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Fetish Collection, The

Fetish Collection, The

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Fetish , Foreign
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astroknight's ratings for Fetish Collection, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Fetish Collection, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Fetish Collection, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fetish Collection, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Fetish Collection, The Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Fetish Collection, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fetish Collection, The DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fetish Collection, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/28/2002

Running Time: 91 min. (cover states feature and extras of 100 min. which is probably very realistic)

Production Date: 11 / 2001 (DVD) 1992 - 1997 (Original Scenes)

Director: Various, including Nic Cramer, Steve Perry, Christoph Clark, Frank Thring, Pierre Woodman

Cast: Ivy Crystal, Roxy, John Walton, Jeanette Lange, Stephanie Hart-Rogers, Richard Langin, Alberto Ray, Selena/Katarina Martinez, Christoph Clark, Attila, Mac, Szanto, Szasza, Zoli Unge, Gina, David Perry, Silvia Saint, Missy, Guy DiSilva, Sean Rider, Angela, Laura, Frank Gunn, Kris Newz, Tania Russof, Gabrielle Scream, Laura Kat Woman, Frank Versace, Phillipe Soine, assorted uncredited men

Initial Expectations: Private has made some great compilations in the past, and I’m hoping this is another.

Initial Reaction: It was much tamer than what I expected, and the wine I drank while watching didn’t help me fend off my continual urge to yawn. Luckily I stayed awake for the last couple scenes, which were the best here.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who’s interested in fetish sex but is afraid of it being too dark or rough

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who really enjoys the feel of Private’s Pirate line or who likes fetish sex with a darker feel

Audio /Video Quality: One never expects a compilation to have consistent technical aspects, but The Fetish Collection comes pretty close. The audio is normally clear, although it’s also normally obviously dubbed. There are a few scenes with a little grain, but most of the video is very clear. There are a few shadowy scenes, but they appear to be that way on purpose.

Music: The music is surprisingly tame. It’s something I would normally expect to find in a slightly better than average couples feature and is normally very well balanced with the rest of the audio.

Menus: The main menu has a nice little bit of animation that gives a good opening feel to the DVD. The chapter menu is pretty standard, and lets you choose a scene based on a scene number and a small clip of the scene.

The Feature: Private has been well known for providing quality European sex for well over a decade. The Fetish Collection collects many of the scenes from their main line, as opposed to the Pirate line that normally revolves around fetish sex. There’s plenty of fetishwear and other touches that focus on some of the darker sides of sex. Each scene also includes a short voice-over at the beginning to describe what the girls like in each scene.

Ivy Crystal, Roxy, and John Walton start things off in a scene from Nic Cramer’s Private Dancer. Ivy starts out tied to a chair and blindfolded while a narrator describes some of the lures of being submissive. Ivy becomes slightly nervous as Roxy’s whip slides across her body, but then finds out that there’s more pleasure than pain here when Roxy starts kissing her. John unties Ivy from her chair so he can fuck her from behind as Roxy runs her hands across her and lets Ivy kiss her chest. Ivy moves on to fuck John reverse cowgirl style as they remove her few clothes, and then lets Roxy jerk John off into her mouth and onto her blindfold to finish things up. It’s an okay scene that’s very couples friendly. I was really surprised that John only fucked Ivy, and even more surprised that with two girls in the scene there wasn’t any anal! It’s a much softer feel than most of the scenes in Private’s Pirate line.

Second, Jeanette Lange takes on three guys in Steve Perry’s Anal Acadamy. Jeanette is blindfolded as the scene begins, and we can see the three guys about as well sa she can. The camera focuses on Jeanette, who’s in partial darkness, and you rarely get to see more of any of the guys than their cock or hands. None of them fuck her, but she takes a nice spray on her face. It’s a short scene, which was very nice since it did very little for me.

Stephanie Hart-Rogers, a nice looking brunette, takes on Richard Langin, Alberto Ray, and another guy in a scene from another Steve Perry movie, this time Anal Clinic. She walks between the three guys, who are busy boxing the clown, and teases them in her red thigh high boots, red rubber corset, and red garter belt. She takes off her corset to let the guys have easier access to her goodies, and plays more to the camera than the guys. She gets a little oral warmup from one of the guys before sucking all three of them. She quickly moves from having her pussy fucked to being double penetrated. She finishes by taking the guys spooge on her ass and back. It’s another okay scene, but Stephanie played way too much to the camera for my tastes. It also seemed very slow and had very little intensity of any kind. I had more of an urge to laugh throughout the scene than ever jerk off.

Christoph Clark’s scene from Triple X Video 21 with Selena taking on Christoph Clark, Attila, Mac, Szanto, Szasza, and Zoli Unge in a sex dungeon is next. Christoph escorts Selena down to the five masked me, and she quickly drops down so she can easily suck as much cock as possible. She gets fucked a little, but most of the action seems to be the guys doing the adult version of the Hand Jive with the results coating Selena’s front. After most of the guys coat her, Christoph takes Selena for himself, and probes both her holes in reverse cowgirl, and gives her ass a good reaming in doggie and while spooning. Selena sucks and jerks Christoph to a nice facial finish as his jiz flies wild in front of her. It’s another okay scene, with the second half between Christoph and Selena saving this scene from a lot of fast forwarding.

Gina takes on David Perry in Frank Thring’s Virgin Treasures 2 next. David starts off chained up while Gina runs her high heeled boots across his body and mouth so he can suck on them. He also licks her pussy before she rewards him with a long, intense blowjob. David is let loose so he can fuck Gina from behind, and finishes things off by decorating her face as she aggressively works her mouth around his cock. It’s an okay scene that actually has some very nice intensity. Gina is really into it, but unfortunately the camera work held this one back for me. The camera seemed like it had a fixed zoom to it, and focused either on the face or the close-up, with very few sweeps between. I’m not sure if there were two shots where you got to see even 3/4 of both Gina and David, and it really brought down my enjoyment of the scene.

