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Extra Stark

Studio: DBM
Category:  Fetish

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Extra Stark:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Extra Stark overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Extra Stark Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Extra Stark Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Extra Stark Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Extra Stark Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Extra Stark DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Extra Stark A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  11/7/2002
Extra Stark A Review by FacIan

Extra Stark
Translation: Extra Strong
Studio: DBM
Collection: n/a
Price: €19
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Anal; DP; Fisting (simple, pussy+ass, 2 hands in pussy, etc.); Pussy stretching; Facial; Toys; Object;
Fetish: Big tits; High heels; Shoes; Stockings; Sexy outfits; Gimp suit; PVC; Hood; Drag queen; Fat woman

Initial expectation
I am always looking for new collections to try. I liked DBM's work in Anal Sauger, Top Teens Gallery and Revanche. I thought that it was worth a try to test this new collection. I was expecting nasty action with good quality picture, nice girls and lingerie.

General comment
At that point, the action is not "nasty" anymore. It is the next step. There is a series from Anabolic called "Perverted point of view". But honestly, compared to this flick, you could call it "Angelic point of view". Look at the keywords section, you should understand what I mean. DBM has named that DVD Extra Strong and they mean it!
By the way, I have to say to those who will go further in that review, that I had some troubles writing it. In fact, this disc is an error in my collection! Writing this review was a challenge. I have done it but keep in mind that, except 3 scenes, it is not my cup of tea. It will help you to decide if it is yours!

Screen shots
You can find the screen shots of that film on my site.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective

  • Picture: Good.
  • Sound: 4 scenes only with direct sound. In German.
  • Menu:
    • Play film
    • Chapters access
    • Diashow
  • Bonus: None! DBM could at least add a few trailers. They have so many discs and collections that a small guide would be strongly appreciated!


  • Time: 90'01''
  • Scenes: 12
  • Cum shots: 16
    • Winner: 2
    • Good: 7
    • Forgettable: 7
  • Fisting: 7 scenes include fisting from "simple" pussy fisting to double (pussy + ass) or 2 hands in pussy, etc.
  • GJ: 9

Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.


  • GJ = Girl job = The girl makes the guy cuming! I consider that point as a big plus. After all, it is nicer to see a girl making a guy cuming with her mouth than the same guy masturbating in front of the girl's face. So you might have HJ + GJ. That means she makes him cum with her hand. When the cumshot is very good that becomes a winner.
  • HOD = Head Over Dick = Any position looking like the girls head is hard to reach as she is over the dick or the guy is sitting down and she is kneeling between his legs, etc.
  • Voluptuous girl = A girl with a body looking very feminine. A voluptuous girl is not fat, but she is less slim than the usual standard, offering most of the time an enjoyable view to look at.
  • Sound: D = Dubbed sound.
  • Sound: L = Live sound.

There is absolutely no indication about the actors or directors.


This DVD is made of 12 different scenes not connected with each other. Considering the fast pace of each scene, I will try to extract the essential of each scene. You will add yourself the mandatory BJ and other non special actions you can expect in a porn movie.

Direct access to the scenes and Action/Fetish at a glance
Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3
Action Fetish Action Fetish Action Fetish
  • Straight
  • Big tits
  • Semi-fisting;
  • Anal;
  • DP
  • PVC/Gimp suit
  • Fisting: vaginal;
  • Fisting: anal
  • Fisting: vaginal + anal;
  • Straight;
  • Anal;
  • Facial;
  • A2M
  • Gimp suit/PVC;
  • Hood;
  • High heels;
  • Big tits
Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6
Action Fetish Action Fetish Action Fetish
  • Facial
  • Stockings+suspenders;
  • Ass licking (male and female);
  • Feet licking (male and female)
  • Toy;
  • Fisting;
  • Anal (on male)
  • Gimp suit/PVC;
  • Drag queen
  • Straight;
  • Anal
  • Stockings;
  • Shoes;
  • Sexy outfits
Scene 7 Scene 8 Scene 9
Action Fetish Action Fetish Action Fetish
  • Straight;
  • Fisting;
  • Facial
  • Stockings
  • Straight;
  • Anal;
  • Anal fisting
  • Gimp suit/PVC
  • Straight;
  • Anal;
  • Fisting;
  • Toys;
  • Facial
  • Stockings;
  • Shoes;
  • Sexy outfits;
  • Gimp suit; Hood
Scene 10 Scene 11 Scene 12
Action Fetish Action Fetish Action Fetish
  • Fisting;
  • Object fucking
  • Monster woman;
  • Object
  • Fisting;
  • Double pussy fisting;
  • Pussy stretching;
  • Straight;
  • Anal
  • Gimp suit
  • Straight;
  • Anal;
  • Shoes;
  • Sexy outfits


