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Evilution 2

Evilution 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Evilution 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Evilution 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Evilution 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Evilution 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Evilution 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Evilution 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Evilution 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Evilution 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/9/2006
Ok fans time to check out the latest Evil offering from Manuel Ferrara who's been maintaining a high level of porn excellence since he moved over to the Evil Empire. This one offers up a fine varied cast of porn hotties from Jada Fire to Rita Faltoyano to Gia Paloma to Annette Schwarz and last but certainly not least I mention the lovely newbie Mia Rose who's journey into anal recently gave me lots of enjoyment and I'm sure you also. This is a two disc set with plenty of goodies on the second including two bonus scenes and a bonus blowjob with the likes of Karina Kay, Alicia Alighatti and the busty English last Alexis Silver so you'll be enjoying this dvd for quite some time I think. Let's hit the scenes.

Gia Paloma & Annette Schwarz:

Ok we get a good two girl party to start and we get a long shot to start of Gia walking down a hallway, ass cheeks bare and doing some good dancing back and forth and she's got on some shades. Manuel also works in some juicy closeups of that ass and again lots of good movment there. Going outside we get some sunlight bathing that ass and then she opens the door finding Annette furiously fingering herself in the bathroom. Annette's got the legs spread wide, one on the counter and the other on the toilet paper holder and she's really going at it too as Gia gives some words of encouragement while starting to diddle her own pussy. Gia then goes in and gets a closer look lending her fingers to the cause and the girls kiss a little. Manuel is nice giving a few more good shots of Gia's ample ass and you get the sense that Gia's going to be the dom here but that could change as Annette is very good at that too. The dirty talk is kept up as we get some boob sucking and both girls have nice tits. Wow does Gia really get into the finger banging on Annette's kittie and the dirty talk is totally on target I think. Gia then gets Annette in a doggie position and she starts playing with her ass spanking it a few times. Gia then opens the toilet lid and inside we see something sticking up and thankfully it's not a piece of you know what but a dildo. Gia makes Annette lick around the seat before pushing her head inside and Annette licks around the toy. I can see some of you getting sick on this if you're not into the harder stuff but it's not really that rough or hard just visually you might get an ick feeling. Lots of good domination here of Annette but you never get the sense she's not fully into it and having watched her in some Jake scenes I know she's down for whatever you can dish out as is Gia so these two are perfect to pair up. Ok we leave the girls in the john to check in on Manuel and the guys. Steve's at the wheel and the two longtime friends are chatting as they drive through some non descript California neighborhood. Steve mentions there's a whore nearby and wants to see her and we find out there's a third man in the SUV, Ian Scott so while Manuel doesn't want to go see a whore he does need to piss so I think those girls will be visited shortly. Sure enough the guys find the house and Gia goes to let them in. Naturally she keeps on her mesh top which doesn't hide those nice big tits and she is more than happy to see Steve giving him a kiss and she's turned on by his friends too giving Ian some kisses while he cups her ass!

