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Rico Shades Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks 5 starsFilthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks 5 starsFilthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks 5 stars
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Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks

Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Compilation , Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Filthy Beauty 2: Annette Schwarz' Best Fucks A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  8/28/2010
Filthy Beauty II: Annette Schwarz’ Best Fucks (2010)
THEMES: Compilation, Anal, Ass Obsession, BDSM, Rough Sex, Humiliation, Domination, Interracial, Oral, Lesbian, POV, Facesitting, Fetish
Starring: Annette Schwarz, Amber Rayne, Lorelei Lee, Angela Stone, Annie Cruz, Adrianna Nicole, Hannah West, Savannah Stern, Brandon Iron, Jake Malone, Lefty LaRue, Sledge Hammer, etc…
Directed by: Jake Malone

I’m not going to give this one a thorough review for various reasons. For one, most of these scenes I have seen already in other Jake Malone flicks. This compilation contains 11 scenes presented in their original, uncut and unaltered fashion, which brings a running time of six hours, not to mention all of the unaltered BTS footage included in this double-DVD set. I usually despise compilations and not just for porn, but for anything. Most of them are not made right and edited terribly (like Rocco’s Sexual Superstars), if not missing too many awesome sequences. But this is the only compilation that I would ever consider owning as it’s the best compilation made alongside Evasive Angels’ Big Butt All Stars compilation for Naomi and even the best of Fuck Slaves. I also dislike compilations for just one performer, because there’s so many porn starlets who I’d love to see in action than to see a movie with just one woman in every scene, unless it’s Belladonna (as she’s the only performer who could pull it off very fine). Jake Malone took almost every scene he shot with Annette Schwarz and piled them up into one compilation (the scene she did with Jandi Lin, Adrianna Nicole and Sindee Jennings in Bitchcraft 5 did not appear here). This is a reminder of how much Annette Schwarz will truly be missed and how fucking nasty, dirty and foul she was on camera! Like Kelly Stafford, Belladonna and Amber Rayne, almost anything goes for her, plus she’s a serious head turner. This Nazi-German beauty really added life into the porn industry, just when many thought it was dying. I’ll offer a little breakdown on the scenes…

The first disc starts with her incredibly nasty and sexually violent scene from the first Fuck Slaves, where she dresses as a dominatrix only to be slapped around, fucked brutally and fucked over severely by Brandon Iron, Jake Malone and two other men. They beat her, eat her, cheat her out of her rectum, open her mouth while being fucked hard from behind by Brandon Iron, revealing her oral tunnel and stuffing her head in a toilet bowl Rocco Siffredi style while poking her in the booty. It’s actually one of the two flawless victories from the first Fuck Slaves. The second scene stars Annette and Lorelei Lee from one of those Gangbang My Face videos, with the both of them being face-fucked by a bunch of guys, mainly black guys. Third scene is a girl/girl scene with the pretty Hannah West Bitchcraft 3 and the fourth scene happens to be the merciless, beautifully nasty, rough and abhorrent interracial sodomy gangbang with Annette and a bunch of black men from Fetish Fuck Dolls, which is, I think, Annette’s last scene shot by Jake Malone. She plays a prison inmate who gets a very brutal treatment from a bunch of virile black men who all have bodies of football players and she enjoys every bit of the humiliation they give her. For those who love sloppy and humiliating sex scenes where black men treat white porn starlets like blow-up dolls, this scene is their absolute wet dream/nightmare comes true (although this scene could still never match up to the interracial roughness in videos like Who Fucked Rocco?, Rocco: Top of the World or even Furious Fuckers: Final Race. The final scene on the first disc is another blowjob frenzy with Annette and Lorelei Lee, which seems like it’s from Nice Fucking View.

