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Fast Times At Naughty America University 3

Fast Times At Naughty America University 3

Studio: Naughty America
Category:  All Sex
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MD James's ratings for Fast Times At Naughty America University 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Fast Times At Naughty America University 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Fast Times At Naughty America University 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fast Times At Naughty America University 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Fast Times At Naughty America University 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Fast Times At Naughty America University 3 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Fast Times At Naughty America University 3 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Fast Times At Naughty America University 3 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  3/11/2007
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Fast Times at Naughty America University 3 (aka “Fast Times at Naughty America University, Vol. 3”)
Released by: Naughty America
Reviewed by MD James

Ah college! That great time in our lives when chicks were hot, parties were non-stop, and we all got laid every weekend!

Well, okay, maybe the chicks were hot, and we didn’t remember much of those parties, and we only wished we got laid every weekend… or every other weekend… or at least once.

Well for those of us who didn’t get to be the campus stud, there’s always Naughty America University, where the babes are interested in only one subject: hands-on sexual education.

“Fast Times at Naughty America University” is pretty much a play on the classic “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” movie, but obviously without Mr. Hand. “Fast Times” is about young studs and eager to get it on.

As with other Naughty America series that I’ve reviewed, this disc has no forced trailers, so you pretty much go right to the simple main menu… which is also pretty much the same as all of the other Naughty America videos. Same music, same background, only the title and the women are changed. Also we don’t know any of the lucky dudes involved, which is a pity because if I was scoring with any of these young ladies I’d want to let folks know about it!

Scene 1: Haley Paige and a lucky dude

Haley walks into her boyfriend’s dorm room and she’s pissed because he’s supposed to take her to the basketball game and he’s still in bed. He was up studying late and he’s dead tired, but she wants to be a spoiled brat about it all. They still have an hour before the game, so he convinces her to suck on his “hot dog” to really wake him up. She does, and he’s busy stripping off her shirt and bra so he can get a good feel of her generous breasts. The rest of her clothes magically disappear as he finger-fucks her while she’s still sucking away. Then it’s her turn to get some oral gratification, licking away at her pussy until she gets off.

He enters her in doggie position and fucks her well until she gets off again. Then she rides him in cowgirl position, getting a great view first of her ass and then of her from the front. Then they go to missionary position, where he again fucks her hard and getting her off until its finally time for him to get off. That’s when she gets on her knees so she can catch (almost) every drop in her mouth. Afterwards, though, she’s really not into the game and she just wants to take a nap.

Now this is a GREAT scene and a GREAT way to start off the video! Haley has a nice all-natural body, she’s not afraid to show it, and she’s certainly not quiet when it comes to getting pleasure. And there’s even a nice ironic aftermath to the scene.

Scene 2: Denice K and a lucky dude

Denice is a foreign exchange student, getting lessons in reading English by some lucky dude who apparently thinks he’s auditioning for a role in Grease. He’s flipping through pages in a book to see how much she knows on the subject when they come across the word “bio-chemistry”. She wants to know what “chemistry” is, and of course his explanation leads to a little foreplay on her part. She gets frustrated and wants to do “something else”. It takes a moment for the dude to figure it out, but it finally sinks in that she wants to go from English to Sex Ed.

They start with a little foreplay, kissing and grabbing, then they start peeling clothes up and off. His cock comes out and she starts sucking on it eagerly. She gets most of her clothes off and then goes right back to sucking. Then it’s her turn to get some oral satisfaction, and she’s lying on the bed while he’s licking away at her tightly trimmed pussy. Her shirt finally (and magically) disappears as he enters her in missionary position and continues to pump away into her pussy until she gets off. Then he sticks it back inside and repeats the process a couple more times. Finally she flips over so he can enter her in doggie position and then pretty much does the same thing. Then he lays down so she can ride him in reverse-cowgirl position. They go at this for a while, then she collapses on the bed, exclaiming that she’s just too tired to study. (What? No pop shot??? Doesn’t that break some unwritten rule of adult films?) But then we see them back in missionary position as he fucks her hard and fast until he’s ready to pop, then gets over her face so he can climax all around and in her mouth before she gets ready to fall asleep.

This scene wasn’t as good as the first one. A lot of time is spent in each of the three positions getting her off multiple times, which would have been good for the first two positions, but the reverse-cowgirl position was just overkill in this reviewer’s humble opinion. Then there’s the continuity problem. It’s one thing to end the scene and go to sleep without the pop. It’s another to do that AND THEN segway into the pop. Yes she has a nice all-natural body and she looks great naked and getting fucked… but it was just a bit too long. They should have stayed with the two positions given the time spent in each of them.