Scene1: A couple is on a red sofa. She is blonde with a yellow top and black shoes. This girl is not a beauty but her body is okay and her face is average, nothing bad. The guy starts by licking and fingering her nearly shaved pussy. She has big natural tits. He takes her in a semi pile-diver position.
They change for a real pile-diver, then spoon with view on her big tits.
In doggy, he licks and wets her asshole. A short vaginal doggy and she asks for taking her ass. You don't have time to enjoy at all as 2 seconds later you see a slow motion on another point of view of the first semi pile-diver. 2 seconds later, another slow-motion on her making him cumming.
Cumshot: GJ+HJ+HOD. She gets cum mainly on lips. It is very short! Could have been good with some more time to see what happens. F
Rate: 1.5 out of 5. That could have been a good scene but the editing is ridiculous! It makes no sense! The main good point is the direct sound but that doesn't make a scene good just by itself!
Duration: 5' 05''  Scene#1 Summary: 1.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Lukewarm L Straight Big tits Too fast: annoying editing Good 1: F

Scene2: A black girl with a black and red PVC/Latex hood (not covering the mouth, cheeks and chin), bra and long gloves is surrounded by 2 guys in black overall gimp suit, including legs, arms (with gloves) and hood. The good point from a reviewer point of view of that fetish is that I can forget to describe actors. The bad point is that we don't see them either!
This girl, in doggy is sucking one guy when the other is more than seriously fingering her pussy. I mean he has put plenty of lube in her pussy and inserts 3-4-5 fingers (with latex gloves, remember?) in her pussy. Hard! Her pussy is fully shaved.
Anal spoon + BJ. The guys are white skin. So, you enjoy the contrast of her black skin, his white cock in her ass and her pink pussy that she spreads for us! Same in RCG! DP in RCG. Close up on the action.
Cumshot: From DP position, out of her pussy, he cums on her pubis, thighs, etc. F
Cumshot: HOD+BJ+GJ. Good shot onto her cheek. F
Rate: 2.5 out of 5. I try to forget the PVC uniform. The action itself is obviously quite hard but I'd prefer to see the actors.
Duration: 4' 32''  Scene#2 Summary: 2.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Fetishist D Semi-fisting; Anal; DP PVC/Gimp suit Fast Good 2: 2xF


