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astroknight Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars 3.5 starsFavorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars 3.5 starsFavorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars 3.5 stars
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Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars

Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Asian , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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VictoriO's ratings for Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by VictoriO  on  9/13/2001
Joey Silvera's Favorite Big Ass Asian All- Stars

Time: 2:20
Starring: Blake Young, Mika Choix, Nia, Tia, Mya Luvv, Taylor Sinclair, Tianna, Shawnee, Jade, Yumi Lai, Pearl Essence, Sean Michaels, Joey Silvera, John Stagliano, etc...
Company: Evil Angel/ All Blew Shirts
Special Features: Extra Footage (Scenes with Shawnee & Tia), Chapters (23), Fetish Menu (Tease, Blowjobs, Pussy Eating, 69, Feet, Finger Anal, Anal, Dick Slapping), Photo Galleria (66), Websites


This is the best Asian porn DVD I have seen. This is a wonderful collaboration! Not only that, many things brought out by Evil Angel is good. I also like stuff from Elegant Angel, WCP (West Coast Productions), Rosebud & Diabolic/Anabolic. Coming from a guy who is mixed with Black & Asian, I love Asian females. Actually, I have a thing for all females (as long as they are sexy and have the things that I like. Most Asian females are sexy as hell, smart, easy to get along with, intelligent and they are great at sex. Most of the females in this DVD are sexy, but I had a few gripes about this DVD. There are 2 scenes with Mika Choix (I felt it was not necessary) and the scene with Mya Luvv was not so hot, but she is a bit attractive. I only wished that there were scenes with Giselle Yum, Jade Marcela, Mei Yu and/or Leanni Lei. There aren't even any trailers in this DVD. But I love it and I am sure you will, if you are a fan of 'exotic' Asian ass! This DVD contains a collaboration of different scenes from different XXX films (mostly the Butt Row series). There are few scenes that have anal sex here. I love anal sex, I love the female glute, but there isn't much anal sex going on here. Other than that, this is good stuff here!

Scene 1: Blake Young & Sean Michaels
-This scene takes place in a garage. This mixed (White & Asian) cutie named Blake Young pops out of the trunk of a car with some nice red & white lingerie. After Sean Michaels carry her out of the trunk, she shows off her nice ass & clit. Shortly, she goes down on Sean Michaels (He is an ugly ass guy, but he is well hung for the chicks). Afterwards, Sean starts to fuck Blake while he is standing up. After a while, she starts to get a little loud. I forgot to mention that Sean has his jeans on and he is fucking her; his dick pokes out through his jeans. They swap to the missionary position while Blake is lying on her back on the car. Sean eats her pussy & ass for a short period of time and he slides himself back in her and after a while, Blake's legs go around Sean's neck. Blake turns around, leaning on the car, and she gets butt-fucked by Sean. Blake has a nice little ass and we see some great angles & views here. We also see Sean giving some great, long, deep strokes into Blake's asshole while Blake starts moaning. The positions are swapped for the last time (missionary style) while Sean finished her up. Then, the usual. The cumshots. Ugh! Sean shoots it all over Blake's chest & face. Good scene here.

Scene 2: Mika Choix & Joey Silvera
-Bad, boring scene. This scene, we could have done without. Mika is wearing a nice Dolce & Gabanna bathing suit and she jokes & laughs with Joey for a short while. Joey lifts up her top and plays with her boobies. She gives Joey a nice & quiet blowjob and jerks him off fast. Then they flip tongues with eachother. The scene switches to where Nia is watching this scene on a small TV inside of an office. The scene switches back to the sex and Joey starts to lick Mika's feet and jerks himself off with them. Fuck this! Next, please...

Scene 3: Nia & Joe (her boyfriend)
-In every scene I see with Nia, she fucks no one but her boyfriend. This scene is good but she is better in 'Up & Cummers 58'. She does anal in that DVD. She doesn't do that here. Nia is a sexy- as-fuck Filipina girl, but she does have some acne on her face. Real nice ass, pretty face, ugly tattoo on her right tit, hairy pussy. This scene begins with her being interviewed a bit and the camera does close-ups on her butt while she is wearing shorts. She happens to be in a studio and she plays with the equipment for a bit and she goes into a room and meet up with her boyfriend, Joe. They kiss and Nia starts to take her top & bra off and Joe sucks on her boobies. Nia, then, goes down on Joe. They sit on a couch and Nia continues to suck him off. Nia, then, takes off her shorts & panties and plays with herself while she kisses Joe and we see some nice side views of Nia's butt. Joe eats her out and then they perform a 69. After a while, they fuck missionary style and Nia starts to moan out 'Make love to me'. They switch positions; Nia gets on his lap while they are still on the couch. Then, they continue reverse cowgirl style. Here it is: the cumshot. Joe explodes on her face & chin. Good scene, but it could have been better. I like anal sex and that's what I like to see in XXX films. Nia should have performed anal on here.

