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Extra Stark 9

Studio: DBM
Category:  All Sex , Foreign

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Extra Stark 9:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Extra Stark 9 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Extra Stark 9 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Extra Stark 9 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Extra Stark 9 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Extra Stark 9 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Extra Stark 9 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Extra Stark 9 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  4/6/2003
Extra Stark 9 A Review by FacIan

Extra Stark 9
Translation: Extra Strong 9
Studio: DBM
Collection: n/a
Price: €19
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Anal; DP; Fisting (vaginal & anal); Pussy stretching; Ass stretching; Facial; Pussy gap; Anal gap; Toys;
Fetish: Lingerie; Suspenders; Guepiere; Stockings; Long Gloves; High heels; Shoes; Stilettos; Sexy outfits; Gimp suit; Latex; Long hair; Short hair; Piercing (clit, pussy, nipples); Bald/Hairy pussy

Initial expectation
I had a so-so impression from the previous Extra Stark. It was too tough for my taste. So why? Because I've heard that the other ones of the series were better. We'll see!

General comment
Beginners, pass you way! But if you want to have a tough action disc in stock for your tough action mood, this disc definitely deserves to be considered! Have a look at the keywords above, if you are tempted then put them in context with a set of cute girls and very good quality picture. Then, if I were you, I would not hesitate for too long!...

Screen shots
You can find the screen shots of that film on my site.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective

  • Picture: Very good.
  • Sound: 7 scenes in live sound; 8 are dubbed. In German.
  • Menu:
    • Play film
    • Chapters access (+ illogical index inside the scenes about every 5 minutes)
    • Diashow
  • Bonus: None! DBM could at least add a few trailers. They have so many discs and collections that a small guide would be strongly appreciated!


  • Time: 2h
  • Scenes: 15
  • Cum shots: 18
    • Winner: 8
    • Good: 7
    • Forgettable: 3
  • Fisting: in 4 scenes: vaginal and anal
  • GJ: 5

Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.


  • GJ = Girl job = The girl makes the guy cuming! I consider that point as a big plus. After all, it is nicer to see a girl making a guy cuming with her mouth than the same guy masturbating in front of the girl's face. So you might have HJ + GJ. That means she makes him cum with her hand. When the cumshot is very good that becomes a winner.
  • HOD = Head Over Dick = Any position looking like the girls head is hard to reach as she is over the dick or the guy is sitting down and she is kneeling between his legs, etc.
  • Voluptuous girl = A girl with a body looking very feminine. A voluptuous girl is not fat, but she is less slim than the usual standard, offering most of the time an enjoyable view to look at.
  • Sound: D = Dubbed sound.
  • Sound: L = Live sound.

There is absolutely no indication about the actors or directors.


Scene1: A cute brunette in pink lingerie is giving a BJ while fucked in doggy. She is pretty cute and her outfits are sexy, including long pink satin gloves. She has a nice body to look at with lovely butt and waist. She can handle a great DP in CG.
Cumshot: This is partly an anal cream pie (GJ)! The guy pulls out of her ass in DP but some sperm is dripping out while he is delivering the rest of the load onto her butt and asshole. Winner
[...] The remaining guy also wants his part of her ass and decides to take it in spoon. Thanks to that we can get a sexy view of her shaved pussy while she is caressing her clit with her pink gloves. We then get a long set of anal handless in/out. Same in RCG. This guy is a real pro as he never misses the target. He is giving a quite tough treatment to this cute ass.
Cumshot: On her face but a bit watery. Good post-cum BJ. F
Rate: 4 out of 5. This is hot scene without any incredible action or extremely nasty stuff. The girl is attractive, the sex is hot. I don't give 5 because she is a bit too passive.
Duration: 11' 27''  Scene#1 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Straight; Anal; DP Lingerie; Gloves Excellent Average 2: Winner & F

