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Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5

Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5

Studio: Celestial Productions
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Black Panther's ratings for Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5 Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fast Times at Deep Crack High 5 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Black Panther  on  3/20/2005
Running Time: 2:03 minutes

Production Date: 2001

Studio: Celestial Productions

Director/Producer: Stoney Curtis

Extras: Was hoping for something new, but got the usual play, chapters, slide shows, previews, and internet info. Companies should always be putting more extras into films. This film is about 4 years old though.

First Impressions: Don't know how I've missed this series all these years, but if the rest are anywhere near as hot as this one, I'll be checking them all out. Never heard of director Stoney Curtis, but I can't wait to see more of his work now. Got this mainly on the strengths of Friday & Tommi Rose. Aurora in the mix never hurts either.

The Scenario: The film is an obvious play on the mainstream film "Fast Times At Ridgemont High." Its very very loosely based at best. It does have similar theme music to it, if not a the exact same though replayed. The theme is college girls, well I hope college girls.

Sex Scene #1: Lee Stone and Tommi Rose are husband & wife teachers who give Cheerleader Friday passing grades by fucking her. Friday wasn't complaining believe me. Their outdoors when Friday starts licking Tommi's pussy. They move to another area outside with both Tommi and Lee feeling on Friday's great ass. They give Lee a double BJ that is about as hot as I've seen. Plenty of ball-sucking from both women. Interactive cameraman Stoney has Tommi lie down and show him, I mean us, her ass. Lee eats Tommi's pussy while he fingers Friday's. He then eats Friday while Tommi plays with herself. He then fucks Tommi in Mish, pulling out occasionally for Friday to suck him. Friday adds more stimulation by licking Tommi's clit. Tommi is loving every minute. Lee then bends Friday over for Doggy with one or both of her legs held up and pulling out so Tommi can suck. Lee is licking Tommi throughout. Tommi climbs on for CG while Lee licks Friday. Friday does anal in RCG with Lee still licking Tommi. Watching Friday's hips work is a joy-to -behold. Friday hops off for A2M. Friday gets anal in Mish now with Tommi rubbing and fingering her pussy. Friday looks like she is in heaven now. More A2M from friday. Lee shoots his cum onto both off their tongues. Tommi appears to swallow most of hers, while Friday surprisingly spits most of hers back out. I don't often see scenes where everyone is totally into it, but this was the exception. They were all very touchy-feely and kissy-kissy throughtout. I actually thought this scene could have been a little longer, although I doubt I could have took it. 25 scorching sex minutes.

2nd Sex Scene: Jodie Moore and Jessie are cheerleaders trying to make the team. Herschel Savage is the coach auditioning them. When its this hot, who says it has to make sense. They give him a double BJ, with deep-throat by Jessie, that maybe hotter than the one is the first scene, and thats saying something. Damn these chicks are hot and very very horny. They both suck cock very well too. Jessie excellently sucks Herschel while Jodie fingers Jessie's pussy and ass. Jodie gets the dick first in Mish with plenty of assists from Jessie. Jessie gets it in Mish next with Jodie assisting happily this time. Jodie hops on for some RCG with Herschel licking Jessie. She's already loving it, and gets orgasmic almost as soon as Jessie's tongue hits her clit. Jodie just has to hop off for some P2M which Jessie gladly helps her in. Jessie does Anal in CG with Herschel's tongue in Jodie's snatch. She gets off for some A2M action. Jessie then does anal in RCG with Jodie rubbing and putting 3 or 4 fingers in her pussy. More A2M from Jessie. Jessie wants more anal, this time Doggystyle with a few Gapes thrown in. The talking is between dirty to just plain fucking hot. He shoots his load onto both of their tongues. Its now that big of a load, but they both swallow all of it. The threeway chemistry was off-the-meter, and shit did those two girls like to fuck. I'm gonna take a break, because I can barely move after those first two scenes. 27 minute scene.

