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Fashionistas, The

Fashionistas, The

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Feature film , Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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SexyHard's ratings for Fashionistas, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Fashionistas, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Fashionistas, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fashionistas, The Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Fashionistas, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fashionistas, The Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Fashionistas, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fashionistas, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by SexyHard  on  7/8/2007

The Fashionistas

A good movie, not a great one!


This DVD has incredible reviews. I'm excited just to see what all the hype is about.


I was disappointed. Fashionists a good movie, and many fans of BDSM and anal will love it, but except for two (or three) very hot scenes, it didn't rock my boat.

The Cast

Taylor St. Clair(F) Belladonna(F) Monique(F) Sharon Wild(F) Friday(F) Kate Frost(F)
Chelsea Blue(F) Gia(F) Caroline Pierce(F) Kiva(F) Della K. Cherry(F)
Mark Ashley(M) Rocco Siffredi(M) Manuel Ferrara(M) Billy Glide(M)
Brandon Iron(M) Kane(M) Mark Catawia(M) David Land(M)

The Sex!!!

Kate Frost and Taylor St. Clair


My impression:

Both girls look really good with their big tits and their latex outfits. Kate's pussy lips look especially nice with a black leather thong spreading them apart. The scene gave me wood, but it was short, and was really just a warm-up for the next scene.

Kate Frost and Rocco Siffredi

Spread ass cheeks, slapping, ass-licking, anal fingering, doggie, hair-pulling, footplay, standing doggie, fingering, face-sitting, cowgirl, missionary, deep throat, face-fucking, anal with vibrator, anal (doggie), anal (spooning), pile-driver, facial (with a unique twist).

My impression:

By the time Rocco slips his cock into Kate's waiting pussy, her butt cheeks are bright red from spanking she has gotten from Taylor and him. Her breasts also look delicious. They are medium-to-large, and she wears really sexy nipple-rings. Her hot little pussy is shaved and glistening wet, whether it's a closed camel-toe or it's wide open for Rocco's hard on. Her outer lips are perfectly-formed and full, and her inner lips are warm and inviting. Best of all, her love button gets really hard during some of the fucking, which is a real turn-on for me. Kate has a beautiful cunt.

The anal is great. Kate takes Rocco's hard dick all the way into her butthole, and the spooning offers us a fantastic view of her body. During the pile driver, you can even see how hard her clit is, even when the camera is panning back to give us a full view of all of the action. Rocco doesn't jizz as much as I did, but his dick is rock hard for most of the scene.

This was a great scene, and admiring Kate's hot twat and beautiful tits while Rocco pounded her butthole gave me a fantastic orgasm. The list of positions doesn't do it justice, as they return to a number of positions and vary them. Still, a little reverse-cowgirl (anal or vaginal) would have been nice.

Belladonna, Ruby Richards (on a DVD), and Taylor St. Claire

Dancing girl, porn (butt plug, slapping, hair-pulling), masturbation, footplay, pussy-licking, ass-licking, slapping, face-sitting, titplay (including biting), fingering (4 fingers), glass dildo.

My impression:

Belladonna has a beautiful big butt, and large luscious pussy lips. She dances while watching herself and Ruby Richards (who has fantastic tits) on a porn tape. Taylor shows up, and joins the viewer in masturbating while watching Belladonna dance. Soon, she is giving Belladonna orders, which Belladonna follows with relish. Belladonna seems to especially like jamming her tongue up Taylor's gorgeous asshole, and the ass-licking is fantastic. (I normally like looking at tits and pussy more than asses. If you like butts, you will LOVE this!)

Belladonna's butthole is wide open for Tiffany's tongue which probes deep inside to prepare for the biggest anal insertion I have ever seen in my life! The head of the dildo is as big as a small fist, and although she struggles at first, Belladonna takes it like a champ. If you are into big anal insertions, you have to watch this scene. (Also check out the easter egg on disk 1.)

This is one of the most memorable GG scenes I have ever seen. Taylor has a nice camel toe, but we never see her pussy spread open.