Manuel is all shy and shakes her hand, lol, but they all head inside where Gia has a seat with Ian and Steve going right for her body kissing and caressing all over. Manu is just watching as his two buds get their cocks sucked but fear not fans this temporary shyness will soon be a thing of the past I bet. Some good hard driving sex gets going too, mostly vag to start with Steve doing his ass eating thing he so loves to do. Manuel then leaves and finds Annette with her head still buried in the toilet, lol. He calls out for his friends to come but me thinks they're kinda busy. So Manuel gets a "feel" for the situation and what a nice ass shot he gets and there's nothing in the way either, no mesh which has been ripped away so it's all naked ass which we can appreciate. Well Manuel's cock finally wakes up and he slides right into Annette's ass and she hadn't moved since he found her so her moans let us know she's alive. A good POV doggie anal is shot and Manuel nicely flushes the toilet to free up some air for Annette! Coughing now we get more signs of life and she restarts sucking that dildo in the toilet while Manuel analizes her. I find it interesting he knew what was in the toilet since she hadn't moved her head,lol. We finally get Annette's head back out of the john and she's allowed to do A2M on his cock. We're taken back inside with Gia's tryst still going on and now she too is being ass fucked. Steve then tilts his ass up so Gia can dive in and she's more than nasty enough to pull this rimming off. Excuse me she was rimming Ian to start but she's soon licking Mr. Holme's ass as well, what a slut!! Back we go to Manuel and Annette and she's being royally throat fucked POV style, then she gets shoved back down face first into the toilet while he resumes nailing her ass doggiestyle. Annette is then allowed to do more throat gagging A2M and there's a side shot into the mirror showing part of this and there's more POV head too. Manuel is neatly going back and forth between the two scenes and we get more time with Gia who is now riding hard in cowgirl which gives us time to appreciate that ass more with some good floor shots helping in that area. Going back to Annette there's more ferocious head and I mean she's devouring his cock before reclining to do some hard finger banging to that pussy. This scene ends with some POV cock jerking and his load is sprayed outward towards Annette's face and she's generous with the cleanup. Manuel shoves her head back in the toilet and she stays prone while he goes back to his buds who are still hard at it fucking Gia. Some solid dp action with the reverse dp being my fave. Ok we pan out slightly and now Annette's joined the show watching from a distance so she can stand and walk, lol. More hard pussy stroking from her as she sees Gia being drilled. Ian walks over and includes her and she drops down engulfing his cock while in the background Gia's dp'd. There's some final action with both girls closer together, lots of good dick sucking, anal and then the pops start flying with Gia taking both loads, sharing with Annette but she spreads the jizz all over Annette's face, drooling it over her eyes and nose. Well a pretty good start and it was cool we got both girls together at the end as for most of the scene they'd been separated.

Mia Rose:

well up next we have a newbie who's been causing quite a stir in the past few months and only recently some anal scenes have begun finding their way out for us to appreciate. There is the song called Every Rose Has A Thorn, well this Rose has an Ass which will make any man glad to take the prick of said Rose if he gets to peel those layers back to find this beautiful young girl waiting underneath. I've seen two really good scenes lately with Mia and Manuel so it is with great anticipation I begin watching this scene. It has a macabe beginning, though, as we see Mia isn't even alive as she's wheeled on a gurney into an operating room. The picture has that appropriate grainy texture to it and the music too sounds all hollow and perfect for a horror setting. You see lines on her chest like she's been cut open and her body has a paleness to it's color which again is perfect for this type of setting so kudos to the makeup people on this, Mia looked creepy but you still wanted to nail her!! Some images start flooding the screen, in color, and it's Mia up and alive walking. Back to the dead Mia who is now on the autopsy table but it looks like she's already been cut open so not sure why the need for further tests. Well who walks in, no it's not Doctor Huxtable, not Doctor Kildare, not Doctor J, nope it's Doctor Jake Malone, PHD in creepy!! His hands start caressing over this lifeless body and the look in his eyes says it all. The way the picture looks, still grainy was pretty cool and Jake's hands find their way around Mia's throat and he gives it a squeeze and the picture starts to change and bam we're suddenly live and in living color with an obviously alive Mia who as we see is being pleasured by Manuel. Some very nice pussy eating and I loved how her legs were wrapped around his head. Seeing those previous two scenes I know what kind of good chemistry the two have and I sense that here too. Mia's gone on quite the sexual journey with Manuel and we appear to be on another. The way she gives herself over just works for me, no fakeness here fans, she's totally in the moment as they say. Manuel slides up to make out some with Mia as his fingers take over the pussy play and this only yields more powerful moans from Miss Rose. Mia sufficiently turned on moves to have a seat on his cock in cowgirl and just try and hold your load here fans. That ass is perfect so you'll probably need to slap that dick to keep from popping. I really don't need to say anymore fans, these two just click together beautifully. As they are fucking you get some images, fleeting, ones of those creepy pics from the start of the scene so not sure what reality we're in, maybe Jake's squeezing her throat is causing Mia to relive this past glorious fuck.

