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Fallen Angel 1 (general release)

Fallen Angel 1 (general release)

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
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Alan Benson's ratings for Fallen Angel 1 (general release):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Fallen Angel 1 (general release) overall rating 4 stars
Performer Looks Fallen Angel 1 (general release) Performer's looks rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fallen Angel 1 (general release) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Fallen Angel 1 (general release) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fallen Angel 1 (general release) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Alan Benson  on  12/5/1999
Directed by Cam & Kirsch

First off, if you're looking for the extreme side of S&M, buy the video--not the DVD.

Titan Media, like others, is farming their DVD production to an outside company. Thus they've decided to release only what they call "retail" versions on DVD, rather than their own private "mail order" versions. (Is this what Falcon is going to end up doing too? I hope not. But if they out-source their DVD production, you can probably count on it.)

These "retail" cuts are hardcore sex, to be sure, but they've been re-edited to remove "controversial" scenes, which in gay porn usually means fisting or extreme buttplay, flogging or piercing. (Perhaps multiple penetration too; I'm not sure.) Since this stuff has only slight novelty value for me personally, I probably found the DVD cut of Fallen Angel at least as exciting as I would the VHS cut. Still... No one wants to fork out $69 (the very high retail price) just to find out they've gotten a censored or edited-down product. An unacceptable practice, in my opinion. Shame.

That said, Fallen Angel is still easy to recommend--for the right people.

You like your sex warm and fuzzy? You want your men to be models--all gorgeous and well-groomed? This is NOT your cup of tea. The guys here are older, hairier, and in some cases, not even flat-chested. They are, however, completely authentic. The tattoos and piercings on these guys are not the result of some recent fashion trend. And you can bet that--unlike some leather productions--these guys actually own most of what they're wearing...

Four scenes here, all four of which got me going--although the first and last are certainly the best. First, a great three-way featuring Cole Tucker, followed by an odd (but amusing) oral twosome in a busy "public" elevator. Next is a long orgy sequence, filmed at a bathhouse, with lots of "regular joes" looking on. (Not much continuity in this scene; it's probably the most heavily edited for DVD.) The final scene is an amazing kidnap-and-brutalize scenario starring Kyle Brandon and Steve Cannon, which for all it's pseudo-rape trappings plays out with a lot of hot sex and real feeling. Kyle almost made a believer out of me in this scene; he somehow manages to be intimidating and sweet simultaneously... He can dominate me any time.

Surrounding these four sex scenes is some stylized footage in which Steve descends to earth as a hunky black-winged angel. He wanders about an empty city, before being "found" by trenchcoat-wearing Kyle and taking part in the final threesome. Silly or artsy, take your pick.

This movie is a great antidote to the "gorgeous-but-straight" men you'll find so common in gay porn. Guys who look amazing while fucking and sucking, but don't seem too interested in what they're doing. In contrast, there's not a sweaty sex-pig on this DVD that isn't doing exactly what he digs most. The sex is honest and raw, and the sense of connection and commeraderie between the guys is so real that it sells the whole thing, even for folks with no specific interest in S&M roleplaying.

To quote from the Titan website-- Please note: This is the 90 min. retail (censored) version of Fallen Angel. The 120 min. uncensored version is available only on video tape directly from TITAN


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