Starts with a very serious vaginal fisting. The fisted girl is in another black PVC gimp suit. Describing the clothe itself is too complicated, I give up. I just mention that she has a hood and we just see her eyes and lips. The fister is a very cute blonde with curly hair. She wears mainly long PVC boots (to the middle of thighs) with high heels and a black round neck with big nails. I have the feeling that we already have seen her in Top Teens Gallery scene 2 and 4. She was already fisting others. About her fisting, it is a very serious one! Basically, she moves in and out her hand up to the half of it while she rotate her hand fast at the same time. Both movements are fast. This fully shaved pussy must be very flexible to accept that!
Then, we have David Perry getting a BJ by a voluptuous blonde wearing a PVC-like black top and only black stilettos. She sucks him while she is in doggy position, butt high in the air. The view is hot, even for a simple BJ! Actually, the BJ is good as well.
Back to the fister. She still hardly fists the other girl but also sucks a cock before taking it in pussy. Once more the view is hot with the cute fister in standing doggy taking it in pussy and fucking hard the other one with her hand. The fister has a hairy (blonde) pussy.
Back to David and his cute blonde. They fuck in CG and she moves fast and well! That is a real ride! They change for a spoon giving a good view on her big tits (the top has holes for the tits!) and her shaved pussy except a line of hair on pubis. She fakes an orgasm.
The 3 others did not change much, the doggy is now on knees instead of standing. I know that you follow since I told you to take notes in an earlier review... He now takes the cute fister in the ass. Great!
Cumshot: The guy takes out of her ass and cums over her mouth. It is hot because her head is over the pussy of the girl she is actually fisting. The cum is very glue like and she gets her red lips painted with white cum. She also delivers a great post-cum head. G
[...] You thought you had plenty of nasty action? Wrong! Listen to that!
The next view after the cumshot is a close-up on an anal fist fucking. The girl simply changed hole! The fucked girl is spreading her pussy wide and this red-pink shell is gapping after the treatment it got at the beginning! The hand in her ass is moving with the same determination as in the pussy previously! Wow! I have said: wow!
Without seeing the transition, she now has a hand in ass but also one in pussy. That is a DP with fists! Quite rare isn't it? The movements are still fast and I wonder how she can really handle that!
Back to David who is fucking the ass of his blonde in mish. Good amplitude!
Cumshot: Out of her ass, he comes over her tit in order to get a HJ+BJ. Great reaction from the blonde who is keen on the job! A2M. She makes him cum with a strong HJ+GJ. Great job! She makes him cum onto her face making 2 white lines on her face: one from upper lip to hair through very close to the eye, and one on her cheek. The following post-cum BJ is very good as well! Even with the low volume, that is a Winner.
Rate: 4 out of 5. Well, that is another unusual scene! To be honest, the fistings did not convince me. It is more a curiosity than a turn on. The fisted girl's face was hidden behind a hood and she was not more reacting than if it had been pencil. But yes it was impressive and no it was not extremely sexy. But I liked the 2 other girls: the fister and the voluptuous one. The atmosphere was obviously nasty, saying the opposite would be lying. So, I give a 4. The same with a girl like Chloe (the American girl who loves to be fisted and cums like crazy when she is) would deserve an easy 5. Unfortunately, it was not Chloe!
Duration: 9' 22''  Scene#3 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Nasty D Fisting: vaginal, anal and vaginal + anal; Straight; Anal; Facial; A2M Gimp suit; Hood; High heels; Big tits Fast Very good 2: G & Winner

Scene4: A brunette is licking the balls of a not so young male. She actually does her best on that job and continues with a BJ. The sound is direct. The girl is okay. She now practices something I don't like: she licks the ass of the guy when this one is bending like for a doggy.
He returns the practice to that girl who is wearing black stockings and suspenders. Some more balls and ass licking. Tit fucking.
A lot of unusual practices in that flick: the guy is now licking the feet of the girl (in stockings). It is now her turn to lick his feet.
At last they come to some fucking! Simple doggy for a start. She has a huge coloured tattoo on her thigh and waist. That last about 20 seconds.
Cumshot: He is squatting over her face while she gives a HJ with some attention to his balls. He eventually comes over her face, mainly over her slightly closed mouth. Decent facial. G
Rate: 1.5 out of 5. This scene is mostly about non intercourse actions. That would be fine to me but I do not consider seeing a girl licking a guy's feet as a turn on. So, that scene did not work at all for me. Otherwise, the sound is direct, the picture is good and the cumshot is decent. If you like very much what happens during this scene, then give a better rate!
Duration: 6' 59''  Scene#4 Summary: 1.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Not my style L Facial Stockings+suspenders; Ass licking (male and female); Feet licking (male and female) Fast Average 1: G

