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Crucifixio Jones Fetish Fucks 2 3.5 starsFetish Fucks 2 3.5 starsFetish Fucks 2 3.5 stars
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Fetish Fucks 2

Fetish Fucks 2

Studio: Vouyer Media
Category:  Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Fetish Fucks 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Fetish Fucks 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Fetish Fucks 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fetish Fucks 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Fetish Fucks 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Fetish Fucks 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fetish Fucks 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fetish Fucks 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/15/2008

Prologue Van Styles is in full swing at Vouyer Media, and one of his lines is Fetish Fucks, now in its second volume. I haven't yet joined the bandwagon of covergirl Alexis Texas, but maybe she'll put in a performance that has me driving alongside for now. She's providing ass fetish. Mikayla with stocking fetish and Rachel Star doing shoes are not what's got me excited either. Gianna providing tit fetish and Jenna Haze's delicate feet are all the motivation I need. Hopefully Van will balance out the video so it doesn't reduce itself to caricature, and we can see some well rounded scenes with good fucking, caught from all angles.
Van starts right off with the white ass of the moment in the person of Alexis Texas. She hasn't transcended her limitations for me by at least supplying exceptional energy, but she does supply ass to spare. Like many butt oriented scenes these days, baby oil is used to accentuate the killer curves, and Alexis' ass shines up nicely. She admires herself in a mirror while sliding her cheeks slowly for the camera. Alexis pulls up her fishnet hose and dons a pair of red leather panties that hug the globes and sink right into her crack. A black leather bra completes the outfit, along with a choker, and Alexis is ready to play. Anthony Rosano is waiting in another room, sitting on the rug, against the couch, as she walks over to him. His position becomes self explanatory when Alexis sits on his face, smothering Rosano with goodness. Anthony's hands are cupping her tits and the bra gets pulled off. When he gets out from under her, it's time to lose some more important clothing so he can get his face in bare ass flesh. Panties off and stockings ripped, Alexis gets her salad tossed, maybe with nose penetration. Conventional cunnilingus with Alexis spread on the couch. CG penetration with a slow, erotic, balls deep dive. Alexis shakes her moneymaker on the stiffy, her juices lubing it up copiously. P2M, Alexis shaking her butt at the camera for a little extra show. More CG and P2M, reaching peak heat whenever Alexis is doing the fucking, which thankfully she does a lot of. Getting to her knees, Alexis takes a gentle facefuck, then goes to work on Anthony's cock in earnest. Good POV footage before they resume fucking in a side entry that always serves to feature ass. Super tight with her legs closed, her asshole just a tiny tease. Alexis provides a Freudian slip when she gets excited and says "Fuck that big ass", Anthony smiling and saying "I would if you'd let me". We'd all like to see that. He has to settle for burrowing into her womb and some P2M, which from the sound of it, Alexis does reluctantly this time. She'd much rather he continue screwing, and a subsequent orgasm is the reason why. Doggy's next with Alexis challenging him to give her what he's got. She gets that and a spanking. Something else she doesn't appear to like all that much. Fucking back at him provides Rosano with extra rigidity, caught well again in POV. Back to normal view, Anthony goes up and over with a promise of maximum depth and an outcome of orgasmic moans from Alexis. Doggy on her belly, and an ass crack fuck that makes Rosano pop. He leaves his slime in the valley and feeds Alexis some, maybe as proof that he actually came, because there was absolutely no propulsion of ejaculate, just watery goo.
Pretty good scene from Alexis, who has a good handle on the erotic aspects of using her ass to best advantage, short of anal. She's still lacking a little in energy and is resistant to being pushed onto another level. Maybe someday it will all click in.
