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Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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DenverDon's ratings for Exxxplosion:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Exxxplosion overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Exxxplosion Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Exxxplosion Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Exxxplosion Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Exxxplosion Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Exxxplosion DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Exxxplosion A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by DenverDon  on  7/4/2002
Review of: Exxxplosion

By: DenverDon

Overall Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0

Picture Quality: The images were clear, but there were portions where shadows interfered and hid the view. There were also mixed results with the camera angles, some excellent and some very poor.

DVD Extras: Lousy! All the extras on the disc bear no relation to the DVD you have just purchased. In fact it is the same tired lot they have been throwing on their DVD’s for months. The DVD cover touts a photo gallery with at least 100 shots, but it is only the normal photos of their regular stable of girls, and the CES convention that are there. Seen them before, lots of times, thank you very much for the copy/paste job on the extras!

Run Time: 2:08

Director: Tony Ribas

Studio: Elegant Angel (Tony Ribas Production)

Compilation: No

Condoms: No

Date of Production: 26-Feb-02

Themes: Couples, Straight, Anal

Stars: Rita Ga’cs, Cinthia, Virginie, Dolores, Dike, Judy, Lady Eve, Barby, Suzy Dark, Patricia Pompadour, Tony Ribas, (other Male performers not given credits)

Tony Ribas is Sophie Evans partner and they hire out together for live sex performances. I didn’t know they had started a production company until I received this DVD. In the credits at the start of the show, they give credit for Sophie Evans doing the ‘behind the scene’ segments. (No, the behind the scenes are not part of the DVD extras!) The only behind the scene segment is sandwiched between the first and second scene, and adds nothing.

Negative Note: I have two problems with shows of Euro chicks, shot in Europe, and this DVD has these problems sprinkled through it. On blowjobs, with most of the ones I have seen, they only take the tip of the cock in their mouth and make no attempt to slide down further. i.e., very shallow BJ’s that really classify as a hand job. Second is their moaning like a metronome set on top of the piano to keep the tempo steady. I know that language can be something of a barrier, but the rhythmic moaning doesn’t work very well either, it becomes monotonous, especially when the girl is moaning and nothing is being done to her. It doesn’t have to be that way. I have watched DVD’s with the blonde French performer, Delfynn, where she spoke nothing but French during the segment. But the expression she put into the words, combined with her facial expressions, conveyed very well to the camera and the viewer that she LIKED her sex, and she LOVED the cock that she was working on at the moment. It added a tremendous amount to the scene, but I digress.

Positive Note: The girls chosen to perform in Exxxplosions are beautiful! They have tight, firm bodies with plenty of sensuous curves and they look good on camera. Only one girl has enhanced breasts and they are not overdone, and only Patricia Pompadour tends towards the hefty side, but even she looks good.

Scene 1 – Unidentified Blonde girl, guy.
The Blonde slinks up the stairs to the guy, they kiss and clothes disappear. She give a Euro girl blowjob, not very exciting. They get on the floor and screw in a variety of positions, and there is one small portion of cunninlingus before they hurry on. At the finish, the girl pumps his cock to have him shoot on her breasts and stomach. Not an inspiring scene.

Scene 2 – Virginie, Dolores, Tony Ribas
Tony is making out with Virginie on a couch when the Dolores walks in, sits at the bar to sip a drink and watch the action. As Tony and Virginie get naked and worked up, Dolores begins to shed her own clothes and play with herself. When Tony eats Virginie, Dolores finally decides to move to the couch and join in. They go through about a dozen position changes and the final one is a standing position fuck into Virginie. Dolores performs a P2M from Virginies pussy before the facial shot which is also from Virginie’s pussy to Dolores. Virginie dismounts and gets down to help lick Tony’s cock, and the scene fades as the girls kiss each other.

