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sexyhard Fallen (Wicked) 4.5 starsFallen (Wicked) 4.5 starsFallen (Wicked) 4.5 stars
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Fallen (Wicked)

Fallen (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Fallen (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Fallen (Wicked) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Fallen (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fallen (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Fallen (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fallen (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Fallen (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fallen (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/7/2008
Ok fans time to check out an EVENT movie, you know the ones which say hey take a look at me and this dvd gives you the best reason of all on the cover to check this out, that's the lovely jessica drake!! The whole grey color scheme works very well when coupled with the white of her outfit, the winds spreading magnificently behind her but then you see the title, Fallen. This is in reference to what we see happen after the first scene which is a short couples fling between Brad Armstrong the movies director and a huge star herself, Jenna Haze. Some nice fucking here which ends with Brad splooging to her open mouth. First turning point of the movie as Jenna decides to head home this time instead of staying which she usually does. After entering the elevator to go down we watch the unthinkable happen-- not since Dressed to Kill and Angie Dickinson being aced in the opening moments has a movie shocked, they Kill Off Jenna Haze!! Seems her angel jessica, had taken her eyes off her charge for a bit, she always had stayed with Brad before so this shouldn't have happened but it did, the result jessica loses her wings and is sent to live down below with us mortals.

Ok we get some great voice over work too from jessica as the movies transcends down to earth, an angel without wings living amongst the mortals-- wanting to get back but how and she's not feeling the love from above so she decides to go in the opposite way and delve into the sinful nature of humans-- we seek carnal pleasure seemingly without fear of cause or affect and she wants to feel anything besides her existence that she currently has been living for about four years since Jenna was killed. This takes us to the first extended sex scene of the movie.

jessica drake & others in an orgy! :

There is something too about jessica's voice, soothing, even as she is telling this dark tale which has taken her to a sex club. Upong entering you notice the dark lighting and also not five feet in you have a lovely girl engaging in fellatio, you have another, Jada Fire, diddling her pussy, other sex is going on and jessica kinda takes the lay of the land before also dropping down and immersing herself in this decadence of carnality. Sucking cock, check, taking cock in her pussy, check and finally anal plus DP for jessica-- all check!! The lighting must have been a challenge for Brad & crew, you want the seedy feel to be there and it was pretty good but you also want the fans watching to see enough of the nasty to be turned on and I think they succeeded there too. There was a sculptor in the scene that had me thinking of Al Pacino's office in the movie Devils Advocate, you know the one where Keanu played a lawyer! You see just about every girl in this one doing anal too, at least one other girl does dp besides jessica and in the end it's cum for everyone but jessica is close by to take cum swaps, lick the jizz off a face. I'd say she's delved about as deep into sin as she could go but perhaps since the movies nearly 3 hours we will see just a bit more from this lovely woman.

After this nightime of debauchery we catch up with jessica the next day, it's daylight and she is out and about, plus there's more excellent voice over work from our leading lady so pay attention!

jessica & Randy Spears:

Seems jessica's enjoying something a lot of you do in your am hours-- a cup of java plus she's people watching as she tells us, searching for that next playtoy. jessica had found one she was interested in but fate then lends a helping hand by having Brad ride by on his bike and bump into jessica spilling her coffee on a nice white shirt, ruining it. This is the first meeting but you can bet it won't be the last between these two. Of course he's Jenna's former boyfriend but at this time jessica doesn't put 2 & 2 together on that point, though the feeling will linger I suspect that she knows him. So we move to the next night and jessica aimlessly walkin the streets, seeking satisfaction when she's joined by a cop, Randy Spears who's wondering what she's doing out all alone at this hour. They offer jessica a ride-- but it's not a ride as in car ride, nope Randy Spears is hot for jessica and they like to play this game of you need a ride-- on my cock!! One officer, a good married man sits in the car while Randy's the bad boy and is shown laying pipe to jessica who's adorning the cars back end! Oh my is that a shiny nightstick going up jessica's ass-- it is literally and not Randy's cock which you see sliding in over to make this a unique dp. You also get a pretty good view of her ass as they do a standing doggie, then Randy smoothly loses the condom so jessica can suck him to cumpletion, damn Randy you saved up a super load for Miss Drake and the cleanup as the jizz glistenn on her chin in the nightime was excellent.

