robotic and decidedly unattractive, but there's no denying that Francesca brought out the beast in him, and with the complicity of her husband, put on one of the most sizzling displays of submissive sexuality I've ever witnessed, especially considering how spontaneous it was. Also, one of the best insertion sequences I can recall, with Francesca showing both the difficulty and reward as her pussy accepts the big, hard invader.
Francesca is getting herself gussied up, for what she's not sure. Burgundy lingerie that offsets her light brown skin perfectly adorns her killer body. Mark is shooting her with a diffused lens and Francesca is getting hot just knowing that he's got something nasty in store for her. He has her put on a blindfold and she crawls where he leads, her ass looking sensational as she moves away from the room. In the living room awaits Jean Claude Batiste, naked and hard on the black recliner that's served as a launching pad for many a scene. Francesca can sense his heat and gets her head drawn to the big stiffy that she doesn't hesitate to devour. Dispensing with the mystery quickly, Francesca removes the blindfold to reveal her favorite color. As we all should know, Francesca Le' Has a Negro Problem. Her way of dealing with this problem is complete worship, as she moves from dick to nipple to mouth and back to dick again. She wriggles out of her bra and Jean buries his head between her tits. Panties get dropped and he's eating married pussy. Just enough to secure passage for his hard cock, Francesca's body receptive to the increasingly urgent thrusts. Some good cock slamming punctuated with P2M, then a cut to doggy. A quick face fuck, then CG. Jean Claude picks her up for some nice aerial fucking, then sets down for CG on the floor, P2M, and RC. Mark can sense Francesca's impending orgasm, and inquires about it milliseconds before she goes off in spasmic delight. That's one she has to taste after rubbing her wet pussy all over the cock. Mish on the recliner, Jean Claude sucking toes before battering the hot twat. Francesca's tight pussy and hot pillow talk have Jean exploding in torrents over her mouth. She swallows and cleans her face, not wanting to waste a drop. A very nice surprise for our star.
A good scene, but without the continuity and flow of the two previous, with quite a few edits evident. Still, Francesca remains fully invested in every scene so far, and her heat is contagious.
Francesca is cleaning Mark's house wearing hot lingerie and wielding a feather duster. She's got Alan Stafford assisting her, getting hot and bothered by her racy attire. But that's the way Mark wants her dressed, and she's obviously very obedient. Realizing Alan's interested, Francesca maneuvers him into a compromising position and goes in for the kill. It doesn't take much convincing to get him going, even though he would be fucking the boss's wife. Francesca gets him out of his pants quickly and attacks Stafford's cock with hunger. Alan spreads her on the couch and returns the favor. He eats her just long enough to slide in without resistance. Francesca encourages some rough play, informing Stafford that she's not fragile. Titty slapping and light choking, then P2M. She jumps his bones in CG, using him just like the toy boy he represents here. Francesca knows that effort counts and she's driving her body into him with force, sucking her steamy juices, and climbing on again in RC. Watching her flat out kill this guy, I now know how Mark built up all his stamina to take on hellions like Tory Lane. She sucks, they spoon, and Francesca gets her hair pulled as per her direction. RC again, P2M, then doggy. She rolls him back into RC again, clearly loving the control. Get it juicy. Suck it clean. That should be Francesca's mantra today. Anal scene or not, Francesca likes having her ass played with, and she orders Alan to finger it. He puts a cushion under her to raise the pussy for a freewheeling mish. Stafford is unrelenting in his pounding, and Francesca is loving every moment of it. She requires that he show how much she turned him on by virtue of a big load, and he delivers a good one in her mouth.
If Francesca fucks like this all the time, it's no wonder she's maintained her body so well. A great aerobic workout, making for much more continuous action than the scene before,if not better chemistry.
Looks like another present for Francesca. Carolyn Reese is wrapped up with a pink bow, playing with herself on a bed while admiring her lusty form in a full length mirror. She rings a cow bell and Francesca comes out from behind a room divider, dressed in netting with portholes for her boobs. They suck each other's big tits (Carolyn's are real), and Francesca kisses her way down to the ass. Pussy lapping and the tongue fucking of Carolyn's tight butthole, and a finger fuck. Carolyn reciprocates by undressing Francesca and spreading her, warming up with her fingers and eating the bearded clam. She adds some tossed salad to her diet, then they 69. Francesca gets on all fours and they both work her juicy box before Carolyn gets under her to be face sat. Carolyn's turn to be pleased and Francesca employs a pink vibe to take her to the next level. Fingers and tongue with an insistent buzz in her cavity, and of course, Carolyn must return the favor. Every change is punctuated by arduous make out sequences, and in afterglow they turn to Mark and inquire about his pleasure. A tandem POV bj ensues and the ladies work the shaft and balls, feeding each other and alternating top and bottome fluidly. Almost as if they'd done this a few times before. Francesca jerks him off onto both their tongues and they share it with a kiss. Then more kisses and duelling tongues to end the action.
Lez play and POV are not my favorite porn genres, and they combined both for a comparitively weak send off to an otherwise brilliant piece of smut. Carolyn's got a hot body, though.
