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Filth & Fury

Filth & Fury

Studio: Mach 2 Entertainment
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Filth & Fury:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Filth & Fury overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Filth & Fury Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Filth & Fury Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Filth & Fury Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Filth & Fury Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Filth & Fury DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Filth & Fury A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/3/2006
Here we go fans with a new one directed by Dana Vespoli who I've seen do some great scenes in front of the camera and now I'll get to check her out behind it as she's got some lovely ladies here to shoot-- Rita Faltoyano, Melissa Lauren, Sasha Grey, Naomi, and Annette Schwarz so some good hard sex should be in the future, let's find out.

Rita Faltoyano:

Ever since Rita took up residence here in the US her performances have only gotten better and better. The body is unquestionably hot and she's got the accent working too whenever she speaks. The scene starts with Rita in a prone doggie position and she stays that way even as the camera moves around to Steve Holmes sitting on a couch reading. They show a progression of times on the screen and Rita still stays in the same place. Steve gets up, gets ready for work, leaves, then c comes back in the early evening hours with Rita still in that same doggie pose. He does upstairs and finally she moves doing the crawl up the winding stairs where she finds Steve sitting in a big chair. Rita finishes her crawl in a fury like Steve coming home finally let her loose and the two kiss with Rita then fishing out his cock and using his belt creatively she engulfs his rod. Rita is a fine cock sucker so no problems with the oral here. Moving to the sex we see reverse to start and thankfully her boobs which are so beautiful are fully on display and do some wonderful bouncing as she rides Steve. Miss Faltoyano does some aggressive P2M before they resume with more hard fucking in reverse. Staying with the boob friendly positions they work in spoon, then Steve eats her pussy out before he says hello to her ass slipping his cock in mish style. Getting in a good ass position Rita resumes her familiar doggie pose on the floor and Steve slams hard into her backdoor causing a few moans to escape from Rita's mouth. Oh my! We get a fabulous shot of Rita at one point squatting over Steve's face facing us so her tits are in play and then she bends down to suck his cock, man that was a nice one and you know Steve was loving life eating her pussy like this and maybe a few licks to her ass too! They close with a good rain of jizz down upon her tongue and she gives some cleanup as the jizz glistens on her chin. Very nice scene for Rita fans.

Annette Schwarz:

This next scene begins with some ethereal music-- I think that's appropriate, and it's an outdoor start with the camera zooming in on Annette who is wrapped up in plastic wrap from her tits all the way down to her feet and she is standing there stoically as Mark Davis walks up, picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. She is carried inside where he places her back down in a standing position and the picture gets this funny grainy look to it as Mark encircles Annette. This is going to be a domination type scene I sense and Mark's great for that kind of action and Annette is a great sub when she's placed in that role. He starts out fucking her mouth with his hand and then we move to a little ass slapping as he then works his cock out and with all her mite she tries to free her hands to get to it, instead she bends down and he face fucks her. The gagging sounds are pretty clear too. Mark then helps out poking some holes in the plastic wrap so Annette can jerk him off but then she's pushed down by her hair to do more dick sucking, again very aggressive style which Annette is very good at. Mark then teases Annette by moving back a couple inches making her crawl forward still wrapped in plastic to suck him off but then he moves again making her crawl still more. Mark then finishes getting his clothes off and walks back thrusting his cock into her mouth and he grips her blond locks as he pulverizes that throat, thankfully no puking. Well we don't get Annette out of the plastic wrap even when it's time to fuck, Mark just rips a hole around her ass and starts fucking her pussy from behind. Annette is allowed to suck on his toes some and then there's P2M as well. Mark nicely rips the plastic more giving us a better ass view as he starts plugging that backdoor and you hear some whimpering almost from Annette as she's ass blasted. A2M should be no surprise when we get that and finally the plastic is gone and thankfully as they shoot reverse anal and damn those modest boobies were bouncing nicely. Turning to cowgirl she bends down to suck him off, then it's up a bit as she squats over Mark's face giving him an inviting target to lick. She then lays down on the stairs facing us on her stomach and he fucks her ass , I've never seen anal this way and it was interesting. Mark works out a good load for Annette to take in and this wasn't as much overt aggressive as I thought it might be, still rough enough and Mark even kisses Annette with his load still in her mouth.


