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Linus F-ing Teens 4.5 starsF-ing Teens 4.5 starsF-ing Teens 4.5 stars
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F-ing Teens

F-ing Teens

Studio: Exquisite Pleasures
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for F-ing Teens:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
F-ing Teens overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks F-ing Teens Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks F-ing Teens Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex F-ing Teens Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting F-ing Teens Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras F-ing Teens DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality F-ing Teens A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  6/13/2005

the absolute freshest & freakiest teens take it all off for Septo‘s soldiers

F-ing Teens

2005, 2 hours and 20 minutes
Venom Digital Media
Directed by Jordan Septo
Starring Karina Kay, Lain Oi, Teena Fine, Bailey, Kinzie Kenner

What You Should Know:
Jordan Septo is slept-on. For real for real, yo.

What other director do you know that works as hard, releasing so much product at such a rapid-fire pace and at this high level of quality? I honestly can‘t think of ONE. It would be different if my man was releasing trash or easily disposable porn but Septo, his producer Gina Lassen and everyone at Venom responsible provide me with those Christmas Eve-type flicks; the kind you can‘t wait to get up the next morning and get your hands on. In another example of Jordan‘s non-conformity, he releases yet another movie that has zip to do with any line he‘s done previously. I do hope he returns to this idea, though. He‘s gathered four hot 18-year-olds all on their first year in the business and Kinzie Kenner to be put through the paces by his usual goons, Tyce Bune, Sascha, Lee Stone and Marcos Leon. When Kenner is the seasoned vet of your cast, it really don‘t come no fresher. Fall back...
Scene One: Karina Kay with Sascha

Karina Kay, 18, our brunette cover girl is on a bed wearing a blue plaid ensemble, pigtails and matching blue translucent whore heels. Kay has one of those perfect all-natural “are they real or not?” racks. Sascha‘s her guy. They kiss briefly then he uses her pigtails to steer her mouth down onto his prick. Cowgirl starts things off. Karina‘s taut ass cheeks jiggle ever-so-slightly as her wet gash leaves Sascha‘s cock glistening with a fresh coat of her female armor-all-like dampness. He buries his dick deep inside Karina mish next as she snarls “Oh yeah…oh my God“ over and over again through clenched teeth. The drilling continues in reverse cowgirl, Kay‘s hair completely down now, her pigtails fucked loose. She‘s a bit more aggressive and pro-active in this position, literally leaping up and down off of Sascha‘s lap and rubbing her clit until she manages to squirt. I like it! Reverse cowgirl morphs into spoon, a position that displays Karina‘s young body as much as the previous one. Sascha explodes onto her face, Karina bathing in the cream and sucking him dry. I‘ll refrain from making bold predictions but this was a good scene from Karina and she more than reminded me of early Jenna Haze but with tits. That can‘t possibly be a bad thing.

Scene Two: Lain Oi with Tyce Bune

Lain Oi, also 18, says she‘s been eagerly anticipating the day she would turn 18 so that she could jump into porn. She wears tiny denim shorts and a white net top while a shiny powder bra reins in her large and natural 34D tits. Lain is thin and similar in build to Brooke but with the trailer park sensibilities of a Crystal Ray. Her nose is 100% Sharon Mitchell and she has a huge mouth and wide enough smile to make Vanessa Blue jealous. Once Lain is completely nekkid (a friend once explained to me that the difference between “naked“ and “nekkid“ is that when you get “nekkid“ you‘re up to no good) Tyce Bune enters the frame, kissing Oi, fondling her boobs and fingering her pussy. Once on her knees, Lain puts Bune‘s tool way back deep into the recesses of her mouth and vigorously nods affirmative to an unheard question over and over until she‘s red in the face and sweaty. Bune lays her out mish first and the second cock touches her pussy lips the pure enjoyment is written all over Lain’s unique face. Her eyes roll back and her lids close, her mouth agape so far Tyce could damn near fall in. Tyce‘d be kicking himself for weeks to come if he didn‘t slide his dick between those glorious mams of hers at least once, so he does just that, giving Lain a short breather before rocking her snatch something serious in reverse cowgirl. I don‘t have to tell you what her tits do here. I‘d say everything short of slapping her in the face and rendering her unconscious. Cowgirl and doggie follow then Tyce takes the action to the floor mish where he fills Oi‘s snatch to the brim with a big fat juicy creampie. He fingers it in and out of her pussy while Lain convulses uncontrollably, until he finally feeds her his cum on his fingertips. Then Bune starts fucking her mish again! He doesn‘t screw her to another orgasm for either of them instead just cramming his pussy juice and cum-covered cock into her mouth as the scene fades out. Lain threw herself mind, body and soul into her work here and to his credit, Tyce gave her the bizness. It‘s scenes like this that win you fans. Lain just made one out of me. A friend of mine says he loves Lain because she “gets off“ in her scenes. Word. She wrecked shop on Tyce here and cold turned the party out. Even more impressive, we learn in the behind the scenes, is that Lain was supposed to be “off“ this day, came in on short notice right before a red-eye flight to England. That‘s a true trouper.

