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Femme Core

Femme Core

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Femme Core:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Femme Core overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Femme Core Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Femme Core Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Femme Core Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Femme Core Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Femme Core DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Femme Core A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/27/2010
Good afternoon porn fans. I just reviewed a g/g title so checking out another seems like a good idea plus this one marks the directorial debut of one Teagan Presley. This young lady has been in the biz for awhile now so she should have a pretty good idea of how she wants a scene to unfold. For Teagan fans this one might go to must have status site unseen since she's in every scene plus you add in some great performers to help her out. Lisa Ann, Monique Alexander, Celeste Star, Alexis Ford and Andy San Dimas all join in for this lesbo fest. Let's see what naughty little ideas Teagan's cum up with.

Teagan & Lisa Ann:

So we open with Teagan on her knees wearing what appears to be a form fitting latex outfit, not sure if she can move in that baby. You also see a butt plug device hanging out of her ass. Lisa is here too sitting on a nearby couch and she's offering up some verbal taunts at Teagan making her wait a bit before going over to join her. Lisa gets up close to Teagan and even drops a little candle wax on that perfect ass. Teagan is then allowed to sit up briefly and you see the candle wax hanging off her ass. The bottom part of the outfit is then taken off with Teagan flipping over so more wax can be dripped onto her belly. The girls then each use a toy to pleasure their pussy, sadly no oral of any kind is captured. I'm sorry, this is visually interesting but the utter lack of pussy licking had my interest level way down. Teagan's ass is looking so fucking amazing here and pretty much all we get is Lisa Ann fucking her pussy/ass with a toy. It's like shooting a b/g and having no cock sucking and giving you just a handjob. Might look good but the lack of oral is glaring.

Teagan & Alexis:

On to the next scene and the roles are reversed as it's now Alexis who is bound and Teagan the predator circling her prey. Teagan gives her a couple playful kisses as she has her fun touching the helpless Alexis. It's a nighttime scene so there are a few shadows but nothing that should bother you to much. Alexis is then untied and led to a couch where she's bent over and Teagan gets some hard finger action working and she lets Alexis help out, again not much oral here at all. Alexis then gets to attend to her dominatrix and we get Teagan's bottoms removed and she gets a seated position that's elevated with Alexis moving down and our first real meaningful oral sex is captured here as she licks those tasty pink lips plus there's more fingering. Well I spoke or wrote to soon as the oral doesn't actually last that long before Alexis gets to suck on a toy which then gets used on her cookie. A pretty good view then of Teagan's ass as she bends over in a doggie pose but it's just for more toy play with a couple playful ass kisses from Alexis. A good nighttime scene but it's strictly for toy fans and those who like some good finger action, the oral was not much here.

Teagan, Celeste Star & Andy San Dimas:

On we go and hello Teagan is wearing a sexy dress to open the scene and Celeste comes up behind to give her a tender greeting. This was easily the best outfit Teagan's worn so far and I loved the hair too. The two girls get cozy then Celeste up and leaves her but she's replaced by Andy who's a form fitting outfit on, black top and lace bra. She does a little touching to Teagan before also walking off. We repeat the process again and when Andy appears a second time we get our first good shot of Teagan's ass. Finally the trio all come together and there is much touching, kissing, finger play and ass rubbing-- Teagan's!! Andy gets to be the first to drop down and get a closer look at that spectacular tush and she peels down the red thong to get an even better look. We get more oral sex too as Celeste holds Andy's face in place as she rubs up'n'down Teagan's slit. The dirty talk starts to get louder too as the girls fight for supremacy- check out the hard rubbing down on Andy's pussy by Celeste who holds her panties tight as she rubs up and down. Well this scene by has the most pussy eating captured so far, Andy gets another go at Teagan, Celeste too and Andy becomes a freaking freight train when she goes behind to taste Celeste. This isn't romantic/ sensual pussy play but at least it's pussy eating and not toy play which has dominated so far. Teagan even gets in on the fun tasting Andy, not sure if Teagan has done anything besides use a toy so far, great to see that plus she finger bangs Andy. All good things come to an end, lol, as they do bring toys in. The energy has been great in this scene and the ladies keep that up as the use the plastic friends to torpedo those freshly licked cookies.

Teagan, Juelz Ventura & Monique Alexander:

Our next scene opens in a foggy smoke. Teagan walks up to her window where we see Monique and Juelz waiting outside. Ahh I see fangs on them so they can't enter unless Teagan lets them in, you know the vampire can enter unless invited!! Well Monique and Juelz do their best with no speaking, just eye looks and touches on each other to convince Teagan to let them in which of course she does. She tries to play the innocent girl and lets the two lead her to another room where they sit her down and slowly break down Teagan's resistance. The hands start moving over Teagan's body, clothing is removed and while she recoils a bit you see and sense the resistance level going down. Her breasts are freed allowing Juelz and Monique to lick them plus we get a very nice open shot as the fingers start slipping inside Teagan's panties-- several soft moans are generated from this. More and more of Teagan is revealed including that ass and it's spread open quite nicely as Juelz and Monique get up close on it. Oh yes, Juelz finally does what I've been waiting for and that's to slid underneath and lick Teagan's pussy as we get continued ass footage. They turn her over and this allows Monique to move in for a taste, no blood drawn, just pussy juice! Oh nice we get Monique moving up to smother Teagan's face so our innocent girl is finally corrupted as she digs that tongue in there to taste Monique's essence. Juelz then replaces Miss Alexander in riding Teagan's face. Juelz then moves on top making it a 69 so a little more oral sex is worked in before the toys are brought in to bring us home. By far the best scene as it had the most intersting action for me so far as oral. The kissing was there so much but at least some very nice oral sex is captured.

