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Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge

Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Feature film
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picman's ratings for Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  1/4/2007

Fashionistas Safado
The Challenge

Prologue Probably the most anticipated release of 2006 is the sequel to John Stagliano's critically acclaimed Fashionistas. As probably the only working reviewer who never put his two cents in on the original, I'll do it right now. I loved it, and thought that it proved that great feature films could still be made in porn. At the same time, I think it disproved it. Bordering on 4 1/2 hours long with a plot that didn't rival War and Peace in epic stature, it didn't allow for screening in one session unless you were obsessed. That's the price paid for fully realized sex scenes to go along with a coherent narrative. Of course, being that Rocco is the main protagonist, the scenes tend to get extra long. Well, he's back for another round, Manuel and Belladonna along with him. Katsumi and Melissa Lauren have major roles in this edition and the orgy introduces Sasha Grey to the world.

Where characters have been introduced, I'll refer to them by that name, as opposed to their normal nom de guerres.

The film starts off with the live show of Fashionistas in all of its opulence. For me, it plays like a gigantic tease, created by the godfather of gonzo, who's reknowned for having perfected that particular exercise. Antonio (Rocco) is watching his creation on what I suppose is opening night. Jesse (Belladonna) and Manuel are there as well, along with internet correspondent and photographer, Lauren (Melissa Lauren). Jenna Haze is part of the dancing troupe, as are Sasha Grey and Sandra Romain, and they come front and center to show off their sexy bodies and outfits. Antonio gets paid a visit by Jenna, who gets fondled in front of an obviously jealous Jessie.
The procession of eye candy on stage continues with Adrianna Nicole and Flower Tucci. The Italian Stallion's truncheon makes an appearance in Jenna's hand while Gianna is introduced. Jenna does some tongue tease and Gianna unleashes her world class assets. She walks off and joins the budding tryst in front of the stage, giving Antonio some soft pillows to sink his head into. Gianna gives him a titty fuck tease, then all eyes go to the stage as the production reaches a climax and Jesse takes front and center with her flexible body. She interacts with one of the real dancers, then all the players take their bows.
A press conference takes place after the show with a cameo by Nici Sterling as a reporter. During the Q&A, a disk is popped into the A/V system and images of extreme latex, urban decay and Katsumi attack the gathering. The word "Safado" is scrawled on a wall. S&M fetish scenes are flashed through quickly. Clothes pins attached to flesh, feathered tails, bald women with extreme piercings, fierce looking dildos confront the gathering as Jesse struggles to eject the offending DVD and Melissa, who surely must have something to do with it, looking on. Rocco pulls the plug on the player and dismisses the inquiries of the press. Agitated, but intrigued, he retrieves the DVD.
I'm not going to pretend that I didn't hear the discontentment from many quarters about this video. I think the fact that more than twenty minutes into the story with only the faintest of sexual teases has thrown a lot of people off. Of course, this is a four hour movie and characters need time to be introduced. Still, the cast looks ravishing and Stagliano showed some mastery in the way Jenna and Gianna approached Rocco.
Cars driven by Antonio and Jean Val Jean pull up to a house in the hills. They're delivering Nicole Sheridan and Marie Luv to a party already in progress. Flower and Adrianna are decked out in purple latex with openings for their breast. Antonio greets host Alex (Mark Davis), who has some info about Safado for him. First he tortures Adrianna's tits while Flower takes shots with a digital camera. He slides over to Sasha, who's dressed like a French maid in a condom. Antonio fondles Sasha and digs his face into her sweaty ass. The rest of the revelers get acquainted with each other. Chris Charming, Voodoo, Erik Everhard and Christian provide the male component. Melissa stands out as an outsider, dressed in dowdy street clothes and setting herself apart as strictly a voyeur. While Antonio diddles Sasha, Sandra spanks Gianna. Erik plays with Flower and Nicole teases Voodoo. Sasha deepthroats Antonio as things heat up all around her. No hands as the gangly beauty swallows, seals, holds and licks his balls.
