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Evilution 3

Evilution 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Evilution 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Evilution 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Evilution 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Evilution 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Evilution 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Evilution 3 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Evilution 3 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Evilution 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/7/2007
Ok fans time for the latest Evilution volume and with Manuel in charge I expect plenty of hot & passionate sex from everyone. There's been some discusssion already on the Jenna Haze scene which was shot with nightvision. Besides that you have an extra Jenna scene with Daisy Marie along with these other hot girls-- Lindsay Meadows, Renae Cruz, Mia Bangg, and Sunny Lane, so I think your interest should be sufficiently peaked by now so let's hit some highlights.

Lindsay Meadows, Lucy Lee, McKenzee Miles, & Renae Cruz:

The scene actually starts with Jenna Haze getting into her car and taking a cell call from a friend and in this coversation Jenna relays what happened to the football captain at the hands of four disgruntled cheerleaders who were unhappy at the team losing the game and of course the buck stops with the top man in this case the football captain must pay, lol. Flashbacks start popping in as Jenna talks,eventually we stay with Christian who's all bound and taped up. They walk around him pounding his head with their pom poms while abusing him verbally and they really lay it on thick too with Manuel zooming in every so often as they keep on giving it to him and rubbing it in showing off a pussy here and there or licking his bald head. The girls then get Christian naked but still keep his mouth covered and the wrists bound. The girls then all rub their asses against his head and that wasn't to bad, lol. Eventually there is some sex as McKenzee starts sucking him off with Lucy, Renae, and Lindsay also getting in their sucks in between the constant verbal barrage. The girls are also sure to get their frustrations out by riding Christian's cock, hell he didn't so good in the game so his stamina shouldn't be a problem, lol, and they ride him hard. The girls work in some face sitting too, though the tape across the mouth prevents him from fully enjoying the pussy eating and hey this shouldn't be fun for him anyway right, he's being punished for losing. The girls ultimately let his wrists free and the tape around the mouth is gone but it's only beginning for Christian as Renae sports a strap on and well you can guess what happens next but thankfully we're spared the footage, there's a funny graphic up apologizing for the missing footage and the shot then comes back with Christian dropping a load in Lindsay's mouth and the swapping commences. Nice energy for sure and the heaping amounts of verbal abuse on Christian was quite a bit, to much for me but still they gave Christian all he could handle.

Jenna Haze:

We stay with Jenna on the phone and she's interrupted with her girlfriend by another call so she transfers over to that call and nicely it's from her man and the two flirt a bit over the phone and any excuse for these many closeups on Jenna's pretty face is good by me! Well they make plans for the night but we're not sure what exactly he has in mind but it sure makes Jenna excited but she doesn't feel quite prepared so wonder what those plans could be, lol. As we get more spilled out in her ears only the shot moves back a bit as Jenna starts stroking her pussy, almost purring with delight as she does it. Ok then things get really weird as from behind Jenna comes a hand and it's over the face and sleepy time for Jenna so that's a wrinkle huh! The shot then changes dramatically and we're in night vision mode now with the picture the familiar greenish glow that you've seen before in movies. The picture then brings in Jenna who's lying naked and unconsious on the floor- I see a butt plug too nestled in her ass. Slowly she's roused from that unexpected slumber, not sure where she's at with the darkness surrounding her but slowly she's up and on her feet feeling around to get some sort of bearing of where she's at. Finding the door she starts calling out for her baby hoping he's there. Well we see a set of eyes then appear in the door frame but it's not her baby. Jenna then leans back against the wall and she begins to diddle her pussy and the camera keeps a good focus on Jenna moving in close, up and down as well on that sexy frame.

This masturbation goes on for a bit and the shot from the floor wasn't to bad at all, again any excuse to watch Jenna do anything to herself is worth checking out, then it's a turn around by Miss Haze and that ass comes into focus with a few playful slap by our girl who also works in the dirty talk as Daisy barks out instructions. We finally see Manuel come in and he smoothly moves behind Jenna and she's got no idea obviously who's diddling her pussy but the moans sure say she's into it. Manuel also drops down to remove the butt plug letting Jenna clean those juices off it while he keeps busy burying his face in that booty. The night vision prevents us from really getting a good shot of this but I've seen that ass eaten pretty good before and Manuel's always good at doing this so I know he was munching hard here. Manuel then lies Jenna on her ass and goes back in for some more pussy eating which causes even more moaning from Jenna. The scene moves on with some fucking, Manuel will pull out for a quick ass lick then it's back in this time in reverse and you get a pretty good view here as she rides him and he's spoken to her by now so if it's her baby then they're definitely role playing. I don't imagine either Jenna or Manuel had fucked in the dark like this before or maybe they have in their private life so the energy from them seems better if that's possible, perhaps not 'knowing' who you're fucking would do this!! Standing her up they exchange a few kisses while he lightly chokes her and Jenna feverishly strokes his cock before dropping down and finally engulfing it with her mouth. There is more sex too with cowgirl being the best position and finally we have Daisy barking out for him to pop on Jenna's face and for her not to wipe the cum off. It was interesting to see a popshot in night vision and Manuel has his trademark several blasts to Jenna's face and we get some great upclose shots of this before we're left with Jenna by herself against the wall diddling her pussy still with the cum glistening on her face. The lights start to flicker before fully coming on and with some out of focus shots bathing the picture in white a pair of female feet slowly come into focus-- presumably Daisy's entered the room.

