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Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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Speelie's ratings for Exxxplosion:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Exxxplosion overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Exxxplosion Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Exxxplosion Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Exxxplosion Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Exxxplosion Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Exxxplosion DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Exxxplosion A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  6/12/2002
Directed by Tony Ribas
Elegant Angel
Simultaneous release 2/26/2002

Cast : Kathy, Virginie, Dolores (aka Adela, Black Widow), Barby, Lady Eve (aka Esta), Patricia Pompadour, Suzy Dark, Dike, Judy, Cinthia (aka Cindy), Rita Ga’cs (aka Rita Faltoyano), Sophie Evans (non sex), George Picasso, David Perry, Mick Blue, Nick “Attila” Lang, Tony Ribas

Tony Ribas makes movies the same way his friend Nacho Vidal does, by shooting pretty women having high energy sex. His previous titles, such as 110% Natural #1 and the Hardcore Innocence series, were made at the same time as various Nacho movies, with much of the same casts. Exxxplosion probably would have been Hardcore Innocence #5 before Elegant Angel decided to end their numbered lines, to make each movie more of an event title. Regardless, the timing was right for a title change, since with this effort he has at last emerged from Nacho’s shadow.

All but the first scene was shot in Budapest, with Hungarian women, but the movie opens on the streets of Prague as Kathy walks sexily down a sidewalk, the camera lingering on her luscious legs, which are highlighted by her tall heels and short, flower-print skirt. Slender dirty blonde Kathy isn’t a “girl,” no, she’s all woman. She’s perhaps 25, and is mature enough to know how to maximixe her onscreen sexiness. She is overly made up here, which is unnecessary, since she looks good even with minimal makeup. I became a fan the moment I saw her in Killer Pussy 10, where she gets analled and DPed, taking it all with a smile.

Kathy enters a building, and we are treated to wonderful tease footage over the opening credits. She then writhes her way up some stairs, to where George Picasso is waiting. He’s Nacho’s sometime cameraman (he shot Kathy’s Killer Pussy 10 scene), and he performed sexually with Kathy previously in Sexx the Hard Way 4. Watching the two of them together, it is obvious that they are very good friends, at a minimum (I wonder if he introduced Nacho to her?). At the top of the stairs she fellates him a bit, before bending over for some standing doggy that again displays her legs to maximum effect. They proceed through some cowgirl variations, and fully work out their lusts. Finally, after some spooning, George pulls out so that Kathy can stroke a big load onto her chest and stomach. I suspect this was an extra scene that Ribas had around, and that it was tacked onto this movie at the last moment. That might explain why neither Kathy nor George is listed in the credits.

Next we are on a Budapest sound stage, at a bar set, where Ribas’ wife, Hungarian Private star Sophie Evans, is interviewing ultra-cute Virginie. “You can try my boyfriend if you like, he can be your boyfriend today,” Sophie tells Virginie. She declines the offer, explaining that she only likes girls. “I am a little bit feminine...” Ribas states, and Sophie quickly asserts that this is true. After Ribas walks away, slender brunette Virginie further explains that she prefers men in real life, but only performs with women in movies.

After this set up, it is only natural that when the actual scene begins, Virginie is necking frantically with Ribas on a couch. Vixenish, sultry, dark haired Dolores (“Black Widow” in some recent Private movies, that’s probably where Ribas and Evans met her) emerges to watch them. She has a similarly nice body, and gave one of the better performances in High Octane 5. She’s also in Rocco’s Reverse Gangbang 2, but here mostly is a helper, as girl next door Virginie becomes putty in Ribas’ hands. He fingers her clit and box to wetness, and then the two kiss and fuck in various positions, with Dolores lending a hand or mouth where appropriate. Dolores gets a short cowgirl ride of her own, but then Virginie hops aboard again. Dolores finally pulls Ribas’ cock out of Virginie’s pussy while those two are engaged in a standing fuck. Dolores laps up Ribas’ load while Virginie drops down to assist.

Barby and Lady Eve sit on a couch in a room away from the stage. Both have dark hair, and fishnet dresses over their slender, tight bodies. Barby’s hair is slicked back into a pony tail, while Lady Eve, known as “Esta” in XXX Road Trip #1, wears hers down. David Perry begins to get it on with Barby, while Eve is joined by Mick Blue. The girls are a bit loud and fake with the moaning, but seem fairly aroused by the sucking and fucking. They look good doing it, and Barby also has a good time riding reverse cowgirl anal. She gets DPed, with Eve sucking ass to mouth. The guys then switch, and fuck each girl hard in mish. Perry cums first, on Eve’s face, and then Mick does likewise on Barby’s. Eve doesn’t do any anal, though she did anal and DP with ease in the road trip movie.

