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Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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Nutty Buddy's ratings for Exxxplosion:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Exxxplosion overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Exxxplosion Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Exxxplosion Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Exxxplosion Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Exxxplosion Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Exxxplosion DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Exxxplosion A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Nutty Buddy  on  5/23/2002
Title: Exxxplosion
Cast: Virginie, Judy, Dolores, Barby, Eva, Dike, Rita Faltayano, Cynthia
Theme: Gorgeous European Women
Action: Straight, Anal & Double Penetration

Scene 1 Blonde & A Guy: It opens into the 1st Scene with a very Attractive Blonde. As the Opening credits Scroll down she Walks into a House Dressed in a Black Tank Top, Multi Colored mini Skirt & High Heels. There’s a lot of Full Body shots & she masturbates in the Stairway. She is very Hot so this made a Good Opener. She walks up the Stairs & Fondles around with a Guy before Blowing him. It was a decent Blowjob but I trully wanted to See her get Pounded. She loses her Tank Top & keeps her Dress around the waist & High Heels. First Doggystyle over a Banister & then Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl on a Chair. It was very Energetic but the Doggystyle was Edited out way too Quickly. They bring it to the Floor & She Rides him Cowgirl again. They Spoon Fuck for a good while & he Fucks her Missionary with her Legs up. They do it Mish & the whole sequence was with her Legs up, Very Hot. They stop Fucking & he Fingers her Pussy before Fucking her again. He Pulls out & She jerks Him off onto her Stomach. Very Good Scene. 4

Scene 2 Virginie, Dolores & A Guy: They’re at a Bar & Virginie swears she Only likes Women to the Interviewer. I guess the Guy rubbed off on her the Wrong way because she Looked dead serious to me. Virginie is a very very Pretty Brunette with a Thin Body so I didn’t care that She said She’ll just Masturbate. It switches to her & Him in a Room kissing on the Couch. She’s wearing a light blue shirt, Jean mini skirt, White Stockings & High Heels. Dolores, Black Hair & Blue Eyes, walks in Dressed in a long Leather Jacket, Black Linger & High Heels. She sits at a Mini Bar in the Room & Sips a Martini while watching them. Virginie puts her Leg over the Guy’s lap & He Fingers her from the Back, Very Hot. He lays her on her Back & Fingers her Pussy while Dolores Strips down to her Linger. Dolores eats Virginie while she Blows the Guy laying Down. She stops sucking him Off & he gets Behind her on the Couch & Fingers her Hard. It turns out Virginie was Ultra Horny the whole Time & they Fuck Mish style on the Couch. Both of the women were Shaven Clean in this Scene if that Matters to you. Virginie & the Guy do a lot of Kissing so the action kind of gets Slow. Dolores comes over & does some P2M while Virginie & The Guy Kiss. They Fuck in the same Position for a little Bit & Virginie rides him Cowgirl while he Eats Dolores Pussy at the Top of the Couch, Very Hot. Dolores does some Pussy to Mouth while Virginie gets Fingered again. Dolores Hops on Cowgirl style & Virginie sits next to them Masturbating. Dolores is very Attractive as Well with a great Body. He Lays Dolores on her Back & Fucks her Missionary. They Spoon Fuck & Dolores Kicks off her Heels & They do Reverse Cowgirl. The Action so kindly switches back to Virginie & She Kicks off her Heels & Rides him Reverse Cowgirl too, Very Hot. Virginie bends over the Couch & gets Slammed Doggystyle while Dolores masturbates. Virginie stands up with Him while Dolores does some P2M & he Fingers her Pussy. He Fucks her with One Leg up & this was just Incredible. He Pulls out & Busts a Big Load in Dolores mouth while she Jerks him off. Virginie gets down with Dolores & sucks his Cock & there’s a little Cum swapping before the Scene Fades out. Super Hot Scene. 4 ½