Friday, Sharon Wild, Taylor St. Clair, and Rocco

Latex (including mask), slapping, deep throat, face-fucking, rimming, footplay, masturbation, missionary, fingering, doggie, pussy-licking, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, titplay, face-sitting, 69, anal (doggie), ATM, anal (reverse cowgirl), facial.

My impression

This scene offers the best of both worlds. Sharon has a beautiful tight ass, and Friday and Taylor have big juicy racks. Rocco fucks Sharon first, and her tight little asshole looks really tasty while Rocco is pounding her pretty pink pussy. Friday's twat is fuller, and didn't look as nice to me. Her pussy lips are uneven, and aren't as smooth as I like. She has a really large clit, which I normally love, but it just sits there, and never gets hard. Still, if you like big pussy lips, this girl has them!

Taylor enters the scene in a red latex outfit that lifts her ass and looks fantastic on her. Her bodacious bosom looks natural, and her pussy looks nicer than Friday's. She directs the action for a while, and then tells the other girls to leave, so she have have Rocco for herself. Although I was disappointed to see Sharon's hot little ass walk off the set, Taylor looked real nice with her tits bouncing up and down while she rode Rocco's stiff prick during the reverse cowgirl. Taylor takes the anal ball-deep and hard, so fans of hard anal action will like how this scene ends.

The scene was a slight disappointment. Sharon Wild was great, but the other two girls didn't really do it for me. I was hard the whole time, but I was never close to cumming.

Belladonna, Billy Glide, and Mark Ashley

Bondage, latex (mask), butt plug, footplay, slapping, masturbation, pussy clips, fingering, tit play, ATM, dildo (anal), nipple-clips, mouth-clips, BJ, deep throat, facial.

My impression.

Belladonna exposes herself to the camera in a way I've never seen before. With an acrylic butt plug already giving us a view inside her rectum, she let the boys spread her pussy wide open with 6 clothes pins. At points, I felt like I was witnessing a colonoscopy and a speculum exam at the same time. (That's not too bad an idea for any porn producers reading this, use a speculum to let us see a girl's cervix. Not my idea of sexy, but I bet you someone will be into it!) I'm not particularly into fetish, and I actually lost my hard-on while watching Belladonna's pussy, tits, and mouth get clipped with clothespins. Still, the blowjob was great, and I quickly got my wood back.

Belladonna and Ruby Richards

BDSM, tit-clamps, pussy-clamps.

My impression:

This is the scene that Belladonna is watching during her dance in the first half of the movie. It has some strikingly beautiful bondage. The pussy and tit-clamps are much nicer-looking than in the previous scene, and Ruby has an incredible rack. It is very short, but hot.

Monique, Caroline Piece, Brandon Iron, and Manuel Ferrara.

BDSM orgy, BJ, slapping, titty whipping and pussy whipping, doggie, gagging, fingering, rimming, anal fingering, cage, dildo (anal), doggie, footplay, masturbation, hand-job, cowgirl, oral cum shot, reverse cowgirl, 69, face-sitting, oral cum shot.

My impression:

The sucking and fucking takes place against a BDSM backdrop, and the fetish setting adds to the heat of the sex. Monique and Caroline both look beautiful sucking Brandon's rock hard shaft. Caroline especially seems to enjoy being a dirty little porn slut. And Monique's tight black booty looks great with an acrylic dildo sliding in and out of it.

The handjob was short, but I loved it. Caroline rimmed Manuel while stroking his long hard dick. You don't see a lot of handjobs outside of specialty porn, and this one was hot. Caroline looked just as good riding Manuel's long member with her wet pussy, especially during the reverse cowgirl, which showed off her lightly trimmed bush, and lovely bouncing boobs. Caroline sucks and strokes Manuel to climax, but he provides just a few drops of jizz.

Tricia Devereaux provides some of the eye-candy early in the scene.

Chelsea Blue, Taylor St. Clair, Gia, and Rocco Siffredi

Cage, anal dildo, butt plug, slapping, rimming, face-sitting, BJ, cowgirl, titplay, nipple clamps (on Rocco), blindfold, bondage, handjob, .

My impression:

Taylor looks great smothering Rocco with her big beautiful melons, and she looks even better sucking his long hard dick. The scene ends when the girls walk out on Rocco leaving him blindfolded, stiff, and unsatisfied. Then Belladonna walks in to finish him off.

