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loverboy Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust 2.5 starsFamily Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust 2.5 starsFamily Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust 2.5 stars
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Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust

Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust

Studio: Sweet Sinner
Category:  All Sex , Couples
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Starring: , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  12/6/2010

Family Secrets: Tales Of Victorian Lust

Prologue: I became interested in director Nica Noelle of Sweet Sinner when she described her style and goals for making films with more realistic sex than is normal in porn. Checked out one of her first efforts, The Deviant, and was very pleasantly surprised with the heat generated by this plot based feature. I also viewed Hotel Sin and was disappointed by its sexual redundancy, as all the scenes but one could be considered identical. So now I'm fast forwarding to the present for a feature that uses Victorian in the title, making it a period piece, but by the looks of it, is set in the Civil War Era South. There are performances by the ever beautiful Rayveness as well as the luscious and controversial Alia Starr, who is gorgeous, stacked, and black, yet allegedly won't work with black men, so I guess we know it won't be Sean Michaels or Nat Turnher that taps that ass.

Rayveness is shown in the opening as a new widow down on her luck, sending her children to an old friend, DeLuxe and her family. Tension from the outset in this newly blended family of adults and children, black and white. The dinner table gets testy as Alia Starr dredges up some bad memories and possible family secrets centering around the birth of Wolf Hudson and alleged miscarriage of Rayveness. Sean Michaels is the patriarch of his family, and the obvious link between the two. Nat Turnher plays the fiance of Alia, while Sammy Grand and Dane Cross are Rayveness' brood. The future connections are pretty clear right from this opening scene. Wolf is a disappointment to his father for the non academic path he's taken and he's quite the angry soul. Later, Dane spies on Alia preparing for bed, making a loud noise on his clumsy retreat and rousing another suspicion in the buxom beauty. Sean and DeLuxe argue about Wolf as they go to sleep. Dane rubs one out thinking of Alia, who confronts him about his spying, but slips him a kiss instead of a rebuke.

Wolf is fantasizing about Sammy, leading to the first sex scene, as he imagines ripping her away from the dinner table in front of the protesting Nat, and ravages her in his bedroom. She's pale and pretty, with truly lovely tits, and Wolf looks like he's trying to live up to his name by devouring her. The dress is yanked off and Wolf dives into the bearded clam, making her body shake and her face flush. Probably the lengthiest bout of cunnilingus in the history of b/g porn, picman approved for the way Wolf gets his face in there, even if he never spreads it open for the deepest dive possible. Sammy helps him unpant and goes right to work reciprocating. The camerwork takes some bad angles here as they are neither open nor erotic, focused alternately by a side shot (good) and the back of Sammy's head (bad). Once she's got him hard, Sammy sits in his lap and they get down to driving the stake in CG. Slow and deep with nice hip movement. Lots of kissing and grabbing. Wolf finally sheds all his clothes and gets into a classic missionary with Sammy. Their bodies are mergiing and he's supplying good ass drive as Sammy welcomes him into her cradle. She's obviously into it, if not totally proactive in her movements, and Wolf finally pulls out and shoots a hot load across her body and into Sammy's thick bush. Not to leave her hanging, he finger fucks Sammy to orgasm and seals things with a kiss. Back to reality as Wolf finishes himself off.

