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The D-Man Feeling Black 10 4 starsFeeling Black 10 4 starsFeeling Black 10 4 stars
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Feeling Black 10

Feeling Black 10

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  All Sex , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Feeling Black 10:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Feeling Black 10 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Feeling Black 10 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Feeling Black 10 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Feeling Black 10 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Feeling Black 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Feeling Black 10 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Feeling Black 10 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/5/2008

Feeling Black 10

Prologue I've been feeling black lately, and by coincidence, so has Mike Stefano. For the tenth time, in fact. This has been one of my favorite series, and easily my most reviewed, as I will now have covered eight of them. I can count on mostly fresh talent, though not necessarily confined to that, and male performers who give more than robotic performances. Usually Stefano himself and Manuel Ferrara, as is the case here. I didn't really need a cast list for this to want to dive in, but as usual, the covergirl, Misti Love, is amazing looking. She's supported by another Misty, Stone that is, and Miss Simone, Jordan Skye, and Kaylani Cream. I'm expecting a good time to be had by all, and anxious to get started.
Miss Simone is taking a shower and Stefano steps in to help her soap up her bubble butt. She's got a nice, deep chocolate colored skin tone, which Mike enjoys lathering. They suck face, then he licks titties while playing with her snatch, eventually finger popping her to an apparent orgasm. She's been absentmindedly handling his hardon and soon sinks to the floor to mouth it lovingly. Simone sucks his balls and begs to be fucked while Mike is spanking her. He picks her up and carries her out, ending up in a bed, where they can get it on in comfort. Simone goes back to sucking his nuts and gets on his rock hard cock in CG. The lead goes back and forth with Simone squeezing all the pleasure she can out of her ride with Stefano's full cooperation. He beats up on the creamy gash, making Simone howl in delight, then eating the tasty twat. With her pussy all lathered up, Stefano fingers her tight asshole. A portent of things to come, perhaps? He spoons her, pounding away like there's no tomorrow. When he slows, Simone rocks her hips rhytmically in a sexy dance of lust. Simone rubs her nubbin while Stefano prepares to invade her rectum in mish. Slow but insistent, Mike gets deeper and faster. Some spanking, and Simone is down with the program, telling him to "Take that ass!" A2M, then RCA. Stefano feeds her some pussy juice from the wet maw and plies her ass around his cock as she lays on him. Gentle spanking and more A2M. Mike wants to cum in her pussy and waits for an affirmative response while she's milking his dick. They get into spoon again and Mike delivers the hot load into her love canal after a lengthy and single minded pounding. Simone squeezes out quite a bit after it seemed he got it in too deep.
I think we may be seeing Miss Simone turn up in a lot of Latina lines judging by all the Papi's and ay's she regales Stefano with. He definitely seemed on a mission to make her cum before getting more hardcore with the anal, and she just might have, even if she didn't make a big production about it. A good start to the video.
Starting the second scene casually, Manuel Ferrara and Misty Stone are seated across the room from each other and Stefano is kidding with them about their distance. They come together in the middle of the room for a sweet hug. Manuel's feeling black and Misty's sleek and sassy. Manuel admires her smooth, firm, round butt, and Misty shows him there's very little rebound with a self administered smack. Fat pussy shows through her net panties, Manuel tossing them off to get a mouthful. Misty has a very positive reaction to the carpet munching and likes the salad tossing even more. Manuel has her back up onto his tongue and he starts to spank her. Misty likes that too, and she's soon over his knee for some exquisite punishment. A little finger fucking gets some juice flying. He pulls up her top to expose Misty's very small but delectable titties, while pulling out his hammer for her to head. It's a lot for her little mouth, and it looks big enough to split Misty's love hole when he sticks her in spoon. Misty's body is straining in ecstasy as she embraces the monster that's trying to drive in to his balls. P2M, then CG. Misty takes a railing from underneath that gets her motor running in high gear and sets that pretty ass in motion, bucking away on that bronco and hitting all the sweet angles. They keep up the momentum with RC, and Misty does a very hot side saddle. P2M bj, the chemistry at a verbal peak between them. Doggy and some sharp spanking. Manuel gets her going again, and Misty backs up on him in response. She savors the taste of his cunt covered cock and spreads for modified mish. Misty hits the floor on her knees for semen sharp shooting as Manuel jets some streams into her open mouth. Misty licks it up as the camera fades.
Big dick. Small hole. Two mutually attracted people getting sweaty with each other. It all worked for me, and Misty Stone is a fox to boot.
Another long legged lovely, Jordin Skye is fondling herself on a couch while Stefano shoots pool behind her. When she gets a handful of meaty pussy, Mike is right there to egg her on. He goes back to finish up the rack, and returns to get more intimately involved. Jordin's got an amazing pair of dick sucking lips that look sweet wrapped around Stefano's cock. He doesn't let her suck for very long (or at least not as long as I would have in his place) before sitting Jordin on his dick CG. Good power fucking from underneath with hard slams when the pace slows. He picks her up for some aerial loving, then Mike puts her up against a post with her ass out so he can orally ravage Jordin's hindquarters. Standing doggy, Stefano hittin' it like she owes him money, then back to licking and fingering the nether holes with special attention paid to the cornhole. Jordin tells him she wants his dick there and Stefano does some coaching as he enters slowly. Short gentle strokes as he tries to loosen her up, then he walks her over to the couch still embedded in her rear, plopping down for RCA. The strokes become long and strong with a reach around for Jordin's lonely pussy. Balls deep, then side saddle. Back to RCA and the gentleness is ancient history as Mike plows fresh ass until she begs to taste it. They get back to it doggystyle, Jordin howling as Stefano beats her ass up. He makes a meal of her asshole and sticks her pussy as she lays prone. Asking where she wants the cum, Jordin opts for her face. Mike wants to take one last visit to her ass to prep the load, JOrdin sucking the dick out of her ass before getting the glue gun shot all over her mouth and cheeks. Quick fade from the scene of the crime.
This had the feel of a first anal, but it went very smoothly. Pretty good scene, but I would have liked to see Jordin get more proactive with the fucking.
Kaylani Kream starts off her tease with a series tradition of ass tease. Flapping the cheeks for Stefano's camera and opening up for his randy explorations, Kaylani has a cock eating pussy on display. Meaty on the outside and juicy pink on the inside. Manuel's been stroking his meat just out of the camera's view while all this is going on and Kaylani seems impressed by his size. She crawls over to give his sausage some oral loving while Manuel spanks and fingers her. She licks his balls and he sucks some pussy, Kaylani's hard nipples sticking out of her net polo. Manuel's tongue seems to finding the right places as Kaylani squirms in ecstasy. He fingers her pooper and asks for more bj action before filling her phat pussy with man meat in spoon. Kaylani really digs being filled and Manuel fits his fingers in alongside his cock for a bit. She sits on his dick CG and rides Manuel like a mechanical bull till he slows her down with fingers in her ass. Kaylani goes back to rough riding and Manuel tries to shift holes. Not quite successful right away, they take another shot in spoon and Manuel insinuates himself in Kaylani's dirty place. Once she loosens up, all hell breaks loose. "Oh shit that's good". "I like that shit". Manuel's banging hard and Kaylani's fucking back. "Get it, get it, get it!" "Oh that fucing dick is good." A2M, then doggy anal, Kaylani fucking back on Manuel's cock and howling with pleasure as he takes the reins again and goes up and over. CG anal. A2M with ball sucking. RCA with a reach around. More A2M. Kaylani fiends on the fat prick, sucking, stroking and fondling the engorged member. She sits in Manuel's lap for CG anal that's a joy to behold, Kaylani doing a dance of lust that leaves her quaking and screaming. Manuel sets her up on the floor, and expert marksman that he is, shoots laser guided streams over Kaylani's tongue. She shows and swallows to end the scene.
Great scene! Chemistry and energy at the highest levels. Kaylani came to play and left an indelible mark on this series.
Misti Love alights a staircase to the waiting camera of Mike Stefano. They seem pretty excited at the prospect of getting it on and Misti lets him have a good look at her assets. They both like spanking her and her big tits are barely contained by her swimsuit. They play with those for a bit, then her cooch comes into the picture. Misti masturbates to get the slit slick and hot, then kneels for a POV bj. They fuck in doggy, still POV, Misti backing up on the dick as the camera takes a third party angle. Stefano takes a mouthful of wet pussy, then sticks it hard in mish. He beats up on Misti's pussy for a good sequence, then makes use of her sweater pillows with a hot titty fuck. Standing doggy next, Misti's sweet nectar coating their nether regions. Mike does his ass crack fucking and smothers himself with Misti's lovely butt. Back to standing doggy, this time with a front view, then spoon to keep the camera focused on Misti's considerable assets. RC has her tits wobbling wildly while Stefano rails her twat from underneath. P2M, then CG. They hit hyperdrive, Misti seemingly insatiable when it comes to straight up fucking. Stefano wants to know where she likes the cum, but Misti gives him the wrong answer twice. Finally she decides she'd like it in her mouth. A thick open mouth facial to wind things up, and not surprisingly dribbled onto her chest.
A rousing fuck with no surprises, but the sight of Misti's beautiful body getting railed is pretty cool.

