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Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel)

Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Feeding Frenzy 4 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  11/10/2004
Feeding Frenzy 4

Preview Expectations: This is one of my favorite series, I know going in here that we are going to see dick sucking, dick sucking and more dick sucking. The sole plot of this series is hot girls sucking dick and swallowing the goo they get out of them if they do a good enough job. Jules has been an eye candy magician in my experience with his work, so I expect more of that too. There is only so much you can do with a one postion sex genre, but this genre does tend to get stale in most series, as they seem to just run out of gas after a while, and each one just becomes a carbon copy of the previous volumes, the last Feeding Frenzy volume showed signs of that happening here, and I hope with quattro here we get a little fresh air.

Initial Thoughts A little from column A, a little from column B. Feeding Frenzy 4 keeps most everything it has done right over it's history, but it also keeps some of the things that atleast in my oppinion it doesn't do right. There are a few new things that haven't really been seen in the series yet, but it isn't anything new to the genre, and a few of the girls seem to have some issues with copious amounts of semen injected into thier mouths. On a whole, this volume definately helps keep the series in the very high end of the all oral echelon, and it is another fine example of uber hot ladies sucking dick like there is no tomorrow. No condoms where used in this production.

Technical thoughts About what I have come to expect from Evil Angel, technically very strong, excellent sound with good balance and clarity, The picture is very clear and stable, Lighting I thought was a bit sketchy, with occasional fades and bright spots, Camera work was as usual for Jules, pretty excellent.

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Jennifer Luv and 3 guys

If your a fan of the Feeding Frenzy series, then you will be well aware of it by now, and if your new to the series, then this will probably be a nice suprise for you, but every Feeding Frenzy has the "Sperm Nurse" each volume has a sexy lady come to Jule's place with her skimpy nurse outfit in search of a sample to take to the sperm bank, but everytime the poor girl loses herself and ends up guzzling all those little sperm cells for her own dirty pleasure. Jennifer Luv is this volumes version, and she does not dissapoint looking as hot as ever in her red latex outfit. She wastes little time and gets down on her knees to give each penis a little check up with her stethoscope, and then her tonsils for safe measure. She must be popular at the sperm bank, cause she is an old pro and working a dick, noisely and enthusiastically sucking every dick and testicle she can get her hands on. She keeps the costume on a fair time in it's entirety, and it only adds to the hotness of the scene. As time goes on she gets swarmed by the guys, and she just does her best to keep them all happy, now she is naked except for her hat, and she has a dick in her mouth and one in each hand, and she really gets sloppy with spit covering her tits and much of her body and face, there is a bit of gagging and choking buy not too bad, and through it all J Luv keeps her pretty mouth and her hands happily busy and those great tits get fucked a bit too. By the time the guys can take no more Jennifer is covered in spit from her sloppy sucking, and the 3 guys fire impressive loads directly into her mouth to pack it full of sperm, she plays, gargles and swishes a bit, and swallows it all down easily. Nice scene. Duration: 20: 27 mins

Scene 2: Christie Lee and 5 guys

Christie Lee is up next and looks stunning in her white sexy attire which is open breasted and bottomless. She teases us and plays with herself for a few minutes which is a nice opening, before stud number 1 presents his dick for her attention. She happily attacks it before the four other guys standing around the bed start gettng ressless. She is another sloppy head giver and likes to suck nuts like Jennifer, and soon she works her way to each guy, no "hi how are my name is christie" just wraps her lips around his dick and gives a little hand action to help, that's my kind of girl. After she has introduced herself to all the penises present, they move in for the kill swarming her with dick, she never really gets a rythm going to be honest, and fails to ever really go after all 5 guys at the same time like a seasoned cock hound. She does do a nice job though, pretty enthusiastic, and takes 2 to 3 of the guys at any given time. This girl is extremely cute and it is so hot watching her handle this many dicks with her mouth and hands. She is pretty vocal with some nice sucking sounds too, there is a little too much hand action with a lack of sucking for my tastes at a few instances, but it isn't a draw back. This scene does have some coughing/choking deepthroat attempts, some may not like that, but I do, there is something really hot about a girl really taking herself to her absolute limits of cock ingestion. Christie focuses on one dick at a time a little too often, but she does a nice job and soon the loads are ready to be injected into her hot little mouth, she lays back mouth open as they fire one at a time, she seems a little bored at times, but blows some cum bubbles and waits for each shot, she gargles, swallows and licks those hot little lips for us, all gone. Duration: 19: 30 mins

