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Feeling Black 8

Feeling Black 8

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Feeling Black 8:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Feeling Black 8 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Feeling Black 8 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Feeling Black 8 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Feeling Black 8 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Feeling Black 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Feeling Black 8 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Feeling Black 8 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/3/2007
Feeling Black 8
Prologue There are very few series that I anticipate each new release with as much optimism as Feeling Black. As it has matured, it seems to be getting stronger, and Mike Stefano mixes in some hot vets like Mone Divine and Carmen Hayes in this edition, with fresh blood like the covergirl Nubia. America, Dena Caly and Vanessa Monet have been around for about a minute, and the woodwork is being carried by Stefano and Ferrara, so these ladies are in good hands. I'm going to make a complaint about the cover art. Somebody should have their Photoshop privileges taken away for all the skin "smoothing" that was done to a legitimately beautiful woman. She looks like a cartoon character here. Nuff said.
Cute Mone Divine, possessor of all that body, is greeted by Stefano and his camera, which locks in on her fabulous tits and huge nipples. She laps at the big eraser head and pushes her panties aside to show a fat, wet coochie. This girl is itching for a banging as Stefano plays with her big lips and clit. He gives her a taste of her gooey innards and requests a tour of her spacious ass. Mone is a woman built for comfort and Mike has her confirm that the butthole is in play today. She tastes her ass from his finger and asks for some dick. Begging works as Manuel Ferrara's sheathed beer can is presented to her for sucking. Mone slurps on his hog and takes a deep facefucking with a long hold in her throat. After a quick blast of air, she's right back at it, showing admirable enthusiasm and lapping at his balls between sucks. Manuel pulls her onto his cock in CG and Mone is off to the races, showing she has no bottom or fear of his size. He probes her ass and spanks her tits, then transfers from her wet pussy to tight ass. When Manu's cock flops out, Mone is desperate to have it back. She grinds on the torpedo, then sucks her ass off of it. Stefano calls Mone over to eat some hot ass, then feed it some dick in doggy. Mone is hotter than hell, imploring Mike "Fuck me! I'm nasty." Spanking her butt, spitting in her shithole, then A2M before returning to Manuel. More anal doggy and now it's "Fuck me hard!" This girl ain't playing. Neither is Manuel as he rails her dirty place. He pulls her over for RCA and reaches around to rub her frothy pussy. She sucks her juices off of his cock and joins Stefano for more RCA. Her tits are bouncing around wildly as Mike pounds her ass like there's no tomorrow. Slobbering A2M as Mone licks it like her favorite lollipop, then jumps back on for more RCA. They do some very affectionate kissing and Mone's nipples are too hot for Mike to pass up. She has two fingers buried in her cunt and crying for Mike to "Hurt my ass. Fuck my ass harder." I'm not sure he can, but he's trying. Another A2M and the musical couches continue as she rushes back to Manuel for side entry anal and some choking. Tit spanking and now it's "I want it harder. I want it real hard. I'm a whore." He sticks his balls in her mouth while fucking Mone's tits, and she jills herself off. He works her g-spot and dips his cock into her throat, then back to side entry anal. She tongues his dirty dick to prove what a good slut she is and returns to Stefano for up and over mish anal. He tries to gape her and she just winks out lube. Mike moves over her face for a hot skullfuck and pops a huge load onto and into her mouth. Mone gives him a hearty suck to get anything left in the pipeline, returns to Manuel for some vag mish that is the prelude to another hosing. Manuel feeds Mone every last drop and she looks like she's been in a bukkake. Her face and tits are covered as she kisses goodbye.
I've always known that Mone was a hot fuck, but since she's popped her anal cherry she's become a certified freak. The energy and passion she showed here was unreal, and made for one of the best scenes in the entire series.