Epilogue This series keeps percolating along and remains the ultimate showcase for women of color. It has gotten very rudimentary, with all the scenes being presented as one on ones, but keeping things between Stefano and Ferrara helps maintain a high level of enthusiasm for the women. Manuel especially delivered a couple of hot scenes in this volume, as his trysts with Misty Stone and Kaylani Kream rose above the others. I was wrong about Jordin Skye and first anals. She's been down with the brown all along, and after a slow start Jordin was taking a serious backdoor banging. On the other hand, Miss Simone had very little experience in that regard, but had her butt blasted by Stefano once before and was very eager for a repeat. They were good scenes. Covergirl Misti Love displayed a little feistiness, and a good sexual appetite to go with her killer body.

With the recent announcement of Stefano's signing on at Hush Hush, it remains to be seen what will come of this series. The word was that he won't be pulling any of them from RLD, so that would mean that this one should fall to either Mr. Pete or Mark Wood, if they're both still on board. Doubtless that Mike will continue the genre in his new home, and not at all unlikely that he'll still appear in future volumes of this one. It really would suck to see this fall by the wayside or get neglected, as it remains the best showcase for fresh black female talent outside strictly black on black videos.

The Disk Cumshot recap, photo shoot, BTS and photo gallery.
All the girls were represented in the BTS, and I found Misty Stone particularly endearing with a sharp personality and good sense of the game. Don't look for anal anytime soon with her. She's going to play it off for as long as she can. Kaylani Kream was married to a preacher that thought she didn't like sex. Send that fool a copy of this video.
Recommendation As always, a good show, and well worth at least a rental.

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