Scene2: A cute tall slim blonde we've already seen in other films (don't ask me which one, I do not remember) is sucking a cock while getting fucked in doggy. But the lad fucking her pussy is also fingering her ass with not less than 4 fingers. I guess I will shortly know why this collection is called Extra Stark. After the fingers, she is hosting at once in her ass the big cock which was in her pussy.
Well, we also know the 2 guys: JP Armand and Mr. Lecastel.
The blonde is now getting a serious DP in RCG. We can see that she is wearing a white guepiere with white stocking and white stiletto shoes. Nice!
What is not nice is the messy point of view on her gapping ass from a CG DP. Fortunately it doesn't last for long. She is changing for anal RCG on JP. Guess what! JY is now trying to fist her pussy while she is sitting on the other cock. She cannot get all of his hand but largely enough to show all details of the inside of her pussy when JY pulls his hand off. He even adds some pussy stretching. In case I would have forgotten the title of this film, I would now remember!
Cumshot: Great GJ+HJ for JP! She gets a few waves on face. Very good! G
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. Tough for sure but even very very short, the messy anal is killing the heat for me.
Duration: 6' 31''  Scene#2 Summary: 3.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Tough L Anal; DP; Semi-fisting + anal; Pussy stretching Lingerie: Guepiere; Stockings; Stilettos Sustained Good 1: G


A red hair with long hair is sucking a clown's cock. I am not kidding: this guy has his face painted like a white clown! The girl is tall and slim. She is wearing very long black high heel boots and a red collar. She also has 2 piercings in tongue, 1 in nipple, 3 in clit and one ring between pussy and ass. We already have seen her in another DBM as I guess there are not many girls with such a jewel placed here. But I do not recognise her face. That leads me to the following thought: isn't it bad to be able to recognise someone from her pussy and not from her face? I feel a bit guilty. But hey! If she had 4 rings in nose, eyebrow and mouth-lips I'd probably recognise her as well! So, let's carry on! ;-)
She's now giving a living view of her personal jewels as she is riding the clown's cock in RCG. You get a point of view of the 4th ring while she is getting her pussy and ass licked. The following session is pretty standard with anal action of course. Unfortunately the anal doggy is messy again. Not much as the camera does not insist, but enough to bother me.
Cumshot: Good shot onto her face making a white creamy line on her cheek and the rest landing on her tongue. G
Rate: 3 out of 5. Okay scene but not that hot.
Duration: 8' 38''  Scene#3 Summary: 3
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Lukewarm L Straight; Anal; Facial; Piercing (tongue, nipple, pussy); High heels; Boots; Fast Average 1: G

Scene4: A cute blonde with very long hair is giving a BJ looking like a friendly mouthfucking. Great! She is wearing long blue satin gloves. She also has blue panties, black stockings and really high heels stiletto shoes. That gives us a really sexy view in standing doggy. But the mish on the draining board of the kitchen is a must as well. Her legs are as nice as her tits are small. She is keeping her panties but we can see that her pussy is bald. Have a look at her during the anal doggy with a leg on the board and one hand on her butt! Yeah!
Cumshot: Just out of her ass onto her asshole. Nearly a GJ. Great! G
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. Once more I like the atmosphere, the outfits, even if the action is pretty standard.
Duration: 5' 49''  Scene#4 Summary: 4.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Straight; Anal Long hair; Stockings; High heels Standard Good 1: G