3rd Scene: We have Aurora Snow and Julian up next. I'm gonna say right up front that I'm no fan of Julian. I am a fan of Aurora's though, so I know I'm gonna like it. Aurora plays a horny 19 year old trying to get out from under her parents control. Julian is her older boyfriend/toy that she's fucking without their knowledge. Stoney and Julian pick her up in Julian's car. They drive to Julian's crib. They kiss and neck a little by his outdoor pool and jacuzzi. He helps her take off her clothes than starts licking and fingering (2) her pussy. She pulls his pants down for a BJ. He's semi-hard in one frame then hard in the next. Great editing though. Aurora gives him a BJ that any man would love, even getting half of Julian's huge dick down her throat. Love the two handed handjob, which are rare nowadays. They move inside to a couch for Mish. That pussy is so tight that he can only get about half in. What he can get in, she clearly likes though. He pulls out so she can suck then puts it back in. He pulls out again so she can suck. They go to Doggy next. Still in Doggy, she stretches her ass open for Anal. He pulls out for A2M. Anal in RCG next with Aurora clearly enjoying every minute. More A2M. The Anal moves to Spoon, which leads to an Aurora orgasm. Aurora ends it giving him a two-handed handjob. Some cum gets in her hair, which strangly has always turned me on. She cleans his dick off, but doesn't swallow any. Great chemistry with Aurora clearly into Julian and vice versa. A great scene! 17 minute scene.

4th Scene: Cheerleader Alana Evans is waiting on school steps (I guess) waiting for her boyfriend Dez, still billed as Slim Shady here, to pick her up. He takes her to Stoney's house to fuck her. Alana has been around for quite a few years, but I haven't see her that often for some strange reason. My bad, because this chick clearly likes to fuck also. They watch a few porno's then get to it. Alana takes his dick and starts sucking on it. Great BJ and handjob action here. The look on Slim's face says it all. Slim bends her over and starts eating and fingering her pussy in front and back positions. They starts in CG, with Alana getting off to suck. Alana changes positions slightly so she can grip his cock and Slim can really fuck her hard. They move around to Mish with both clearly turned on. They go to an extended Anal in Doggy. Slim can't take it anymore, pulls out and blast his cumshot all over her face. Cum actually ricochet off her face. I could usually care less about how strong or weak a popshot is, which is why I rarely write the force of them, but that was quite impressive. Again the chemistry was great and more importantly, the performers came to fuck. 18 very spirited and very hot minutes.

5th Scene: Brian Pumper (who is un-credited) and another Foreign guy (Crock?) that I didn't recognize are school jocks lifting weights. Cheerdleader Cherry Rose shows up to lift and makes the jocks lose focus when she starts bending over. She's soon sitting on Crock's face taking a licking and a fingering. Brian lends his hands and mouth to her tits and her body. They take her upstairs to their dorm norm and bed. This chick is so horny that she's taking her clothes faster than the guys can take them off. Brian does the eating and fingering while Crock gets a hot BJ. Brian fucks her Doggystyle while Crock's still being bown. Cherry then gives them both a double-BJ. Crock fucks her in Spoon while Brian get sucked off. Cherry's liking it so much now that she tells Crock to spank her ass, which he does. Crock slips it into her Ass while still in Spoon. They switch frames to RCG with Brian now doing the Anal. Cherry gets off to give Brian some A2M. Crock is now doing her Anally in Doggy. No DP though, probably because she may have been having problems with Brian's size. It ends with rare simultaneous popshots that she swallows all, and I mean all of. Damn 5 for 5! Again Cherry looked like she was into both guys, which can be a general problem with threesomes. One person can sometimes be a third-wheel, but luckily not here. 23 quite nasty minutes.

Final Impressions: Its very rare that I'm see any adult film where I'll really like every scene, this is one of those rare occasions. The cast took to simple premises and scenarios very well. All of the women were in great moods and fucked like the hadn't fucked in months. Not only was all the sex scorching hot, but it was personable and the performers never seemed detached at all, even when Stoney was talking while they fucked and sucked. Visually Stoney's camerawork was perfect. Bad camerawork can sometimes ruin an otherwise hot scene. All of the angles were great and Stoney didn't miss a thing. There are a lot of little things that I like seeing on film, and Stoney hit every last one of them. I knew Friday, Tommi Rose, and Aurora would bring it, because they always do. Cherry didn't turn me on initially, but she had me within the first few minutes. Alana is somebody that could be one of my favorites, I thought she was that hot. Jodie Moore and Jessie stole the scene though. Stoney should have paid all of the performers double, because they clearly came to fuck like it was there last one. Buy it, rent it, whatever....just get it!

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