Scene 3: Tiffany Mynx and 4 guys

Good god what a fantastic ass, we get some great eye candy as Tiff enters the screen with her exposed ass to us, hanging wonderfully out of some latex chaps. We get this view until she turns the corner to find 4 willing wieners to play with and the groping and fondling begins by all parties. She soon sqats down and within seconds her pretty little now red head is bobbing up and down and every rod she can get her hot little hands on. I have been watching the lovely Ms Mynx for a lot of years, and it really does need to be said, that she looks fucking fantastic here, she looks as good if not better now as she has in her entire career, and I always thought she was smoking hot, on top of that, she is also only getting better at performing as time goes on it seems too. This woman is just amazing and she does suck an excellent job here of alternating between sucking, licking, slurping and drooling all over 4 dicks and ballsacs here. She has this hungry and determined look on her face the whole time and it melts me. Her incredibly breasts sway wonderfully in her black mesh top, and after a while we finally get to see those beauties exposed. There is some nice no hands BJ work here and she really is a ball hound too, sucking thier nuts with the same affection she has for dick. Her tits now lubed up are getting a thorough fucking as she alternates no hands blowing the other guys. Soon she decides to crawl around to each guy and give him a little one on one sucking action before her cum lust finally gets answered as each guy fires a huge load of ball batter in her mouth, she really looks enthusiastic during this and plays with the cum between the loads, the flow is the best so far during the popshots, and tiff gives us a swirl a gargle and a bit of a sour apple face before a nice swallow, cum still covering her chin, they guys all gather round for some cleanup sucking and maybe another round. Scene Duration: 21:10 mins

Scene 4: Nautica Thorn and 4 guys

We start with a shot of the ever stunning Nautica on a TV screen having a hell of a time downing a single ejaculation, but for some odd reason once the camera moves to show it is Nautica watching herself on screen, we learn that even though she couldn't manage the one load, she is gonna try 4 at once, will it turn out better? stay tuned. Cowboy hat and chain choker equipped our little trooper soon gets led on all fours to another room where her penis sucking adventure soon begins. Her super model looks don't stop her from sticking 2 dicks in her mouth at the same time while jerking off two more. After some nice group action the guys all line up and lay down on a bed where Nautica can suck each one individually for a while, they soon lay her down and swarm her again though, and she keeps up with great smiles and enery while she uses both hands, her mouth and occasionally those great tits to milk these guys for all she is worth. Now our naked Nautica is ready to harvest her loads to go for her next swallow attempt, but she prefers to collect them in a glass rather than the direct injection method so popular by many. Now glass cum drinking scenes are in my oppinion usually a horrific failure, with only a few good directors pulling them off with a good amount of heat, Jules is now aparently one of those few directors, Nautica happily holds the glass and licks some nuts for the guys to blow some good sized loads into her glass, she swirls and sniffs the cocktail like fine wine as each guys deposits, and licks and sucks each guy in between. Now to this point this scene has been a smashing success, and the moment of truth is here, there seems to be some procrastination on Nauticas part, but she finally takes the plunge, and oh what a face of disgust as she tries to gulp it down, she shows signs of vomitting, but chugs it down and shakes her head. She did swallow, but the disgust did hurt the scene a little, it was hot to see her force herself to do it though and overall hot stuff. Duration: 21: 31 mins

Scene 5: Roxy Jezel and 5 guys

I have to admit that I am not real familiar with Roxy, I have seen her in other things and liked her very much, but I'm still relatively new to her form. She gives some interview and tease for us in a short black jogging style top that covers her waste and up. Very quickly though the wood crew is ready for more and they advance on her in the kitchen where she almost immediately drops to her knees now having lost her top, and commences to suck and stroke all 5 of the guys. She is yet another really hot looking girl, and she try's pretty enthusiastically and energetically to handle all 5 of the dicks she is presented with, she trys to deepthroat most of the guys, which results is more choking and some gagging rather than real deepthroating, but the effort is nice to see. She does a nice job of moving from guy to guy with her hands and mouth, and trys some double stuff oral action too. The intensity in the opening segment is quite good, but shortly she goes to a large room and all the guys stand at a distance for her to crawl around to each one and give some one on one oral to. The pace slows here and the enthusiasm is not quite what it was earlier but it is still very hot.