The second disc starts off with the best scene in Fuck Slaves 4 (which was an awful movie, in my opinion). Annette Schwarz and Amber Rayne is driven and rode hard to oblivion by Brandon Iron and this is one of Jake Malone’s five best sex scenes he’s ever shot. This scene is very nasty, abhorrent, very ass-oriented and filled with humiliating and degrading fun. This scene is not to be missed, but absolutely not to be seen by everybody, not misguided feminists, not manginas or your girlfriend or wife! This scene contains rough and super-hard butt fucking, horrifying milk enema contests, face slaps, Amber and Annette laying on top of each other forming a mountain of pointing and even Brandon Iron standing on the two, saying “I’m the king!” If anal sex scenes stink really bad on the set, I bet this one stunk so fucking bad, but it would be a pleasure to be part of the scene, regardless. Amber Rayne proves again and again why she’s one of my ten favorite porn starlets of all time, even though she acts like she’s belongs in a mental hospital or in a video called One Flew Over The Coochie’s Nest! This also brings me to the conclusion that Rocco Siffredi should have been cast Amber Rayne in some of his videos a long time ago!

The seventh scene was a bore, starring Annette Schwarz and Savannah Stern from Nice Fucking View 3. This scene honestly should have been replaced with her insane foursome from Bitchcraft 5, but you can say this scene was a filler. Scene eight stars Annette Schwarz and Lorelei Lee from the first Bitchcraft, which involves lots of girl-on-girl horseplay, face sitting, spanking, anal play and the use of cigarette ashes being flicked onto Lorelei. The ninth scene is from Own My Ass 2 (great movie, by the way), starring Annette Schwarz and Adrianna Nicole (who doesn’t really look herself). Annette is a sex therapist who not only dominates and whips the evil out of Adrianna’s ass, but she gets fucked by Adrianna’s husband and fucks him in his ass with a strap-on like the pseudo-bitch that he was. Basically, she fucks the couple and does for the husband what his wife was probably too prudish or sheltered to do. The tenth act is a blowjob frenzy with three female prison inmates played by Annette, Angela Stone (Belladonna’s Dark Meat) and Jada Fire offering prison warden Jake Malone a blowjob. And finally… the scene that blew my mind and got me started in watching Jake Malone’s flicks… The incredibly gruesome, psychological, heart-breaking and sexually violent scene from Fuck Slaves 2, which was so long, it was divided into two parts. Annette plays a dominant femme bitch who strips in front of Jake Malone, teasing him, talking shit to him, fucking with his mind and making him smell her dirty asshole and sitting on his face. She lets him fuck her in the butt before the scene transforms to the second part. This is where Brandon Iron comes along, treats her very poorly, covering her mouth while he’s sodomizing her so she couldn’t scream, slapping the living hell out of her face! There’s also choking, reverse face sitting (Brandon sitting on her face), lots of spitting and evil anal antics with Annette finding her own mascara dripping from her face, yelling out of pleasure and pain! In the end, she admits Brandon is the best she’s ever had!

In conclusion, this is the best compilation I’ve ever seen in my life and this is so much better than Annette Schwarz Is Slutwoman. Either you love Annette Schwarz or despise her presence. You cannot remain neutral. Either way, this is one of the extremely few best compilations any porn viewer will ever come in contact with. Out of eleven scenes, seven of them being personal favorites of mine and it was flawlessly put together. Although her scene from Nice Fucking View 3 was a bore, it’s not quite possible to ever catch Annette Schwarz in a bad scene (she tore it up in two of the videos I already own - Furious Fuckers: Final Race and the B. Pumper epic, Gapeman - and even in Belladonna’s Dark Meat, where she found the nerve to refer to Rico Strong as the N-word). This fully loaded double-disc set contains all 11 scenes in their uncut entirety, also containing trailers, filmographies, the original BTS footage and photo galleries. Fortunately, both parts and both discs are equally enjoyable, unlike lacking, short-changed double-disc sets for movies like Buttman’s Oddessey, Evil Anal 5, Evil Anal 8, etc… This compilation is unbreakable, though his best movies happen to be Fuck Slaves 2, Fuck Slaves 3, Bitchcraft 2, Bitchcraft 6 and even Blacksnake Bitches. But for those who are unfamiliar with his work and are looking for one of his works to add to their collection or to start with… choose between one of these.

REPLAY VALUE: 100% - Extreme and obsessive!
OVERALL RATING: 100% - Buy it this minute!

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