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Extreme Schoolgirls 10

Extreme Schoolgirls 10

Studio: Max Hardcore
Category:  Anal

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Linus's ratings for Extreme Schoolgirls 10:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Extreme Schoolgirls 10 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Extreme Schoolgirls 10 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Extreme Schoolgirls 10 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Extreme Schoolgirls 10 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Extreme Schoolgirls 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Extreme Schoolgirls 10 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Extreme Schoolgirls 10 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  4/15/2005
Extreme Schoolgirls #10

Initial Thoughts: Well I pretty much knew what to expect coming in, and to be honest, this volume was less aggressive than I had expected. This disc is pretty much about rough sex and more of a degradation feel to it than actual hot sex, the girls are cute and go with the flow, but there is this constant feel that the scene is more about what Max wants, and putting the girl through the hoops. It's not really my thing, but for what it's supposed to be, I think it does a pretty fair job, there is slapping and abusive remarks, and some choking, gagging, sputtering, hard fucking, and all that stuff, and it just takes more of a "Girls are pieces of meat" approach to the movie. I think if you do like that sort of thing, this one will probably fit into your viewing needs well. I like the aggression, but there were too many times when the girls really did not seem to be either into, or enjoying the scene too much. There are a few good moments though and some plotted out moments that are pretty hot, and fans of this kind of stuff will probably find quite a bit to like.

Technical Considerations: Pretty average here, the picture quality was kind of grainy and pixelated in motion, the camera work was often stationary or when in motion a little out of place, Sound was sometimes unbalanced, and lighting was a little uneven. None of these were really bad, but together they make for a product that simply could have been and should have been a little better. Menus where simple and clean, and worked well.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Asia and Max

Duration: 29:10 mins

Position Chronology: Introduction, dressing up, stripping, posing, trash talking, he four fingers her pussy, missionary anal, face fucking, gagging, huge amounts of saliva, missionary vag, missionary anal, ATM, doggy anal, ATM, face fucking, gagging, inverted gagging, piledriver anal, expander toy used in her pussy and spreading of her asshole, piledriver vag, reverse cowgirl anal with toy in vag, ATM, forced gagging with her fingers, he jerks off on her face. gagging BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Max is looking at how he can get a new "whore" that hasn't heard of him, so he just shows up with Asia and aparently although nothing is ever explained, he is gonna teach her how to be successful, and he sets about fucking her brains out and exploring how much shit he can get her to do. Some of the oral is pretty hot, and Max puts some effort into it, but cute little Asian Asia is just not into it, she calls out with some hot talk, but her tone and body language are just like "are we there yet" and Max keeps calling out dirty jargons to her. The aggression and energy are decent, but the chemistry is just not there. Asia is a slobbered up mess packed full of spit, and she gets a good facial pop at the end. There is a noisy camera taking pictures in the background with flashes all the time that have an aggrevating flicker to them too.

Scene 2: Angela and Max

Duration: 37:15 mins

Position Chronology: Intro, setup, he rubs her pussy while she strokes his cock on his orders. He slaps her repeatedly, missionary anal, ATM, face fucking, gagging, he slaps her, missionary anal, ATM, deepthroat, doggy anal, small anal gape, ATM, heavy drool, doggy anal, gagging ATM, choking, he pushes her down, doggy anal, he shoves his fingers down her throat and makes her gag, reverse cowgirl anal, he has her suck his asshole, face fucking, doggy anal, reverse cowgirl anal with toy in vag, reverse piledriver anal, ass to pussy, piledriver anal, toy in vag, face fucking, gasping for air, reverse cowgirl anal with toy in vag, he holds her face down and cums on her face and in her mouth.

Scene Thoughts: And now we get to see in graphic detail why parents tell thier children not to talk to or go with strangers. Max picks up Angela from school aparently, because he promised to take her home, but he has other things on his mind, and forces himself on her and she moans and cries about it. He treats her like shit, and taunts her why she should have listened to her mother. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's forced sex, but Angela has this attitude and body language of a character too shocked to do anything about Max's advancements. She never really urges him on or seems happy about it. As a scene aimed at that fantasy scenario, this scene works very well, Angela plays her part well and Max does his thing to perfection. It's very believable the way it plays out. It wasn't my thing, but for what it was, it was a pretty darn good scene.

Scene 3: Chiquita and guy

Duration: 14:36 mins

Position Chronology: Nude, Chiquita walks down a hall, and soon gets greated by a guy, she sucks his cock, light face fucking, missionary vag, doggy anal, ATM, sideways vag, reverse cowgirl anal, huge facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: This one is more of a standard scene, Chiquita is a super sexy latina, and she looks warn out as she walks down a hall, and soon a guy comes in, and they have a scene, she's pretty vocal, but she looks at the director or someone off screen very often, and that damned camera with the flashes is still around, chemistry is OK but not great, and the energy is pretty decent, Chiquita does get a very good facial smattering of ball plaster, and this ends up being a decent scene.

Scene 4: Baby Face and Max

Duration: 19:09 mins

Position Chronology: He lectures her, he fingers her pussy, she strokes his cock, he fingers her ass, reverse cowgirl anal, face fucking ATM, gagging, massive saliva stringers, ball licking, anal missionary, doggy anal, she puts on some lipstick, deepthroat BJ, gagging, facial, she spits out some cum, smiles. BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Max bitches out the poor girl for smoking, she says she found the cigs at church, but he figures to teach her a lesson, and asks her if she has "Ever been molested like this", to which she replies a negatory, but despite the pushy nature of the Hardcore Cowboy, she is in to it, and smiles at him and stays fairly into her treatment, and for that fact alone, this scene worked pretty well, Max keeps up the same dirty talk and BF just rolls with it, but she gags hard on his cock numerous times and gets good and messed up with her own spit, he bombs her face and mouth with jizz and she doesn't seem to mind much.

Extra Stuff

Extra Stuff: A whopping 51 minutes of nothing but clips, previews and advertising for Max's other series and titles. Nothing more than trailers in my view.

Photo Gallery: 90 hardcore Pics from the various scenes

Biographies: Some made up somewhat negative biographies on the girls and thier reasons for fucking.

Fuckin' Around : 3:14 second BTS with some posing from Asia.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

If you've ever read any of my other reviews, you will no doubt know that I have no problem with the lowest of lows, and the dirtiest of dirty sex and things of that nature, so the abusive and aggression of the sex is not what I fault this one for, my complaint is mainly that the cast of ladies was really never into, or in some cases, it wasn't all that clear if the girl was supposed to be incredibly out of it, or if she just wasn't into the scene. However, I'm not going to dis this disc because of that, much of it wasn't really my thing, but I think on the merits of what it attempted to be, it did pretty well. There are still some other more universal issues and the technicals and extras left some to be desired, so I tried to think neutrally on giving this one a score. I think if your a MH fan or you like this kind of genre, pickingt this one up will not be a bad thing, but I would mostly recommend a rental and make up your own damned mind. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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