Jewel Marceau joins the fray and presents her tits to Mr. Pete. Marie Luv can be seen chicken heading Alex. Sasha gets a taste of roughness as Flower grabs her head and Antonio smacks her face. Marie takes a spanking and hard fingering. Jesse and Manuel walk in on Antonio being double teamed. Jesse is distraught and leans on Manuel before confronting her SO. Sasha moves over to Chris Charming's battering ram. Adrianna smothers Christian, then leans over for a 69. Jenna is polishing Erik's sword. Flower helps double team Chris. Sandra has been busy spanking Gianna and Jewel is playing with Carolyn Pierce, who wants a rematch with Manuel. He resists, and uses Melissa as an excuse to get away, as she has requested an exclusive interview with Antonio that he agrees to facilitate.Jenna and Gianna break up his talk and demand some attention. Antonio commandeers their bodies while Melissa snaps away. Jesse looks miserable as Antonio abuses Gianna's bodacious ta ta's. Antonio leads Jenna, Gianna and Melissa to a bedroom for some privacy and a continuation of the interview. Melissa leaves as things get rough, surprising Gianna. Analingus for Jenna, first from Antonio, then Gianna, who gets a tongue up her ass herself. Jenna's face gets smothered with tit, then ass. The girls double team Antonio's cock, Jenna showing her great handwork and Gianna taking it almost to the root. A hot titty fuck from Gianna, then she's pushed back and skull fucked while Jenna veges out on her pussy. Antonio makes Gianna toss his salad. More oral delights from Jenna as she prepares the cock for its ultimate mission. Gianna sucks his balls. She hammerheads the cock and tries to stuff it down her throat again. Almost an hour into the video and Jenna gets the first vaginal penetration, in up and over doggy. She wants him to go slow, but Antonio just pushes her head in Gianna's lap and pounds away. Gianna wants the cock and challenges Antonio to do her hard, laying back, getting her slit licked, legs pulled back and being drilled into the couch. Jenna strips and bides her time as she waits her turn on the cock again. She sits on Gianna's face, her potty mouth making things even hotter. Gianna's ass cheeks are rosy red as she gets ridden in doggy. P2OGM for Jenna, Gianna impaling her own throat again before taking Antonio in up and over doggy. Hard and deep, then P2OGM again. Antonio goes deep and grinding, shoving his cock down Jenna's throat after. He eats her delectable little ass and fingers the holiest of holes. Gianna gives the cock some final hardening, spits into Jenna's dark cavern and watches as Antonio opens her up slowly. Jenna's not acting here as the acclimation is difficult and she's teetering between heaven and hell. They roll from doggy to RCA, Jenna getting more control and Gianna strumming her sweet cooze. She lords it over Gianna that she has a huge cock in her ass, then it's in her mouth. Back in RCA, the fucking is fast and hard, Gianna working the clit and Jenna cumming. A2M again, then a CG anal mount. Super shot of Jenna's hot ass filled with fat cock. Balls deep, then A2M, Jenna's rectum wide open and looking like a truck could drive through. Antonio rims her for one last anal ride in up and over doggy. Aside from banging his balls on Jenna's loins, he gets to bury his face in Gianna's tits. A2M as they negotiate another anal entry, this time from the side, but turning to missionary. Deep anal with Jenna regaling us with tales of the biggest dick up her ass, ever. A2M before Jenna turns the cock over to Gianna for a mish banging on the arm of the couch. Jenna 69's her and takes a hard spanking from Antonio. He bends Gianna over and fucks the crack of her ass, then her pussy in doggy. He pulls her hair and pounds the hell out of her punani. Jenna smothers her for a bit and Antonio takes Gianna up on her invitation to splooge all over her tits. He ices them and Jenna licks it up. Post pop titty fuck and deepthroat from Gianna to end disk 1.
It was a long wait, but well worth it. Jenna was amazing. Her tight little body taking the challenge that Rocco always provides. Gianna got in her licks early, but was redundant once the anal started. She did manage to put her greatest assets on display for the denouement.
After knocking off a couple of chippies, Antonio's ready to kick back with some internet porn courtesy of the Safado site that Alex turns him onto. He's greeted by a cackling Nacho Vidal and images of Katsumi, as well as a layout of the site, which is in an abandoned building, and a very current picture of him with Gianna and Jenna. Antonio is nonplussed and extra curious. It seems Lauren uploaded an entire gallery of snaps taken just a couple of hours before. Antonio clicks on the Boiler Room and sees a masked woman, bound, with clothes pins attached to her rear. A veritable fetish freak show is opened to him. A couple wrapped in full bodied condom. An androgynous male with multiple piercings, balls constricted by a ring. He clicks on more rooms containing outrageous latex outfits. He clicks on Hanging Out and sees a blonde (Sintia Stone) literally hanging upside down on a rack, with another androgynous being, this time a woman (Peg), looking ready to put her through her paces. And she does, with a riding crop and the flat of her hand. Sintia's also got a jewelled plug embedded in her anus. Another portal is Stairway to Heaven with Vanessa Hill wearing a plume of feathers sticking out of her ass. Devil's Due has the two androgynous players about to embark on a role reversal, as Peg is outfitted with a mean looking strapon, and Constantine bending over in anticipation. Peg also has a devil's tail adorning her rear to go along with her full body tattoos, piercings and shaved head. Spider has a beautiful black chick spanking a fine round ass as Jazz Duro and Steve Holmes take over to spank the both of them in separate stalls of what used to be showers. The boys are playing rough and the women appear to be getting legitimately turned on. Jazz sticks his dick deep down the throat of his masked, buxom partner. Antonio goes to Tit Towers, where Annette Schwarz and Vanessa Hill are being restrained by their arms, hanging from the ceiling. They also have elaborate tit clamps on. Something about Annette's body language says she's digging it as she shakes a little to make the clamps tug. Jazz releases Vanessa's clamps and digs his muzzled face into her lovely rear. Annette gets some rear action also, then gets joined by Steve. He tosses some salad and spanks her with his dick, all the while wearing a mask that makes him look like ET. He releases Annette, and true to form, she gets to her knees and gobbles his cock to the root. The dick just keeps disappearing down her throat. Finally, both guys start dicking the women doggy and Antonio has seen enough, clicking on Katsumi's face. She's in a long room, decked out in red and black latex in an Asian motif.