Scene 4: Mika Choix & some guy (dunno his name)
- This scene begins with Mika raking leaves in a backyard and she claims that Joey wants her to do it for him. Umm..okay! At the same time, she is wearing an ugly pink wedding dress with some black sandals. OMG! She reveals her pussy to the camera and sucks on the rake stick. Her and some guy start to kiss and he licks on her boobies. This guy takes off that terrible wedding dress and Mika turns around and bends over, placing her hands on some couch in the backyard, while this guy takes her panties down and eats her out. Nice shots of her ass here. They, then, are inside of a house. Mika looks at herself in a mirror and spreads her ass cheeks, revealing her ass & anal. Great shot! Mika gives this guy a blowjob and sucks on his balls. They fuck missionary style on a couch. After a few minutes, Mika rides him cowgirl style and they switch one last time to the missionary position. This guy cums all in Mika's mouth, chest face & chin. Disgustingly, this guy licks his cum off her chin and kisses her. Ugh! Good scene here. Would have been better if Mika has done some anal.

Scene 5: Tia & Joey Silvera
-Tia is sexy. There are some great shots of her booty (naked & pantied). She also likes to take it in the butt. There is a nasty stretchmark on her right ass-cheek. The scene begins with her and Joey playing & hugged up with eachother in a backyard. Joey kisses her and grabs her ass, intensely! Joey gets a little rough with her for a while and bites the nipples of her tits after she has partly undressed. Tia gives Joey a nice, deep-throating blowjob. Tia, then, licks Joey in his ass (I hate shit like this. It is nasty), then blows him again. They step into a house and Tia lies on a couch, plays with her pussy and Joey fucks her in the mouth after he sits on a couch. Afterwards, Tia fingers herself in the ass (with 2 fingers). Very nice! Joey goes straight for her ass, missionary position, while she moans softly & plays with her clit. Position swap: Reverse Cowgirl. Tia makes faces for a while as if it's too good for her. Final position swap: Missionary. This is a great scene (just wish she was bend over taking it). Here is is: the cumshot. Joey cums in her mouth, on her face and some of it lands in her hair. This is a great scene here featuring a great girl.
NOTE: There is extra footage of this scene on this DVD.

Scene 6: Mya Luvv, Taylor Sinclair & some guy
-This scene starts with Mya Luvv flattering herself in a backyard pool. We see some good butt/thong shots of her when she gets out of the pool. She walks into a house with a different outfit on. She undresses and plays with herself for a bit and shows her body. She sucks on this guy's cock and licks it up & down for a bit. Taylor Sinclair is sitting on a couch right next to this guy. Mya & he fuck, missionary style. The sex here is pretty weak. Nothing to root over here. After a while, Mya stands up and gets penetrated from behind while she is bent over. Talyor Sinclair doesn't do shit but get some cum shot on her face. This here is boring. Next, please...

Scene 7: Tianna & some guy (the same guy in Scene 4)
-Tianna is really beautiful. Off the subject, marriage is not for me, but I would marry her ass! She answered 'No!' to the question 'Have you ever seen a porno before?'. She also says that she think it's the nastiest thing. She also claims that she has only had sex with one person. She has a cute voice, too. This guy undresses & kisses her. When she takes off her panties, it is one of the most beautiful things...She takes her panties down facing sideways, then her butt faces the camer. She takes her panties down revealing most of her butt. Tianna has a very luscious ass. It is golden brown, plump, firm, soft and...just beautiful! We even hear some guy (I don't know if it's the guy who's gonna fuck her or the cameraman) saying 'Oh, Jesus!' That's right! She gives this guy some very nice head and sucks his balls. She, then, lies on a couch and gets screwed, missionary style. Her clit is a bit hairy, but very nice. After a bit, he fucks her hard and she moans softly. The fucking stops for a sec and this guy fucks her in her mouth a tad bit rough. The fucking continues. Here, Tianna's ass gets smacked by this guy and herself. Really nice views of Tianna's ass. Position swap: Reverse Cowgirl. Later on, here comes the anal. Missionary style, then cowgirl position, Tianna gets fingered in the butt, then fucked in it. He starts out slow & easy and then he fucks harder. After a while, here's the cumshot. Ugh! This guy lets out all over Tianna's stomach and she wipes it all over her body, like lotion. Excellent scene!

