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Extreme Schoolgirls 1

Extreme Schoolgirls 1

Studio: Max World
Category:  Anal , Barely Legal

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loz cumquest's ratings for Extreme Schoolgirls 1:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Extreme Schoolgirls 1 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Extreme Schoolgirls 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Extreme Schoolgirls 1 Mael looks rating 1/2 star
Sex Extreme Schoolgirls 1 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Extreme Schoolgirls 1 Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Extreme Schoolgirls 1 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Extreme Schoolgirls 1 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by loz cumquest  on  6/15/2005
For those who don’t know, despite the various ongoing DVD series all Max Hardcore titles are pretty much the same: uber dirty old man Max degrades and abuses young teenage girls made to look even younger than they are with their outfits, with some of the hardest sex you’re likely to see – we’re talking sex so hard that even a lot of regular pornography viewers find the guy offensive. Max’s films come in 2 versions, the USA releases - which are cut, and the fully uncensored European versions. This review is for the European version of Extreme Schoolgirls 1.

SCENE ONE: VANESSA and CATALINA Any Max scene featuring two girls is obviously a bonus, as there are twice as many opportunities for degradation. Catalina is a virtual female version of Max, and spends most of this scene helping Max abuse Vanessa, though she does get in on the action as well. Following a brief bit of scene set-up establishing that both girls are wearing dental retainers, Max starts by pissing in both girls’ mouths. Catalina then gets the throat-fucking off to a flying start by spraying out some rather violently coloured puke after impaling her face on Max’s cock. Vanessa then gets in on the cocksucking, and although she’s dirty she’s not quite in Catalina’s league – she doesn’t puke, and noticeably Catalina’s puke from a few seconds prior has been cleaned off before she sucks Max’s love pump. Max then sodomises Vanessa while Catalina adds to the fun by pissing in Vanessa’s mouth at the same time. We also get some nice juicy close-ups of Max sticking his cock up Vanessa’s asshole while she pisses herself. Following some not entirely successful fisting attempts (Catalina’s hand doesn’t quite go up to the wrist) both girls then share a cigarette, while Max pretends to be a member of the Fire Brigade, and puts out the fire with his piss. Once again we go back to max sodomising Vanessa while Catalina pisses in her mouth, only this time we get a great POV shot from over Catalina’s shoulder, as we see the piss fly into Vanessa’s mouth. Catalina then does a little more mild puking as she does some ass-to-mouth from Vanessa’s backdoor, then we get onto a great three way piss finale, as Max and Catalina stand either side of Vanessa, pissing in her face, while Vanessa herself pisses into a bowl. Max then sodomises each girl in turn, before pissing and then cuming in their now clamped open mouths, before we finish with another three way piss scene.

A very strong opening – 2 beautiful young teenies being totally degraded, especially recommended to piss fans.
5 out of 5

SCENE TWO: DREW ALLEN Another regular Max favourite returns, and Drew really does look stunning – pure jail bait material in her little teeny outfit. The thrust of this scene is that Drew has come to Max to loose weight (though for my money she looks better for not being totally skin and bone). Max starts by pissing in her mouth, then Drew provides some real big messy gushes of puke when giving oral sex. Max then fills up Drew's asshole by giving her an enema, which she proceeds to blow back at him while led on her back. Max repeatedly fills her ass with liquid to let her spray it out (the effect looks as though she is pissing gallons out of her asshole) jabbing his cock inside periodically, and in one great moment Max pisses in Drew’s mouth while she gushes from her backside. Drew then lies on her back while Max gives her one of the most intense throat-fucking sessions I’ve ever seen, with plenty of choking, piss swallowing, puking and cuming – with Drew looking completely wrecked at the end, just covered in mess.

Even though there’s only 1 girl this probably just pips the opening scene for scene of the film.
5 out of 5

SCENE THREE: ELIZABETH Wow – after two 5 out of 5 scenes can Max possibly keep the quality this high? The answer is unfortunately - no. To put it simply, the scene with Elizabeth goes wrong. After a brief bit of oral and piss drinking, Elizabeth calls a halt to the proceedings when Max tries to ram his cock down her throat, and she breaks down crying from the pain. The camera crew indicate Elizabeth that this moment will be edited out, but in true gonzo fashion they present her sobbing away in obvious distress. After a while Max persuades her to do enough oral so he can come and finish the scene, but by then the scene is really dead anyway. Unless you have a major fetish for seeing young girls cry this scene is a write off.
1 out of 5

SCENE FOUR: VALORIA ROSE Valoria Rose comes in dressed in a beach outfit, and Max sets too with the sodomy, despite some uncomfortable moments from Valoria. It’s then a case of swapping between sodomy and oral piss action till the scenes end, with the only real interest being Valoria spitting piss at the camera crew. This is by no means a bad scene, and on a milder title by another company may well rate higher, but it doesn’t really compare to the intensity of the first two scenes on this disc. Good fun, but not a classic.
3 out of 5

IN CONCLUSION The start of another Max series is very strong and high quality, with the one exception being the broken-down scene with Elizabeth, which should really have been just a DVD extra. Still, recommended for the first two blistering scenes at least – Max Hardcore’s titles may not have huge quantity of performers per disc, but they do set some high standards in pure filth.

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