Teagan,Lisa Ann, Celeste, Andy,Alexis & Monique:

We've come to the finale and Teagan's brought back most of the cast for one last sapphic tryst. You see a couch and a chair waiting and the girls come in one by one and have a seat on each. There is touching, some light kissing and then the clothes start to get removed. It's an orgy so just sit back and enjoy the visual. Some pussy eating, fingering and tasting off that. There is some toy play too. The girls do a good job of changing partners and we get pretty good visual of everything that takes place. We end up near the end with Teagan receiving a toy dp- the girls surrounded her! This dp action is in both reverse and cowgirl.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this one was mixed bag for me and it's mostly due to how I like to see my g/g action unfold. This movie looks very nice and has a great cast but it's lacking for me anyway in oral sex. Kissing is important too and that wasn't stressed to much either. What was stressed and captured very well was the toy action so if you enjoy toys in your g/g and this cast strikes your fancy then definitely this is worth picking up. Teagan has a good eye for pairing girls and they all seemed to enjoy playing with one another. From what I watched the best scene was the trio of Teagan, Juelz and Monique- no surprise that this scene held within the most oral sex of the entire dvd. As for extras you get some BTS for this, some photos and yes a bonus scene and it features former Adam & Eve girl Bree Olson in her very good performance in O2. She plays with Nina Hartley and Nicole Sheridan in the scene.

The movie opens with O in the studio and she's taking some pictures of herself, there's a cage, you see the various devices lying around the room. There is no mistaking from the start how much the camera loves Bree, her photogenic face just leaps off the screen and grabs you. Well she's interrupted by Nina and Nicole who come in during this self pic taking and seems Bree's being a naughty girl and will need to be punished. Nina has bragged on how good and pleasing Bree is to Nicole so now we'll see just how good Miss Olson is. The whole verbage and talking is a bit above me but it's delivered earnestly and very believably by Nina, Nicole, and Bree. The picture too is quite clear and you won't miss a thing! The whole negotiating is worked into the scene, she has to ask permission to cum. Once the first orgasm's out of the way we get our first intersting shot of the dvd, Bree hanging upside down from the ceiling with Nicole's pussy thrust into her face, Nina gets a dildo and uses that to pleasure Bree from above. They go to another interesting shot and picture this. For those who are old enough and remember playing T-Ball baseball as a kid you get the device used that held the ball but instead of a ball it's got a cock attached to the top and Bree rides this. Bree's reaction shots here are just priceless as the two ladies circle around playfully slapping her with what I believe to be floggers-- I looked it up on the internet!! Bree looks so hot here riding, her boobs never looked better and bounced beautifully- the floor shot given was terrific. Oh my they are really giving Bree the full workout, the next shot has her arms pulled away from her, encased in a leather sleeve like deal with buckles, you have a device in front of Bree with a cock that pushes out from it and nicely hits home within her pussy, in and out, plus you add in Nicole riding Bree's face with her pussy!!Nina adds to the stimulation by using a vibrating toy on the pussy of Bree which is still being nailed by the moving cock, not to forget she's eating Nicole out too. Fancy a little ass licking too, well Bree is more than up to that, sweet shot here. You also get strap on action too, a great extreme underneath shot greets her pussy along with the strap on from Nicole! The scene soon ends and there's a little post chat with Nina and Bree-- loved it when Bree sits down we see Nina give a quick slap to her legs which were closed and immediatley like a good slave Bree opens them back up, it's a quick shot but totally keeps the girls in character. Seems O is at a sort of crossroads in her sexual life, not sure of what to do so being the good person that she is Nina makes the offer to Bree of staying at her house for the next few days, fully immersing Bree in the life, not knowing what will happen next and perhaps this will be the clarity Bree needs to take the next step, she of course takes the offer. Bree is told that Steven, aka Evan, has been coming around the house some lately so she'll probably see him but this doesn't dissuade Bree from the deal.

That was my take on this scene and it fit in nicely with the costumes and vibes from this directing debut from Teagan. She has got a good eye for talent, these ladies love the ladies but I would suggest a better balance in the next one or next g/g title she does. Please include more sensual kissing and oral sex/ ass play-- especially with your world class amazing ass. I think most viewers would quite enjoy a scene featuring lots of Teagan ass worship, licking ass, licking pussy and making out. I know toys are most likely going to be used too but I'd urge a better balance in that too with the oral/ kissing/ breast play. This is a good debut but has most of its appeal for toy fans and for those who want lots of Teagan-- she's in every scene boys'n'girls!

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