Scene5: Back to the PVC/Gimp suit/Latex/Black&Red style! The first girl we see wears a kind of hood with ears and her face is mostly painted in red. Even like that she looks cute. She has big tits. She suck a dildo covered by a condom. Actually, if I describe every detail of that scene, it will take me ages! So, consider that the style is really shiny black and red stuff. Okay?
As you know, it is not my cup of tea. But here, there is another reason to not be happy: the person wearing the bloody dildo is a man dressed up as a girl with all the stuff described above. Hell! I did not need that!
A second girl with big natural tits is riding the dildo. She is quite fat.
The first girl (the cute one), in the following seconds, takes a hand inside her pussy (with the red glove, etc.)! After the tough treatment, they change the role and the cute fists the fat.
Guess what? Someone is taking the dildo in the ass! Who?...The guy! Damn! The cute girl tries to make his soft cock looking like something decent but it is kind of hopeless! While I am here I add that the guy is wearing female high heel shoes. How can you make 6'17 looking like 6h? Hum? If I do not use the Fast Forward key, it is only because I have a kind of professional integrity! Otherwise...
Cumshot: With the dildo in his ass and the girl doing her best on his dick, he manages to cum in her mouth. I could rate such a cumshot as good in other circumstances but there is no way that I watch that scene another time! I have said: no way! F!
Rate: 1 out of 5. Sorry guys, too far away from what I like. The point is for the cute girl, the good quality picture and...I don't know! Find something yourself!
Duration: 6' 17''  Scene#5 Summary: 1
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
No thanks! D Toy; Fisting; Anal (on male) Gimp suit/PVC; Drag queen Average Good 1:F

Scene6: At last: back to something I like! A very cute girl, brunette with very nice tits, wearing an "empty bra", very nice black stockings, a string from the same collection as the bra, a thick round neck and high heels stilettos, is dealing with J-P Armand. She is extremely sexy! Good BJ followed by a doggy. The view is hot: that girl has a great body and with the outfits it! Her pussy is shaved apart a thin line on her pubis. The change on different positions: mish, spoon, etc. The dubbed sound requests an "Arsch fick". J-P speaks very good dubbed German and is happy to satisfy this sex bomb in doggy.
Cumshot: J-P instals himself over the girl lying on her back and she gives a goof HJ. GJ+HJ, she makes him cumming on her beautiful tits. It is watery and immediately interrupted by the editing! F
Rate: 4 out of 5. What I liked in that scene? The girl! She looks amazingly sexy. Maybe I am not objective anymore after what I have seen in previous scenes. I don't know. But I am sure that looking at that girl is a pleasure. Unfortunately, the sex is not really interesting and J-P should retire. It is not because he is wearing black sunglasses that I did not recognise him!
Duration: 6' 30''  Scene#6 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Straight; Anal Stockings; Shoes; Sexy outfits fast Good 1: F

Scene7: 2 couples are in a bathroom. One girl is a dyed blonde with big tits and wearing black stockings. The other one is a red hair and she is in the water in the bath. None of these girl is fantastic. They are more like from an amateur film. The sound is direct which is another sign of probably amateur film.
They fuck in different position but none is lasting for long. At one point, the red hair has her hand inside the blonde's pussy. The blonde is standing up and her pussy is fully shaved. Red hair has a cock in mouth. The blonde is more riding the fist than the opposite. But the amplitude is very short anyway. The fisting action lasts for much longer than the other ones. .
Cumshot: Red hair: HJ+GJ. She makes him cumming on her mouth. Very glue and she makes him cumming with pleasure. They might be a real couple in life or she is enjoying herself. Considering the BJ to dry him, I am hesitating to make that one a winner. But the editing cuts it short, so...G
[...] The blonde is now on a sofa with her guy fingering her pussy and ass with a "fork" (a finger in each hole). He now fucks her deep in mish and reverse flat pile diver. Yes, I know it is not obvious. But try to make a picture of that! :-)
Some more in side mish followed by anal doggy. The good part of it is that she spreads her butt while being fucked. I like seeing her hands on her cheeks with her dark red polished nails. Sexy! .
Cumshot: HJ+GJ: she makes him cumming on/in her opened mouth. With that volume she gets plenty in mouth and also on face. As she makes him cumming in her mouth it is definitely a Winner. But I have to mention that the editing is crap as it is cut extremely short! Idiots!
Rate: 3 out of 5. 2 girls enjoying themselves + direct sound + 2 good cumshots. Otherwise, the sex action itself is nothing special. Maybe the fisting but it is still not very hot.
Duration: 8' 56''  Scene#7 Summary: 3
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Good L Straight; Fisting; Facial Stockings Good Very good 2: Winner + G