In this next scene we get a girl who's been on everyone's radar all year when it cums to ass themed productions. Naomi starts here walking away from us and the camera follows and she's got on the requisite Daisy Duke shorts, red polka dotted bra top and what is that she is carrying, a huge knife in her hand. Wonder if her man knows he's going to get it,lol, and not in a good way perhaps. Damn those shorts were perfect on Naomi showing just enough ass cleavage to leave you wanting more. Well Naomi does a lot of walking in this huge house, eventually making her way downstairs where she finds a fella sitting. She walks up to him and says something but they do an effect which makes what she said nearly impossible to decipher. Suddenly, Dana Vespoli comes up from behind and gets a firm grip on Naomi, making her drop the knife which she kicks away. Ok it seems Naomi is fixated on this man who is Dana's husband-- oops that's not good. Well Dana has her man show off his cock to Naomi and she's then thrust down to start sucking on it and not in a pretty sexy way either, it's balls to the walls head from Naomi here with Dana getting behind to suck on that tasty behind of Naomi's. She works off both those shorts and the matching red polka dotted undies so we really get a great ass view now. Alright I see Dana's wearing an AC/DC shirt too!! She starts playing with Naomi's very edible ass and we get Naomi fully naked as she's still sucking hard on hubby's schlong. Dana works in some hard ass slaps too while manning the post of rear fucker. She then stands up to give Naomi's head an extra shove down her man's cock and Naomi seems to be into the scene and that is a question I've seen raised by some while reviewing her work but here she seems way into it, even eating some man ass. Moving to the sex we get Naomi blasted in mish, cowgirl and here they work in some very nice booty shots and wow Naomi does some really hot grinding on his cock. Dana then finger bangs Naomi's ass setting it up and hubby then slides in from behind for a little doggiestyle ass blasting. There is also some anal shot in spoon and reverse before they get to the pop which is rained down upon Naomi's face. Dana really did a great job capturing the pop shot here and Naomi does some good cleanup. I'd put this as among the better scenes I've seen from Naomi this year.

Melissa Lauren:

Up next we get a shot of a woman sitting and she's dressed all in black and panning up we see the smiling face of Melissa and fuck yeah we get a new scene with her since she's got her new breasts!!! The shot then changes to Melissa dominating her man, fucking his mouth with her hand, slapping him all over including his cock. I know Melissa loved doing this and the guy seemed to like it too, hell who wouldn't want to be dominated by Melissa Lauren! There's some good ass rubbing over his face, then we change to a different guy with Melissa and it's Mark Davis who is a pretty good match for this tough Frenchwoman in the rough sex dept. She drops down early on for some dick sucking and it's so good to see Melissa on screen again, I can't remember the last scene of hers I reviewed and she looks great here. There's some good gagging done by her and Dana gives us good side views as well as a side saddle shot from Mark's left hip. Melissa is an expert with a cock in her mouth so the oral here was among the best of this dvd so far along with Rita's. Finally the top is opened up letting those new boobs out and they look really nice and Mark does some good booby licking and they really do look great fans. Ok Mark tries to choke her some which doesn't do much for me and then it's on to a little sex starting with reverse which is awesome since those tits get to be shown off longer. It will take some time to get used to this look for Melissa but I'm liking what I see here. After some nice dick clean off sucking we resume the action in doggie anal, then mish anal and then a little A2M from Miss Lauren. Mark then drills her booty again in doggie with more A2M followed by still more great views of those boobs, I think maybe Dana was enjoying the view as much as I was here. They go back to sex in cowgirl now and you see that Melissa's got a pretty good looking ass too. Finishing off there's a little dick sucking and Mark jerks his load out as we get a side shot for the pop along with the cleanup from Melissa. Well it was great to see Melissa back in action and looking hotter than ever.

Sasha Grey:

We end with the IT girl of the past half year on ADT and Sasha Grey starts out walking outside and she's got on this red dress and her hair is done up making her look all innocent which we know she is far from! Melissa then sees somebody but when she gets up to look he is gone. Sasha then walks back to the house with some freshly picked flowers and back inside she locks the door and procedes to the bedroom. I've not seen her look this innocent before in a scene, usually she's in some sort of fetish attire and I really liked this look for her. She lies on the bed and the music playing gives off the feeling that something is about to happen at any moment and sure enough we start to see the nasty side of Sasha come out. The dress is lifted up and she starts masturbating and she's not hard about it just good natural pussy stroking and moving up to her face we see such a pretty look as her mouth opens to moan. The picture then flickers and momentarily that guy she saw outside is there standing over her but then he's gone again. I wonder while masturbating if she's not thinking of him. Ok sure enough she was and the guy joins her in the NOW and starts doing some finger banging of his own and Sasha's pretty dress is soon taken off leaving her fully naked. Ok the choking I could've done without but the scene quickly takes on a rougher tone with that and a little face slapping too to Sasha. She starts massaging over his cock and soon it's being enveloped by young Miss Grey's mouth. After some gagging on his cock we get to the sex which is anal from the get go in spoon. If you've seen Sasha fuck before you know she's a talker and she does that here too and I liked that picture too, very clear and you get good shots of the anal sex with her. Sasha then gets into cowgirl and that ass looked really good in this position and they keep up the good booty shots in doggie anal as well. She does a lot more moaning in this scene than I've seen her do or maybe it's just me, it sounded good and we end with a load dripped into her mouth and she gives a little cleanup. I really liked her look to start the scene and after the action started in the bedroom it was the Sasha we've seen before and she can fuck pretty good from what I've seen. The scene ends with her walking up and it's all been a vivid dream as she's back in her red dress and the picture flickers once more with the guys image and it's gone.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

I'm not sure if this was Dana's first time behind the camera but from what I saw she's a fine director and should definitely keep doing it. She had some great girls in this and each scene offered up something for the porn viewer. I liked Rita a lot in this, as well as Melissa and her new boobs looked wonderful on camera. Sasha, Naomi, and Annette all give good turns in their scenes too along with a special appearance by Dana in the Naomi scene. The special features for this title included a cumshot recap, BTS as well as trailers for other Mach 2 releases. Very good job there Miss Vespoli, definitely worth picking up if you're a fan of any of these girls.

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