Moving to the spoon position there's some short vag drilling before Manuel makes the easy transition to her ass and this gets even more yells of pleasure coming from Mia and it's all real fans. That's a point I don't think can be stressed enough, this girl is not phoning it in by a long shot and we witness several good orgasms from Mia. A quick image of Jake ass fucking her with a dildo is quickly changed to Mia riding Manuel in cowgirl anal and again be ready to slap that dick if you don't want to pop. The energy is so good here, this is what porn can be at it's best fans. Passionate and powerful. Manuel and Mia do this delicate balance so wonderfully here so both sides should be able to appreciate what they're seeing. I liked the fact Mia hops off for A2M but it really doesn't make me like the scene anymore but just goes to show she can be a nasty slut when she wants! Changing to reverse anal was good, loved the spread leg shot and you get more good vocalizations from Mia as Manuel is really drilling into that ass as we can hear so plainly. I also love the way by scenes end Mia's got this spent look on her face, the hair is slightly messed up and she just looks like she's given it all she has which is awesome. Finishing up here with doggie anal Manuel pulls out and fires several volleys into Mia's mouth and we get more flashes of her time with Jake and just as the scene ends Mia's eyes open so maybe Manuel fucked the life into her rather than fucking it out of her!! You see two scary eyes on the screen as we get the final fade out. Another awesome scene for Mia Rose fans, guess this completes the trilogy of her and Manuel but I for one don't want it to stop with those three scenes. I'd keep shooting her as often as I could if I was him, they have incredible chemistry and the trick will be to see how many good and different scenarios he can come up with so we keep getting those two working together as they are a great team.

Shyla Styles & Lindsay Kay:

This next scene starts out and it seems Shyla is a therapist and Manuel is on the couch spilling his soul out. Ok Shyla looks great in her business suit. We cut to a shot of a young Manuel as a child and his nanny Alexis is watching him and he's busy watching those tremendous tits of hers swaying back and forth!! Ok we go back to his life earlier but now he's older and his girlfriend Lindsay Kay is with him and they are doing their homework. Manuel is interested in doing some other kind of work, like checking out her boobies and he works at it until Lindsay relents showing him her tits. She wants to get back to work but seeing her topless Manuel keeps on fronting the idea of doing a bit more as he plucks those nipples and Lindsay starts to get into it too twisting her titties. Manuel leans back and fishes out his cock and starts stroking while Lindsay keeps playing with her breasts. I'm thinking the homework doesn't stand a chance! She decides to do a bit more sex play and takes his cock in her mouth. Good POV work here and Lindsay looks great bobbing up and down his cock. Well after a long and good session of knob polishing we see Lindsay jerking until Manuel takes over and he gives her a facial with some cleanup. Ok back to calculus!! Well this retelling has seemed to turn on the doc and Shyla gets up and the hair comes down and she takes off the coat showing off a black lace bra and I'm thinking we're getting more than the usual Doctor/ Patient interaction here!! She stands over Manuel giving him some serious sexy talk while her tits come out to play. Good tit play by Shyla and the whole vibe from Miss Styles screams out SIN!! The floor shots are really working too as her tits are shown off and she begins dipping some fingers into her pussy which I'm thinking is pretty wet now as she was turned on by Manuel's story. Shyla then turns around to let Manuel and us take a gander at her ass and it's another fabulous ground view too. The dirty talk too coming from Shyla is excellent, she almost purrs with sensuality and bending down to us there's a couple good nipple licks and finally Manuel is shown with his head disappearing between those titties! Manuel is all about sucking on those boobs and I love how she presses them down upon him and in turn Manuel always does a good job of letting the girls either bury him in their ass/ tits or he dives in. Regardless it's a great shot. The two do some joint nipple licking when she's laying back on the couch with Manuel slowly making his way down to her pussy where he does bury his face in and Shyla gives us some sexy moans.