It's about the shoes, and they're being worn by Rachel Starr, who also has her nipples covered by blue electrical tape crosses. She checks out the Imelda Marcos collection in her closet, attempting to find the perfect accessory for her black mesh top and panties. High heeled clogs in both red and white fail to make the cut, but calf high, black patent leather lace-ups are suitable for Rachel. Strapping them on, she admires the turn of her long legs and walks around in them. James Deen is in the next room, rubbing the lump in his pants while Rachel toys with him from a distance. He walks over and gets on the floor to kiss the exposed portions of her feet, and even some parts of the leg covered in leather. Deen slyly pulls down her panties but continues to play with the boots. Nice segue from sucking on her four inch heels to sticking his tongue up her ass. He whips out his already hard cock and mounts Rachel in standing doggy. P2M bj, Rachel grabbing her heels for some light facefucking. More doggy, Rachel cumming quickly, fucking back, then sucking the cock again. Double fisted POV bj, leading to an aerial impalement, with Deen carrying her over to a couch and settling down in CG. Rachel is now naked and shaking her tailfeathers as she rides the cock with energy and style. The electrical tape is off and Rachel's barbell pierced nipples are on display, as well as some trash talk. Deen flips her for missionary, delivered extra deep when her legs get peeled back. P2M, with some slop and a good deepthroat attempt, then side entry into Rachel's juicy pussy. Deen builds up his load with Rachel verbally coaxing him, and shoots his seed over her boots. Rachel admires his work into the fade.
Not really a fetish I can relate to, and a very vanilla fuck that serves as filler material.
Gianna has her hair in a severe looking bun and a red halter that stretches across her massive mammaries, leaving plenty of flesh showing above and below. Red panties, black fishnets and patent leather boots complete the ensemble for our breast fetish model. As though she'd be here for anything else. Van starts her off fastened to a chair with red mystic tape cinching her legs, chest and mouth. She waits quietly, her chest heaving in anticipation, and Jack Napier appears in denim shorts, standing behind her. He kneads her tits and Gianna's head lolls in pleasure. She giggles as he hefts, squeezes and rolls them. Beautiful blue eyes peer up at him as Van goes for the POV shot. Jack has oil to drip on them, then massage the premier pair of funbags in this entire generation of porn. Like a child with Play-Doh, Jack shapes and squeezes every which way he can think of until finally deciding to unwrap her mouth. I hate gags, especially on a woman as playfully vocal as Gianna usually is. After freeing her hands, Jack rubs his face in Gianna's cleavage. The silence has been deafening up till now, but Gianna finally breaks it by challenging Jack to follow through in his game. She also slaps his face after it comes out of her bosom. She frees her own feet and treats us to a hearty laugh as the fondling becomes more intense. She spanks her titties and demands some cock. Jack stands over and behind her, laying it across her face. Gianna, of course, spits at it. She tells him to get her nipples hard before they move on to the next thing, but Gianna doesn't wait before sucking his flacid dick. A quick shot at throat fucking with Gianna's head hanging off the chair, aborted immediately as she scrambles to her knees for a quick lick, then a titty fuck by its singularly best proponent. Jack's size allows her to suck his cock while still wrapped in tit flesh, and Gianna whips him with her swinging tits, answered by a penis spanking. Props to these two for the creativity, and Gianna for her intensity. A more conventional bj follows with some nice no hands facefucking. An attempt at getting his dick in her throat, which supplies Gianna with drool for her tits. Jack holds her by the hair for multiple oral insertions, then turns Gianna over to expose her ass and wet pussy. First penetration is in spoon, and I don't know how hard he is but he's immediately balls deep and banging. Jack starts hitting it like she owes him money and Gianna grabs him to push even deeper. Mish, with Gianna demanding long, slow strokes and showing him where he should place his hands. A short up and over that looked really hot, then a cut to Gianna riding RC. Her bottomless pussy is making a joke out of his size as she pounds and swirls, possibly cumming. P2M, then CG. Long strokes leave Gianna's juice on his pole, then she smothers him with tit as he pounds from underneath. Back to tit fucking with Jack doing pushups into Gianna's cleavage and she passively awaits the bringing of seed. Some verbal coaxing and he spatters her pillows. Gianna squeezes out some more for her nipple, wrapping him like a cocktail frank and licking off her cummy tit.