The humongous tits of Carmen Hayes are wrapped up in a pink bustier adorned with cherries, as well as two plastic ones hanging from them. She pops her ass for Stefano and promises she'll suffocate him with her big ass tits. She hauls them out so they both can enjoy, licking and flapping the bra busters. Stefano sticks his head between them and makes love to her little friends. Carmen loves the kinkiness of it all as Mike can't find enough ways to use them, and she grabs at his cock and tells him all the dirty things she's going to do with her mouth. Down she goes, slurping on his member and making it disappear down her throat. Carmen gets more intense after a facefuck, slobbering into her cleavage and giving Mike a titty fuck, regaling him with her nasty mouth. More great cocksucking by Carmen as she seems intent on ending this scene early. Mike bends Carmen over and eats her pussy from behind. It isn't long before his dick follows into her spit soaked crack and Carmen's telling him to fuck her hard. Mike goes up and over and it's "Smack that ass! Wax that ass!" P2M, Carmen showing a lovely sheen from the activity so far. Standing doggy against a clear, pink, lucite wall. They go from hard and fast with great titty shaking, to slow and passionate. Carmen has a surprise for Stefano. She takes him to a bedroom where Dena Caly has a red, spiral dildo jammed in her pussy. Mike and Carmen continue the standing doggy in the doorway while watching the tight bodied beauty pleasure herself. Carmen crawls on the bed for some lez loving. I believe these two are real life roommates, so there may be more to this than just performance. Carmen licks her firm tit and pulls the dildo out of Dena's pussy, giving the young girl a taste. Carmen licks her clit and remarks about what a good gift Dena will make for Mike. She buries the dildo and continues to lick her hot button. Carmen orders Dena to cum on the toy as she plunges it hard, feeding her a taste and relinquishing the twat to a very hungry Stefano. Carmen tastes tit while Stefano swabs the fuckhole, Dena pulling on a nipple and cumming on his face. Carmen takes over the pussy and Mike goes back to fucking her doggy. He spanks her ass and Dena gets brave with her trash talk, her juices covering Carmen's chin. Stefano moves to Dena in mish, Carmen sitting on her face. Dena swabs the slit with her pierced tongue, then Carmen moves over to suck her friend's juices off of Mike's cock. Dena's loving the fucking and Carmen's getting nasty with the cocksucking. She shows her incredible flexibility as she positions her body for mish with a leg behind her head. Dena laps at the pussy while it's being fucked and sucks dick out of her friend's box. Both legs are behind her head as Carmen's eyes are rolling up and her pussy is dripping wet. Stefano moves Dena over Carmen and fucks her doggy. He licks both their pussies while still stacked, then lays back on the bed for Carmen to ride CG. Mike bangs her into an orgasm that makes her collapse on him, Dena taking a nice taste of cunt covered cock. Stefano isn't finished making Carmen's titties shake as he offers up his pole for her pleasure, and his face for Dena's. More P2OGM, then RC for Dena. Carmen licks this sweet child's tit as she gets pounded into orgasm. P2OGM, and the dick returns to the tight twat. Carmen helps push the dick into the hot hole and massages Mike's full balls. Dena wants his load inside and Stefano complies with a nice beef injection. His pearly essence oozes out of her hole on the pullout and Carmen's there to lap it up. She hoovers the cunt and sucks the dick. Dena squeezes more out on his torso and both girls give him PCH with a little tongue duel into the fade.
Another steaming scene. Carmen is statuesque and stacked, Dena small and tight, and they make a great team as Stefano must have felt like he went to heaven. It was beautiful and nasty and heated every step of the way.
Stefano is giving covergirl Nubia the love treatment as the scene opens with the two of them lip locked. She's young and firm, and into it enough to slip him some tongue. Mike tastes her tits and holds them up for Nubia to lap at the nipples. He heads south and locks on her pussy, sucking hard, then giving it a tongue lashing. He heads back north and offers her a dick to play with. Nubia tugs gently and squats to show how well she makes love with her mouth. Slow and sensual she goes, Stefano rock hard, which he soon puts to use in a standing fuck. They vary the pace from slow to fast and back, Nubia's love juice oozing onto his cock. He spanks her ass and has Nubia begging for dick. Standing doggy. Nubia's close and loving it, especially when Stefano stirs her deep. P2M has her trying to engulf the cock. Mike carries her off and drops Nubia onto a bed where he licks some slit and surveys the tiny fuckhole. She's speared in mish and gets a nice tit wobbling railing. He rolls her up and goes up and over, sweet girly cum running down the crack of her ass as he gets deep into Nubia's kitchen. Stefano fucks the soles of her feet while Nubia jills. He gets down to licking her hole again, and even rubbing his face all over the pussy, which Nubia then licks off his face. They somehow lock into a CG pounding, altering the pace like a Nirvana tune. Nubia grinds on the cock, shaking and howling. She rubs the wet pussy on his face again. They share some sweet nothings, then cut to spoon, Stefano promising to fill her pussy with cum. Nubia urges him on as he slides deep, then drops his load into the gates of heaven. A thick river follows his dick out of the hole.
Stefano gave all the girls the option of making love or getting banged. Nubia obviously wanted the romance, and got it. She has a hot body and good spirit, and it made for a nice, gentle scene that still managed to get intense at times.
A stock Stefano shot, a butt filling the screen, opens this scene. Manuel is quickly into the frame and digging his head between the firm glutes of Vanessa Monet. He's eating ass and spanking the cheeks, Vanessa getting off on the depravity. Manuel pulls his fat cock out of his jeans and sticks it right up Vanessa's ass. That's a fine how do ya do as he dogs that ass propped up on a chair. A2M, Manuel shoving it in to the balls and making Vanessa drool. He goes back for more doggy anal on a stool and beats on her butt like a drum. A2M again. Face fucking, throat gagging and drooling. They kiss and masturbate each other. Manuel slaps Vanessa's face and she asks for more. He sits on the stool and Vanessa rides his cock in RCA. CG anal on a short stairway. Vanessa complains when the cock flops out and grinds it deep when the opportunity arises. A2M, a Vanessa tug job, then up and over doggy anal. Manuel gets her gaping, then feeds her face with cock and balls. She tosses his salad, then gets lifted back onto the stool for mish anal. Manuel cums in her ass and Vanessa farts it out, then cleans his cock off. She crawls up the stairs and poses on a couch showing her beat up asshole. Stefano is there to give her more anal loving, fingering the pucker with all but the thumb. Vanessa tastes his hand and Stefano fucks her pussy in doggy. He goes up and over, then switches to the two hole. Vanessa's ass is wide open and she wants it deep. They do it in spoon and Vanessa asks for it deeper. She gets what she wants and thensome as Mike steams into the blown out hole. A2M with throat gagging and booty spanking. Vanessa deepthroats and drops a gob of prepuke. RCA gets frantic as Stefano claims ownership of her big booty. They try a couple of gapes, A2M bj that has Stefano chipmunking her cheeks, then side entry anal. Vanessa begs for cream and this time gets her teeth painted. She shows, swallows and shovels the strays into her mouth. Then a happy shake of her shoulders.
