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Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition

Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Box Sets , Feature film , Fetish , High Definition
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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fu_q's ratings for Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fashionistas Safado Blu-Ray Special Edition A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  8/20/2011
“Fashionistas Safado” (the blu-ray collection) is a top-notch production from Evil Angel and director John Stagliano that couples together two exceptional films—“Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge” and “Fashionistas Safado: Berlin”. There’s a tremendous amount of material presented in this collection—all of it in stunning high-definition. The theme is definitely one of fetishes, particularly of the latex variety, and it’s clear that everything in this production—from the cast to the plot to the sex and so on—has been thought out with precision and painstakingly enacted. This is an awesome release.

In terms of the storyline, Rocco Siffredi is an edgy fetish fashion designer, and Belladonna is both his co-designer and his love interest. Early on in the film, an advertising event for their “Fashionistas” line is hijacked by an unknown organization known only as “Safado”. Upon probing deeper into it, Rocco finds that “Safado” is a sex-charged, fetish website that is clearly reaching out to him. His curiosity piqued, he quickly gets sucked into this organization’s twisted world, and both his relationship with Belladonna and his sexual limits are tested. Not to spoil things any further, but it suffices to say that the plot is strong—as is the acting—and the accompanying sex is super-hot. Indeed, there are some truly memorable performances here.

In terms of the sex, Scene One kicks things off with a bang—an orgy sequence that takes place at a mansion. There are a large number of participants here, including Flower Tucci, Jenna Haze, Gianna Michaels, Adrianna Nicole, Marie Luv, Sasha Grey, Sandra Romain, Nicole Sheridan, Christian XXX, Erik Everhard, Mark Davis, Rocco Siffredi, Voodoo, Jean Valjean, Chris Charming, Mr. Pete, and a couple of others, as well. This excellent fuck-a-thon—which, for all intents and purposes, appears to continue in the third scene (at least from a production perspective)—features slapping, spanking, and a lot of cock-sucking. Of particular note here is Sasha’s oral work which involves some sexy deep-throating…especially when Flower gets in on the act and “helps out” (dominates) Ms. Grey—hot stuff! Scene Two also takes place at the mansion and involves Rocoo getting it on with both Gianna Michaels and Jenna Haze. A contrast of opposites—with the busty Gianna and the svelte Jenna—this one ends up being hard, sweaty, and frantic…all in a good way. There’s spanking, face-sitting, hot double-blowjob action, rimming of Rocco (Gianna), multiple vaginal positions (Jenna and Gianna), and multiple anal positions (Jenna). Further, Jenna does some ass-to-mouth and also gapes—who wouldn’t with Rocco plundering their ass?—and the festivities close out with a pop-shot to Gianna’s breasts, followed up by Jenna lapping it up and some cummy-kissing—scorching! (This ends Disc One.)

In Scene Three, there’s another orgy at the mansion—likely a continuation of the first (at least in terms of the production). The participants here are Adrianna Nicole, Flower Tucci, Belladonna, Melissa Lauren (a part of “Safado”), Marie Luv, Nicole Sheridan, Sasha Grey, Sandra Romain, Erik Everhard, Jean Valjean, Mark Davis, Voodoo, Chris Charming, Mr. Pete, Christian XXX, and a couple of others. This veritable pile of flesh—sexy flesh—is spread over two rooms of the mansion and features lower lighting (more or less) than in the first segment. Added to this, of course, is a good deal of full-on fucking—both vaginal and anal. In terms of stand-outs, Sandra Romain gets DP’d (doubly-penetrated) and squirts; Flower does anal, squirts, gets DP’d, and also does ass-to-pussy and ass-to-mouth; Adrianna does anal, ass-to-mouth, and gapes ; and Sasha Grey and Belladonna both do hard oral, while Belladonna gets a horse-tail butt-plug put up her backside. In capping this one off, Melissa takes a facial from Mark Davis, and HE licks it off and does some cum-swapping with her (!!!); Voodoo pops on Nicole’s face, mouth, and chest; Flower receives a facial and then she jerks another guy off to another facial; Adrianna gets a double-hosing (facial); and Erik Everhard hoses down Sasha Grey’s porcelain visage—all amazing stuff!