Meanwhile, things are heating up in another part of Alex's house as the orgy's getting steamy. Adrianna has Christian's cock down her throat, Flower's gobbling Erik and Sandra's muzzling Mr. Pete. Lauren's still wandering around and gets down to licking Sasha's ass, presented by Jean. Jesse surveys the scene with a wine glass in her hand as Sandra rides Erik and Mr. Pete accosts Flower. Marie has Chris down her throat and Nicole is likewise with Voodoo. There's multiple CG riding as Jesse moves back toward Sasha and the lesbian trio of Jewell, Caroline and Lia Baren. She takes Jean's cock away from Sasha to demonstrate some phenomenal deep throat, holding at the pubes for an interminable amount of time. Sandra becomes a dick sandwich for Erik and Pete while Flower does A2OGM. Pete taps Flower's ass in doggy and Erik pounds Sandra into the couch with a hard, deep mish. In fact, he fucks her as hard as I've ever seen her get fucked, even trying to smother her with a pillow. Jesse's having her throat reamed while Sasha looks on in amazement. Then she tries to emulate her. Lauren gets some doggy dick from Pete, and Marie likewise from Chris. Sasha's being skull fucked by Jean and Adrianna is getting railed in an up and over by Christian. Nicole and Jesse pair off and Marie double sucks Chris and Voodoo. Flower's maintaining her cock cleanup duties as Erik ravages Sandra, then Lauren. Nicole fucks Jesse's ass with a ponytail buttplug. Lauren, Flower and Sandra fight over Erik's cock. Lauren joins Jesse and Nicole while Pete tags Flower from behind and Sandra blows Erik. Nicole whips Jesse's ass with a cat-o-nine tails and Erik rails Sandra in doggy. Lauren and Flower pair off while Jean dogs Sasha. Jesse and Nicole grab Lauren away to fuck with her and Antonio walks in on the festivities. Jesse stares at him defiantly. Antonio leaves. The orgy goes into hyperdrive. Alex grabs Sasha and gives her deepthroat breathing lessons. Flower squirts with Chris' dick up her ass. A2M, then she and Sandra are both getting their asses jammed, side by side, in up and over anal. Sasha's put on the spit between Alex and Voodoo. Lauren eats Jesse's ass and Christian gets a piece of Marie. Manuel enters and grabs Jesse and Lauren for some private time. Voodoo fucks Nicole in piledriver and Sasha gets railed in an up and over. Adrianna gets face fucked by Jean. Sasha rides Alex in RC, followed by deep P2M, then CG. Nicole rides Voodoo in RC and almost hyperventilates as she cums. Then she squat fucks his big piece of meat as Sasha gets fucked in a small package. Adrianna rides Jean in CG, then sucks her juices from his cock. Sasha continues her deepthroat training. Sandra and Pete work over a screaming Marie's pussy while Erik tags Sandra from behind. Meat lover that she is, Marie starts demanding cock, and Pete complies in deep mish. Sandra gets spooned anally, Adrianna in piledriver. A2M for Adrianna. Sasha gets laid out over some bodies and gets Chris' cock in her pussy. The latex gets torn right off her body as Sandra attacks her. She also puts three fingers in her pussy to join the fat cock. Nicole and Voodoo are showing how married people fuck in standing doggy with her hair being used as reins. Then they do some piledriver. RCA for Adrianna with Jean. Pete works a screaming Sasha's g-spot, then Sandra takes a shot. Marie gets dogged in up and over by Pete. Sasha gets throat fucked. Marie licks some Romain pussy while Pete gets his knob polished by Sandra. Flower goes RCA with Alex and Sasha has Chris banging her pussy while Jean skull fucks her. Christian is dogging Adrianna in the corner. Flower does an RCDP as Pete joins her party. That sets off the waterworks. Sandra gives Marie a fingering and spanking, then turns her over to Pete for some doggy loving. Erik jams Flower's pussy from behind while she munches Sandra's carpet. Alex explodes on Marie's