Jennifer Dark with Marcus London & Tommy Gunn:

Cut to the next day and we are back to jessica people watching but she's also searching for one particular person and yes it's Brad who happens to walk by. The two chat and she still hasn't put it together this is her former charges boyfriend, she feels that connection to him that Jenna had. The two set up a date for that weekend but she won't say where she lives so Brad writes his # on jessica's palm-- she was very attracted to him and wanted to bone him right there but this was a positive feeling, something she'd not felt in some time so waiting was ok. Cut to images then of jessica standing high above the cess pool of sin below-- she had a couple days yet before the date and as she says to us, man was I fucking horny!! So we don't get jessica fucking here but the lovely Miss Jennifer Dark who is a regular jessica likes to walk by and spy on. She's doing two guys here, pussy eating, dick sucking and since this is daytime the lighting is even better than in previous scenes. Good bj action here from Jennifer, she gets all comfy as the cocks get on either side. As for the fucking you get some strong action here too, anal plus dp and Jennifer is a dirty talker plus her accent sounded pretty hot! The guys end up blasting off to her upper chest with Jennifer doing some cleanup after, that might satisfy jessica for the time being but you know she's itching for more and it won't be much longer for her.

jessica & Brad Armstrong:

We cut then to a new day and separate images of the two main leads walking/ ride through the streets, jessica is counting the time and we move then to a jazz club the sight of their date. They are slow dancing as the music permeates the air and the way they're dancing-- it's the way intimate couples slow dance and it looked good. I think having a real singer and band playing added a big deal of authenticity to this scene as well. The making out was also very passionate, jessica weaving her web over Brad and the two decide it's time to leave and we cut then to Brad's place and she still hasn't put it together, the passion was overriding her mind here and the two just go for it, pussy eating, jessica even licks her juices off Brad's fingers. After this great extended pussy play we move to jessica engulfing Brad's tool and she is hungry for it as you can obviously see. Several appealing positions, cowgirl showing off that ass so well and then Brad eases in for a bit of anal fun too leading to a big popshot all over that freshly fucked pussy, dripping down to her ass.

Cut to the next morning and as Brad peacefully slumbers you have jessica waking up and finally she puts it together when she spots a picture sitting there next to the bed, it is one of Jenna and then jessica takes her first real look around the place and sees more photos and she's like fuck. jessica then wakes Brad up and he confirms that it's Jenna and this uncomfortable feeling comes between them as jessica makes to leave but not before we get some very good dialogue from Brad about the situation. Cut in some images from the funeral, more angelic music and jessica leaves.. but I think this is a beginning and not an end.

jessica & Hershell Savage:

We move back to the seedy night, more voice over from jessica. She was down and she even rides an elevator to remind herself of where she was and where she could be going if only the situation was different. So jessica tries to get back to her routine, forget Brad, and she gets into the swing of it again by going out for a cab ride- a local cabbie let her ride atop the hood as they travelled around the city-- it was the closest she could get to flying plus at .30 a mile it was cheap!! The cabbie stops and turns out it's Hershell driving and if he wants his bj he better keep driving-- you'd figure for a bj from jessica he might floor it then, lol. So cut to the next time he is stopped and it's jessica on her knees sucking cock but this time it was different as Brad kept creeping back into her thoughts, she's found her 'soul' mate and this souless existence was starting to lose it's edge-- but not quite yet as you'll see excellent head from jessica here. It ends with the pop jerked into that lovely open mouth.

jessica & Angie Savage:

It's still the night and jessica is still yearning for a bit more carnal satisfaction so she heads to another place she'd been fond of when this itch arose, it's full of hotties this time, I see Alektra there, Jeneveve Jolie too but she settles on Angie-- could be the angel wing tattos across her back. The two leave for a more intimate location-- actually they are separated by a pane of glass and they communicate by phone. It's a peep show booth! jessica is commanding here and first one is for Angie to get undressed, nice boobies and then the bottoms go and turning around you get the classic bend over ass shot which was pretty good. jessica tells us she was unable to focus on this beautiful body before her, the only thing in her gaze was this girls back and those wings. An interesting guitar track is then piped in as we also get some black/white shots of jessica actually interacting with Angie, then we cut back to the live action where the glass is still dividing them and Angie is fingering herself as jessica directs over the phone. jessica's having some fun too as we see she's opened up her pretty legs and is fingering herself. The black & white images also have jessica caressing and licking at those wings as well as doing a little pussy eating, ass spanking to Angie. Finally the two get in the same room and we continue the dirty talking without the phone lines between them. jessica furiously fingering that pussy and a couple slip in Angie's ass as well. jessica then employs a toy to help her pleasure this unwitting victim of her carnal desires. Angie then gets to do a little pussy pleasuring herself as jessica uses a toy to fuck her own ass. Does this distract her from thinking about Brad-- yes and no. The last images from this scene aren't pretty either, a bloody back of Angie's is presented to us and it's not real but the desire for jessica to have her former life back is.

The next image is then of jessica lying on her stomach in a tatto establishment and seems she's getting her own set of wings as I don't think she'd resort to violence to get them, that'd be the full descent into the abiss and she seems to want a way out-- the whole Brad situation seems her best road in that vein. jessica knows these wings won't fly nor will she get closer to the light she's seeking, nope there's one more bit of carnal lust she's to experience and this one involves two more girls. But first it's daytime and she tells us the choice she wants to make, seeking the light isn't quite one she's ready for yet. jessica then gives some money to a homeless man who gives her some advice and this seemed to be just what she was looking for. She calls Brad and seems to want to put this thing back together but this is interrupted by a mugger who suprises Brad-- jessica listens in. The guy gets what he wants but then the cars start going off, their alarms I mean, all at once and this throws our mugger for a loop, then you see jessica coming in, striding in a pissed off mode wearing her long black trenchcoat, Brad is also not sure what's going on. The cars stop talking once jessica gets close to Brad-- they need to talk she says after the mugger had run off. jessica then spills her guts, everything from being a fallen angel who had failed in her charge to protect Jenna, she even told him they loved him. Brad listened and didn't run off, he was glad actually to finally know the truth of what happened and the two decide to try again and head out of town for a weekend get away. The couple seem very happy-- is there one final twist to go?

jessica, Shyla Stylez & Niko:

As the two are travelling along the highway jessica slips off to dream sleep-- this dream takes her back to being an angel and you see Shyla there too, both women with full wings and white lace adorning their bodies-- great visual and Niko is there too, is he their head angel? Not sure but you have some interesting music playing as we get fleeting images of the two ladies in their sexy outfits, some blinding light then as they walk towards us through it and then the girls start to kiss before dropping down to share Niko's cock-- now that's something I think anyone of us would love these two gorgeous women sharing our cock, that is something I'd desire!! Some good shots in the sex as well, try this one-- Shyla being nailed in mish furiously while jessica's got her pussy inches above Shyla's face!! Each girl gets her pussy stuffed with schlong and there's even some P2OGM too from Miss Drake. The girls end up sharing the load to close this dream sequence out.

jessica & Brad:

Well that was definitely a great dream but she wakes up to an even better reality, the man she loves pitching a tent-- literally!! I see a Joshua Tree too there, might have to put on my U2 album now, lol. jessica is unfamiliar with the great outdoors like this and Brad's willing to show her all once he's done. Cut to the two biking down a long deserted road, Brad waxes poetically about being in the open air, no skyscrapers, no big crowds, just the two of them enjoying mother nature. After a long bike ride and good talk we arrive to the final surprise, it's a landing strip and they just happen to stop at a small Cessna plane-- jessica had wanted to fly and Brad was doing his best to fulfill this wish, I definitely think he's getting some!! jessica is all smiles as they get in for their flight, to her utter amazement the two fly around the friendly skies, he even turns the controls over to jessica who finally gets to fly!! The music here was appropriately enough uplifting in its tone, one last bit of voiceover work from jessica who fills us in on how she finally knows what made Brad so special to Jenna and this sets the stage for their final tryst-- but first some roasting of the marshmellows by the campfire!!