Alia and Dane resume their dance as she apologizes for her behavior of the night before. One thing leads to another and they're lip locked. He lays her on the bed, opening Alia's blouse and unleashing the twin beasts. She strips down to just a corset and takes Dane's thickness in her mouth. So far this has been a Viagra free production as both men have started out soft. Thankfully not for long as Dane's twitching in no time and Alia climbs on for CG. They stir up some sweet cream with deep penetration and move to mish. Again they use more natural positioning and overt displays of affection. Those tits may be big but the pussy looks tight as Dane pounds into Alia. He pulls off her corset and enters her in spoon. Lots of kissing and groping, and a pop shot on Alia's tits.
Sean is in his study writing a letter, interrupted by Sammy who piques his interest about Rayveness, and then interrupted once more by Nat, who takes Sammy away with him. They head for home but get waylaid by the pouring rain and predictably fall into each other's arms as they wait out the storm. Nat parts Sammy's petticoats and laps at her wet pussy. Her little flower opens wide and releases its pollen, but this time Sammy's in a hurry for that thick, dark dick. She's inhaling tubesteak voraciously, the camera still sneaking behind her for a no value shot. Short and functional with the bj, and Nat enters in mish. Seated, body to body, legs in the air, then side entry as Nat rolls through the variations. Sammy's bouncing like a rag doll from the force, her breathing labored. Spoon, then they finally decide to undress Sammy, who has her own hot little corset on which remains as Nat takes her in doggy. A lot of passion here as Nat manhandles Sammy in a pleasingly rough manner. She gets on top for CG, then bottoms again for mish. Nat cums on Sammy's bush and fingers her clit to help her finish off, much like with Wolf.
Rayveness gets a visit from... Sean, of course. They suck face at the door and stumble inside. The urge to merge is taken to a bedroom and Sean assays her sweet body with mouth and hands. Not too long before he's deep into her petticoats and nibbling on her perfect tits. More pussy to be eaten here, and Ray is sporting some hairy patch. Her nipples go rock hard as he works it, then reintroduces her to the trouser snake that caused all her turmoil so many years ago. He's naked. She's in a hot corset. And for some reason, everybody in this video so far has kept their footwear on, I think. Ray mouths the manaconda, and I'm finally realizing that bad camera angle from behind is supposed to let the audience see the guy's reaction. Even at that, it's not working. Rayveness leads Sean into spoon. He teases the moist lips before piercing into the sugarwalls. He gets her good and wet with the deep strokes and Ray is his to do with as he wishes. First he wishes to fuck her in doggy, then gets his sweat lapped up by a worshipful Rayveness. Sean climbs on top and drives deep into her love box. Knees on chest and Sean pulls out to cum on her corset. They kiss as the scrawl promises a continuation of this story.
Epilogue: As stated in my opening, using Victorian in the title is a mite misleading, as it's an era attached to the UK. The narrative that sets the stage for this little story is a wee short on exposition. Is it Antebellum or Reconstruction? I'm assuming Rayveness is from the South, but what of Sean Michaels and his brood? Is most of this activity taking place in the North? To what do we attribute this remarkable relationship considering the times they were set in? Past that, once the drama starts to unfold, a good job was done at setting up the relationships and budding attractions, so the pairings that ensued made perfect sense. Director Nica Noelle eschews the porn conventions of open positioning and gyno closeups, as well as the circus acts so beloved in gonzo/sportfucking. Where I think that fell a little is that all the men seemed to read the same book on how to "make love" to a woman, leaving little variation in personality or activity. I thought Sammy Grand transcended this limitation, as she appeared to be genuinely lit up by Wolf, and even moreso by Nat, who I believe could have taken things to another, nastier, level had he chosen to. The style of sex chosen should have drawn a more dynamic camera work. Instead it varied between static and obscured, showing little instinct or anticipation. Nica definitely needs to shit can the behind the head shot that neither shows nor conveys anything erotic or graphic. She does show a knack for creating a soap opera-like story with about as much content as a half hour show. Will this work for couples looking for some inspiration? I think it will, though I know Nica can do better. It has enough to draw people in, but not so much that it exhausts or acts as a replacement for the real sex it would like to inspire. Good enough, but far from great.
The Disk: I can't make any comments on the disk, and even hesitate to judge the visual quality of this video because I received a burned DVD made especially for screening. The scrawl and logo that appears in my screen caps were ever present. There are no extras for me to review. In short, I don't have a consumer version to evaluate, and even though I can understand a company worrying about illegal copying and file sharing emanating from screeners, I can't condone this method. I won't be reviewing any more Sweet Sinner product if this is their MO.
Recommendation: A good video for couples.

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