The next scene features Missy and Silvia Saint taking on Guy DiSilva and Sean Rider in a scene from Frank Thring’s Hawaiian Ecstasy. As usual, Missy’s animalistic nature comes out right at the start while she sucks Sean’s cock, and surprisingly she takes it in the ass without any warmup. Silvia, on the other hand, gets a nice rim job and anal fingering from Guy before he stretches out her sphincter. Neither pussy gets any attention throughout the scene, with the girls spending most of their time in the reverse cowgirl position. Missy finishes things up with a great facial, most of which she takes in her mouth, while Silvia tries to make the most of two or three drops that are spread across her sunglasses. It’s a pretty hot scene, but all credit for that goes to Missy. She’s really amazing here and puts more intensity into this scene than everybody else combined. It’s a pretty typical Private scene, and the only fetish aspect of it is both girls wearing leather collars with leashes.

Angela and Laura take on Frank Gunn, Kris Newz, and David Perry in Frank Thring’s scene from Triple X Video 32. The three guys break into a house, but don’t expect to find latex-clad Angela and Laura inside. The guys are made to lick their boots and then the rest of them before getting down on all fours. David finally has enough and gets up to give Angela a taste of her own medicine while Kris licks Laura’s pussy. The guys take turns fucking each girls pussy, and Laura even takes a DP before her facial. Angela also takes a facial, but never takes it in the ass. It’s a pretty hot scene that has some fun chemistry. It’s a very good scene, and one of the best in this compilation.

Finally, Tania Russof, Gabrielle Scream, and Laura Kat Woman take on Frank Versace, Philippe Soine, and Richard Langin in a scene from Pierre Woodman’s The Gigolo 2. Tania starts out being blindfolded, gagged, and having her hands and legs shackled by maid Laura at Gabrielle’s instructions. When we next see Tania, she’s strapped to the floor without her blindfold, but still wearing thigh high red fuck me boots and a little fetishwear. Gabrielle has two hooded guys released from cages while Laura sucks off another hooded guy. The guys run their hands across Tania’s body, before Gabrielle has Tania come up and lick her boots and pussy. Tania moves back to warm up the two guys orally, and then continues to satisfy them with her pussy and mouth. Laura also moves on to satisfy her partner with her pussy, and Gabrielle walks between them to make sure they’re doing their jobs properly. She gets involved a little, but really comes into the action when one of the slaves decides to fuck Tania in the ass. Gabrielle stops him and does the job herself with a big black strap-on. She later takes the fake cock off so it can be used to fuck her ass while she’s riding a cock. She’s not the only one to be double penetrated, as Tania takes two real cocks while Gabrielle sucks one of the slaves onto her face. Tania follows suit with her two partners, as does Laura. It’s a very hot scene, and the best fetish sex scene in the feature. It’s one of the only ones to take the fetish sex past just a few minor costumes, and seems to capture the spirit almost as well as the Pirate series. It’s also good enough that I think I might have to check out the original feature one of these days.

The Fetish Collection is an okay compilation for those that are scared of fetish sex, but those who enjoy watching it will probably be disappointed. With the exception of the last couple scenes, most of the scenes seem very standard. Heck, I’d even expect a couple of them to be on features from studios such as Adam & Eve, VCA, or Vivid. If not for the last couple scenes, I would have had a hard time even considering this an average feature due to its lack of much of a fetish feel. Luckily, there’s the last couple scenes, which are the best in the feature, both overall and for fetish sex. Also saving it from an average rating is the care Private put into the DVD. You know where each scene comes from thanks to the extras, and you know who the girls are in each scene since there’s an intro to each scene that shows them. I would have liked the intro to also tell the origin of each scene, but since that can be found elsewhere, it’s not that big a deal. Sadly, although a nicely constructed DVD, it doesn’t live up to Private’s normal standards due to most of the scenes not having much of a fetish feel to them.

For another perspective on this DVD, please check out reviewer’s review.

Extras: Trailers are included for The Fetish Collection, The Private Life of Cassandra Wild, Matador 10, Superfuckers 5, Private Reality Video 3, and Love Me Deadly. Bios are included for Angela, Gabrielle Scream, Gina, Ivy Crystal, Jeanette, Katarina Martinez, Laura Kat Woman, Laura, Missy, Roxy, Silvia Saint, Stephanie Hart-Rogers, and Tania Russof. Each bio includes a still photo, some personal information, and a list of the star’s other Private credits. The photobook includes about three dozen very nice looking full screen photos. Finally, the production notes lets you know where each scene in the feature came from, the stars in the scene, and who directed the original feature. It’s a great addition to the feature, as it lets you know what the original movies are if you like any of the scenes enough to want to check them out. To me, this is one of the most important things about any compilation.

Themes: Straight, fetishwear, B&D, group, lesbian, anal, DP, gangbang, shoe worship, and inter-racial

Raincoat Factor: Very High

Overall: Currently, The Fetish Collection can be found online for between $18 and $25 with quite a few stores offering it for under $20. Unless you’re nervous about fetish sex and this is your first exploration, I’d wait and hope this one goes on sale cheaper somewhere. The sex is normally pretty tame, with the exception of two scenes. The transfer, however, is very nicely done, and there are also some very worthwhile extras.

Note to Private: PLEASE quit listing the total running time for your DVDs and list the feature length, as virtually every other studio out there does. Many people want to know what the actual feature running time is, and I know quite a few also use this to make some of their purchasing decision. As is, your using your own method makes it fairly deceptive and misleading to consumers.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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