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stroker Females on She Males 3 starsFemales on She Males 3 starsFemales on She Males 3 stars
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Females on She Males

Females on She Males

Studio: Magnus
Category:  Transsexual
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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wraithlead's ratings for Females on She Males:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Females on She Males overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Females on She Males Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Females on She Males Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Females on She Males Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Females on She Males Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Females on She Males DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Females on She Males A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by wraithlead  on  7/28/2009
Females on Shemales

I've never seen a film like this before. There were a couple threads on the forums that made me curious, so I decided to check this out along with a second, similar film. This review might be confusing, or it might be short. I'm not sure I'll like this type of movie enough to even sit through it, but I'm open-minded. Maybe it'll be like some kind of uber-strapon scene or something...


Overall opinion, and some random observations:

I've always liked strapon scenes, but some girls just don't know how to work a pussy the way a guy would. This movie got past that...The shemales were sorta varied in attractiveness, but the females? They were all girl-next-door types. None were supermodels, but I found them all sexy and realistic. I like huge fake breasts, but I like natural girls just as much, and these were cute, and naturally thick and curvy, the way girls are supposed to be...

Also, as a side's my opinion for all movies...Make it easy for us to find the names of the performers. Maybe it's on the box, or the credits, but really, would it be that tough to put a little title graphic at the start of each scene? A lot of others as you read, where I'll usually put the scene number, then the movie title (if it's a compilation), and the performers, all on the same line, i didn't here, because I don't care enough to look up the performer list, and match it together.

If you aren't adventurous, or a little daring, or don't like fake tits(which are all a shemale can have according to common sense), or want wilder sex acts, this isn't for you. Maybe I missed it while enjoying myself in a couple scenes, but I didn't see much anal, if any at all(I admit, I don't always look, preferring to see the whole bodies-in-motion thing more than which hole the cock is in sometimes). There is condom use. And it goes without saying, there will be plenty of turn-offs for people who aren't into this. Even after watching, I'm still not sure I'm into it...I don't have a frame of reference, so this score might be a little off. I think it's 2.5/5, maybe a little less...I was hoping for it to stay true to what it sold itself as, and it did. It was a chance to see lots of tit-play, and average girl-girl(whether it's an illusion or not is above my pay-grade). The movie had every scene end in a VERY disappointing cumshot for me(would an in-mouth, or even just the girl stroking the shemale to climax, be so hard to ask?), so I think the 2.5/5 is fair.


Scene 1 -

It's a shemale in a pink top, white and pink panties and skirt. The female for the scene is in a black top and white tennis skirt, and I think she's pretty cute. The shemale is sorta obviously a shemale. There's a blowjob, and lots of sex, cowgirl, RCG, then more oral sex with a cumshot on the girl's cheek and face...Not the best, and I'm still not sure about the premise, but maybe a 2/5? At this point, I'm not sure if its this scene in particular or just the genre...

Scene 2 -

A blonde shemale at a desk, working on a computer. Her female assistant comes into the 'office', and then we cut to the girl's top down, with the shemale sucking the girl's breasts. Then a switch, with the shemale's breasts out in the open, and the girl sucking them for a bit. Since I'm not used to this, I'm not even sure what terms to use, etc...but this shemale is, umm, prettier than the last one?...but still obviously a shemale. One of the things that made me curious was the idea or a girl sucking another girls breasts, and stroking her cock while doing it. This scene had that, and I was kinda turned on by it. There's oral sex, doggie over the armrest of a couch, some good deep penetration with the girl on her back on the hardwood floor and the shemale pounding into her, then a lot of oral again, with a cumshot mixed between the girl's cheek and the shemale's hand, with her rubbing that into the girl's face. I did like this scene, even if I was disappointed with the cumshot. 3/5

Scene 3 -

A girl in red, and a shemale in black. I think the girl is really sexy, and the shemale is, umm, cute?...I do like her fishnets and the female's red thigh-high leggings too. The girl plays with the shemale's tits, and the girl's tits are nice and sexy and out in the open too...The shemale kisses and licks the girls ass cheeks, and I gotta say that looked good. The shemale throws the girl on the couch and plays with her tits, then strips while the girl fingers herself.Ssoon the shemale puts her cock in the girls mouth for a good blowjob. I'm not sure if this girl is natural, I can't always tell, but she looks it and if not, I don't care. She's hot. Also, the posistions were better here. The girl on her back, the shemale on her side, holding one leg in the air and pounding into her. RCG, then more cocksucking with the shemale fingering and rubbing the girl during it. At the end, they masturbate while playing with their own and each other's breasts, and I enjoyed that breast play if nothing else. Another disappointing cumshot ends the scene, this time on the body.

Scene 4 -

Girl in a blue tight and small dress. The shemale is wearing bluejeans and a shirt. Breasts come out, and get played with...A blowjob, a funky tattoo on the shemale's stomach, and again I find myself enjoying the realistic hotness of the female in the scene. Thick, brunette, gorgeous breasts, and it works for me. Missionary, then doggiestyle sex and a variation of doggie...blowjob, then RCG, and the lady looks good doing it. Mutual masterbation, with the shemale stroking herself to climax ends the scene, and the cum is on the lady's chest. I thought this cumshot was disappointing too.

Scene 5 -

Blonde and brunette, miniskirts and sleeveless tops. Breast play, stripping, mutual masterbation again, oral, RCG, spooning, doggiestyle, more oral and yet another lame cumshot. I didn't really like the scene, and the weak cumshot hurt even more.



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Nothing I got too excited about, I'd say...

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