In another room, Patricia Pompadour and Suzy Dark pose on a stair landing. Patricia is a very curvy newcomer to porn, who delivers impressive anal performances in Big Natural Tits 4 and Rocco’s Reverse Gangbang 2. She has black hair cut short to neck length, though she apparently did some (so-far unreleased) work for Kovi before getting her hair cut. While her breasts are magnificent, her eyes are almost as nice, and they really shine when the going gets heavy. Suzy, meanwhile, is a cute, rather plain brunette with a slightly thick, yet still slender body. Mick Blue joins the ladies on a couch, and it soon becomes clear that Suzy is a bit camera shy. Whenever she knows the camera is on her, she tenses up and tries to look serious, but the rest of the time, she can’t hide how much fun she is having. Suzy is quiet and passive, but her warm smile and bright eyes show her true feelings when her guard is down, and she never resorts to exaggerated “fuck me, I’m coming” nonsense. After Mick gets things off to a good start, Ribas joins the trio, and the guys then switch back and forth between the girls for quite a while, with great energy and enthusiasm shown by all for both pussy and ass fucking. Patricia is more vocal than Suzy, and screams when Ribas finger fucks her, but it is quiet Suzy who leaves a puddle of juice on the cushion when she gets her second share of finger fucking. Patricia receives a strong DP, and Suzy takes anal with little difficulty, but as in the previous scene, the final moments are spent in mish normal fucking. Ribas drops a big load on Suzy’s chest and face, while Mick leaves an even bigger one all over Patricia’s chest.

Judy is a skinny, pretty brunette, who fools around with Mick on yet another couch, while plain, cute, light brunette Dike watches and jills off. After Mick sinks the pink with Judy, Ribas steps into the scene, and, in what has become a theme to this movie, manually stimulates the obviously mis-labelled Dike. Again, both girls get to spend quality fucking time with both guys, and initially they seem quite aroused. However, the in and out goes on for quite a while, and the ladies get tired and less energetic as the action continues. After displaying commendable stamina, Ribas pulls out from doggy fucking Judy, to cum all over her ass (and partially, on his own hand). Dike fellates him, while Mick spoons her, before Judy moves into place to take over sucking duties. Dike proceeds to suck and stroke Mick’s jizz into her mouth, and then sucks him post-cum. While this is the least impressive scene on the disk, it is still quite good, and better than most of what is out there.

Back on the sound stage, the bar set is still up, and Ribas shares a toast with veteran Hungarian actor Nick Lang. Into the bar stride dyed-red head Cinthia and Rita Ga’cs, who is well known from doing countless movies as Rita Faltoyano. Cinthia is better known as Cindy, and has appeared in Killer Pussy 7 and Sexx the Hard Way 2. She’s quite pretty if you can ignore her bolt-ons, and has a very nice tight body. Nacho filmed a casting with her for Blowjob Impossible 1, where she has her hair dyed black, but I would guess she’s a natural brunette. Both girls are overly made up here, but still look pretty good, and Cinthia keeps her boots on the whole time.

Ribas orals Rita, while Nick does the same for Cinthia (who gives her name as “Mony,” just as in STHW2). The girls then return the favor, and as usual, Cinthia seems really dedicated in her work. There are some nice body shots of Rita, and it is clear that despite her workload, she has continued to take good care of herself. Rita can seem bored at times, but is better than usual here, perhaps because she wasn’t required to perform any anal. Cinthia seems to really like fucking with strong boys, and has even more fun when Ribas stops screwing her for a moment guessed it, finger fuck her box. He only stops when his hand is coated with her pussy juices. Soon after, we cut to Nick jerking off into Rita’s mouth. Cinthia is busy sucking and stroking Ribas’ cock, and if he didn’t forcibly tilt her head back a little, making her mouth open, he would have come out of sight and entirely in that orifice. She then continues happily sucking away, before kissing and cumswapping with Rita as the scene fades out.

Finally, Ribas stands on the dismantled sound stage, announcing, “They had fun, I had fun, but I get so horny watching that I have to fuck the cameraman!” He then explains that we, the audience, probably didn’t realize that wife Sophie served as his camerawoman for this movie. I must say, she did a very good job with the filming, and has a future behind the camera if she ever gives up performing.

The DVD is rounded out by plenty of extras, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Most of the extras are the same ones found on other recent Elegant Angel DVDs, such as Sodomania Orgies 4. This means we get five short, useless trailers, wretched “twisted pics,” and William H. Nutsack-in-a-dress “bonus” footage. The box announces “at least 100 shots” for the gallery, but doesn’t mention that none, nada, are related to this movie. Instead, they are hard and soft shots from some Pat Myne (uggh!) project. Additionally, there is a CES section, which for some reason includes hard and soft shots from Sodomania 37, along with some interesting footage and stills from the 2002 Vegas show (Ribas even turns up for a split second, making it distantly related to the movie at hand).

I wish all the whiners and complainers, the folks that complain that “all porn today is bad,” could see Exxxplosion. It has just what they claim is missing : pretty girls, decent looking guys who can keep it up, and physical, often passionate sex. The movie also has a bit of style due to the sound stage scenes, the use of extensive makeup, and the nice clothes all the women wear. This style is what helps make Ribas’ effort less of a Nacho clone. It also helps that Patrick Collins has added one of his better musical scores (I seem to be in a minority in disliking most of Collins’ music), and the picture quality is some of the best I have seen from Elegant Angel. The result is one of the best Elegant Angel movies of recent times, and a worthy addition to the Nachoribas canon. Everyone who enjoys wall to wall Euro movies would do well to rent this, and if you are collecting the Nachoribas titles, don’t pass Exxxplosion up. Now I’m looking forward to Ribas’ follow-up, Leg Show, to make it to DVD!

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