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Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel)

Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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cv's ratings for Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by cv  on  12/26/2004

This is the fourth installment of Jules Jordan's blowjob series from Evil Angel. Each episode has proven to be a cornucopia of very dependable blowbang performances by some very thirsty sluts who smoke a whole lot of pole and guzzle down the juice.

I consider Jules to be one of the finest gonzo shooters in the business, so I am expecting almost 2.5 hours of dick-draining fellatio madness. These babes are going to get filled up with sperm, but Feeding Frenzy 4 should be a messy ride.

Scene 1: Jennifer Luv, three guys

If you've ever seen any of the episodes, there's always one "sperm bank nurse" scene. This time it's Jennifer Luv providing the eye candy in a red PVC nurse outfit. Jules always puts attention to the wardrobe selection; he also loves to include a little tease footage too. With my luck, I'd probably end up with Nurse Ratched, but here in porn utopia, orally-fixated lusty Latinas are just what the doctor ordered. She lines them up and checks them out with her stethoscope. With drool running down her chin, the guys strip off her uniform. You can tell they're dying to just ram their dicks into her twat, but it doesn't happen (at least on camera). She ends up on her knees in a semi-circular blowbang, the saliva just streaming down her nice tits. She doesn't deep throat, but she makes a damned good attempt. Each scene is broken up into several DVD chapters and the last one is basically the cumshots. After playing with the loads in her mouth, then end up going down the hatch.

Scene 2: Christie Lee, five guys

Christie Lee is a scrumptious dark-eyed blonde honey decked out in a revealing bodysuit laced up the front. During the tease intro, she says that she loves to suck guys dry. Well, despite her apparent youth, it looks like the lovely lass has done this before. She takes on two cocks at a time while the other studs wait in the background, sucking and stroking one guy with her right hand and her left hand on another cock. She's not a deep throater, and some of the action is the self-induced gagging kind, but she's obviously enthusiastic, "I feel like such a lucky girl today." Finally, she's surrounded by the five cocks in a circular blowbang. The action slows down just a tad as each guy jerks his load into her mouth; she gargles all of the well-aimed loads and it's finally goes to her stomach.

Scene 3: Tiffany Mynx, four guys

Future Hall of Famer Tiffany Mynx struts into the room clad in black PVC fetish wear. What's wrong with this picture? Nothing! Where it seems like the average porn starlet is gone in a year, the Mynxster (her hair dyed red now) is the Brett Favre of porn. This slut extraordinaire has turned in kickass performances one after another for a dozen years. A lot has changed in porn since her debut in 1992, but one thing remains the same: she still looks awesome with her lips wrapped around a thick pole. A good eye contact gal and a spitter, she doesn't disappoint here. The guys slap that famous ass of hers a couple of times, then her boobs get lubed for some titty-fucking while she continues sucking away. It's back to one-on-one blowjobs and she's masterful as she provides personal oral attention, featuring some hands-free throat fucking and stringy saliva play. She's really great when she uses her hands, too. As the veteran, she needs no off-camera direction instructing her to show off the cum in her mouth as she waits for the next load. She dutifully swallows and gives a final suck as the camera fades out.

Scene 4: Nautica Thorn, four guys

Jules and Nautica was watching her first swallow on a portable DVD player (see Bonus Scene 1 below). The perky little Asian is decked out in fuzzy leopard lingerie and a black cowboy hat. She's a rather giggly gal and the giggling doesn't stop when the neighborhood guys whom Jules so thoughtfully invited over show up. Damn, I need to move there! Before she gets her protein supplement, the guys lead her to one of the adjacent rooms with a chain leash which quickly comes off as the cocks pop out of their blue jeans. She doesn't usually get much more than the cock head into her mouth, but the guys aren't complaining. Later, she does some farther into her mouth, but it's certainly not deep throating. I don't know if its her more langorous style or maybe lack of experience, but this scene has less energy than the previous one, but then again, it would be hard for most actresses to follow Tiffany. The guys blow their loads into a martini glass; she's a little apprehensive about chugging the load and makes some bad faces (which she wisely covers up with her hands). Very gracious applause generously breaks out off-camera from the guys and the scene abruptly ends.

Scene 5: Roxy Jezel, five guys

Roxy checks out the fridge and slams it shut, saying that there's nothing there to alleviate her protein deficiency. "I wanna suck loads of cock today," she says with that gorgeous English accent. She jumps in pretty quickly into the five-guy circular blowbang and spreads her oral attention very quickly around the room. After Nautica's rather sedate performance, Roxy has really cranked it up a notch. She has no problems with letting the spit flow, and aggressive cheek poking and throat fucking are also part of her specialities. Roxy likes it a bit on the rough side; a lot of times I find that sort of action unattractive, but it's clear that Roxy can handle it. The martini glass makes another appearance; she aggressively throat fucks the second guy until he blows his load. She talks about mixing the milky loads with vodka, but Jules convinces her to down it straight. No hesitation for Roxy: she knocks it down, swallows, and licks the glass.