face, then kisses her, making her go wild. She gives him a deepthroat PCH and a lacivious smile. Erik and Sandra get into a slugfest, each getting more and more turned on. The only problem is that it's Flower taking the pounding as he gets more and more aroused. Voodoo gives Nicole a nice splashing and she rewards him with some special oral love afterwards. CG for Sasha with anal fingering. Jean is back with Adrianna, in a tight doggy. RC for Sasha on Chris. Missionary anal for Adrianna. Up and over doggy for Flower, with Pete. Sasha is riding cock and sucking Chris. Pete cums in Flower's open mouth. Erik turns Sasha every which way but loose as she's initiated into the porn world. Chris gives his protein shake to Flower, who can't seem to let go of his cock. Adrianna takes some Jean juice, tongue outstretched, as Christian beats off to add his own, but not before some very elaborate post pop play. Adrianna doesn't cheat him out of the great PCH, as she just doesn't seem to want to stop. That leaves just Sasha to end things by imbibing Erik's joy juice. More great head to follow the climax.
An incredible orgy scene. Fast moving, enthusiastic, rough. Everybody seemed to get into the zone on this one. The way the women lingered on the cocks after they blew their wads was inspiring. Sandra was psychotic. Nicole and Voodoo remain the only married couple that should ever fuck on screen. Sasha got tore up. Flower, Marie and Adrianna fought for their attention and worked hard to shine through. Somewhere, Lia, Caroline and Jewell got lost.
While the party is going on, we see Manuel sneaking off with Jesse and Lauren. The girls are naked and all over each other. Manuel still clothed and insinuating himself into their passion. Jesse finds a stripper pole to tease on while Lauren gets taken to the edge digitally by Manuel, who makes her beg for a taste of Jesse. She fights her restraints to dig into that hot ass, Manuel toying with her, and controlling her by her hair. He releases her onstage so she can have her pussy and ass licked by Jesse. Lauren takes a more dominant position now, shoving Jesse's head into her ass and torturing her tits as Manuel tosses some salad. Jesse has become the center of both of their desires. Lauren kisses, slaps and chokes her, then abruptly leaves, much to Jesse's chagrin, and effectively ending the scene before it really gets started.
This one mystifies me. Melissa departs an ongoing situation for the second time in the video, but this time there's no continuation of the scene. It's an open ended tease with no apparent payoff.

Jesse is cutting some latex for her designs and Antonio joins her. He explains what he knows of Safado to her and sits down to browse their site again. Clicking on the next show, he gets Katsumi and Nacho, who's filming her. Nacho tells her she's there to serve him and she takes his big dick in her hands lovingly as a prelude to sucking it hard. Nacho challenges her to swallow the whole thing and Katsumi is up for this game. He taunts her as she falls just short, but Katsumi crams the fat cock deep while Nacho goads her on. Katsumi exacts a little measure of revenge as she causes him a little pain, and they're both enjoying this little game. She tongue fucks his ass, really getting into it deeply. Katsumi's passion is growing as they suck face, then she goes back to gobbling knob with Nacho completely dominating her, fucking her face, controlling her breathing, and spanking her sweet ass. He pries open her hot holes and Katsumi concentrates on bringing his liquid love, begging for a taste. She jerks him to climax, sucking the spent dick and licking the mess from her hands and his torso. One last attempt at deepthroat and Katsumi takes Nacho to the balls.
Very hot, and another tease as Katsumi hasn't gotten a righteous fucking yet, but Nacho has sent her off to work, so that's in the offing.
