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Extreme Asshole Makeover

Extreme Asshole Makeover

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Extreme Asshole Makeover:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Extreme Asshole Makeover overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Extreme Asshole Makeover Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Extreme Asshole Makeover Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Extreme Asshole Makeover Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Extreme Asshole Makeover Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Extreme Asshole Makeover DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Extreme Asshole Makeover A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/26/2007
Hello fellow porn fans and today I've got a treat for you, the first dvd directed fully and completely by the multitalented and AVN awarding winning SupeAsswhore, of course I'm referring to Hillary Scott!! First of all what a nice cover shot of this sexy babe who wears that pink shirt quite nicely and if you watch the bonus disc you'll see that shirt harmlessly fall aside revealing those wonderous boobs and then Hillary treats us to some stellar solo fun but wait watch the actual dvd first!! She's got a very good group of women here too for your viewing pleasure-- Sandra Romain, Sammie Rhodes, Sierra 'sexual ninja' Sinn, and Marie Luv!! If that doesn't interest you then how about knowing each and every girl in here gets some solid ass pounding done, most by a cock and leading this whole parade of hotness you have the Super Asswhore herself so let's not waste any time and hit some highlights.

Marie Luv:

Leading off this asshole makeover fest is the lovely Marie Luv who is always such a treat to watch. Marie's is easily my favorite black performers to watch and actually one of my fave performers period. Flat out gorgeous with a pretty face, modest breasts and I'd say she's packing a nice tight bootie which we learn in the pre-scene interview doesn't really want to gape much, hence the nickname she'd give it, Snapper-- meaning it snaps almost right back to it's closed form when a cock's pulled out. Hillary does a fine job too with the interview coming off very well and not cheesy with the questions and Marie answers them all with a directness which is also refreshing. Ok enough preamble, let's watch Marie fuck two hard cocks! The tease shots move along very well and Marie works that pretty face/ eyes to draw you in and then let's her ass do the kill shot when she spreads it wide! She then knows just how to finish me off with the tease lifting up one breast to lick her nipple-- thanks Marie!

Marie is all primed now and two ready and able cocksmen appear on either side of her. A small bit of kissing gets us to Marie working over both cocks in the tried and true position of her kneeling between the guys or in this case sitting on a couch. Marie expertly works those cocks over and we get a good view pretty much from the front row for this. Marie works in some good deep throating, then it's time for a little ass appreciation by the guys with Pete sliding in doggiestyle. You will love it when they get to cowgirl, Marie's perfect ass is just right there and spread beautifully, not on the cock--yet so be patient! Sure enough our second dude swings around to make this a dp so good times for Marie Luv fans. She works in some dirty talk here too as the guys pound her. She does the dp thing in reverse too before the guys blast off to her face and there's some cleanup too. Marie's a fun girl to watch and this scene only added to that.

Sandra Romain & Sammie Rhodes:

First thing I want to say is awesome pairing here Hillary. I've not watched but five seconds of this one but seeing these two hotties together is giving me, well let's just say I'm feeling pretty good about what might happen! Seems Sandra's been baking some cookies-- I'm guessing we'll be enjoying a different kind of cookie eating shortly!! The flirting is quite nice between the two women and after sharing a couple bits from a chocolate chip cookie they start getting quite cozy with one another. Both girls have such gorgeous figures and they're in the right place for the heat to rise, namely the kitchen. Sandra is soon engulfing those wonderous tits of Sammie's and I mean she's ravenous in the way she sucks on them. I loved Sammie smashing them against Sandra's face, then they flip it and Sammie goes after Sandra's nice sized rack. There's plenty of vocalization from both ladies and it worked very well. Moving on just a bit you get Miss Romain dropping down to dine some of Sammie's ass with some hard ass spanks mixed in for good measure.

