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Evilution 3

Evilution 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Evilution 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Evilution 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Evilution 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Evilution 3 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Evilution 3 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Evilution 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Evilution 3 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Evilution 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  12/3/2007

Evilution 3

Prologue Jenna Haze adorns the cover of this Manuel Ferrara release, making it essential viewing even if it didn't include Daisy Marie, Lucy Lee and Mia Bangg. All favorites of mine. Sunny Lane, Renae Cruz, Lindsey Meadows and McKenzee Miles round out the cast, and I'm sure Manuel will be partaking in his fair share of this prime nookie.
Jenna Haze receives a call on her cell as she's finishing a fruitless shopping expedition. She's got gossip to share about a lockerroom incident involving football player Christian and some angry cheerleaders. As captain of the team, he's punished for an embarrassing loss. He's bound and gagged with duct tape, accepting insults and pom pom thrashing by the four harridans. Christian's stripped naked and they all rub their asses over his bald head. My kind of abuse. Amidst all these taunts and teases, McKenzie Miles starts sucking his hard dick and Renae Cruz smothers his face with her store boughts. She moves down to help McKenzie by sucking his balls roughly, then bj queen Lucy Lee takes over and inhales the big dick. Renae and Lindsey Meadows share next amidst all the taunts and teases, then Lindsey sits on the cock CG. Renae takes the next ride in RC, then P2M, offering his cock to the next rider, McKenzie. Her little hole looks positively stuffed as the girls use Christian like an amusement park ride. Lindsey writes "Bitch" on his bald pate with her lipstick, and Renae adds a moustache for good measure. She goes back for more cock in CG as they continue to write epithets on his body. Lucy goes straight to the "A" as she commandeers the cock in RCA. While the other three are congregated at Christian's head, smothering and taunting, Lucy appears to be in her own orgasmic world, long stroking the greasy pole in her rectum. They all smother his head simultaneously, the real abuse here being that his mouth is still taped and he can't snake his tongue into Lucy's ass. Renae cuts his binds and Lucy goes for more anal in CG. McKenzie, I mean squirts on Christian's head, then he's on all fours for Renae, who's wearing a strapon. Manuel gets squeamish and cuts this part out with a "Missing Footage" message and he cuts back in as Christian cums in Lindsey's open mouth, who in turn shares with Lucy, who then passes the load to Renae, with the final resting place ending down McKenzie's throat.
Lots of noise, but the only good fucking was done by Lucy, and not nearly enough of it. The strapon made sense under the circumstances, but wasn't followed through, making for an abrupt and less satisfying end.

Jenna's call is interrupted by another from her erstwhile lover with promises of a hot rendezvous that evening, as well as some phone sex to tide her over for the present.As she hangs up, a hand reaches around her face from the back seat and Jenna's chloroformed and abducted.

Prisoner Jenna's laid out on a bed in a scene captured with the greenish tint of night vision. There's a flash of the watchful eyes of a woman I'm assuming is Daisy Marie in an adjoining room. Jenna has a jewelled butt plug lodged in her cute ass and she awakens in a foggy state. She surveys the padded cell that she's trapped in, hoping this is a setup by her lover. It turns out that Daisy's her paramour, and she has plans for sweet, nasty Jenna. Responding to instructions by the dominant dyke, she masturbates and begs for sapphic release. Daisy's lined up some real dick for her in the person of Manuel, who quickly joins her, taking over the digital manipulation and pulling out the plug so he can eat some ass. Jenna squirms with the shit stopper in her mouth and sinks to the floor as Manuel munches carpet. He spoons her tight pussy, strumming her clit to help her take the fat hog. Jenna gets flipped into RC after having her salad tossed, rockin' the cock with lust. She treats Manuel to one of her patented blow jobs, departing her character for a moment as she exclaims it's "too big". Some light abuse before standing doggy and spanking. They stay with doggy on all fours, then back to spoon. Jenna rocks her ass laying on her belly and Manuel eats at the "Y" again. She sits on the dick CG, driving Manuel crazy with her undulating body. P2M, then up against the wall, face to face with Daisy, who's back to giving instructions as Manuel rails Jenna in standing doggy again. Daisy orders up a facial and Manuel unloads on the kneeling Ms. Haze, pinpointing her mouth but leaving enough splatter to satisfy the depraved Daisy. Jenna's only partially satisfied as she calls for Daisy to finish her off.

The lights come on and the super hot Latina marches in sporting a purple strapon. She licks and kisses Jenna's cum covered face, ordering her to suck the fake dick hanging from her crotch. Jenna rims her like a good little sub, then tells Daisy she wants the cock in her ass. She works the blue bomber into her tightest hole RCA, bobbing and grinding as it opens her up. Daisy rolls her into spoon, then has Jenna toss her salad. Copious amounts of lube slathered on Jenna's butt as she stands against the wall, taking a nice spanking, then ordered to her knees to suck more plastic. Jenna gets underneath the harness for Daisy's pussy and sucks more dildo as she professes her love and devotion.

