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Fever of Laure, The (La Fievre de Laure)

Fever of Laure, The (La Fievre de Laure)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
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LaNIKITA2000's ratings for Fever of Laure, The (La Fievre de Laure):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Fever of Laure, The (La Fievre de Laure) overall rating 3 stars
Performer Looks Fever of Laure, The (La Fievre de Laure) Performer's looks rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fever of Laure, The (La Fievre de Laure) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Fever of Laure, The (La Fievre de Laure) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fever of Laure, The (La Fievre de Laure) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by LaNIKITA2000  on  2/1/2000

Title: Fever of Laure

Director: Serge de Beaurivage

Studio: Marc Dorcel Videos

Talents: Laure Sinclair, Jenny Fields, Liza Harper, Caroll Dubois, Diana Stevenson

Length: 1 hr 21 min

Synopsis: Without any money to pay for rent, Laura decides to embark on a journey to Paris experiencing the seedy side of life.

Scene 1: Claudia and Tony

Before the sex scene begins, Laure narrates her circumstance. She lives with her older sister, Claudia (Jenny Fields), who loves Tony. In the kitchen, Laure wears skimpy shorts that show off her nice body. While she eats, she hears moans and groans from her sister's room. Claudia has a voluptuous body with supple breasts that you can suck. Indeed, Tony sucks on her nipples. One can get a good view of her ass as the camera pans across. Claudia, wearing garter belts and stockings, begins with a sloppy blowjob. Laure, the wide-eyed one, goes in for a closer view. Tony fucks Claudy in the vaginal cowboy position. There is more sex in different positions until he cums on her right tit. There is some post-cum licking. 

The next day, Laure finds a note left by her sister. In the letter, she finds out that her sister loves Tony so much that they left with each other. She searches around her place for money to pay the monthly rent. The perverse, sleazy, and perverted landlord attempts to rape her but cums to early on her vagina. Note: Movies with a rape scene have not been successful in mainstream movies. . .it also does not work in adult movies.

Scene 2: Laure and Sylvia; Caroll Dubois, Liza Harper, and a man 

Laure leaves her place to avoid being raped by the landlord and ventures to Paris. Again, there is an attempted simulated rape scene that is as graphic as the first. Fortunately, Laure escapes from the slimy cab driver. Sylvia (Diana Stevenson), a writer, just happened to be in the area since she gets inspiration from streetgoings. Sylvia offers Laure some shelter at her house. 

In their nighties, Sylvia wishes Laure a good sleep. While Laure sleeps, Sylvia gets off via a porn video. Two ladies (Caroll Dubois and Liza Harper) have sex with one guy. Both of them give blowjobs to the lucky man. Liza pussy-licks Caroll as the guy sucks on Caroll's tits. Then, Caroll returns the favor to Liza. Sylvia masturbates all this time. The man doggy fucks Caroll while she gives head to Liza. 

Laure wakes up in the middle of night to the porn video sounds. She wanders up to Sylvia's room where she sees Sylvia playing with herself. At first, Sylvia's action disgusts Laure but after some time, she reverses her decision.

Meanwhile, the man fucks Caroll's ass. He cums on Caroll's face. Great facial scene. Too bad they abruptly ended the videotape scene. 

After the tape ends, Laure and Sylvia have lesbian love which includes kissing, knocking clits, etc. 

Scene 3: Sylvia and Herbert

The next day Sylvia meets with her editor. Her editor, another sleazy character, urges her to drink more wine. Sylvia does not want to drink wine but he goads her. The editor gets her intoxicated and he seduces/rapes her. Note: the English dubbed audio hints at seduction/rape since Herbert says "a little wine never hurt anyone." She succumbs to his desires and they have vaginal and anal sex in doggy style position. He cums (sizable amount) on her left ass check. The editor apologizes for the "mishap." They agree not to mention this again.

Scene 4: Laure and Alexander

Meanwhile, Laure takes a shower. One gets a good view of her perfect breasts, ok butt, and slinky legs. She exits the shower and Sylvia's boyfriend, Alexander, surprises her. After some playing hard-to-get Laure allows Alexander to seduce her, a virgin. There is some fingering, bjs, and vaginal penetration in doggy position. Finally, she ends with a blowjob resulting in cum flowing into her mouth. Great post-cum sucking.

Sylvia returns to her place and discovers that her boyfriend had sex with Laure. She tells Laure to get out of her place.

Scene 5: Jennifer and two guys (condoms used)

Laure decides to visit her sister's friend, Jennifer(Sandra). Jennifer is a high-class call girl who is in the process of entertaining two fake-British businessmen. She gives them blowjobs. After naturally lubricating them, she puts on condoms on each of them before they pounce on her vag. While the camera zooms into the doggy fucking, one sees an unsightly wart on her ass. There is also some cowboy vaginal as well as a brief d.p. Both men cum on her chin and tits. Great post-cum sucking.

Scene 6: Laure and a guy (condom used)

Laure finally enters Jennifer's flat. Another client calls her so she has to leave Laure alone. While Laure waits for her friend to return, another client enters the flat. Laure, the good friend she is, does a favor for Jennifer. She decides to play the role of call-girl. The strange man asks Laure to act as Lewis Caroll's niece (Alice) as he acts as Uncle Lewis Caroll (author of Alice in Wonderland). Note: The scene hints of incest. After putting on the play-acting clothes, she wanders down the stairs and encounters the men with green clothes with his dick waiting to be sucked. While receiving a bj, the man taunts her with a lollipop saying "a little sucker for a cocksucker." After the bj, he penetrates her vaginally with a condom in doggy style position. He cums very little on her tits.

Scene 7: Jennifer and Alexander

Laure narrates that after her awkward scene with the strange man, she continues to see Alexander. She is head over heels for him. Little does she know that Alexander is a sex-aholic. Instead of waiting quietly at Jennifer's flat, they have oral sex and vaginal penetration. He cums nicely on her tits.

Laure finds them in the act and vows never to fall in love again.

Scene 8: Laure and elderly man

Finally, she decides to become a call-girl Laure meets an older man in a hotel room. She slowly undresses exposing her private parts. Thus, the man begins sucking her tits as well as eating out her pussy. After being pleasured by his tongue, she returns the favor by giving a blowjob on her knees. As she sucks him, one gets a good view of her ass. Then, there is a standing fuck as well as a leg job. After playing with his dick with her feet, she gets analed by him. After several long thrusts into her ass, he cums on her vagina. Excellent post-cum sucking.

At the end, Laure, transforms from a naive little lady to a spiteful call-girl.

The movie finally ends with Laure picking up another John.

Overall: The sex is on par with euro-productions. But, the plot is awful since it is distasteful. If you can overlook the awful plot, Marc Dorcel delivers a couple of sex scenes that are hot.

DVD Quality: The video quality is excellent but not as sharp as VCA DVDs. Audio suffers from the euro-problem of dubbing over the pornstars' sounds.

DVD Extras: The DVD has a photobook and a biography selection. It is a little thin on extras.


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