Scene 3 Barby, Lady Eve (Eva) & Two Guys: I’ve seen Eva in Red Light District’s Road Trip & she had a Great Scene. She’s Brunette with Brown Eyes & Sharp facial features, Very pretty, Wearing a netted Shirt with No Bra, Black Skirt & High Heels. She’s on a Couch with Barby who’s also a Great looking Brunette wearing the same Except with no Skirt. Both Engage in all that Sweet Lesbian stuff before Sucking off two Guys. The Blowjobs got Edited out very Quickly & they Start fucking. Barby gets Fucked Doggystyle & Eva rides her Guy Cowgirl. Barby fucks her Guy Reverse Cowgirl & Eva does the Same. Both have very Natural & Nice Breasts that draw a lot of Intention during the Sex. Both couples end up back on the same Couch & Eva gets pounded Doggystyle while Barby Fucks Cowgirl. It switches to Barby & her Guy Spoon fucking very Breifly before taking it to a Reverse Cowgirl position. Eva & her Guy Fuck on a One Seater, Missionary & Barby continues to Slam down on her Guy Reverse Cowgirl, Very Hot. Barby loses her Heels at some Point but Eva keeps hers on & Fucks Doggystyle on the Couch. Barby fucks Doggystyle Breifly but I couldn’t tell if it was Anally or Vaginally since the Camera was Way off. It does capture Brandy caught between a Great DP though. Eva does a little bit of A2M before it Commences again. Both Women then Fuck in a few more Positions that were Edited so Badly I can’t even tell you. Eva does about 3 Different Positions in less than 2 Minutes so I don’t know. She ends up on her Knees taking a Sizeable Load from a Guy all over Her face & in her Mouth. She sucks his Cock a little Bit & switches back to Barby being Fucked Missionary (Vaginal) on the Couch. He Pulls out & Drops a decent Load in her Mouth & on her Chin & Neck. She sucks his Cock & the Scene Fades out. Hot Scene but ruined by Poor Editing. 2

Scene 4 Suzy Dark, Patricia Pompadour & Two Guy: Both Women are Dark Haired & Tease the Camera at the Top of a Stairway. Suzy Dark surely Looks better than Patricia but they’re both Hot. Suzy’s Dressed in a pair of Pink & Black Panties & Bra with High Heels & Patricia's dressed in Red & Black Linger with Black Stockings & High Heels. They End up on a Couch Teasing the Camera more before a Guy comes in & plays with their Pussies. Suzy pulls his Cock out & gives him a Great Blowjob. Patricia Helps out & this made for a Pretty hot Blowjob. Suzy Strips out of her Bra & Panties & Fucks Missionary on the Couch. He brings it to Patricia & Fucks her Missionary too. Patricia fucks him Reverse Cowgirl very Breifly & Suzy gets Fucked Missionary again. It switches to Patricia being Fucked Doggystyle in back of a Great Shot of Suzy Masturbating. The Same Guy from Scene 2 emerges out of nowhere & starts Fingering Suzy on the couch while Patricia continues to fuck Doggystyle. She takes it in the ass & Suzy & the Other Guy Spoon Fuck Vaginally & Anally. Both Women lose their Heels in the Process of the Sex. Suzy & her man stop Fucking & her & Patricia Suck Him Off. Patricia Fucks him Reverse Cowgirl, Up the ass, While Suzy takes it up the ass Doggystyle. They switch Partners & Both women take it up the ass Missionary. Patricia does some A2M before Fucking Cowgirl(Vaginal), Suzy gets flipped on her stomach & Fucked up the ass Doggystyle & Vaginally before Patricia takes a DP. The DP was very Good & lasted Long enough for me. Suzy masturbates vigorously for the Camera while watching them. It switches to Suzy taking it up the ass Reverse Cowgirl & Patrcia being Fucked Missionary. Then both Women get Fucked Missionary & both Guys Pull Out, Dropping Huge Loads all over their Stomachs. 2 ½

Scene 5 Judy, Dike & Two Guys: Judy is a Brunette with an Amazing Look to her. She’s wearing a Black Tank Top, Red Skirt, White crotchless Stockings with Designs & High Heels. She Fools around with a Guy on a Couch before getting down & Blowing Him. He Returns the Deed & Eats her on the Couch while Dike comes in & Masturbates next to them. Dike is a pretty Blonde, Wearing a Light Blue Skirt, Crotchless Stockings & High Heels. After Judy gets worked over she gets Fucked Missionary. She Lost the Shirt & kept everything else on, Very Hot. She Rides him Cowgirl on the Couch & Dike masturbates before the Scene 2 & 4 Guy comes back. He has her sit on his Lap & He Fingers her. Judy gets Fucked Missionary again & Dike sucks her Guy’s Cock. She Fucks him Cowgirl & Judy gets Spooned on the Couch next to Her, Very Hot. Dike gets her Stocking’s Ripped & goes mad, Fucking his Brains out. They stop Fucking & do the Ol’ 69er sitting up on the Couch. Judy gets her Stockings ripped as well & Nailed Doggystyle. She does some Great P2M & then Fucks Reverse Cowgirl. Dike & Her Guy Fuck standing Up & Reverse Cowgirl on the Couch, Very Hot. Dike Loses her High Heels & Judy gets Eat Out on the Couch. Dike Spoon Fucks while Kissing Judy & this Segment was Hot as well. Judy gets Fucked more Missionary style & Both girls Switch partners & do some P2M, Super Hot. Judy does Reverse Cowgirl & Spoon Fucks while Dike gets slammed Cowgirl style sitting & Standing Up. He Briefly eats her Pussy before Fucking her Missionary. It switches to Judy being Fucked Doggystyle & I almost Jumped out the Window, What a Gal. Dike does some P2M with her Guy & gets Fucked Reverse Cowgirl while Judy Fucks Mish Style. You could practically taste the Sexual Energy in this Scene while Both get Fucked Doggystyle with a lot of Full Body Shots. Judy’s Guy pulls out & Drops a big Load on her ass & Pussy & Both Girls suck his Cock afterwords. Dike continues to get Fucked & Judy gives her Guy a Greaaat Blowjob. Dike does as well & makes her Man drop a Big Load in her Mouth while she sucks his Cock. Good Scene. 3 ½

