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Feed Her Fuck Her

Feed Her Fuck Her

Studio: Score
Category:  All Sex , Big Women
Starring: , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Feed Her Fuck Her:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Feed Her Fuck Her overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Feed Her Fuck Her Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Feed Her Fuck Her Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Feed Her Fuck Her Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Feed Her Fuck Her Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Feed Her Fuck Her DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Feed Her Fuck Her A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/23/2009

The Little Details

Running Time: 93 min.

Production Date: 3 / 28 / 2008

Director: None credited

Cast: Allysa Andrews, Hayley Jane, Kandi Kobain, Maria Moore, Sapphire, Sunshine, and some uncredited guys

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Score has been a little hit or miss with me, but their BBW movies have been pretty good. I'm going into this one with a bit of hope as well as a bit of fear since I'm not a big fan of food play.

Initial Reaction: It starts off a little rough, but picks up nicely as it goes on.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of big girls with lighter sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting heavy food play or nasty sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects show some nice care. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very nice. It's clear, well lit, and smooth, and definitely comes off as the best looking release I've seen from Score so far.

Music: None

Menus: The main menu blends a few clips form the movie with a little animation for a pretty good first impression. The chapter menu nicely lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the name of the girl(s) in it.

The Feature

Feed Her Fuck Her brings together two things that seem more natural together than peanut butter and chocolate. That's right, it's big girls and food. Each scene revolves around a big girls who get fed as well as fucked.

Scene 1 Maria Moore and a guy

As a sundae is made with plenty of whipped cream, bananas, and sprinkles, Maria shows off her huge tits wearing a yellow corset. She rubs her huge tits until they pop out of her corset as it's fed to her and licks it off her tits when it's spread on her nipples. The guy moves in for her to suck his cock while continuing to feed her, and Maria offers up her tits for a bit of fucking in addition to her mouth. She lays back and lets the guy play with her pussy before he fucks it missionary style, and continues to eat her ice cream as it's fed to her. They also fuck in doggie and cowgirl before Maria sucks his cock and lets him fuck her tits until he can pop all over her big nipples.

This is an okay scene. Maria shows some great potential, and although she mugs the camera a little she also looks like she's having a lot of fun doing it and puts out some nice energy. The problem here is the guy. He delivers a hard cock and looks to be into her tits in a big way, but the chemistry just never gets too strong between them. This is a decent scene but one that often felt like it didn't live up to Maria's full potential.

Scene 2 Hayley Jane and a guy

Brunette Hayley waits blindfolded in a little red dress as her hubby gives her a chocolate cake with a candle on it for her birthday. She talks about how much she loves chocolate while showing barely any emotion before rubbing some of the frosting onto her nipples and licking it off. Her man joins her to lick it off her tits , and after a bit Hayley sucks his cock and lets him fuck her tits. She lays back on the table for him to fuck her missionary style while she encourages him to fuck her and make her big tits bounce. Hayley bends over to let him take her from behind and rides him cowgirl style before getting down to take his load on her tits.

This scene just didn't do it for me. Hayley shows so little emotion while talking about the chocolate early in the scene and mugs the camera so badly I had a hard time not groaning out load. She continues to mug the camera through the scene with the guy also looking like he's not quite sure what he's doing at times leaving the chemistry to fall far short of average. The two of them do seem like they're trying, but it never works. Throw in some camera angles that just didn't seem right and this scene ends up as a complete dud. This scene is easily the worst in the movie and ends up bringing the entire movie down a notch.

Scene 3 Sunshine and a guy

At her eight month pregnancy checkup, sandy haired Sunshine lets the doctor know that she's been having chocolate cravings, among other things. He gives the male nurse a bit of candy to feed her before helping her strip down and whipping out his cock for her to suck. Of course she also works his cock over with her tits before letting him fuck her missionary and doggie style. They also get in a bit of bow and arrow fucking before she gets down and has him cum on her tits. Afterwards Sunshine rubs the candy around her cum coated tits.

This is a pretty good scene. Sunshine looks pretty hot in her lingerie starting the scene out and there's no doubt that she's actually pregnant rather than just using a big girl and claiming she's pregnant for the setup. There's pretty good chemistry between her and the guy and they keep things moving nicely. This scene worked surprisingly well for me.