Everything seemed a bit restrained and left me wishing Jack would just hammer her all over the room, but that's not his dynamic. Gianna whittled him down to size, rarely making any outward concessions outside of a couple of instructive comments.
Mikayla is a mature looking brunette, knocking on shirtless Sascha's door. Her stems are the fetish and he goes right to work worshipping them. She pulls on a stocking in a reversal from the norm, but Sascha pulls it off. Another one goes on the other leg, different style and color, and he repeats it. Mikayla finally settles on fishnets and fondles his crotch with her feet. He pulls off her panties and Mikayla clamps her garters on the new outfit. Some tease, then she crawls over to him on the floor and sits on his face. Sascha's pants come down and Mikayla gobbles the knob. She doesn't sustain anything for very long, including a titty fuck, and it's a bit frustrating. On the other hand, she does like jabbing her throat with the dick, so there's always hope it'll get better. POV bj and tit fuck. They start the fucking in CG and Mikayla is much more focused here, demanding a spanking and driving her ass down hard. They move to side entry mish, then P2M and back. Spoon, then RC. The fetish aspect of this scene seems to have fallen by the wayside but Mikayla sure looks like she appreciates a hard dick banging away inside her. Nice full length dick dives. P2M bj leading to doggy and an up and over. Prone on her belly, Mikayla's been asking for cum almost as soon as they got started, visions of rent checks dancing in her eyes. Sascha finally gives her what she wants in a totally uninspired spray of Mikaylas unbuttered buns. He runs his cock along her ass and legs, I guess to satisfy the fetish.
Not much happened here. Mikayla seemed to get into it at times but was mostly clock watching. Sascha is too robotic to drag something out of her, and there was zero chemistry.
At long last, Jenna Haze, and Van has the camera on her size fives. JUst one of her many extremely attractive features, as Van points out, but today she's going to get a cock off with her feet. Not a pro at this like Tiffany Mynx, Jenna's ready for some practice, and Van attaches a leash to her collar and leads the way to "professional" foot worshipper Anthony Rosano. I don't know about foot worship, but Anthony's either got a gun in his pocket or he's happy to see her. Jenna rubs the lump through his jeans, then runs her peds over his crotch till he grabs one and starts sucking toes. This can only go so far before Anthony has to whip it out and let Jenna do what she does best. She uses her trashy mouth to slobber up the cock and employ her unique handwork. A little facefucking and a flash of titty enflame Anthony, and Jenna frees her pink tipped snow cones from their leather cups. She licks his balls and plays with her stringers, amping up the bj. Van goes POV, Jenna's Jessica Rabbit eyes burning a hole in our souls. No deepthroater, but Jenna takes it far enough to tease. Cut to a standing doggy penetration. Tight at first, as there was little preparation, but Anthony persistently works it in until he's satisfying her deepest needs. Leg raised and Anthony humping like a dog in heat, Jenna strums her clit and eggs him on. Literally standing on her tip toes so Anthony doesn't have to dip to fuck her, Jenna finally has to set down before cramping up. This leads to an even better position, RC, where Jenna swivels her hips as her pussy makes love to cock. Anthony supplies a reach around, giving Jenna a hot little moment. Her dirty talk is on point as she describes what she's feeling and what she wants. Granted, a little practiced and contrived, but effective. Her cockteasing pussy dancing is devestating, and props to Rosano for not cumming during her swirls, dips and scrapes. P2M on a cock that's almost purple from its engorgement. Jenna turns for some ass worship, Anthony tongueing her pucker and lubing it for a glass toy. Jenna fucks herself with the plug and Anthony jams her pussy with dick for a technical DP in doggy. With her ass ready, Jenna lowers it down slowly in RC. It's amazing that after all this time and inumerable anal scenes, Jenna still seems to be exceptionally tight and has to work to relax and loosen up. Her hot talk enhances the progression to full on anal slut. A2M and back to RCA. Anthony wants to go balls deep and digs in hard while Jenna furiously strums her clit. He pulls her ass onto his face for a 69, then a cut to doggy anal. Some spanking, and the intensity causing Jenna's body to strain in a highly erotic pose, tits pushed out and back arched. Anthony pulls out, ostensibly to finish up between her feet, but Jenna demands he stick it in her mouth first, then a cut to the fetish ending. He fucks her arches and moans when Jenna rolls her soles over his almost bursting appendage. Rosano beats off while Jenna massages his balls with her toes, and splatters them with guy goo that she licks off.