Scene 6 Rita Ga’cs (Rita Faltayano), Cynthia & Two Guys: Rita’s one of the the only Women I recognized in this Film & she’s always Hot. Her & Cynthia walk into a Nicely Decorated Room & Fondle Two Guys. Rita’s dressed in a Tasteless Rainbow colored Dress & High Heels. Cynthia’s a Red Head who is Very Hot & Dressed in Light Blue Linger with Knee High Boots. Cynthia gets put on top of a Bar & Eat out while Rita removes her Hideous Dress & sits on a Guy’s Face. Cynthia bends over the Counter & gets Eat out from the Back & Rita & her Guy do the Ol’ 69er. Cynthia gets Off the Bar & Sucks her Guy’s Cock while Rita’s Guy fingers her. Rita stands her Guy up & Both Suck Cocks side by side with a lot of Eye Contact with the Camera. Rita stands up with her Man gets Fucked with One Leg up, Very Hot. Cynthia gets Nailed Doggystyle over the Bar & on a Couch which was Hot & Nicely shot. Rita gets Fucked Doggystyle over the Bar as well. Rita Fans should Love this Scene for all the Full Body shots of Her being Fucked. Cynthia Fucks Missionary on the Couch & Rita & her Guy take it to a Leather Chair next to them, Reverse Cowgirl. Rita Loses her High Heels but the Sex Continues so Nicely. Cynthia fucks her Guy Reverse Cowgirl as well & her Body’s just as Hot as Ritas. Rita Fucks her Guy Cowgirl while Cynthia continues to Go on a Rampage Reverse Cowgirl. Rita does some P2M & Her Guy walks over to Cynthia for a Job too. Cynthia gets Fucked Mish style & Doggystyle while sucking off the Other Guy, Very Hot. Rita does some P2M & Cynthia Rides her Guy Cowgirl. Rita gives him a excellent Blowjob & gets Tittie Fucked. Cynthia, Who I think Carrys the scene, Goes Mad-Cow-Girl & gets Fucked Missionary while Rita continues with a Great Blowjob. Both women stop the Action & Receive facials. Rita takes a heavy cumshot on her Tounge & Lips & Sucks his Cock. Cynthia sucks the Other Guy off while he’s Sitting Down & takes a Decent Load in her Mouth. A little Post cum head & Both Women Cum Swap. 4

Sum it Up: I Guess after seeing a “Couples” type Film, I had No Choice but to Notice more about everything I watch. I Loved the Formula of this Film: Hot Women being Fucked Half Dressed, But some of the Scenes were Poorly Edited. Eva from Scene 3 must’ve been in 3 Different Positions at One Point, Within 2 Minutes. That was the Only Scene where the Editing was noticeably Bad but the others were Okay for what they Were. Each Scene Clocked in at about 17:00 – 20:00 Minutes. All the Women were very very Hot though & You’ll Notice that on the Boxcover. I’ve only seen Two other Patrick Collins Films before (Sodomania Orgies 2 & 3) & Only 1 of them Completely Dissapointed me. Sodomania Orgies 2 was very Good & I own that on VHS. The Quality kind of it kinda sucks but it’s Obvious DvD is the Best Thing to happen to Porn. The Quality of this was Perfect & Nicely Directed like I thought it would be. Virginie stole the Show with her Scene but It left me Praying for her to take it in the ass. Judy, Dolores, Rita, Barby, Cynthia & The Blonde in the 1st Scene did Great as well. I’ll probably Buy this for a Reasonable Price since the Women are very Worth seeing Over & Over again. I recommend this to Euro Porn Lovers & all the wild Rita Faltayano Fans out there.

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