Hell! Another gimp suit scene! The guys are completely covered with black latex and 2 girl in a car's boot are sucking them. When they leave the boot these girls walk on the knees toward stairs.
Jump directly in other action: a girl with a hood is starting to fist the other girl's ass. For the record the other one doesn't have a bloody hood but only a mask which is much nicer and sexy to me. Also, she looks cute and I have the feeling that her face is nice.Anyway, we are having a nasty action in here! She gets the whole hand in her ass! We do not see the whole insertion. But we see that she does have it all inside her ass.
The cute brunette is now fucked in vaginal mish (without hand in ass). Girl with hood is riding a cock in anal RCG. She also takes it in the ass in doggy. Nice view on her butt and shaved lips. This doggy last a bit longer than the other actions which were more like 20 seconds long.
Cumshot: Out of her ass, he cums on her slightly gapping ass. The cum is dripping along and filling her ass. Very good view. G
Rate: 3.5 out of 5.
Duration: 5' 11''  Scene#8 Summary: 3.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Straight; anal; Anal fisting Gimp suit/PVC Fast Good 1: G

Scene9: This scene is obviously from the same film than scene 6. The same girl on the same place is sucking well another guy. I did like her in previous scene and I still do!
She stops sucking him and starts to masturbate. We than jump into another part of the film where another very cute dark blonde with a black top with laces (not lace but lace! Well, the word is the same in English for 2 different things...) She also has black strips at the beginning of her legs and sexy high heels shoes. She is sitting on an armchair while a guy is playing with 2 vibros in her 2 holes. Hot! She takes care of her clit in the same time.
Vaginal doggy giving a sexy view on that girl! They change for anal and that doesn't make the view less interesting, I tell you!
Anal mish. I am afraid that this anal action is a bit "messy". They do not insist on it but well...
The pretty brunette of the beginning is joining and we have the pleasure to see her in a standing vaginal doggy.
Blonde takes it again in the ass in doggy but we do not have any other messy view. Better!
Cumshot: From her ass, he gets a BJ. A2M. That lets me think that they managed to not carry on with the "technical problem". He shoots a very strong jet, too strong but landing for part on her cheek and hair. The other waves are very weak. This girl is great as she moves her head in order to get the drops onto her face. The cum was very glue like. Because of the miss of the target it is only a G.
[...] The first brunette is now in a room fisting a girl in black hood and gimp suit outfits. She moves her hand well but mainly moves her body and her head like if she had the hand inside her herself. That looks ridiculous! But the fisting remains quite tough!
J-P is in the scene, offering his cock to the fisted.
Cumshot: Actually, I do not like hoods but here it is funny. I tell you! JP gets a HJ+GJ which is a good start. But that girl cannot really make him cum on her face, so, she pulls out her tongue out of the black hood. That shows her pink tongue out of the black hood getting white cum. Funny! She cannot even really suck him with that but she licks. Funny but...F
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. I mainly like the girls and the outfits (not the hood stuff!). The picture is perfect. The action is hard and nasty. But somehow, I enjoyed the previous scene better. So, I rate this one a bit lower!
Duration: 8' 28''  Scene#9 Summary: 3.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Straight; Anal; Fisting; Facial; Toys Stockings; Shoes; Sexy outfits; Gimp suit; Hood Sustained Good 2: G & F


Damn! That is the cherry on the cake! I now have to deal with a monster woman. This girl is more than fat. She is probably over 120kg. After the drag queen, the... Pffff!... I do not want any problem with the "Cows friends society", so I will not qualify her of being a cow! And actually, I have seen lovely cows in my life.
This "thing" will try to be fisted by her guy (who is not slim but compared to her looks like a top model). Well, I give you a secret: being extremely fat doesn't help to be fisted! This girl is in trouble to take it in the pussy. Instead, she will take a bottle of beer. This bottle looks like a small dildo compared to her!
She now sucks her guy's balls and cock. They then insist again in trying to fist her. It looks difficult.
I am very glad that this scene is cut at that point. I already had my hand on my remote, looking for the FF button!