Vanessa really got tore up, much the same as Mone Divine in the first scene. They laid the hammer on her, individually this time, and she came up strong. She even closed things out with a nice swallow.
Stefano is molding America's juicy ass, and sticking his face in the crack. This has to be one of the most innocent looking young women in the industry. Sweet faced and pear shaped. Who knows what bad things America is capable of? She obviously opted for romance when asked for the style of fucking she prefers, and Mike seems eager to cater to her wishes. Her hard, dark nipples are peaking through the hot pink fishnets she's wearing, and Mike is squeezing her so hard it looks like he's trying to merge with her. He pulls her panties off for more clam digging as she lays prone. He tongues her perfect asshole and fucks her ass cheeks. Somehow Mike slips into her pussy and pounds away, making America breathless. Her cheeks move like a tsunami as Stefano rocks her world. He admires her butthole and spits into it. A finger enters that tight place and Mike takes a taste for himself before offering America one. He rolls her onto her side and continues to fuck with her glorious glutes on display. America gives Mike a footjob, then finally takes her first taste of dick. She does a sensual tongue swirl on his head and keeps her attention on Stefano and his dick. The camera isn't there anymore. She tells him she wants him to make love to her ass. Mike shines it up with his spit and plants his pole into America's tight shithole. She gets comfortable on the dick and Stefano starts to jab away. He spreads the sweet cheeks and digs her out, trying to get all in. Up and over does the trick and Stefano attempts a few gapes. America rides in CG anal, her ass lovingly swallowing cock. When Mike takes over the thrusting, America asks him to cum in her dirty place. He really stirs it up in there, then gives her some long, slow strokes. There's a lot of air and wet sounds as he drags her ass over his dick balls deep. Cut to the lovers fucking on their sides, still keeping it anal. America massages his balls as he works up his load, responding to her anal creampie entreaties. Stefano starts picking up speed like an old steam engine and finally orgasms loudly. He uncorks her and a line of glue follows his cock. America squeezes out all she can, showing a beat up rectum. Stefano fingers out more and admires his work.
A very romantic anal fuck. America just looks precious and acts like there isn't anything in the world she'd rather be doing, or with anyone else.
Epilogue After the first two scenes, it looked like this video was reaching a high watermark in the series. Mone Divine, who always has fucked with a fiery attitude, reaches new levels of energy and depravity. Opening her ass up was like opening Pandora's box. Who knows what hell she's likely to unleash in the future. She was so good, Stefano hired her for Ultimate Asses on the spot. Carmen Hayes, with her imposing figure and regal countenance, shows you don't have to do anal to be nasty. The show she and Dena Caly put on is more than worth the price of admission. I'm sure Stefano slept well after this workout. Things came down a notch after that, as he acceded to Nubia's wishes and broke in the newbie with a more tender and romantic tryst. I'm also suspicious of the creampie in this scene, as it was an awful lot and very thick, coming off a cut and no post pop cumplay. Vanessa Monet brought back the fire. She looks like she's trying to make a name for herself, knowing that this is an opportune time for a fox like her, with a banging body, to get on director's wishlist. She's beautiful, black, and nasty, with an ass wide open. Great energy, but less chemistry than the scenes that came before. Chemistry is what the last scene with America was all about. Something about her look and personality makes it impossible to approach her in any way but loving. And there's something about her ass that makes it impossible to leave alone. Good blend of romance and anal in the last scene. I was surprised by all the creampie action in this volume and wish that they had all been done in a way that would confirm their veracity. For my tastes, the best money shots were the hosing of Mone and Vanessa's teeth whiteners. In all, this was a meat and potatoes meal delivered with a ton of passion, and can stand with the best of the series.
The Disk There's a BTS which shows the typically good ambience on Stefano's set. That's something that seems to be a common thread in many of the better productions that I watch. Carmen Hayes hints that she's practicing anal, and I think she'll get a great response when she unleashes that beast. A cumshot recap, photo shoot and gallery, along with a director's bio, round out the extras. A little light for a Mike Stefano production, as he usually includes a couple of blow jobs, but no great loss IMO.
Recommendation It may not be perfect, but there's some sensational stuff here and is certainly worth your time and money.

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