These girls have the right idea too, work a little on me, then we switch it up and I get some of your delictable body. Sammie looked very hot on her knees munching on Sandra's marvelous butt. I've heard from Hillary herself on this matter and she likes chemistry quite a bit in her performers and these two girls here have this going between them in abundance. You get a great shot when Sammie's sitting over the kitchen sink, legs spread wide and Sandra's right there licking oh so beautifully and I don't think I've seen Sammie looking any better than she does here. I was even drawn into the toy play when that was brought in as the girls built up such good will here. Sandra even uses a strap on which Sammie sucks on before riding it in reverse cowgirl anal. There's more anal fun with Sammie in doggie anal and Sandra drills that ass with purpose here along with a few choice verbal bouquets! They close out this excellent g/g scene with some shared dildo play, a good shot comes when Sammie rides this long snakelike toy in reverse anal one more time, thanks. You will be watching this scene again fans, the energy was superb and two beautiful women making mad passionate love to one another, what more do you need.

Nadia Styles:

This next young lady up I've had the pleasure of seeing live and wow she looks smoking hot here but that pales in comparison to watching her in person. This girl's got a major league body folks from ass to tits to face, Nadia's working it all beautifully. She starts off here working those charms on top of a red velvet pool table. The titties come out for a little show and tell then you get Nadia showing off that perfect ass of hers then slipping a few fingers in that tastey pussy, I'd say she's ready to rack 'em up! Mark Wood is called in, guess Minnesota Fats was busy, lol. Great to see Mark used, he's very reliable and does a fine job pleasuring his partner which he does here quite nicely sampling her boobs before letting Nadia slide over the pool table's edge ass sticking out and we get right to the fucking doggiestyle, vag to start.

Mark's got a solid rhythm going here and you don't really get a good shot of her ass here and the shot gets much better when they flip over to mish and Mark opens her up good and the tits do some great bouncing too. After a good quick session of vag sex Mark drops down to tongue Nadia's bunghole and we resume with the vag drilling but the seeds been planted and it won't take to long to grow I imagine. We get Nadia dropping down then for her first taste of cock doing P2M plus she does the ole slap the cock against my face trick, lol, then it's back to gagging pretty good on his schlong. We get a bit more boinking in doggie vag but this time her ass is opened up to us much better so we see Mark pounding the kittie and then we get the short anal prep with her fingers and he slides in, effortlessly. The view here from the floor was quite good and you see just how tan and sexy her bottom is. Nadia is also down for some A2M, then it's on to reverse anal and I was also very pleased to see her flip around to cowgirl anal because she's got such a sexy butt I wanted to see it a bit more so they accomodate that wish. A little mish anal, then Mark works a very good load out to Nadia's face and she is sure to get all of it in before cleaning his cock off.

Aaralyn Barra:

This next girl up is a good performer who's done some pretty nasty scenes in the past. Hillary conducts another fun and informative interview here as Aaralyn's being made up. She hopes to accomplish a good sized gape in her scene today and she's not normally a gaper so the three well hung black studs have this to get done if they can. Hillary's looking pretty good here too while talking with her young charge, I'm thinking she's about to do a scene after this one perhaps. Aaralyn definitely prefers the term asswhore due to the fact she considers this to be very hardcore and that's how she approaches it and yes she does have Assgasms but the guy's got to know what he's doing to bring Aaralyn to this height of ecstacy. Quick tip for all you looking to get drunk real quick-- put the bottle of booze up your pooper and you'll be woozy in no time or so Hillary says!

This fun preamble over we cut then to a plate of strawberries surrounded by chocolate and Aaralyn enjoys a few bits before pulling her tits out. You get some very nice shots of her ass as she spreads it wide, using a toy also to prep that booty for the drilling to come. The shot then dissolves into Miss Barra working over the three lucky brothers Hillary's brought in. The dudes stand up and surround her on all sides and she does a good job working all those long tools in, some strong deep throating/ gagging is done as well. Sexwise you see some good reverse vag to start but it's quickly on to anal beginning with a standing doggie with Aaralyn doing strong A2M cleaning. Sweet!! We get some piledriver anal and Aaralyn does a good job too working in a few dirty words while also feasting on more black cock in her mouth. The trio of studs works in a couple good dps too in cowgirl and reverse before they splooge their loads on the plate of chocolate and strawberries with some jizz to Aaralyn's face too. So instead of Strawberries and Cream you can have Strawberries, Chocolate, & Jizz!!