JY Lecastel is back with another blonde. This one is very cute with long hair, tall body and attractive face. But pal, the most amazing is to come! This girl is as cute as nasty. First of all, we almost immediately get a very close-up on her ass stretched wiiiiide! Wow! Do not entrust you asshole to Lecastel, he will give it back to you with the ability to sit on a champagne cork without touching it! Hum? You don't like this idea? Then, watch your ass when JY is around!!
Back to our scene! He is making this lovely girl gapping wider than ever. Is it sexy? I am not sure about that! Is it Extra Strong? I have no doubt about that!!
As you can imagine, it is not in RCG that it will change. Amazing! This is giving to the scene a strange atmosphere: In one hand we have this lovely blonde with nice lingerie, nice polished nails, nice shoes, etc. On the other hand she is getting a very nasty treatment without looking embarrassed at all. Somehow, the treatment is a bit tough for my taste but I like this contrast very much.
The nastiest is to come! Another girl: a tall brunette in mini skirt is arriving in the scene. During one of JY special gapping ass in RCG, she is taking advantage of the situation for...fisting the blonde's ass! Pretty incredible!!
The brunette is not a beginner either. She is now in doggy and JY and the blonde are playing with her asshole, stretching it wide. He is trying to fist her ass. Poor her! The situation is becoming messy for a second and we change for anal doggy for brunette. But not a standard one! The blonde is trying to fist brunette's pussy in the same time! She is not only trying but is successful! What a tough DP! And JY is also playing a set of in/out at the same time! Phew!!
Enough? Are you joking? Time for replacing the cock in ass by the blonde's hand! But to make it fun, they play a hand/cock/hand/... in ass. Is that tough enough? I guess you can imagine that brunette's ass is gapping. At one point, JY is trying to add his cock to the hand in the ass. Poor poor her!
Let's change for a more classical stuff: anal mish for brunette. Not that classical as we see A2P2A2P.

Cumshot: Out of brunette's ass, JY is shooting onto blonde's mouth. Great stuff. Winner
Rate: 5 out of 5. Amazing! If you are looking for really tough action, then here you are! It is the nastiest scene of the disc! What I like the most is the contrast between the very cute girls and the very tough action. Otherwise, the action itself is a bit too much for me. But I would never have imagined that these 2 pretty girls would be able to do such things! You have to see it to believe it! In this case, DBM is really keeping its words and deliver some Extra Stark stuff.
Duration: 12' 44''  Scene#5 Summary: 5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Anal; Fisting (vaginal & anal); DP (cock + hand) Long hair; Tall girls Good Very good 1: Winner

Scene6: A red hair and a blonde, both with long hair are dealing with a single cock. They are not very cute, especially compared to the 2 previous ones but the blonde is okay. The red hair is wearing some kind of black leather bustier and cowboy pants. After some standard action, the red hair is in anal RCG with a gapping pussy. You can be sure that this pussy will not be gapping for long. Bingo! The blonde is inserting her hand in this pussy while the ass is filled with cock. She actually doesn't move her hand but just keeps it in.
The blonde is jealous and wants her part! She then is getting deep anal doggy while red hair is fisting her pussy.
Cumshot: Out of her ass. GJ! He is holding the shot until blonde's face is close to his cock. He then shoots a strong jet toward red hair who is out of screen and give the rest to the blonde. Too quickly edited!. G
Rate: 4 out of 5. Another piece of nastiness! The result is not as good. But let's be honest, if you are looking for tough action, DBM delivers again!
Duration: 10' 45''  Scene#6 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot L Straight; Anal; Fisting; DP (Cock + Hand) Leather outfits Good Good 1: G

Scene7: A very cute red hair is giving an active BJ. If you are in sexy outfits, you might be interested in her: she is wearing black fishnet stockings with black suspenders and a kind of tiger bra. I am not sure about the silver shoes. That is too much on the top of already nearly too much. Her pussy is bald as we can see in mish. The blonde from scene 4 is next to them masturbating.
Her outfits might be too much but she remains sexy and I like looking at her in anal mish for instance.
Cumshot: From anal mish, the guy is pulling out of her ass and the blonde with blue gloves is giving a GJ+HJ to make him cum onto red hair's bald pussy. The cumshot is only decent but I like the GJ. Unfortunately, DBM has the awful habit to edit the scene very short. That bothers me a lot! Winner
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. Good scene! The action is not really hard in itself but I like the outfits and the red hair is cute. I don't give 5 because of the too much on the lingerie and the bloody short editing!
Duration: 5' 42''  Scene#7 Summary: 4.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot fetish D Straight; Anal Fishnet stockings; Suspenders Good Very good 1: Winner


