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Fast Cars & Tiki Bars

Fast Cars & Tiki Bars

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film , Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Fast Cars & Tiki Bars:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Fast Cars & Tiki Bars overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Fast Cars & Tiki Bars Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fast Cars & Tiki Bars Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Fast Cars & Tiki Bars Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Fast Cars & Tiki Bars Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fast Cars & Tiki Bars DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fast Cars & Tiki Bars A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/20/2002

Running Time: 98 min.

Production Date: 4 / 07 / 2001

Director: Red Ezra

Cast: Jezebelle Bond, Charmane, T. J. Hart, Gina Ryder, Allysin Chaynes, Kelsey, Nicole Sheridan, Bunny Luv, Isabella, Sheridan, Randy Spears, Herschel Savage, Brad Armstrong, Jonathan Morgan, Dillion Day, and Voodoo

Initial Expectations: Red Ezra is showing himself to be one of the best and most creative directors out there. This one looks like it should be a lot of fun.

Initial Reaction: It’s a ball-drainer.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes hot, fun, and artistic sex without much plot

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants straight ahead fucking without anything else or who doesn’t like anal

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is normally very clear and well balanced, but there are a few spots with a bit of dubbing. The video is also very clear, but occasionally has a slight amount of grain. The lighting is great and shows very few shadows.

Music: The music has a bit of variety outside of the typical porn music, but is normally a bit on the loud side. There’s a fair amount of surf-styled movie, as well as a bit of techno-style music. It fits each scene very well and brings up the overall movie.

Menus: Not surprisingly with a title like Fast Cars and Tiki Bars, it looks like David Crawford had some fun. The main menu is nicely animated and a lot of fun. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene and a chapter number, but still has some fun animation around.

The Feature: Fast Cars & Tiki Bars keeps things nice and simple. There isn’t any real plot, but each scene revolves around things like cars, tikis, and the beach. Jezebelle Bond does introduce each scene, but that’s about as close as it comes to having a plot.

Voodoo starts out eating a frozen TV dinner (literally) and dreaming about being a charismatic Frenchman having dinner with airheaded Nicole Sheridan in a Tiki bar. They discuss the French language, somehow missing “Let’s run away and have some cheese and wine”, before Voodoo shows Nicole what she was saying. She attacks his cock orally before letting him devour her pussy. Voodoo moves on to fuck Nicole’s pussy missionary style before she climbs on him to let him fuck her ass reverse cowgirl style. They move on through anal doggie before Voodoo decorates her pretty face and tits with an amazing pop. Although I don’t normally care for it, there’s a slow motion replay of the pop afterwards that does a great job of showing Voodoo’s volume. It’s an amazingly hot scene that’s a great way to start the feature out. Voodoo and Nicole have great intensity and energy, and makes this one heck of a winner of a scene.

Kelsey, playing a bad girl in leather, fuck me boots, and a studded collar and gloves, visits Herschel Savage, who’s working on a fast car, next. She starts out showing herself off around the car before dropping to her knees to get his engine running. He returns the favor, tonguing her pussy before she climbs on to see if Herschel can handle a few more miles. They work through reverse cowgirl and missionary before warming up Kelsey’s ass with a metallic toy. Herschel finally fucks Kelsey’s great ass standing up from behind before decorating one of her cheeks. It’s another smoking scene with great energy. It also reminds me why I’m bummed Kelsey isn’t doing guys any more. She does an amazing job here, and drives the entire scene.

Next up, Allysin Chaynes cleans her tiki fifties style motel. She strips down a bit while vacuuming and starts playing with herself a bit while dreaming about Jonathan Morgan. Allysin warms up Jonathan orally while he plays with her pussy and ass and then climbs on his cock reverse cowgirl style. They move through doggie and traditional cowgirl while playing with and spanking Allysin’s ass before decorating her face. It’s another very hot scene with great chemistry and energy.

Back in the Tiki Bar, Brad Armstrong and Randy Spears party with Charmane and ultra-cutie Gina Ryder. They start with some limbo and drinks before the girls drop down to warm the guys up. They move on to fuck the guys missionary, reverse cowgirl, and doggie, with Gina even taking it in the can. The girls don’t interact much throughout the scene, but finally team up to suck Brad and Randy until they pop on their faces. It’s another extremely hot scene where everybody looks like they’re right where they want to be.

Jezebelle Bond starts out the next scene masturbating in a salon chair with her hair in curlers. She begins working herself with her fingers and moves on with a jelly dildo. It’s a nicely paced scene with Jezebelle paying some nice attention to the camera. There’s some good heat here, and it makes this another scene that fits in great.