Lots of great stuff here as Jenna puts on the kind of show that makes her legendary. Anthony did a good enough job that he'll be on her "do" list for the future.
Joanna Angel and Riley Mason are in a sapphic embrace when Van tries to interrupt. They respond, but don't stop playing. They compare breasts, both sporting wonderful natural racks, maybe proof that there is a god, or at least intelligent design by some celestial horndog. They take it to a bed and Joanna vents her lust on sweet faced Riley, ripping open her fishnets to access her mound of pleasure. The hungry little alt queen fingers, sucks, licks, and generally makes a fine meal out of the squirming Riley. Off to the side, Scott Nails has his dick out of his trousers and he's beating meat to their rhythms. They catch sight of him and decide to take their game over to the couch he's sitting on. Tandem bj with Joanna still displaying her dom tendencies toward Riley, pulling her head onto the cock. Riley returns the favor while Joanna sucks deep. POV gives us Scott's view of these adorable bobbleheads working the big stiffy. Riley has a tongue piercing that must be heavenly on the underside of his cock, and Joanna likes to jab her throat with thick, hard meat. They each titty fuck him, then go in for the kill, teaming on his shaft and balls again. Scott paints Riley's face, leaving Joanna to clean up during PCH.
Very nice bj by two mega cuties.
Epilogue Van Styles employed the usually reliable triangle offense in this video, and if he'd received stronger scenes from the role players in the filler positions, would have put out a thoroughly memorable and enjoyable collection. Alexis Texas held her own to open, not setting any wildfires but waving that ass around impressively. Gianna came with her signature intensity, if not as loud as usual, and nobody in my memory validates breasts as a fetish the way she does. I also prefer her in scenes with men of some physical stature, and Jack Napier fits that bill admirably. Jenna Haze was...well...Jenna Haze. She's on another level of sexiness and self knowledge, knowing what to say and when, doing nasty things with panache. Rachel Starr and Mikayla put in scenes that fled from my mind as soon as they were over. Not terrible or in any way uncomfortable, for them or me, but miles from the other three. As far as adhering to the fetishes, I think serious fetishists will not be clamoring for this title as only a couple of scenes played with them throughout.
The Disk Along with the Bonus Core scene, there's a photo gallery, trailers, and the always entertaining Cutting Room Floor (BTS). Alexis Texas talks a lot of shit about porn fucking that I don't think is backed up by her performances, but she does add a lot to the fetish aspect of this disk by peeing on Anthony's body during her post scene shower. The make-up girl working Gianna is a babe. Gianna is severely critical and skeptical about porn people's pussy eating abilities. Not the first time I've heard this, for sure. She spurs Jack on by letting him know he's never getting another shot at her pussy, so he better fuck it as good as he can. Jenna and Van play like the old friends they are off camera. Rosano is again bringing his guitar to shoots. Maybe he's the next Jimi Hendrix, flamenco style. Joanna Angel wants to take her mother onto Howard Stern's show. Rachel Starr likes it deep, and maybe rougher than was evident in the edited scene.
Recommendation Fans of the big three should want this, but a better rental for general purposes.

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