As those flames flickered the marshmellows are put down and the two begin making out rather passionately, good pussy eating followed by jessica romantically sucking her mans cock-- there is a difference you can see when the passion is there like it is here. They manage to work through a couple positions, doggie probably the best before Brad stands up to unload his pop and it's a good one to jessica's open mouth, great cleanup too from our angel!! Cut to the next day and the two are just about ready to head out when Brad suggests a quick bike ride into town-- is this a bad idea because we see a camero come zooming down the dirt road behind them, Brad takes a nasty spill and we cut to the hospital and Brad's hanging on for his life. jessica decides to go the hospital's chapel and make a direct appeal, this offers up one final chance for this woman to shine dramatically, she does very well as you'll see and hear. jessica will forsake her wings if only Brad's life can be saved. Well we have one final twist as coming back to Brad's room she surprises a guy who has a gun on a nurse, suffice to say he ends up shooting jessica-- but in a final twist-- I think, you see Brad succumbing to his injuries as we see jessica sitting there bleeding on the floor so they both die but get reborn as angels-- final shot of them overseeing the nighttime of LA but no seedy sex romps for jessica now, nope there's one final leap off a tall building with the man she loves!! He does work in mysterious ways.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a very good feature I think from start to finish, well crafted story acted out in an easy to view manner by the principals, namely Brad Armstrong and jessica drake-- a definite nom for Best Actress for her work here, no doubts about it and well deserved. Now for the extras you have not one but two full discs of goodies to enjoy.

Special Features:

I'll go with the special features disc first which opens with 38 minutes of a making of for this movie and I'd definitely give that a look see to see what went into making this well done movie. But as you know in any movie that's made either mainstream of porno there are bloopers so Brad nicely includes a few minutes of flub ups and after watching such a serious movie it is good to laugh a bit! You have a few more goodies here to check out from watching them do the final stunt where Brad and jessica leapt off the building to a few of the girls thoughts on angels, watching jessica ride around atop the cab as Hershell drives, so check them all out.

Bonus Features:

Slipping in the third disc we have yet more fun things to take a look at and this one features more sex!! Oh yeah like we need more sex, lol, but nicely it's included here, two bonus scenes lifted from Cockstar-- Alektra Blue taking on Lexxi Tyler and the other scene is a funny one from Operation Desert Stormy featuring Jenna Haze boning Stephen St. Croix. You want more sex from Fallen the movie you've just watched well you get that too and nicely there's more jessica taking on Barrett Blade plus you have some dialogue and a bj from Gianna Lynn to Brad. You also have a sex booth set up with the other girls including Angie again-- this time you don't have jessica instructing them, it's just them doing the dirty talk as we get to oogle their sexy bodies!! There is also more from the orgy scene to check out and we have Interviews too with the main principals Brad Armstrong and jessica drake so give those a listen. Now going back to the main disc as I read on the back there are multiple endings for this, you need to go to the Set Up menu and there you'll see where you can turn on a link that helps you choose jessica's fate so perhaps the next time you watch this movie I'd utlize this option and see what surprises are in store as you get a different version of the film! So that's it, what a flick, I'm spent but in a good way, I was entertained as well as turned on watching this one, jessica drake is every bit a leading leady here and carries the film with a quiet confidence that impresses as well as helps your other areas!! The costars weren't to shabby either from Jenna Haze to Shyla Stylez to Jennifer Dark but mostly this movie is centered on two people, Brad and jessica so for fans of their work this is a must have, job well done.

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