Cumshot: None and that is a luck!
Rate: 0 out of 5. Too much is too much!
Duration: 5' 21''  Scene#10 Summary: 0
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Fat L Fisting; Object fucking Monster woman; Object Fast but not fast enough for me Come on!... None

Scene11: Close-up on a girl's face in a hood licking a nipple. We are back with a lot of PVC/Latex clothes. I will add no comment on that point and I give-up describing again the outfits.
From one close-up to another, we jump directly to a hand moving inside a pussy. The pussy is quite hairy on pubis, and I am pretty sure that the owner is quite fleshy. We eventually get a larger view. The fister seems to have a cute body. What I am sure about is that she has very big tits. The other one, I don't know.
Hey, but what is she doing? She is inserting a second hand inside the pussy! It doesn't take very long before she manages to be tied up by this pussy. You see most of the insertion. Then she moves inside, first both hands at once and slowly. The close-up you get there is not a close-up anymore but an anatomic study! The picture is extremely good by the way.
With the 2 hands in pussy, the fisted girl is managing herself the moves. What does she do? She first spreads the arms in such a way that her poor pussy is stretched at limit. Then she makes the hands moving inside her.
With her 2 hands out, the fister is stretching the pussy so wide...I've never seen that! Incredible! Do not ask me if it is hot, I cannot answer as I do not know! In fact, yes I know: to me, all that is too much again. I see no pleasure on anybody's face. So, what is that? A circus trick?
The scene changes. A male is there with the same kind of clothes. I'd be curious to know what he feels during the vaginal CG in that incredibly flexible pussy. Something I guess because he is as hard as a stone.
The fister is now taking it in the ass in RCG. The whole sex action with the guy takes about 1'30 max!
Cumshot: HJ+GJ+HOD in slow motion. F.
Rate: 2 out of 5. I am in trouble to rate that kind of thing. What shall I rate? The pussy flexibility? Then it should be a 5. The sex action? Then I give 1.5. The girls? They are hidden behind all this black and red. The picture quality? Then it is a 5 again. So, I give a 2 but do not ask me to justify with a consistent explanation. I can't!
Duration: 9' 34''  Scene#11 Summary: 2
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Circus D Fisting; Double pussy fisting; Pussy stretching; Straight; Anal Gimp suit Average Average 1:F

Scene12: I keep that scene as the mystery scene of the film. I just tell you that it is from the same film as scene 6 and scene 9. That should be enough to know the atmosphere. :-)
Cumshot: GJ. G
Cumshot G
Rate: 3.5 out of 5.
Duration: 13' 05''  Scene#12 Summary: 3.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot D Straight; Anal; Shoes; Sexy outfits ? ? 2: G&G


Extra Stark? Yes it is! And honestly, I wonder why I got that disc in my collection! It is obviously not for me! Not my cup of tea. I like some spices in my meals but not eating the chilli pepper directly! If you are looking for something very different, very hard, very fisting and fetish oriented, then this disc is for you.
DBM is consistent inside the disc itself. I understand why each scene is in the DVD. So, I do not blame DBM for not liking the film. Somehow, I would say that DBM has done a good job, a good compilation with good quality picture and work in general. From there, it is only a question of taste.
If you want something hard but less "special", have a look at G-Punkt Ficker, still from DBM.

My global rate for that movie is 3 out of 5. This rate is special. It is a compromise between a film I mainly did not like in the subjects and a DVD that I think is a good choice for those who would look for this kind of action. In other words: would I buy it again? No! Do I recommend it? Yes! if you are looking for something very special (cf. review's body).
So, I strongly suggest to not only read that conclusion!

The screen shots are here.

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