Scene 4 Sapphire and a guy

Brunette Sapphire starts the penultimate scene being woke up for some breakfast in bed and allowing her man to feed it to her. He gives her microwave pancakes plenty of syrup before feeding them to her, and gives the rest of her breakfast a little syrup as well. Not wanting the leftover syrup to go to waste Sapphire suggest using it with her tits and her man's cock, and when he agrees pulls out her huge tits and starts sucking them. Her man moves in to suck them and rub her pussy before she sucks his cock. They start fucking doggie style before moving on with a reverse cowgirl ride and a missionary fuck. Finally Sapphire lets him pop on her giant tits.

This is a hot and fun scene. Sapphire is pretty cute and plays into the entire scene very well with some very nice eyes and smiles. She and her man also have great chemistry and look like they're having a lot of fun from start to finish without the camera mugging that plagues so much of the movie. This is a very enjoyable scene that's easily one of the best in the movie as well as leaving me hoping to see more of Sapphire in the future.

Scene 5 Allysa Andrews, Kandi Kobain, and a guy

Dirty blondes Allysa and Kandi work out together trying to lose a little weight before a guy stops in check on them. When they ask if they have anything to help them he leaves only to return with a box of donuts and milkshakes. They're not happy, but Allysa can't resist and gives in to the milkshake with Kandi grabbing one soon after. The girls give into his donut temptation next, and after shoving their mouth full start kissing and cleaning each other up. He lets them have another donut to share, and after they suck their shakes down and want more he lets them team up on his cock orally. The girls make sure to give each other's tits a little attention as well as letting the guy fuck them before Kandi gets up to take the first fuck cowgirl style. Alyssa takes her fuck reverse cowgirl style before sitting back and watching as the guy fucks Kandi doggie style as she Kandi gropes her. Kandi moves around a bit when it's time for Allysa to get fucked missionary style before joining Allysa on the floor so they guy can pop between their tits and faces with Allysa taking the brunt of the load. Finally the girls kiss and caress each other a little more.

This is another very enjoyable scene. The opening is fun with the girls playing up both the exercise aspect and the donut and milkshake temptations extremely well. There's a nice balance between them, and although Kandi started out very strong for me and continued that way through the scene, Allysa picked things up very well as the scene went on to make it so that she kept up well. This is a hot and fun scene that ends the movie well.

Feed Her Fuck Her is a pretty good release. There's a nice variety of looks to the cast with the girls all being overly busty with tits that still jiggle as well as being big but not huge. I'm not a big fan of food play, but it works it into the scenes very well without going overboard. The food aspect is almost played for humor in some of the scenes, and helps to keep the scenes light and to give them a fun feeling right from the start. Although the first pair of scenes started off rough for me, the longer the movie went on the more it improved for me. The chemistry only gets better as the scene goes on with the final pair of scenes having great chemistry and easily coming out as the best in the movie. Hayley Jane's scene, however, fell completely flat for me from her monotone delivering of her lines to the weak camera angles. I'll admit to going into Feed Her Fuck Her with a few fears, but the more it went on the more I forgot about them. Feed Her Fuck Her might start out a bit rough, but it turns into a fun big girl release.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Brick House Brawds, Wide Load Nymphos, Plump Desires, Big Girl Sex School, Humpin' Plumpers, Double Stuffed Plumpers, Sleeping Sluts, XXX Chubby Twats, Bikini Busters, and Busty Cock Worshippers, along with a few trailers that left me unsure if they were for movies or phone sex. There's also a behind the scenes featurette and commercials.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about three and a quarter minutes. Hayley gives a short interview that's cut together with her in action and many stills. Of course she gives a little show to show off her Score-class breasts. This is a decent little featurette that adds a little to the overall DVD.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, big women, food play, titty fucking, pregnant, lesbian, and group

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Feed Her Fuck Her can only be found online at Score's website in both DVD and VOD. If you're a fan of big women this one's worth checking out. There's a couple of weak scenes, but the longer the movie goes the better it gets with the food play aspect helping to keep the scenes light. The technical aspects show some very nice care and there's some a touch of effort put into the extras as well. This is a good release.

Note to Score: It's nice to see you putting more and more care into your overall DVDs. In the future I hope you also give the guys credit in the movies as it's always nice to see credit given where due.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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