The guys regroup and the intensity picks back up again, and we get some really hot looking acrobatics from Roxy as she gets face fucked while she is nearly bent in half. Now just when you thought it was safe to get into this, the glass returns for Roxy, again it was done well with Roxy really sucking hard to get her guys to pop in the glass and they do, and as copiously as Nautica's group to, Roxy gives some hot post cum head to a few of the guys, and soon her glass is as full as it is gonna get. This time it goes trouble free, as Roxy downs the cum like a real cum hungry slut, and licks the glass clean, the guys return for some sucking to clean up as we fade away. This was a great scene, and the glass action worked much better here than in the previous scene, but I do have a bit of a gripe. I am a big fan of swallowing movies and oral action, but for me a lot of the thrill is the guys shooting off in the girls mouth directly, I can appreciate a glass scene, especially when done well as it was in this scene, but I question the use of it twice like that and especially 2 in a row, kind of was dissapointing to see it the second time, and considering Roxy did a much better job it was really dissapointing she got the copy cat moniker. Scene duration 20:38 mins

Scene 6: Sativa Rose and 4 guys

Sativa is a nice looking girl, cute in her own right, but she is a little more average looking when you compare her with a lot of the drop dead gorgeous girls that are in the rest of the flick. She has her charms though, and they get enhanced when she gets on her knees to suck on 4 dicks. This scene really never gets going though, the lead in dialogue is pretty canned and typical porn comments, and for most of the scene we have much of the same in the way of the oral sex, Sativa uses her hands and does a nice job of sucking cock, she looks good doing it too, but by now the movie has really followed the scene format to an almost text book tee, and there is not much variety in the action to set the scene on fire. Don't get me wrong though, it is still a well above average mini oral gangbang scene with a very attractive girl, Sativa does a nice job of using her apendages, including her feet to get the guys off, and chugs down all four loads with little effort except for a slight overflow that only looks nice as it get some cum on her face too. Scene Duration: 23:47 mins

Scene 7: Rose and 4 guys

Man what a way to finish, Rose is one knock out, big breasted orientalesque flower, and as she teases the camera in her fishnet top to start this scene, if you have any woodage ability left, you will grow a new tree. Soon the teasing ends and she has four hard dicks pointing at her pretty face to suck on. She gets into it quickly and gets her mouth filled out nicely while her hands keep busy as well, she completes the line of well honed cock artists in this film with some nice stroking while no hands BJ action and a some real deep oral right from the get go. This girl looks so sweet sucking dick, and the smile on her face just adds to her attraction here. Rose wants a little more though, and while it doesn't last long, she gets fucked standing up in that hot little pussy for bit. Rose decides to change the pace, and all the guys sit in chairs in a semi circle around her as she finally removes that top and proceeds to stroll on over to each guy for some cock and testicle sucking. She does a real nice job and the guys must have agreed because they each shoot some sizeable loads into the back of her throat for her to taste and gargle a bit before a pretty well done swallow caps this thing off. She licks her lips clean and the guys come on back again for her to suck on a bit and remind us how hot she looks with her sweet little mouth packed full of dick. Great scene to end a great disc. Scene Length: 18: 31 mins

Bonus Scenes

Bonus Scene 1: Nautica Thorn and Arnold

But wait there's more. Some added action here with Nautica and Arnold, she starts out with some nice tease and boob play before getting a hold on his cock and sucking away. She does a real energetic BJ here and sucks and strokes his dick with a nice rythm while she is completely nude. There are some real nice shots here especially an underneath shot that shows nautica's swaying tits and down to her patch as she sucks away on Arnold's pecker. Arnold fires off on her face and into her mouth, she tries to swallow but has issues, this is the clip that was used in her blow bang scene in the main feature. As a bonus or otherwise, a nice scene of the lovely nautica sucking dick. Duration: 14: 55 mins

Bonus Scene 2: Brooke Milano and Jules Jordan

A cute little spectacle clad Brooke emerges and crawls over to Jules and begins to suck his dick, some nice near POV shots of Brooke wrapping her pretty lips around Jule's shaft. She soon gives us a little more tease, before laying down to suck on Jules again, pretty soon he is ready to pop, and after a couple of last thrusts into her warm mouth, he fires his load onto her tounge, and she sweetly swallows it all down. Hot little scene mostly in POV. Duration: 9: 42 mins.

Extra Stuff

Extra Footage: A fantastic continuation of Rose getting fucked in her scene, picks up where the feature left off, and is around 10 mins of Rose getting her pussy stuffed full of dick by each guy as she sucks and stokes the others, nice stuff to cap off things.

Photo Gallery: About 45 pics from the action in the movie and bonus scenes.

There is also Evil Angel filmographies for all the female cast, as well as EA and Jules Jordan website info and a nice Bio of Jules Jordan

In The End

This movie really was outstanding on a lot of different fronts, if you like supremely hot girls sucking big dicks and lots of them and then swallowing back big loads of cum, then this is about the pinnacle of that desire. There are a few things I didn't care for that I mentioned above, but overall the bad points are fairly minor and the the good points are just mind numbingly hot oral action with some just incredibly hot girls. If your looking for sex, than this one isn't for you, but if you want great gang oral, hot girls and lots of cum, or any combination of the three, then I have to highly recommend it, it is probably the best yet of the Feeding Frenzy line, and just plain hot oral. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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