Scene 8: Shawnee, Joey Silvera & John Stagliano aka 'Buttman'
-Shawnee looks beautiful and she has a great butt on her. Joey Silvera is hugged up on her and he plays with her boobies & ass. She has on a graduation outfit on (looks terrible if you ask me). Joey takes her clothes off and licks inside of her ass. Yummy! She is bent over a chair and her ass & anal is revealed. The goes down on the 'Buttman' himself, then fucks him on a couch. After they fuck for a while, Shawnee moves over to Joey so he can finger her and lick her. Then, she fucks Joey on a chair. The 'Buttman' comes over and fingers her in the butt. Very nice! Then she takes Joey from the side and he spanks her ass for a bit. Shawnee moans very softly and Joey licks her feet. Here it is: Joey cums all over Shawnee's pussy and bites on her feet. Shawnee moves over to 'Buttman' and sucks him until he cums. No anal, but this is a great scene here.
NOTE: There is extra footage of this scene on this DVD!

Scene 9: Jade & some guy (the same guy from scenes 4 & 7)
-The scene starts with Jade growling at the camera. Now, she's a bit sexy but the sex is above weak here. She has some big boobies for an Asian girl. Some guy licks on her body and eats her out. She, then, gets fingered from behind while she is bent over a chair. She, then, gives this guy some good head. The sex begins and it starts out slow and ends not fast. There are a lot of position swaps here. Jade even gets fucked from behind on a balcony in a high-rise apartment. She moans loud sometimes, but not very loud. Average scene. Not very good at all, but acceptable to some point.

Scene 10: Yumi Lai & some guy
-Yumi Lai is Chinese and she looks like a boy, a little bit. She looks like a female version of that HK actor Daniel Wu (from 'Gen-X Cops')! But she is sexy as fuck! The scene begins with her walking with some bananas in her hand. A guy approaches her and walks into this small apartment. Now, this guy undresses her and kisses on her, takes his pants down and Yumi touches him up a bit. Yumi gives him some very nice head for a while. The guy stands her up, leans her over a table and fucks her from behind real good. This girl, Yumi, gets vocal! The sex stops after a while. Yumi gets sponged down with some water & soap by the guy. He washes her backside. She gives up some more of that great head. He, then, fucks her reverse cowgirl style while he is standing up. They move to a couch and fuck cowgirl style, sideways, then missionary style. They get off of the couch and the guy stands while Yumi give him more head. Then, here's the cumshot. He lets it out onto her face. This is a great scene here!

Scene 11: Pearl Essence, Sean Michaels & Joey Silvera
-The final scene is here! Pearl Essence is a cutie. This scene is nice, but she has done better in 'Crazy About Asians' by Randy West. This scene is nice, but could have been better. She starts off by showing off her body and massaging this guy's penis, who happens to be Joey Silvera. Now, here she is undressing and showing herself off. Nice shots of her ass! She walks to the door and she is naked with some high- top, white boots. Sean Michaels (with his ugly ass) walks in and starts to massage on Pearl's body. Pearl unzips him and plays with his long rod. She gives him some slow, quiet head. She sucks him off for a while and, shortly, Sean fingers her asshole. They start to fuck on a couch, missionary style, and she is making some nice facials here. They move to a bedroom where Pearl gets penetrated by Joey (Reverse Cowgirl & Missionary). There's a time when Joey smacks on her boobies and she looks and even smiles at the camera. Sean Michaels decides that she is his now and he fucks her (missionary) while she licks on Joey's cock and moans. After a while, she turns over, gets on her knees and gets fucked from behind and spanked a bit. Then, here's some lousy anal from Sean Michaels. He stick himself in her ass for a short ass period of time and he doesn't even move in & out of her much. Move over, Sean. Joey takes her in the ass, missionary style. This is good. He doesn't go too fast, nor too slow. After the sex, here's the usual. Both guys stand over her and cum in her mouth. Good scene, but could have been better.

BOTTOM LINE: This DVD is awesome, with a few gripes. Mya Luvv & the 1st scene with Mika Choix, and even Jade, should have been replaced with Jade Marcela, Leanni Lei, Mei Yu and/or Giselle Yum (although Giselle mostly performs lesbian sex)! The best scenes in here are the ones with Blake Young, Nia, Mika Choix (2nd scene), Tia, Tianna, Shawnee & Pearl Essence. This DVD is excellent, although it has some small, typical flaws and it is worth every dollar you spend on it. Very Highly Recommended!

The Film: A-
The DVD: A-


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