In Scene Four, it’s a mini-scene with Belladonna, Melissa Lauren, and Manuel Ferrara in a room featuring a stripper pole and a stage. This one is pretty much a tease and oral-on-female sequence, but it’s still decent. Scene Five couples Katsuni with the ever-hardcore Nacho Vidal (the head “Safado”) as a segment from the group’s website. The blowjob work here is hot (throating), and Katsuni rims Nacho before jerking him to an orgasm on his pelvis—which, after some oral cock clean-off, she laps up—very good and seductive stuff! In Scene Six, it’s Katsuni, Sintia Stone, and another guy—right after the prior sequence—in the corner of the same room. There are some candles and an S&M cross here, and Sintia is in a black fetish outfit with blow-up boobs. For part of the time, she’s also wearing a bizarre, “spacesuit” gas mask, as well. Katsuni and Sintia do some face-sitting on the male lead in this one, and they both get some wild, stainless steel butt-plugs / hooks up their bums. Sintia also uses a big, glass-like plug on her ass, and the male lead takes it and goes back and forth, inserting it in each of their butts and mouths. Moreover, Sintia and Katsuni each do anal in this sequence—with Katsuni also doing ass-to-mouth—and this exceptional tryst is finished off with Sintia jerking the guy to a pop on Katsuni’s face and his own chest. This is followed up by some oral cock clean-off on Katsuni’s part and some cummy-kissing—wow!

In Scene Seven, Rocco and Belladonna have a spontaneous romp in their studio that also really brings the heat…prior to its abrupt, plot-based ending. Rocco jams Belladonna in a standing rear-entry anal position over a desk, and she does some ass-to-mouth on him. Almost as quickly as it begins, this one comes to an end—without a release for poor Rocco. (That’s gotta hurt…) Still excellent material, though. (This ends Disc Two.)

Scene Eight takes place after Rocco makes the trip to Berlin in order to immerse himself more deeply in the whole “Safado” experience. This sequence features Melissa Lauren getting fully (and somewhat forcefully) dominated by Nacho Vidal at the “Safado” warehouse / studio. Katsuni helps out a bit here, but it’s really Melissa that’s in the line of fire. There’s hard spanking, slapping, and choking. Nacho fingers Melissa to a squirt, and he also—at one point—pries open her ass with a speculum. The blowjob work is extraordinarily hard (even to the point of causing Melissa to pee—which she appears to lick up—and vomit). On top of this, she gets vaginally and anally (gaping) penetrated by Mr. Vidal…and she jerks him off to a facial. She follows this up with some oral cock clean-off and some cum- / spit-licking off of an S&M bench. This is excellent, but it’s most certainly not for the squeamish.

In Scene Nine, Melissa takes on Annette Schwartz in a fancy red- / pink-toned room with a glass-tiled wall. Fingers, tongues, and some heavy breast, thigh, and face slapping are on the agenda here, as Melissa dominates Annette—another very good sequence. Scene Ten involves Rocco getting taken over by—and then ultimately dominating—Judith Fox, Annette Schwartz, Vanessa Hill, and Sintia Stone. This one takes place upstairs at a club, and Rocco is strapped down for a good deal of the time. During this time, there’s some hard face-sitting / -riding done on him and also some serious domination. The multi-girl blowjob action in this segment is hot, as is the multi-girl rimming of Rocco. Eventually, Rocco and Annette join forces and rim the other women. All of the ladies end up doing anal here (ass-to-mouths by Sintia and Judith), and Annette gives it to both brunettes with a strap-on. The finale is a cum-shot to Annette’s face and mouth…all followed up by some oral cock clean-off (throating) on her part and everyone making out—hot!