I understand the use of night vision, but I can't say I fully enjoyed the scene the way it was presented. The lesbian pairing was like so many others. It just ended when it ended. Not really seeming like it was fully resolved, but the plug pulled nonetheless. Lots of eye candy. No payoff.
Sunny Lane, wearing nothing but red panties and channel surfing in the company of several stuffed animals, is bored to tears. She complains to the humongous beagle most of us would trade places with and decides to check out what the neighbors are up to. The hot little perv has a pair of binoculars and she scans the windows across the way, finally striking paydirt as she scopes Mia Bangg putting on a show for several guys who are stroking their already engorged members. Mia's wearing a black leather bra that doesn't come close to covering her juicy jugs, and black mesh panties that can barely contain her phat pussy. Full length gloves finish this sexy ensemble and show off Mia's tremendous body. An obviously turned on Sunny is seen dipping into her own panties while Mia spreads her charms for the congregation. Mia strips and does a split on the floor, then locats a big, clear butt plug to jam up her ass. After removing and tasting it, Mia's ready to rock, getting surrounded by hard cock for a four way circle suck. Mia takes great delight in making the guys moan, opening her throat for maximum effect. They start a mish train on her, going from John Strong to Mark Wood, back to Strong in anal, and back to Wood for side entry sodomy. Steven French gets his first action as he replaces Wood. Airtight RCDP, A2M on Strong and doggy anal for French. He spits into Mia's little gape and Wood uses it for lube as he drives her ass in an up and over. Another airtight RCDP with Strong as the anchor, Mia doing double cock cleanup as Wood tunnels her out in doggy. Strong replaces him while she gags on French's dick, then back to Wood as the guys tag in and out quickly, keeping Mia full and happy. Spoon anal for Strong. Doggy for French. CGDP, airtight, with Wood anchoring. Mia moves over to ride Strong CG and another round of airtight ensues. One on one with French in side entry anal, then she's on the floor with four cocks again, this time ready to spew. One by one they start dropping their DNA onto Mia's tongue. French, Wood, Christian, then Strong, Mia swallowing the whole nursery at once, counting the money handed to her by Strong, and spotting the horny Sunny peeping on them.
Mia's a born crowd pleaser, although Christian only appears in the very beginning and the climax. The action is constant as the guys keep her body busy throughout, with nary a complaint. Truly born for porn, Mia notches another stimulating scene.
Sunny Lane confides in her stuffed beagle that things like that never happen to her (They would if she'd take it up the ass, but that's another story). Cut to Sunny dressed in fishnet hose and leather corset, putting on a tease for a seated Manuel. She spanks her booty and waves it in Manuel's face, then back to the supposed reality of her nude and masturbating amongst the stuffed toys. Manuel rips open the stockings to unleashe that beast of a butt as she lays across his lap. He lightly fingers her sphincter, stoking the hopes of legions of Sunny Lane fans. She sits in his lap and rubs against the prominent bulge pushing out his crotch. Ass worship for Manuel intercut with the furry masturbation. Tongue work alone is creating a seductive little gape for Sunny and Manuel can't help but finger the goldmine. Intense cunnilingus and more asshole exploration. Even Sunny's masturbatory interlude is veering towards anal. Manuel fingerpops the rectum, stuffing two big fingers in there as Sunny coos. Sunny rocks her ass cheeks on his hard cock, gets her pussy fingered, then goes down on his hog. It isn't long before she's descending slowly onto the stiffy in CG, rocking as her guts get filled and ass spanked. More anal tease with her pussy filled, then she sits on Manuel's face for a hot ride. More furry hijinks cut in as she rides the beagle, then back to CG with Manuel, who quickly lays her down for mish. He rolls her off the couch to doggy on the floor without losing penetration. More of the beagle getting rocked. Up and over doggy stuffing with Manuel. He admires her open holes and starts stabbing his tongue into both of them, thumbing her bung as Sunny holds her cheeks apart. She sucks his balls as he spanks in her face, tossing some salad for good measure and Manuel's delight. RC with a reach around. More ass play and spanking culminating in a subtle, but real, orgasm for Sunny. She turns to ride Manuel sidesaddle, then locked in a lotus position as he pulls her hair and rocks her world again. She's still sitting in his lap and milking the almost ready cock, asking if he wants to cum in her mouth. He jerks himself off with her cheeks, back to RC with Sunny shuddering on the cock. Another intercut of the furry fun that leads to an open mouth facial from Manuel. Sunny shows, swallows, licks her lips and hunts for more in the spent hose. A sated Sunny hugs her stuffed pet.
Sunny is sizzling hot here. She has great chemistry with Manuel, legitimately getting off, and possibly even contemplating the real opening of her prized ass. Maybe if he wasn't so huge. The intercuts were pretty well done, and the scene rates as a winner, giving this video a strong finish.