Scene Three: Teena Fine with Lee Stone

Teena Fine, 18 as well, claims to have slept with 30 guys already. She sits on a sofa in a see-through blue top, white miniskirt and braided pigtails. Frequent Septo colluder, Lee Stone gets to have his way with this tight new teen today. He bends her over the sofa, spitting on and massaging her little slit. Lee has a seat on the couch and Teena drops her face into his lap to blow him as she continues to finger her hole. She slips him inside cowgirl before Lee slobbers on her bung and drops anchor in her ass mish and side-saddle. In reverse cowgirl, Teena perches her feet on Lee‘s thighs and begs to have her ass fucked more. She breaks this action up only to give Stone A2M head and then hops right back aboard, Lee‘s three fingers firmly entrenched in her pussy as she rides. A brief round of anal cowgirl precedes anal doggie where Fine lifts her leg to allow us a better view of the pooper penetration. Lee jerks a small load onto her tongue. She gamely wrestles out the remainder with her mouth and waves goodbye.

Scene Four: Bailey with Marcos Leon

Tit guys, myself included, are gonna love Bailey. Bailey (18) is a fresh-faced naturally huge-breasted cutie with a pierced tongue and big, expressive green eyes. Her tits are larger, more round and more full than Lain Oi‘s; it‘s semi-empty wallets versus tree-ripened fruit. I get an "Avy Scott's younger sister" vibe from her for some reason. While adorable, Bailey is a tad heavier than most girls out now and is a prime candidate for a “Chunky Girls“ movie right now. Think early Daphne Rosen. She wears a pink bra and pink plaid miniskirt. Various tats adorn her body, on her belly, right hip and down her back but none too large or offensive enough to attract any undue attention. She‘s also sporting an unflattering make-up job, especially her eyeshadow. Marcos Leon appears with his dick already popping out of the top of his jeans. She drops to one knee and runs her fingers through her cunt while he speedfucks her face. After a quick tit-fuck, Marcos sticks it right in Bailey‘s ass spoon. Spoon soon becomes proper mish. Bailey is there but I can‘t say she seems genuinely “into“ the proceedings. There’s no real emotion in her expressionless face and her eyes frequently dart around the room rather than focusing on her partner or what he’s doing. Her soft, thick and curvy body is custom-built to absorb the pounding she‘s receiving and is a joy to watch regardless of her current demeanor. Reverse cowgirl gives us our best look at Bailey, her big bouncing tits circling in opposite directions as she rides like twin propellers threatening to lift her off of Leon‘s lap and up to the ceiling. Her fleshy mounds crash together in the middle of her chest with a resounding smack as her anus is repeatedly prodded. A2M head for Marcos as she runs her pierced tongue around his dick head before mounting him again anal cowgirl. Liberally covered with Bailey‘s saliva, Leon‘s cock easily slides between her the cheeks of her thick rump, which he smacks at, reddening her Christmas hams. This position should‘ve probably been aborted seeing as Leon spends more time slipping out of Bailey and re-inserting himself than he does actually fucking her. More a2m follows and Marcos busts his nut while seated up into Bailey‘s mouth as she jerks all his man chowder free. Post-cum head and cum-eating for Bailey as the scene fades out.

Scene Five: Kinzie Kenner with Lee Stone

Totally at home and relaxed in front of Septo‘s lens is Kinzie Kenner. She bends over and shakes her ass for Jordan like she‘s “in a rap video.” She’s constantly smiling and keeping eye contact with the camera as she exposes her hairless mound until Lee Stone appears to zero-in on her clit with his tongue. Kenner returns the favor, slobbering all over Lee‘s erection as she jerks it to rigid attention with one hand, fingering herself with the other. With both of their genitals sufficiently soaked with saliva, they finally put them together in cowgirl, feeling so good to each other, the curse in pleasure simultaneously:

“Goddammit,” Lee breathes.

“Oh shit!,” Kinzie exclaims.

In spoon, Lee pumps away at young Kenner’s pussy until her pumps come off of her feet; they hang on loosely by the straps around her ankles. Stone picks Knizie up and maneuvers her into standing reverse cowgirl, her heels still dangling and jangling around haphazardly. Kenner takes a deep long-dicking in mish, staring THROUGH Lee and talking shit, making it very hard for Stone not to just blow his load up into her chest. And her ploy works. A few hard thrusts later and Lee’s looking to empty his balls onto Kinzie’s tongue piercing. She looks directly into the camera, flashing that winning grin we all know so well, implying a job well, well done.


Just Over 18, Spring Chickens and all other “new girls” series had better stand by. “Fucking Teens” is another worthy entry into Septo‘s Venom catalog and into the Barely Legal genre overall. Karina Kay has the potential to be breakout star in the near future. They don‘t come much cuter than Bailey and Kinzie while Lain stole the show with a star-making performance with Tyce Bune of all people. If you can make that guy watchable, you‘ve got Ric Flair-like broomstick-carrying skills. I kid. Tyce did his part to bring something out of Oi, too. I look forward to Septo returning to this very fertile ground for many more memorable installments.

Special Features:
  • Behind The Scenes (28:36, Bailey (above) is the highlight…so goddamn cute!)
  • Cumshots (2:57, no option to select individual performers)
  • Photo Gallery (4:20, 54 shots, self-advancing)
  • Trailers (Bros & Blondes 2, F My A, In Da White Booty, Cream Filled, Hood Hoppin’ 3, 2 + Me = 3 and Absolute Ass 3.
Crucifixio Jones

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