Jezebelle Bond finds herself transported to a slumber party with Isabella Camille and Bunny Luv. The girls take turns working each other over, as well as getting in a daisy chain so everybody can work on somebody else while still getting something. Jezebelle spends quite a bit of time in the middle, with Isabella often receiving. The girls also play with a few toys before wrapping things up with a bit of kissing. It’s a nicely done and fun all girl scene. The girls are obviously into each other, and put some nice effort into making sure everybody’s taken care of.

Finally, T. J. Hart and Dillion Day relax on the beach in front of a woody, the car you pervs! Dillion shoots a few home films of T. J. as she playfully strips for his camera. It makes for a great start of a scene, and I’m not sure how Dillion waited as long as he did to sit down on the back bumper for T. J. to suck his schlong. He returns the favor by warming T. J.’s pussy up with his finger and tongue before fucking her pussy as she lays down on the woody while taking Dillion’s woody in her pussy. They fuck in a couple positions before T. J. turns around and takes Dillion in the keister while laying across a beach ball. Dillion finally finishes things off with a pop that flies over T. J. and would have put somebody’s eye out if they weren’t wearing safety glasses. It’s a great scene to finish things with. As usual, there’s great energy, chemistry, and heat. By this scene I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

Once again, Red Ezra has put together a fantastic fuck flick and well deserving of all the AVN nominations it originally received. The scenes are all very artistic and full of the wild colors Ezra has become known for. There’s also some fun touches to the scenes, such as a seagull flying over the action on the beach. Surprisingly, every scene here is also a winner, and has a lot of heat and chemistry. Fast Cars & Tiki Bars is one heck of a great fuck flick that’s worth checking out.

For another perspective on this DVD, please check out BIGmike’s review.

Extras: Wicked’s standard extras are here, as well as quite a few others. Audio bios are included for Jezebelle Bond, T. J. Hart, Gina Ryder, Kelsey (Heart) Nicole Sheridan, Bunny Luv, Isabella, Brad Armstrong, Jon Morgan, Randy Spears, Dillion Day, Herschel Savage, and director Red Ezra. Each bio has some decent personal information, a few pics of the star, and a link to the star’s scene. As usual, each bio is also designed to fit in with the overall feel of the menus and movie. Trailers are included for Crazed, The Bride of Double Feature, Vengeance, and Working Girl. There’s also the usual promotional materials, company profile, listing of Wicked’s award winning and awards nominated DVDs, the Wicked Web, Wicked Casino, and a commercial for the Free Speech Coalition.

Several photo galleries are also included, all of which are automated and give you five seconds per nice looking snapshot or full screen photo. The movie gallery lasts about two and a half minutes, while the behind the scenes gallery lasts about two minutes and includes many shots of Red Ezra trying to get things right. Star galleries lasting between forty five seconds and two and a half minutes are also included for Jezebelle Bond, Allysin Chaynes, T. J. Hart, Gina Ryder, Charmaine, Kelsey, Nicole Sheridan, and Isabella. Unlike the star galleries in some of Wicked’s other releases, most of the photos in the star gallery here are all from this feature rather than including many photos from some of the star’s other Wicked features.

Red Ezra also talks quite a bit about the feature. First, there’s a three minute interview where Red Ezra shows off some of the props in the Tiki Bar and talks a little about the movie. He also gives an audio commentary with the help of Scotty Slam. They also call up Nicole Sheridan, Jezebelle Bond, Jonathan Morgan, Stephanie Swift (while she’s dancing in Houston), and Anheiser Bob Justice. They also get a few answering machines, such as Gina Ryder and Ron Jeremy. When they’re not busy calling people, Ezra and Sammy talk about making many of the scenes, the people in the scenes, and things like finding the props. It’s a really fun commentary that still gives you some nice information about the making of the feature.

All Access: The Making of Fast Cars and Tiki Bars lasts about thirty six minutes. Unlike many of the other behind the scenes featurettes, Scotty Slam and Red Ezra give a commentary for the behind the scenes also where they talk a bit more about some of the people as well as some of the art direction. They also have a lot of fun again. As usual during the main featurette, there’s a nice mix of what’s happening behind the scenes, what’s happening on the sets, and what’s happening elsewhere on the set with the cast being identified almost as soon as they take the screen. It’s a nicely done featurette, and the commentary adds quite a bit since a lot of the commentary occurs during some of the musical pieces in the featurette.

Finally, there’s almost four minutes of outtakes. There’s quite a bit of Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo’s French lesson as well as Jonathan Morgan and Allysin Chaynes photo shoot and the start of their scene. There’s also a few sexual outtakes. They’re all fun and worth checking out.

Themes: Straight, anal, toys, spanking, group, masturbation, and lesbian

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Currently, most Wicked DVDs can be found online for between $22 and $30 with most stores offering them for around $24. Shell out the big bucks for this one cuz it’s worth it. The sex is extremely hot and artistic, and Wicked put some nice effort into the transfer and extras.

Note to Wicked: As usual, great job! It’s nice to see you making a DVD worth the big bucks.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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