Bonus Scenes

Jake Malone is dressed as a doctor in a sanitarium, speaking to Mike Stefano about a patient he has to guard in a padded cell. He warns him that she's a lot more dangerous than she looks, and that under no circumstance is he to enter the room. Mike satisfies his curiosity with a peek inside at a straightjacketed Sandra Romain, who appears very docile and harmless. She comes to life, making the room shudder and the lights flash, with the forewarned Stefano rushing in to be ambushed. He awakes to find himself in the straightjacket and mask that once held Sandra prisoner while she's naked and venting an extreme sexual need to him. She attacks his dick in an oral frenzy, licking from stem to stern and rotating all over his body trying to dissipate her enormous sexual energy. She's bouncing off the walls and finally sits on the hard cock and riding in a style that truly evokes the imagery of cowgirl. She gets down low like she's steering the homestretch at Churchill Downs, then some manic wall banging and masturbation before turning to RC. A sheen of perspiration understandably covers her lovely back and Sandra releases Stefano from his shackles. He sucks face with the dangerous nymphomaniac and fucks her standing up. P2M, then a face fuck. Sandra swallows him to the nuts, then gets her ass breached in up and over doggy. Spanking her while holding her head to the floor and pumping hard and deep, Stefano has the madwoman under his control and apparently satisfied. A2M, leading to spoon anal. Nipples hard, body straining as her dirt hole gets pummeled and tits tortured in divine passion. Stefano stands her against the wall and sticks his face in Sandra's ass as foreplay to standing doggy anal. A short 69 as Sandra bends over and sucks the cock from between her legs, falling back into RCA. She sits on his face and they roll into another 69, Mike moaning as Sandra takes his cock to the root. She goes around the world at his bequest, swallowing and holding his dick in her throat for a long count. Four fingers of love dig out Sandra's pussy, then ass. She adds a few fingers to her snatch for a digital DP, then sucks her ass from Stefano's hand. Up and over doggy anal. A2M skullfuck. Mike stands over her to deliver an open mouth facial for Sandra to play with and eat. She recedes to a corner, still in an aroused and frustrated state as she pulls on her body and strums her clit.
Over the top, even by Sandra's standards, but enormous amounts of energy, continuity, and some devastatingly effective physical action.

Vicky Vette is dominating a whimpering Katsumi. She pulls her to the floor, pinching those fetching nipples, and asks if she wants to suck her master's cock. Answering in the affirmative, Katsumi is soon ringed by a bunch of naked mopes wearing paper masks of Manuel Ferrara's face. And so the blowbang begins. Katsumi hungrily devours the half dozen pork vendors, first in a circle, then down a cock line. They move to a skull fuck train with Katsumi's head hanging over the edge of a bed. Back to her knees, she prepares them for her denouement, and it's soon raining cum on her lovely countenance. Katsumi almost looks orgasmic as hot sperm bathes her face and she sucks out every last drop these sperm donors can spare, eventually basking in the glory of her defilement.
Katsumi doesn't get to show off what a real oral artist she is in this group, but sucks them like a crazed machine.

Epilogue Manuel Ferrara continues trying to distinguish himself from the rank and file of gonzo. He breaks this video up into two main stories or settings with one subplot. In the first half he employs a reverse gangbang/abuse scenario. I'm of the opinion that no man can handle more than two women at one time effectively, if even that. Even though Christian is unique in that he has no boundaries that I'm aware of, filling the scene with a potential that Manuel only hinted at before losing his nerve, therefore relegating it to unsatisfactory tease. He follows that up with a kidnap/domination fantasy that gets spoiled by some video experimentation. Then a lesbian scene that never quite gets there. By this time I'm feeling very let down. Along come Sunny Lane and Mia Bangg and I'm feeling much better about everything. The scenario was fun. The bodies beyond reproach. The sex scintillating. Mia is plundered and Sunny is this close to giving up her prized booty. The director's instructions in Mia's scene, as shown in the BTS, were about following the flow and not dwelling on cramming in multiple positions. Let the sex take things where they will and giving Mia freedom to react naturally. Manuel seemed to be following his own advice with Sunny, and they just dug on each other. Score it a save for Evilution 3.
The Disk The second disk holds all the extras. Photoshoot, trailers, cast list, filmographies, BTS and two bonus scenes. The BTS is good, with all the girls getting camera time. Lindsey Meadows is a hoot, spewing a twisted monologue that may have been scripted, but is pure genius if she improvised it. Jenna indulges in some sultry dirty talk that's more effective than anything she does at the top of her lungs.
Recommendation It's a good production and half of it is great. Worth at least a rental.

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