Belladonna and Rocco Siffredi

Rimming, handjob, BJ, kissing, titplay, slapping, deep throat and face-fucking, standing doggie, gagging, doggie, anal (doggie), anal (missionary), rimming, anal (reverse cowgirl), ATM, anal (cowgirl), facial.

My impression:

Rocco is still blindfolded, and at first he thinks he is fucking Taylor's character (Helena) instead of Belladonna's (Jesse). Taylor walks in, and after a brief catfight, the action starts for real. Belladonna has an incredible ass, and her ass and pussy make for a beautiful sight during the doggie, and they look even better when Rocco slips his wood into her butt. As great as this segment is, Belladonna is even hotter when she turns over onto her back and takes Rocco's hard cock into her butt missionary style. This allows a better view of her tits, and of her beautiful full pussy lips. She is fingering herself during most of the action, and she looks seriously turned on.

The soundtrack is great, it features a song that says, "I am one with the devil, I am one with the Christ, I am one with the Buddha...," and it is mixed with the sex sounds very well.

This is a great scene with lots of anal. It didn't make me cum, but it was hot!

Bonus Sex

A little bit of everything.

My impression:

The bonus footage was non-stop sex for about 45 minutes. It would be worth a rent by itself. My favorite footage was of Rocco pumping his wood ball-deep into Belladonna's ass.



The video is packed onto 4 DVD's and is loaded with extras, ranging from the bonus sex mentioned above to a full musical soundtrack. The bloopers included a lot of skin and were a lot of fun. The "Making of...." also included a lot of skin. The only trailer was for Fashionistas itself, showing that Evil Angel really wanted to allow this DVD-set to stand on its own.

Each of the three DVD's contain Easter Eggs. They are definitely worth checking out; find out how by clicking here.


This is a very good porn flick, and after the scene with Rocco and Kate Frost, and Belladonna's huge anal insertion, I was tempted to give it a 5-star rating. Having watched the whole thing, I can understand why so many others have give it five stars. You have to ask, "Did they accomplish their goal?" and the answer is, without a doubt, "Yes!" It has an incredible collection of extras, hot fetish action, and a lot of the non-sex scenes are very erotic. Also, befitting a movie about the fashion industry, the wardrobe is excellent throughout. So I can't argue with all the 5-star reviews.

Still, it was a bit self-indulgent, maybe even pretentious. The Fashionistas seems to try to aspire to be something more than a porn movie. It is trying to be "Art." This is wasted effort. Comedy is art, but any comedy that aspires to be "Art" will be worse for the effort. Fashionistas efforts to be something more than just a porn movie made it worse, not better. Some of the non-sex scenes are way too long, and one or two of the sex scenes dragged. It would have been a better movie if it were an hour shorter. This is a minor problem for a lot of viewers who will can simply fast-forward when necessary. To truly deserve 5-stars, your hands would need to be to busy doing other things to even think of touching the fast-forward button.

I was not as turned on by this movie as I have been by others (see my review of Britney Rears 2: I Wanna Get Laid, which I also gave 4 stars). Fashionistas is a very long movie, but I only came once (during the first scene with Rocco and Kate Frost). I sometimes lost my hard-on during the non-sex scenes (and even during one of the sex scenes). But I'm not a fetish-fanatic, and fans of fetish may enjoy orgasm after orgasm while watching this movie.

After words

My video rental store is staffed by a lot of pretty young women. While I was returning it, I talked to two of them about the movie. One told me that is was one of her favorite porn movies ever, and the other said that she liked it.

Many reviewers have pointed out that this movie is pretty edgy and graphic, and might not work for porn new-cummers, and I would have said that this is definitely not for couples. But based on my conversations with two women (who admittedly work in the retail end of the porn business, and may not be typical) a lot of women may like this movie.

Finally, I watch porn for SEX. The BDSM didn't necessarily turn me off, but I enjoy sucking, fucking, and orgasms, and they couldn't do that during the bondage sessions. My problem may not be with BDSM, the problem may be censorship. Still, The Fashionistas is not my cup of tea.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me.

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