Who is this black guy? I have seen him somewhere! Well, forget it! The girl he is dealing with is the first one to look natural. She has short hair and nice natural round tits. Her face is quite round as well with a small nose and mouth. She might be an amateur as her pussy is really hairy.
The scene takes place in a bathroom. After a vaginal doggy action, she is getting her ass filled as well. This action is very short!
Cumshot: He is sitting on the bath border and cum in/on her mouth. The cum delivered is very glue like and heavy volume. She gets a wave inside her mouth that she doesn't try to avoid, and the other ones are sticking to her chin. Winner
Rate: 3 out of 5. I like that this girl is natural but the action is average.
Duration: 4' 49''  Scene#8 Summary: 3
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Lukewarm L Straight; anal; Hairy pussy Normal Average 1: Winner

Scene9: 2 girls are playing with toys. Both are blonde with very long hair but one is wearing a wig. Both have long high heel boots. A guy is popping in and it doesn't take long before he is fucking one of these girls in spoon; first vaginal then anal. Same story in doggy with unhealthy P2A2P2A. Her pussy has shaved lips with large surface of hair on pubis.
Cumshot: On tits. F
Rate: 2.5 out of 5. I don't like the girls and the action is really average.
Duration: 7' 11''  Scene#9 Summary: 2.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Lukewarm L Straight; Anal; Toys Boots; Toys; Long hair Average Good 1:  F


A black hair with the whole fetish set: black stockings, black suspenders (very cheap model), latex gloves, latex bra, black and red latex boots and nails collar is handling a cock. She is looking okay even with all these stuff. The action takes place in a garden. She is treated with many vaginal in/out making her gapping like a perfect circle. While she is gapping, the guy decides to takes her ass. Then her pussy is saying "hello" at the same pace than the cock is moving in her ass. Hot!

Cumshot: Anal pile diver. He pulls out of her ass making it gapping wide and shoots a very glue like load onto her ass before reinserting his cock in it. Nasty! Winner
Rate: 4 out of 5. With more sexy outfits I'd probably give a better rate. But this gimp suit stuff is not my taste.
Duration: 6' 31''  Scene#10 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Straight; Anal; Gapping Latex Good Good 1: Winner

Scene11: Another tall slim blonde is sucking the black cock we've seen in scene 8. It might be someone we've already seen, I don't remember. Anyway, she's attractive and that is the most important. She is wearing another set of bit too much outfits: a guepiere with holes for tits, black fishnet stockings and boots. The sex action is good from vaginal to anal with a lot of in/out and some A2P2A. She's gapping a bit here and there but nothing monstrous. Great!
Cumshot: In anal mish, he pulls out and cums onto her slightly gapping asshole. The delivery is heavy and sticky white. When done he goes back but DBM makes another of their bloody too short ending. Idiots! Anyway, this is a Winner.
Rate: 5 out of 5. This scene might contain only "standard" action it is pretty hot! This girl is hot and the pace is very good. On the top of that, the sound is live. Excellent!
Duration: 6' 22'''  Scene#11 Summary: 5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot L Straight; Anal Lingerie: Guepiere; Stockings; Boots Very good Very good 1: Winner

Scene12: A cute chestnut hair is unable to make a speech because of the hard cock she is actually sucking. She is wearing one of these strange buttless pants in black latex. She is wearing stilettos and black latex bustier. She is looking very good even if the outfits are not for my taste.
After her BJ session, she gets a return. The guy, what's his name? A friend of JY Lecastel!... No way I can remember all these names. Sorry! So, this guy is immediately taking care of her ass. This one is pretty flexible, believe me! Once fingered, she gets his cock directly in her backdoor.
A group of 3 persons is next to them: the red hair from scene 7 and the blonde from scene 4 and 7 plus a guy. They just arrive for watching the cumshot.
Cumshot: In a kind of reverse pile diver, he is shooting on her asshole that she is keeping opened herself with 4 fingers. Nasty! She is then playing with her muscles to play with the cum on her ass. Kind of Winner.
  The red hair is now joining the first girl and...starts to fist her ass in mish. She then seriously fucks her ass with her hand. Impressive! Another guy arrives with a real wood and immediately dives into her pussy where there is still some space. A set of in/out will make the scene tougher. Red hair will eventually leave and let them fuck. This girl has a pretty big butt!
They are playing hard.
Cumshot She is on her back , looking in his eyes when he surprises her with a single jet over her face. Good reaction and nice post-cum BJ. Very good. G
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. Well done! Nice girls with tough action and no mess around!
Duration: 11' 08''  Scene#12 Summary: 4.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Straight; Anal; Anal fisting Black latex pants and bra Sustained Very good 2: Winner & G