Jenna Haze & Daisy Marie:

Well sure enough it is Daisy and we also see Jenna slowly come into focus too and she's spotting a strap on too between her dom's legs. Daisy is kind enough, though, to bend down and help clean that still glistening cum off Jenna's face, then she drops it into Jenna's mouth where it disappears. The verbal abuse which was so prevalent in that first scene starts becoming the same here as Jenna starts sucking on that purple strap on. Manuel delivers some great shots here too just over Daisy's shoulder looking down on Jenna as she chokes on that 'cock'. Alright we get some ass eating next as Jenna buries her face deep in Daisy's crack!!! Nothing much better than a great pair of ass cheeks surrounding a pretty face and we get that here fans. Daisy then says it's time for some cock in Jenna's ass and we get a fine insertion shot as Jenna squats down on Daisy's fake dick. The verbal exchanges are getting better too with Jenna giving some too, not harsh towards Daisy but more in agreement with what she's sayin. Daisy then stops that talkin making Jenna really gag hard on her cock before making Jenna lick under the strap-on to her pussy. So I'm thinkin now that Manuel wasn't her baby but instead it was Daisy which would explain Manuel drugging her in the car just after her phone call! But we don't get a definitive clarification so it's left to your imagination which is also pretty cool.

Mia Bangg with Sunny as a most interested vouyer:

The scene actually starts with Sunny trying to find something on the ole boob tube to watch but nothing really seems to catch her eye so she heads over to spy on the neighbors to see what they're up to and in doing this she spots Mia doing her thing with a few hard cocks! Mia's not wearing to much but she puts on a short tease show anyway caressing over those large melons and rubbing between her shapely thighs. Using a good ground shot Manuel's in perfect position when she turns around to give us a look at that ass which is equally stunning as her big tits. Mia does a nice job spreading those cheeks and you just know with all the cocks assembled here that Mia's ass will get a solid workout. They also work in some good shots of Sunny too spying in and she too starts to diddle herself being turned on by what's going on across the street. Moving on just a bit we get the guys now fully aroused surrounding Mia and she delivers another solid knob polishing display on all the fellas. The sex which follows is terrific no doubts with this beautiful woman riding all those cocks in both holes, reverse and cowgirl were my faves showing off those tits and ass respectively and of course the guys dp this hottie too with more shots too of Sunny being most interested in the proceedings. As Sunny tells the guys to make her drink all their cum they pretty much do that firing away into Mia's gaping mouth and she's sure to catch as much as possible doing some fine cleanup too. I liked the mixing in of the scene itself with Sunny doing her thing, well done and now it's time for Miss Lane to get hers!!

Sunny Lane:

She starts the scene by talking to her big overstuff dog on the bed that this would never happen to her but then I guess she falls asleep as we then go to Sunny dressed in fishnet stockings standing over Manuel who's sittin down. She's spanking that sexy ass and really laying the sensual eye contact on Mr. Ferrara who seems most interested. Turning around she lets Manuel have his way and he's all about spanking that ass several times and he's got a most intense look on his face like he's got something on his mind, perhaps some anal sex but alas not this time fans. Sunny resumes the hot lap dance getting in real close and hell the amount of contact Manuel gets would never be allowed in any jurisdiction I bet, hehe, except for Porno land!! He rips the stockings nice and wide over that ass exposing it and he starts in with some serious finger play to that virgin butthole. Lying her flat over his knees with that ass right at his face is pretty much what any man or woman I dare say would want with Sunny at their beck'n'call. Sunny then has a seat over Manuel's still holstered cock and we get some excellent ass shots as she rocks back and forth. This leads smoothly to Sunny in doggie and Manuel burying his face right where we'd all want to go, in that booty. The shot then goes to the real Sunny who's living out this fantasy masturbating! Lying now on her back we get some solid pussy eating by Manuel here and he has always been so good in his scenes doing this giving his costar as much pleasure as hopefully they end up giving him. Miss Lane is then allowed to engulf that big schlong and she does a fine job of it leading to a little sex, cowgirl anyone!! I loved watching her leap off his cock up to Manuel's face so he could eat that dripping wet snatch and just look as she rocks that ass over his face, ok I'm now extremely jealous, hehe. Going back to Sunny in her room she's giving that stuff dog a ride too writhing all over him as she's living out this fantasy with Manuel in her mind! Going back to the fantasy we get some fine knob polishing and what appears to be Sunny licking his ass but the shot's from Manuel's perspective so all we see is her face at ball level,lol, but I like to think she was licking his ass. They wrap it up with more hot sex in both reverse and cowgirl before there's an excellent open shot, close, right on Sunny's face as Manuel launches several rockets of cum into her mouth, totally awesome!! She shows it off a little before downing it and the cleanup was great too. Ok I think she's ready now for that ass to be properly fucked and who better to do it than the guy she just fucked. Manuel did wonders with Mia Rose, now I think it's time for some similar passionate results with Miss Sunny Lane-- who's with me!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a pretty solid one from Manuel and crew. I liked the final two scenes more than I did the first few even though Jenna Haze is sexy as hell the night vision scene was interesting but not a huge turn on for me, not as much as Mia's four man romp or Sunny's sexy tryst with Manuel which seemed to promise that perhaps the ass which so many have longed to be plugged might soon see that happen. Kudos, though, for that night vision scene as I've not seen it done before and you do get some solid shots here just not as good as you would have with regular lighting. The g/g domination scene with Daisy had its moments too, notably Jenna burying her face in Daisy's booty. The four girl cheerleader scene was a lot of verbal taunting which got to be a bit to much for me though I suspect Christian quite enjoyed having all that sexy female tail in his face. Now on to the extras disc which has some goodies for us. There are two bonus scenes to check out one is with Michael Stefano and Sandra Romain-- I believe this is from the first Evilution and the other scene has Katsumi taking on several cocks and any excuse to watch this sexy Asian do something like this is a chance not to be missed so enjoy!! You also get some photoshoot fun and finally some BTS as well. A strong purchase recommendation for those wanting something varied, some good domination is shot along with good strong sex too.

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