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picman Filthy & Violated Francesca Le 4 starsFilthy & Violated Francesca Le 4 starsFilthy & Violated Francesca Le 4 stars
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Filthy & Violated Francesca Le

Filthy & Violated Francesca Le

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , ,
Released on: 
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Filthy & Violated Francesca Le:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Filthy & Violated Francesca Le overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Filthy & Violated Francesca Le Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Filthy & Violated Francesca Le Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Filthy & Violated Francesca Le Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Filthy & Violated Francesca Le Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Filthy & Violated Francesca Le DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Filthy & Violated Francesca Le A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  4/23/2008

Too Hot To Stop

Francesca Le': Filthy & Violated

2008, 2 hours and 40 minutes
Exquisite Multimedia
Directed by Dr. Feelgood
Starring Francesca Le’, Annette Schwarz, Carolyn Reese.

What You Should Know:
Nina Hartley. Vanessa Del Rio. …Francesca Le’? That’s right. Francesca Le’, in my eyes, has secured her legacy as one of the all-time greats and deserves to be mentioned alongside those previous names. There aren’t too many women in the game for over 15+ years that still look as good and perform as well as Francesca Le’. If you look at Le’ in 1992 and then today in 2008, she looks as if she hasn’t aged a single day. How has this tsunami of swagger repeatedly brushed off the cold hand of Father Time? Your guess is as good as mine and the next time I bump into her I’ll be sure to ask. Until then, I choose to simply enjoy every time this man-eating sex tornado, spawned in the hellfires of LA, steps in front of a camera and blesses us all with her repeated acts of defiance. At her age, she’s not supposed to provide us the same thrills. She’s not supposed to give us the same rush. But despite earning her place (at her own pace and by her own rules), she isn’t slacking off or shying away from giving her fans what they love most about her. And if that’s not a reason to watch this wanton wunderkind, I don’t know what is.
Scene One: Francesca Le & Annette Schwarz with Mark Wood

Annette Schwarz isn’t primarily known for her g/g exploits, at least, not as of yet but before ’08 comes to a close she most certainly will be. If you already find Schwarz’s deep-throating, cock-sucking techniques awe-inspiring and otherworldly, you will find that she licks pussy and eats ass just as, if not more, enthusiastically. She’s gone to town on Sandra Romain (Slutwoman 1), Dana DeArmond (N’ 2 Deep), Kimberly Kane (Slutwoman 2) and she goes to town in similar fashion on the legend that is Francesca Le’ here, while Le sucks Mark Wood’s prick like he’s a complete stranger. When Annette commandeers his cock, she literally almost sucks his manroot off of his body; you can see Mark’s knees buckle and hips get pulled forward with the sheer power of Schwarz’s vacuum-like suction. Wood tosses them both a wild, enthusiastic and intense anal fuck; I’m sure neither of them would settle for anything less. You’ll laugh when Annette swallows Wood’s cock right out of Fran’s ass and Le’ has to smack her repeatedly to get it back, ”That’s enough, bitch!”

Scene Two: Francesca Le with Chris Charming
Francesca Le, sexy little bitch that she is, is on her sofa, having some alone time with a black vibrator but hops down immediately once she spies Chris Charming’s dick wagging in front of her face. She gets in a few playful slurps before Charming lies her on her back and slides his moose cock into her mish before she can even take her flimsy pink top off. You almost feel sorry for Fran as she exclaims ”Goddamn!” when Charming repeatedly bottoms out in her tiny pussy, visibly going balls deep with nearly every stroke. But Francesca clearly enjoys it and she likes it even more when Chris slaps a light choke on her and begins to pound away at her pussy at a much more frantic pace. Le, of course, can’t quite deepthroat Charming but she gives it her all, tiny nearly-bursting veins and beads of perspiration appearing on her forehead as she attempts and the head Chris’ cock tangos with her tonsils. The two are in spoon when Charming decides to just take Francesca’s ass and slams his meat into her bung. Le’s way too happy and nearly speechless to object. ”I’m a fuckin’ anal whore,” she admits in a whisper to the camera through a teary-eyed choke. Francesca, playing the naughty sex kitten, licks her paws and purrs as Charming empties onto her tongue and she swallows down his load.