Sintia Stone is seated in front of a padded cross and dressed in black latex. Katsumi runs her hand through the crack of her ass and stands her up while Nacho tapes the activity. Sintia's outfit has air pumps attached to the breast area and Katsumi blows them up into gargantuan missiles. Nacho eats some rubber covered ass while Katsumi covers Sintia's head with a helmet that makes her look like a kinky ant. Dildoes are strapped to her wrists and knees. Nacho has Jazz Duro reclining on the side and offers his face for Katsumi to sit on. Her exposed ass is stunning as she lays it over Jazz' countenance. She ummasks Sintia and leads her over to Jazz for the same treatment. Katsumi handles his swelling rod, pumping gently, then sucking the aroused member. Between the smothering and Katsumi's educated mouth, Jazz looks like he's having some trouble maintaining himself. Sintia gets stripped of her top, sandwiched between Jazz and Katsumi, then bent over to suck Jazz while Katsumi plays with her ass. After some nice face fucking, Sintia works on undressing Katsumi, who takes her place on the virtual spit. Jazz chokes her while Sintia finger pops. Jazz fucks Sintia's face between Katsumi's legs, then the girls team up on the angry dick. They get seated on a rack with their asses hanging out and Jazz plays with their nether regions. Salad tossing, anal fingering and tasting. As Jazz walks away to get a toy, the girls can't seem to leave their bums alone. He cums back with a curved, thin, stainless steel double dong and sticks it in Katsumi's bung. He has another one for Sintia, only this one is beaded on the other end. He corkscrews that one and watches it turn on its own. The weight of these toys makes them fall out easily. Jazz pumps Katsumi's toy hard, then gives her the flesh rocket she so desperately needs in the gaping hole. While he's digging in her hot hole, Sintia goes to find a glass buttplug that she plants in her rectum. She sits back on the rack and waits for Jazz to finish with Katsumi. He takes her plug and goes A2A with it, giving both ladies a taste. They get led to a bench where Katsumi sucks some more cock and Sintia gets the real deal in her ass, doggystyle, while Katsumi does A2OGM. She gets under Sintia in a 69 position, which facilitates the cleanup and face fucking nicely. Jazz has no problem reaching her lips with his nuts. She gets up and does some passionate smooching with Jazz, then she and Sintia work together on sucking him off again. Sintia does a great deepthroat with an interminable hold to answer Katsumi's deep dick diving. She jerks his load onto Katsumi's face. Passionate post pop play between the wanton sluts.
This scene builds slowly, but serves as the payoff for Katsumi's Nacho tease. Lots of great ass shots in an all anal extravaganza. Antonio is intrigued and aroused by this show. Jesse is nervous and concerned about his drifting away from her. He tells her he's going to Berlin, then embraces her. Their passions overflow, and like anyone who's just seen some good porn without achieving some personal gratification, he's looking for some ass. Jesse's got a fine one and he sticks his tongue in, making her back arch in a signature move. He quickly frees his raging hardon and sticks it into Jesse, who just as quickly turns around to deepthroat the stallion. Jesse gets bent over her desk and the cock is plunged deep in her colon. Antonio jams her with no conscience, then grabs her head and forces his cock down her throat. More doggy anal with Jesse professing her love for him. In a surprising display of coitus interruptus, Jesse tells him she can't do this anymore and runs out crying. Nonplussed and frustrated, Antonio heads to Berlin. To be continued

Epilogue When all is said and done, Fashionistas Safado stands as a gigantic tease. I'm overusing that word, and tease is not necessarily a bad thing. In a video that spans two full disks, there are three completely realized sex scenes. Some of the partial bits led into or out of them, but the stuff emanating from the Safado site, especially, reminded me of lost threads in The Sopranos. Anybody remember the lesbian tennis instructor who had the hots for Adrianna? Or the wounded Russian being chased in the woods of Jersey by Paulie Walnuts and Christopher? Just dropped, and never to be heard from again. So it seems is the case with some very promising scenarios with Annette Schwarz and Vanessa Hill, as well as the shower stall scene, or the pair of androgens. Since Rocco is following his muse to Berlin, I'm sure that some of it will be made up to us in some fashion. It's just that those specific scenes looked like potential barn burners. They weren't cut to make room for plot, either. The narrative is wafer thin. These are the things that make this film less than perfect, but also cut the difference between what Stagliano is trying and what's out there in abundance. But what about the sex itself? Two absolutely stupendous scenes, and one very good one. The sexual imagery is constant, if not always complete. Insofar as the acting is concerned, the only person who's doing any is Belladonna, and she does a terrific job of projecting her moods and insecurities, mostly using facial expressions and body language. I look forward to the conclusion, and anticipate that Melissa Lauren will play a bigger sexual role this time around. And of course, more Katsumi.
The Disk Surprisingly, not much extra here. Some trailers specific to this production and a cast list on Disk 1. Filmographies and two photo galleries on Disk 2.
Recommendation If you want to see Jenna Haze ravaged by Rocco, or some of the best women in porn getting drilled in an atmosphere of almost total mayhem, this is your ticket. Anybody who's got the first volume and intends on adding the Berlin disk that's to come, will have to have this transitional opus. Anybody who has to have his scenes completely self contained and stick to the menu will not appreciate this.

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