Scene Eleven closes out the third disc in style with a three-girl, one-guy romp involving Katsuni and Melissa Lauren along with a dominating actor and his helper actress. The idea behind this one is that Rocco is watching a tape, and he starts it at the end—with Melissa hitting Katsuni straight in the face with a milk enema squirted from her backside. Upon rewinding, the rest of the sequence plays out, with the guy and girl dominating Melissa, hitting her with a riding crop, stuffing four fingers in her ass (both of them), and then loading her up with the enema. This is wild stuff! (This ends Disc Three.)

The fourth disc kicks off straight into a massive orgy involving Annette Schwartz, Sintia Stone, Dunia Montenegro, Nacho Vidal, Steve Holmes, and a host of other male and female performers (Scene Twelve). This one takes place in a club that’s frequented by the “Safado” group, and features some interesting lighting effects. Of course, there’s sucking and fucking all-around, and the fetish / S&M theme is prevalent. Of note in this scorcher is the pony-tail butt-plug that Sintia Stone has in and parades around with, as well as some of Nacho’s work with her. To close out the festivities, Steve Holmes pops on Dunia’s face and then again on Annette’s. Steve then does some cummy-kissing with Dunia, and Dunia and Annette follow it up with their own cummy-kissing. A couple of more facials abound—including a super-hot no-hands one brought about by some face-fucking—before this scalding romp is brought to its sticky and sweaty conclusion. In Scene Thirteen, Nacho Vidal is dressed halfway in drag and halfway as a latex-priest in a segment with clear religious overtones for the “Safado” site. After some brief introductory material featuring Katsuni and Melissa Lauren, it cuts to Nacho getting it on with Judith Fox and Annette Schwartz…and later, Vanessa Hill and Sintia Stone, as well. Annette provides some heavy deep-throating and some ass-to-mouth in this one (as does Vanessa), and Nacho lays claim to the women vaginally (all four) and anally (all but Annette). A facial for Annette—which she follows up with some cummy-pussy-eating on Sintia—closes out this exceptional sequence.

Scene Fourteen brings together Rocco with Katsuni and Melissa Lauren after a game of milk-enema “Russian roulette” that Nacho wins by getting a face-full from Judith Fox’s ass. The religious/latex fetish persists in this one, which starts out (and remains) rough—with lots of spanking, slapping, cock-slapping, cat-fighting, choking, etc. The deep-throating that both women do—which sometimes gets to the point of choking—is hot, and Melissa taps out prior to the end of the sequence…leaving Katsuni to bear the brunt of Rocco’s frustrations (and cock) on her own. He takes her vaginally and anally (ass-to-mouth)—and the rough theme is maintained throughout—before Katsuni jerks and sucks him to an orgasm all over her face and mouth (oral cock clean-off and cummy-kissing between the two of them)—wild! In Scene Fifteen, Rocco is back with Belladonna—this time with Katsuni—to show her some of the new things that he’s learned. The sequence starts out with Belladona having clothes pins attached up and down her back, as she blows Rocco and Katsuni hits her with a riding crop. The blowjob work here is sexy, includes deep-throating and plenty of spit, and finishes with Belladonna bringing Rocco to an orgasm on her face and mouth…which is then followed up by all three of them doing some cummy-kissing—hot! ! (This ends Disc Four.)

(As a note: If you have difficulty with getting Disc Four to read, be sure that your blu-ray player’s firmware is fully up-to-date.)

It should also be noted that there is a huge amount of cut-scene material interspersed throughout the production. This includes the use of jeweled butt-plugs, bondage, vegetable insertion, the insertion of a drinking glass (vaginally), candle wax, etc. Additionally, this footage includes a good deal of actual sex. And, of course, not to be ignored is the material based on the “Fashionistas” stage-show that used to play in Vegas. Having seen this show in-person, I’m fairly certain that at least some (perhaps much) of the cast are part of that footage. This occurs at / near the beginning of the first disc. There are also three trailers put forth on the fourth disc.

As a final note, it can’t be stressed enough how high the production values are, how much thought was clearly put into this, and how well it all works out. From the plot to the acting to the camerawork and the scorching sex, everything gels. There’s really nothing bad to say about this epic, and only good. It is most definitely worthy of purchase and most definitely a classic. Check it out…especially on blu-ray!

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