Sierra Sinn:

We come now to Hillary's best friend and she conducts another well run interview where she probes Sierra on what she hopes to get out of this upcoming dp scene. Sierra aims high wanting to achieve her best assgasm ever. When asked what she likes to do to her ass Sierra replies she likes to fist herself and for a few quick seconds you see her doing just that before we fade back to the girls chatting. Miss Sinn regrets not doing anal sooner so this scene will help her catch up and for those who don't know Sierra's the sexual ninja and she's going to karate chop these fuckers if they don't fuck her just right, lol. The tease then flows along nicely as we watch Sierra undress showing off her nice bottom and she utilizes a toy to also prep that pussy and ass for the work to follow.

She nearly fists herself again before we cut to a shot of her working on the dicks belonging to Marco Bandera and Sasha. Sierra expertly works them back and forth before doing some strong gagging and yes some double stuffing too. The guys seem to have fun thrusting their cocks up in Sierra's mouth as far as she can take them which is pretty deep as we witness here. Sexwise you watch Sasha start it out banging her hard from behind and Sierra' working her golden tongue in between gaggin on Marco's dick. They work in some good reverse anal action which becomes a good dp in reverse. Miss Sinn does A2M on Marco before they guys flip her over to cowgirl where they resume the double pounding to her holes. The rest of the scene finishes strongly with another reverse dp and some strong assertive dick devouring from Sierra leading to the pops, we actually get a standing dp, then the guys unload at the same time all down Sierra's face with this sexy red head showing off the jizz before swallowing.

Hillary Scott:

Well I think it's safe to say we've cum to the main event of the evening and that's watching the lovely Miss Scott herself get fucked silly and while her asshole doesn't need a makeover per se it is always in a constant need it seems of a cock banging it so that itch will get scratched here. She's looking very nice in her daisy dukes and golden top which is quickly discarded by Sledgehammer so he can sample those boobs before letting Hillary loose on his cannon. This woman is always a fabulous sword swallower and she's got plenty of it to take on with Sledge's tool. The gagging/ deep throating she's known for is on full display here and she works in some low dirty talk but with a sinful gleem in her eye and sly grin this works very well.

This initial bj/ word play goes along nicely but we all know this girl needs a big hard cock up that ass so we move to the sex and they do a very good cowgirl to start and you see that stinkstar of Hillary's just sitting there waiting to be plucked. Hillary hops off for P2M, then she hovers over Sledge's mouth so he can tongue her ass and well fans it's a destination I'm sure a lot of us wouldn't mind taking a trip to and she has a seat for a good minute while Sledge dines on her sphincter. Moving on Hillary arches that ass up while she dips a few fingers in and those then get replaced by something just a bit bigger, Sledge's big round cock! Anal wise I'd say my fave position would have to be the reverse shot here as I'm a big fan of Hillary's boobs and they have been looking real good this scene but you also get some good booty appreciation in when Sledge bangs her doggiestyle anally then it's pop time and with her eyes wide open he unloads onto her tongue and you see the jizz sit there beautifully until he's done and she lets it slide to the back of her throat. A few cum bubbles later and she finally swallows it down. A very nice concluding scene to what's been a strong debut title.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This fans was a very good intro for Hillary as she begins her $1,000,000 contract with SexZ pictures. You see it all here from the SuperAsswhore from her wit to her good cast choices-- see Sandra/ Sammie for the best scene, and of course she finishes it off with a tour de force performace taking on the big Sledgehammer. Now for the extras you have to pop in a separate disc and this offers up a stills photo gallery, some trailers, a bonus solo tease with Hillary modeling that outfit she's displaying on the dvd's cover and I loved how the shirt falls away exposing those breasts and well she's flat out gorgeous so any time I can watch her do anything I'm there so some extra solo tease is just fine. You also get some BTS and it's pretty amusing so give it a watch. This one is a no brainer purchase recommendation for fans of Hillary. You don't get to see her fuck much but she's brought in some great girls led by that fabulous g/g scene with Sammie and Sandra plus you get solid turns from Nadia, Sierra, Aaralyn-- the Strawberries! And of course there is the one Hillary scene which was quite good taking on Sledge. Well done for her first effort and I can't wait to see what's next.

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