Scene 6: Sativa Rose, four guys

Jules is at home editing Feeding Frenzy 4 on his PowerMac, but Sativa shows up. She's a bigger boned gal than some of the other starlets on this disc, but watching Christie Lee's scene, Sativa thinks she can take on some cocks which apparently she has programmed into her cellphone. "Party's in my mouth and everyone's cumming." Although she's not as drop-dead pretty as her fellow sperm collectors, she's certainly a vivacious, fun-loving gal. She goes around the circle of guys, then switches to some one-on-one attention. Briefly, one guy fucks her feet. This time around, the guys jerk to pop one by one into her mouth. The guys get a good amount in her mouth, but also a fair amount splatter her chin and neck. She thanks her sperm donors as the camera fades out.

Scene 7: Rose, four guys

Rose does her little tease segment clad in a black mesh outfit which, luckily for us, does not cover that pretty little pussy. No lead-in here, the four guys magically show up and she just magically starts sucking. Confusion ensues when one guy starts fucking her pussy. "Isn't this supposed to be a blowjob movie?" Oops. Well, it looks like we'll get to see what sort of distractions were involved in the extra footage later, but Rose removes her mesh top in preparation for the grand finale. As the guys are seated on different chairs, she goes around the room and provides personal oral love. The guys unload in her mouth one after another. She swallows and gives the cocks a goodbye kiss.

Bonus Scene 1: Nautica Thorn, Arnold

Billed as "Nautica's First Swallow", this is the scene that Nautica and Jules are watching in the fourth scene of the feature. She plays with her boobs briefly before she pulls off her jeans skirt and slaps her ass a couple of times. She heads over to Arnold and quickly gets working on his cock. A little saliva streaks her pretty boobs as she sucks away at Arnold's rod. His first shot misses the mark, but subsequent shots make it in her mouth. She gargles and shows it off briefly; she grimaces a bit after she swallows.

Bonus Scene 2: Brooke Milano, Jules Jordan

I don't know what film this was taken from (the onscreen graphic says it's from a future release), but in any case cute, bespectacled Brooke Milano gives Jules Jordan's pink pole an oral workout. She's an exotic, pretty girl, but I find the chin piercing a bit distracting. This youngster does an admirable job in sucking Jules's thick member, and unlike Nautica, she has no problems swallowing his juice.

Production Values

A disc with Jules Jordan's name on it generally means top-notch production values for a gonzo/all-sex video: both in video quality and audio levels. Wisely, Jules does not burden the viewer with an annoying soundtrack or DVD watermark. In this title like others, his editing is judicious. Post-production was handled by the pros at DVDemon.

DVD Extras

The Bonus Scenes (see above) are the main attractions of the DVD extras. My basic litmus test for a DVD extra is whether or not I'd want to view it more than once. The two extra scenes here get a thumbs up, more so for Brooke's scene.

Extra Footage (9 min.) - here's the deleted footage from Rose's scene when the blowbang turns into a short-lived mini-gangbang. She's not protesting vehemently, so I'm guessing that she likes getting her pussy stuffed. She continues to alternate sucking between a couple of dicks as two others take turns pounding away in a well-filmed standing doggie. After several position changes, I think everyone has forgotten/doesn't care that this is supposed to be a blowjob video. No anal, just good ol' pussy pounding. The excised footage abruptly ends from where I presume the rest of Rose's scene continues.

The standard Photo Gallery, select Filmographies of the starlets (focused on Evil Angel titles, naturally), the stock Biography of Jules Jordan, and the ubiquitous Websites page round out the extras.


For many directors, this title would be their finest effort ever. However, Jules Jordan has set his bar so high, anything short of perfection might mean disappointment.

Of all the scenes, Nautica's was the one slow moment: a sedate blowbang culminating with a swallow that (dare I say it?) borders on revulsion by the actress. Not a great recipe for success for a blowjob movie. It's one thing to dodge cum in a feature; it's something totally different to show disgust in something close to a cum-fetish flick.

I expected good things from Roxy and Jennifer Luv and they certainly delivered. I was pleasantly surprised by Christie Lee, an actress I know very little about. If Tiffany Mynx good enough to salvage a bad movie? Yes, but in this case she didn't have to.

I'm less keen when the guys blow their loads into a glass; I find that finish a little too sterile and adds a distinctly cum-fetish tilt as opposed to the normal oral deposit. Perhaps in the interest of variety, Jules decided to do this, but it simply is not my schtick.

I might sound like I'm disappointed but I'm not; Jules has produced so much quality content. I feel so strongly about his movies that I can't help talking about them. Feeding Frenzy 4 is a fine addition to Jules Jordan's portfolio of work.

Comments? Feel free to send me e-mail.

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