Scene Three: Francesca Le’ with Jean-Claude Batiste
Already adorable au naturale’, Francesca Le’ looks even more amazing when she’s all made up and glam’d out. The opening of this scene finds Francesca applying a few final touches to her face while modeling (and really filling out) a great lingerie outfit before being handed a shiny black blindfold (foreshadowing? Symbolism?) and being sent out to find her surprise, Jean Claude Batiste. Without her eyes to aid her hunt, Francesca still has no problem tracking down his dark dick. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it seems Francesca Le STILL has a negro problem. When the two clash, they mesh almost naturally, falling into a very real and horny rhythm with one another, Francesca appearing to genuinely enjoy sucking, bouncing and grinding on Batiste’s ebony scepter. There’s no anal to speak of but Le’s lust remains equally unbridled; fucking her must be like trying to derail a roaring freight train or attempting to contain radioactive energy. Observing her trademark snarl eventually becomes too much for Jean-Claude to bear and he launches his load all over Francesca’s mouth.

Scene Four: Francesca Le’ with Alan Stafford

Francesca Le’ and Alan Stafford are cleaning a room together and I suppose there’s only so much bending over and sexual innuendo one can take from someone as hot as Francesca Le’ before you simply have to shove your cock in her mouth. Alan does just that and then pulls Le’s hot pink underwear (which have the word “cheeky” emblazoned on the rear) off to taste her pierced pussy. He doesn’t waste a ton of time lickin’, though and seems eager to get right to the stickin’ and honestly, who can blame him? Fran’s eyes immediately get that far away look, as if she’s in a dream and her perfect teeth come together in a sexy clench as she nods not-so-silent encouragement to Stafford like a sex-starved lioness. As it progresses I wonder if this scene doesn’t exist just to showcase the experienced Francesca being her usual sensual self; not overwhelming her partner (like she most assuredly could if she chose to) but rather just existing and enjoying the moment. Because an Ultimate Truth Machine like Francesca could certainly crank up the heat on a pup like Stafford and blow him off the set but then she wouldn’t really get what she’s after, which is his cum down her gullet. When she finally does get it, she gulps it down and casts poor Alan aside.

Scene Five: Francesca Le’ & Carolyn Reese with Mark Wood
With the only example of g/g in this movie being the first scene featuring Annette Schwarz and Francesca Le’ going at it preceding her, Carolyn Reese has her work cut out for her as far as making her tryst with our favorite Latina as memorable. Of course, it doesn’t reach such Olympian heights but the girls do their fair share of face-sitting, pussy-eating and dildo-probing lez biz before a cock is finally introduced. The temperature begins to steadily rise here, once Carolyn and Francesca simultaneously wrap their lips around Mark’s cock. All of the action is shot from a POV perspective which only serves to make the tandem blowjob all the more hot. It’s Francesca who knows exactly how to work her man over with her hands to make him erupt and he gushes right on cue, all over hers and Carolyn’s faces. Sadly, it’s a bit of a downer to end this great collection of Francesca Le’ scenes with an oral scene.

Special Features:
  • Bonus Scenes: Three (3) bonus scenes (one-on-one anal sex with Byron Long that lasts 20:30, two-on-one double-penetration with Mark Wood & Alec Knight for 23:40 and finally Arnold Schwartzenpecker get a quickie 5:50 hummer from Francesca)
  • Slide Show: 1:45 automated gallery


It shouldn’t necessarily be so amazing but fuck it, I’ll admit it: I could NOT take my eyes off of Francesca Le’s body any time she was onscreen, which in this movie, is the entire time. It’s no easy feat to keep anyone’s attention for two and a half hours but every single square inch of Le’, from head to toe, is stupendous. Her ass is as firm and round as a teen’s, her tits are pert and supple with the most delicious-looking perky brown nips you’ve ever seen and she’s always been one of the most naturally gorgeous women in porn. It just seems unfair and perhaps a bit supernatural that she’s been able to maintain her stunning good looks throughout her entire career; looks that girls twenty years her junior would kill for. And none of this would be such a big deal if Francesca Le were just another mature, pretty face. But she’s been in the upper echelon of performers since the day she walked onto a set and remains just that today. It’s not often that someone can compete with the likes of Annette Schwarz in presence and performance and Le makes it look easy.

It’s a shame this title probably won’t receive the attention it deserves (and trust me, it deserves plenty) because it isn’t being distributed by a more well-known company but believe me when I say it would be in your best interest, especially if you’re a Francesca Le’ fan, to track this one down.

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