Scene 3: Sophie Dee and a lucky dude

Sophie’s sitting on her boyfriend’s lap while he’s stretched out on the bed with his shirt off. He acts like she needs to leave and she keeps on saying that she doesn’t have to. He wants her to stay in a more of a long-term manner. They keep on talking about her Visa expiring, although she doesn’t really sound like an exchange student. (You mean the UN finally gave recognition to the State of Being Blonde? Does that make Sophie a Blondtopian?) She convinces him that she wants to stay by taking of his clothes and sucking on his cock. Her miniskirt magically disappears while she’s sucking him, and then the rest of her clothes follow just before he starts fucking her in missionary position. They fuck in this position for a while, long enough for her to get off. Then she gets a few sucks in before getting on top and riding him in reverse-cowgirl position. From here they go to spoon position, transitioning almost into doggie position before he finally blows his load in and round her face… and getting a quick shot in the eye too. He offers to help clean her eye then help her pack the stuff in her dorm. (What a gentleman! Cum in her eye and then offer to help clean it up afterwards when she gets back to her dorm. Now that’s love!)

This scene wasn’t as good as the two previous ones. The whole “I don’t want you to go” and “I don’t have to go” story was a bit weak. Plus Sophie’s whole “visa” thing was lame. Her voice was so soft you could barely pick up her English accent, so it was hard to tell if she really was an exchange student.

Scene 4: Tawni Ryden and a lucky dude

Tawni is crying in her pillow when the dude comes in. She’s been out for several days and the dude is concerned about her. She’s miserable because her boyfriend left her. She caught the loser cheating on her and he dumped her, so now she’s miserable. Well the dude is trying to get her motivated because she’s already missed out on a major test and she’s on the verge of being expelled. Since the dude is the professor’s assistant, she asks if he can pull some strings and get a makeup exam. BUT in the meantime, he asks if there’s anything else he can do to help her.

Okay, we know where this is heading, don’t we? A couple of support hugs, followed by a quick kiss… and some more kisses… and some groping and nuzzling… his shirt comes off… her shirt and bra come off. He peels off her panties and starts cheering her up from between her legs. Once she’s cheered up, she peels off his sweats and starts cheering up his cock. She peels off her denim miniskirt and then gets back on the bed for some more sucking. Then she gets on top and rides him in reverse-cowgirl position. Then they go to doggie position, then missionary, then she waits on her knees for him to come up and blow his load around her open mouth. Well that seemed to cheer her up.

This scene was slightly better than the previous one in terms of the storyline. Okay, being miserable because she got dumped by her cheating loser boyfriend is one thing… but being miserable for several days and missing a serious exam because of it? Somewhat questionable. Still once you get past the story and into the whole “cheering up” thing, it started to flow right up to the whole waiting for the pop shot bit, which is lame.

Scene 5: Amber Peach and a lucky dude

We start out with Amber visiting the dude on a couch. She’s looking for some exam answers that he’s supposed to provide, but he wants to know if there’s something else she’s really looking for. (Yeah, we know where THAT conversion is going, don’t we?) He’s willing to give her the answers, but he wants something in return.

She starts with a little blowjob, and while she’s sucking, he’s pulling down her tube top and fondling her boobs. (It should be noted that all the while there’s another female voice giving occasional comments. Not a good move guys!) She sucks and tit-fucks him for a while before offering her pussy for him to lick. She pulls off her jeans and thong and he gets between her legs for some serious licking and finger-fucking, bringing her to climax. Then he enters her in missionary position, then reverse-cowgirl, then doggie, and then she gets on her knees so he can blow his load all around her mouth. She definitely earned those answers, and he says so right before the video ends and we go back to the menu.

I was somewhat disappointed by this scene. The story was good, but Amber was the only one in the five who kept some article of clothing on. Plus the sex itself was a little boring. And then there were the occasional comments that were clearly not from the on-camera participants. That pretty much hoses the whole illusion. Plus, the cover has her doing a cowgirl scene (minus the tube top I might add) but that position clearly wasn’t there in the actual video. That’s somewhat misleading.

In terms of extras… well, forget it. As with all other Naughty America videos that I’ve reviewed, there really are no extras outside of the scene selections and a static plug for the main Naughty America website. It’s a pity too, because they do a much better job promoting themselves on the videos that you can download from their subscription site, and it really should be the other way around.

All in all this is a somewhat okay video. There are clearly some things that needed improvements. The last scene definitely needed some more work (and one less voice in the background). The women are nice and for the most part very all natural and beautiful, and the sex scenes were hot as long as they didn’t look like they were trying to drag things out. The first two scenes are certain looking at, but only if you can get this video for under $15. Paying anything more than that would be a waste.

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