Scene 3 – Barby, Lady Eve, two guys (unidentified)
At first it looks like it might be a g/g scene as the two girls are sitting on a couch and they begin rubbing and kissing each other. Then the camera pulls back and we see there are two guys that have been sitting there watching the girls start. They join in and soon the guys are naked and the girls have fewer clothes on. There is a frenzy of position changing and the scene is plagued by the camera showing a girl being plowed in her pussy, and when the camera returns to that girl it is suddenly an anal – no insertion shot. Barby does a cowgirl that suddenly changes to an anal, that changes to a spoon position anal, that changes to a doggy position anal. Lady Eve meantime goes through several position changes with her guy when suddenly the guy leaves her to go do a DP on Barby on the couch, leaving Lady Eve to pleasure herself. Lady Eve does an ATM from Barby’s ass and then it’s back to a DP on Barby. Another change and Lady Eve is on the floor with her guy getting rammed in the pussy before she take a facial shot and gives him a shallow blowjob. Barby is still on the couch but now in a missionary position with the guy plowing her pussy before he jumps up to deliver a facial shower to her.

Scene 4 – Suzy Dark, Patricia Pompadour, Tony Ribas, a guy (Unidentified)
Suzy and Patricia are on a couch rubbing and fondling each other when a guy shows up and joins them. The three of them shed clothes and the guy begins to alternately work between the two girls, plugging each one in the pussy in various positions. The guy has Patricia behind the couch, bent over so he can fuck her from behind when suddenly Tony Ribas walks into the scene, with no explanation. From this point on Tony Ribas dominates the action and the other guy is definitely playing second fiddle. Also, the next time you see the other guy with Patricia, he is suddenly buried in her backside. Suzy meantime is being spoon position screwed by Tony, and when the camera returns to her it is suddenly an anal screw. Tony attempts to do a gymnastic standing screw with Patricia (remember she is the heftiest girl in the movie), and it doesn’t work very well, he struggles mightily to get her off the ground. There is another frenzy of position changes, and then Tony shifts to Patricia for a DP leaving Suzy to her own devices. Tony pulls out and tries an ATM with Patricia, but it is over her shoulder and is very awkwardly performed. Another change and Suzy is riding reverse cowgirl on the other guys cock which is suddenly an anal when the camera returns. For the finale, Suzy takes the cum shot on her body with a little hitting her face, and Patricia takes the load on her breasts and body.

Scene 5 – Judy, Dike, Tony Ribas, a guy (unidentified)
Judy is on a couch with a guy and they are kissing and fondling, and then we find that Dike is also sitting at the other end of the couch watching and playing with herself. Both girls have colored pantyhose on that is open in the crotch. Judy and the guy get on with in and soon the guy has his dick buried in Judy’s pussy while Dike is still stroking herself. At this point, Tony Ribas shows up, again like the cavalry arriving to save the day and he starts working on Dike. Dike does give Tony a better than average blowjob. Tony once again tries to perform a gymnastic standing fuck to show what a super stud he is by trying to turn Dike upside down. It fails and they flop onto the couch in a very awkward 69 position. A short while later Tony again attempts to get the girl upside down for a standing fuck and almost drops her, but she ends up wrapped around him in the normal position as he tries to plow into her and it doesn’t work very well. The other guy picks up Judy to perform a gymnastic standing screw, and they actually pull it off much better than Tony’s attempts. There is another frenzy of position changes, some P2M and then Tony pulls out and shoots on Judy’s buttcheeks. Dike takes a facial from her guy. Nothing anal in this scene.

Scene 6 – Cinthia, Rita Ga’cs, Tony Ribas, a guy (unidentified)
Tony and the guy are in a modernistic bar setting when Cinthia and Rita walk in and stand next to the bar. Tony jumps across the bar and the two men practically attack the two girls like two cunt starved studs the guy on Cinthia and Tony on Rita. At one point Tony is standing behind Rita as she bends over to take him in, but his pants are still around his ankles. Rita does a P2M and then she and Tony move over to the other couple so they can switch partners. Rita does give a better than average blowjob on Tony and the other guy. There is a slight frenzy of position changes before both Rita and Cinthia receive a facial creaming. When the camera is fading, the guys have walked off and the girls are starting to kiss each other. Nothing anal in this scene.

Summary: Not the best of movies. I gave most of the points because there were some strokeable moments in some of the scenes and because the women looked very good on camera. If Tony Ribas wants to do the gymnastic positions, he needs to go the gym a little more first and work himself up to them. They came across rather poorly.

Raincoat factor – medium high

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