In a scene from Francesca Has A Negro Problem, Byron Long is seated on a leapord skin couch talking to Mark behind the camera. He's naked and ready to solve her problem. She walks in and starts scarfing Byron's big dick. She's not sure if she can take the whole thing, but she's doing a great job of hardening it as her clothes seem to be falling off of her. She feeds him some tit and pussy, and Long goes after it like fine dining. First position is CG as Byron tries to stuff that twat. It isn't long before Francesca's backfield is in motion as she attempts to fold it all inside of her. He picks her up for aerial action, gravity helping him bury it more, and Francesca squirming and swirling. Back down with her ass hanging off the couch, but an edit to doggy that really hits her spot. Cut to mish anal, and Francesca's right there with every stroke. He plunders that dirt hole deep, leaving her gaping and winking. Cut to RCA, the Latina spitfire taking a mile of dick with enthusiasm, and a lovely hip swirling dance on the stiff pole. A2M, then CG anal. A booty quaking aerial anal reaming that devolves into a balls deep piledriver. Francesca gives Byron the choice of cumming in her mouth or fucking her some more, and he takes the choice of champions by continuing the debauchery. Doggy anal has Long hitting it pretty hard as he works up a mouthload for the salacious slut. Francesca says she still has a Negro problem, which I don't think she'll ever get rid of.
A great scene from one of their best known titles. Maybe a little too edited, but with outstanding and astounding sequences.
From Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 2, Francesca's wearing a cut off wife beater tee with a Spanish word, Cochina, that she explains means "dirty girl". She's all that and more as she announces the need for more than one dick. Can't get much whiter than these two as Mark Wood and Alec Knight fill the void. A short dual cock suck before showing off her wares and taking a hard spanking of her full Latin ass. Back to the blow jobs before they put her on the rotisserie. Francesca looks awesome with dick in both ends, being used like a submissive fuck toy. They spin her around and take turns in her hungry holes, Francesca rubbing her love button and tongue washing balls. She mounts Alec in CG, her mouth always busy with another dick. An anal surprise as Alec switches holes on the run, and an appropriate howl from Francesca with the rude trespass. Cut to RCA on Mark, then Alec, as Francesca fucks like she's possessed, exorcising all her fuck demons on their cocks. If that didn't do the trick, then surely Mark sticking her pussy for an RCDP should chase the devil away, although Francesca's potty mouth elicits some sharp face slaps that only serve to embolden her and validate her whorish side. A2M, then a CGDP. Cut to an aerial DP, double cock cleanup, piledriver anal, then DP. Reverse piledriver anal from Mark, his first ass since she started the sodomy, then Aled piledriving both holes. He works up a fat load for Francesca to suck on, play with, and swallow, followed by an extremely flattering monster load by Mark, who couldn't seem to stop cumming. Francesca seems disappointed it's over.
Awesome display of energy and nastiness by a woman who appears to be both pliable and insatiable. Hot DP's and a sweet, nasty ending.
Arnold Schwarzenpecker is a surprise visitor for Francesca, who thought she was only taking solo "pretty girls" for Mark this day. She doesn't need any convincing to do the "nasty housewife swinger stuff" she thinks Mark wants, and pulls her bra off before kneeling and sucking Arnold off. This isn't going to take very long the way she gets after his meat stick, and Francesca remembers the Arnold packs a lot of cream in his balls. Something she really appreciates. Not a great deal of art in her bj here, as Francesca seems determined to pull it all out as fast as she can, double fisting him till he's ready to use her mouth as a cum dumpster. Tongue out, Francesca takes about a half dozen shots, including one very big one, then swallows and offers to share.
I don't think I ever appreciated what a cum slut Francesca is, equating volume with appreciation for her sexiness and skill.
Epilogue Mark and Francesca tried to cover a few bases in documenting her sexual hunger and versatility. She has an unquestionable taste for the ladies and loves black dick for sure. That covers three scenes here, with the Annette Schwarz romp elevating itself into a masterpiece. The submissiveness she displayed with Chris Charming was extraordinary in both activity and sublimation without theatrics. A real scorcher, and I was only half kidding in calling it an ass rape. Of course, nothing happened that she didn't agree to, ultimately, but there was some gentle persuasion, and her husband Mark had to have been a co-conspirator. Francesca follows that with a turn as a cougar, taking advantage of a younger man, showing she can be the aggressor when the feeling strikes. The Carolyn Reese scene didn't do it for me for reasons I covered in the narrative, and I think this slot would have been better served by another variation in her trick bag. Maybe a small gangbang or blowbang. Even a DP scene would have been a nice change, but they decided to send off this otherwise wonderful video with more of the same. This is somewhat rectified in the bonus scenes, which include a scalding b/g/b. That, and the Byron Long bang constitute considerable extra value to this DVD.
I don't usually agree with fanbois who gush about how lucky so and so is for being married to the hot pornstar. In this case I can only marvel at Mark Wood's good fortune. He gets to fuck nineteen year olds all day, everyday, and when he goes home, he has Francesca Le'. She doesn't mind sharing, and up till recently, hadn't done a lot of work over the years. Just the occasional breakout like this. And even in the MILF productions, more often than not, she opts to fuck her husband, which sometimes borders the absurd when he's supposed to pass for her son's friend. Is this a good life, or what?
The Disk The back of the box touts a BTS, which would have been nice, since the Le'Wood backstage stuff is usually excellent fun, but if it's there, I can't find it. There are the three bonus scenes and slideshow.
Recommendation Highly recommended, as it delivers on many levels. If you loved Francesca in the past, you'll not be disappointed here. If you're just getting a taste of her in the MILF and cougar titles she's been in recently, this is a veritable feast.

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