Scene13: The same black guy we already have seen is in charge with 2 girls: one lovely brunette with long hair and a short hair blonde. The blonde has a hairy pussy. He doesn't care as he is using her pussy only a few seconds and nearly immediately takes her ass in different positions. It doesn't look easy but he is merciless. The brunette increases the heat with some BJ making A2M or P2M because of the A2P.
After blonde is brunette's time. Her pussy hair is much more under control but she is also prettier. Good start with vaginal RCG during which blonde is also giving some interesting BJs. She also gets anal RCG to not look weak compared to the blonde I guess...
Cumshot: Long double BJ in HOD leading to nothing interesting as usual in this case. F
Rate: 3 out of 5. Not bad but I can live without this scene.
Duration: 10' 37''  Scene#13 Summary: 3
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Warm D Straight; Anal;   Sustained Good 1: F

Scene14: Back to the clown film with 2 clown, another guy, the blonde with the wig from scene 9 and the multi-piercing blonde girl. They all play adult games together
Cumshot: On tits. F
Cumshot Thick delivery on multi-pierced opened pussy. G
Rate: 3 out of 5. Okay scene. Nothing special to say about it.
Duration: 7' 08''  Scene#14 Summary: 4.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Warm L Straight; Anal; DP Piercing; Long hair (wig) Sustained Good 2: Winner & G

Scene15: Back to scene 12 but with the girl from scene 1. I know that it sounds complicated but if you get the film you will understand!
This brunette in pink is definitely looking good with her pretty face. She is also looking nasty when she is spreading her pussy while he is fucking her ass. All this pink everywhere!...
Cumshot: Nice cool white sticky shot mainly onto her chin but also a bit on her tongue. G
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. Short scene but I like the atmosphere and the girl.
Duration: 5' 18''  Scene#15 Summary: 4.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Anal; Nice lingerie; High heels Sustained Good 1: G

My conclusion is much more positive than in my first try for this collection. As the first one the whole film is consistent but from my point of view there are many improvements. First of all there is nearly no gimp suit stuff that I don't like, especially the hood thing! Then, most of the girls are very nice (without hood I can tell you). But I also appreciate much the sexy outfits and lingerie in most of the scenes. On nice girls it is always a great pleasure to watch and this is the kind of spice I like. I can also mention the cumshots which are mostly very good; the picture quality which is excellent and maybe the fact that this film is now 120mn instead of 90.
On the bad hand I have: some very short messy anal; the always too short editing after cumshot; the same bunch of males we have seen thousands of times everywhere.
And what about the Extra Stark stuff? I almost forgot it! Yes it is tough! Obviously this film is not for beginners or people unsure they want to see hard sex. A lot of anal and of course of fistings! I am not a big fan of fistings as most of the time it is boring, but these ones are pretty nasty. That is especially true because all of these fisted girls are really cute and the contrast is more than surprising.
So, I guess you understand why I will give a very good rate to this film!

My global rate for that movie is 4.5 out of 5. The tough side of hardcore with plenty of very cute girls and enough sexy outfits to satisfy most of the fetishists around. I have some strong reservation about the few messy anal actions but DBM managed to make them short. May I ask why they did not simply take them off? I know, I know, I always complain!....

The screen shots are here.

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