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Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One

Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One

Studio: Bizarre
Category:  Bondage , Fetish , Instructional
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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YogaDame's ratings for Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Fetish: FAQ: Chapter One A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaDame  on  3/2/2006

Fetish FAQ 1 (Bondage)

Cast: Ilsa Strix, Ernest Greene, Chloe, Randi Rage, Deva Station, Alex Foxe, Ryan Moore, Jack, David.

Directors: Ernest Greene and Ilsa Strix

Production dates: 2/26/00 (box), 2/27/00 (opening statement), 5/1/00 (release date)

Length: 70 min.

Extras: Trailers for four movies, and a slide show with 14 pictures.

Audiovisual quality: Throughout the scenes, the camera lens is carefully focused and aimed at the subject of interest. Important details such as knot tying are almost always easy to see. The lighting is just right—neither too much nor too little. The locations (a bedroom, living room, and dungeon playroom) are pleasantly quiet, so there's no difficulty hearing or understanding the dialog. Ernest and Ilsa's discussion segments appear to have been taped at a different time—the technical quality is lower, but still adequate.

Ratings note: Fetish FAQ is an instructional series which contains very little conventional sex, so the standard ratings for "Sex" and "Plot" don't quite fit. I've reinterpreted these categories as "Enthusiasm" and "Educational Value" respectively. In these aspects, this movie rates quite high.

Highlights: During the four-minute prelude, Ernest and Ilsa emphasize the importance of communication and negotiation in BDSM play. They address the need for a safe word/signal. Ernest and Ilsa then introduce the particular pleasures and concerns of bondage, with their points nicely illustrated by four scenes.

Scene 1 Deva Station and Male Partner Deva and her guy explore a deeper level of trust through nurturing bondage. He softly caresses and compliments her while prearranging a safe signal. He buckles white cuffs around Deva's wrists and ankles and removes her white PVC bra. He secures her to the bed in spread-eagle fashion, blindfolds her, and gives her a ball gag to help her stay focused. He teases his "pillow princess" with kisses and nibbles, pussy spanking, and light scratching. She orgasms while he stimulates her clit with his tongue. Time: 14:46. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 2 Randi Rage and Jack with Ilsa Strix Randi places Jack in upright bondage with Ilsa's assistance. Ilsa shows how to tighten cuffs correctly, leaving space for one finger to slip underneath. They clip Jack's wrists to the overhead bar of a standing frame. Ilsa asks Randi to periodically check that Jack's hands haven't become cold or numb, and she sets an upper time limit of 20 minutes. The two ladies massage and flog the naked man, who wiggles his rosy butt in delight. Time: 14:13. Rating: 4 stars.

Scene 3 Chloe and Male Partner with Ilsa Strix Ilsa teaches Chloe how to put her squirmy guy into rope bondage. She mentions the key safety concerns (avoid constriction at the windpipe and at endangerment points around vulnerable arteries and nerves), and she demos very simple knot and twisting techniques. Rope selection and laundering tips are also discussed. By the end of the scene, the man is firmly secured to the table with two colors of rope around his body and a third color encasing his penis. Time: 16:53. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 4 Alex Foxe with Ernest Greene The bondage technique in this scene allows maximum exposure and accessibility. Ernest binds Alex's wrists to her ankles and secures the rope tails to the sides of the table. He lightly zaps her with an electric toy called an ultraviolet wand. They change from a supine to a prone position for mild flogging and cropping. With the bondage still in place, Ernest eases Alex into a kneeling position, clamps her nipples, and seats her on an industrial-strength, plug-in vibrator. Afterwards, Ernest and Ilsa wrap up with a handcuff safety demo. Time: 11:38. Rating: 4 stars.

Thumbs up: This disc is a great place to start for anyone seeking the basics. I'd never practiced rope bondage before, and I succeeded in tying an attractive "tortoiseshell" yarn harness on a doll immediately after viewing this DVD. I like the gender parity in Fetish FAQ, with males and females alternately cast in dominant and submissive roles. The scenes are full of fun suggestions, and the overall mood is playful, with lots of smiles and laughter.

Thumbs down: In the introductory and follow-up sections, Ilsa struggles with the dialog. She's more comfortable speaking to the performers than to the camera, but she makes a gaffe in the second scene, addressing the gentleman by two different names. The other two guys aren't specifically identified by name at all. The final scene is somewhat rushed; I wanted to see the wrapping and tying technique on the right side as well as the left.

Themes: Instructional, sensual BDSM, bondage (leather cuffs, rope, handcuffs), oral sex, blindfold, ball gag, floggers, violet wand, crop, nipple clamps, vibrator, undressing, fetishwear.

Condom use: None needed (no penetrative sex).

Juice-o-meter Medium. Yes, this nifty educational disc turned on my brain and genitals at the same time.

Final analysis: Fetish FAQ 1 is a friendly and effective introduction to the wonderful world of bondage, plus a few other kinky toys and techniques. Go on, try it and tie it!

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