I'm seeing the same kind of passion from Shyla I saw from Mia earlier but you also see she's got it down just a bit more than Mia does maybe but she's so young and will only get better while Shyla is already there and after being away for awhile she's back and I'd say in this scene looking her best yet. Shyla then gets to work over Manuel's cock with her mouth and there's a great side shot for this which also sees Mr. Ferrara slips his schlong between her melons. Sexwise I'd say cowgirl was a huge winner as Shyla's got both assets-- boobs and ass!! Manuel does some fingering to her tush which you know he's going to be nailing directly. Moving to spoon we get to check out her tits some more and I think again she's looking the best I've seen her look since returning, her boobs are just working for me big time here-- must be the nipple licking! Shyla also does some great P2M sucking which actually leads to him popping inside her mouth while she sucks. Asking if he has more we get Manuel's affirmative response which starts with more hard fucking to her pussy, more P2M and finally Manuel slips into Shyla's ass again in spoon. Only one anal position, though, and we get to the second pop shortly which she takes again in her mouth though not internal like the first one. She gives some very nice cleanup head while giving us a sexy stare. Ooops, it was all in his head as the scene closes with Shyla calling out Manuel, Manuel and he becomes alert again and we see Shyla still sitting with her hair up, glasses on, and business suit still on too. Well this was another fine scene with terrific chemistry between Manuel and Shyla who looks better here than I've seen her since she came back. The sinful passion I love to see was just coming from her in waves in this scene, very good.

Jada Fire & Rita Faltoyano:

This last scene on disc one starts with Jada walking out from the shadows, it's at night and you see she's dressed in some tight red latex. Going inside you see the room is smokey and there's a projector running with a porno going on and the screen that it's hitting isn't a flat pannel, nope. It's the lovely breasts of Rita Faltoyano and this gets Jada pretty turned on and she's fingering herself in no time. The darkness was there but the vibe was still good for me and seeing those tits of Rita's will make any film worth watching!! Jada soon makes her way over to this living film screen and she kisses a little around Rita before escorting her to another room. There we watch Rita crawl in giving off a sexy stare and Jada walks along side. Rita passes by Steve before turning around to help take his cock out. I guess Rita's a sub here with Jada being the dom. Rita gives some very nice head to Steve's cock while Miss Fire stands close by fingering her pussy-- but no squirting for the new Squirtwoman. Rita then leaves Steve and crawls the short distance to where Mark Wood is waiting and she's soon engulfing his rod with Steve following behind so two cocks are soon being thrust into Rita's face and she can easily handle this amount. Jada then spies cock #3, Ian Scott sitting off by himself and she makes her way over and bends down to take in his schlong. Manuel is good with a floor shot here which gives us some booty love and also you see those big tits of Jada's just begging to pop out. We go back and forth between the girls as they give head and the body shots are also good as we see two very attractive women before us. Rita is cool doing some double stuffing and ever since she's become a US resident I'm only seeing better and better scenes from Rita. Steve then walks over and joins Ian giving Jada two dicks to play with which she does well at. The folks here go back and forth between the girls and you see some real nice cowgirl anal with Rita who like Shyla in the previous scene really has the total package so far as tits, ass, face go. Jada is also fucked real hard here doing some DP fun and you might guess it but Rita does as well. There is limited interaction between the girls in this scene, mostly towards the end-- not like the first scene with Annette and Gia which had a lot. Rita takes the pops too, not swallowing but the girls do some joint clean up on Steve and do a little cum kissing. So ends disc one and I'd say well done all around for Manuel and co.

Disc 2; Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well it will be hard for Manuel to top what was shown on the first disc but this extra bit of fun will only make the purchasing of this disc all the easier as to start I highlighted what to expect here. Let's hit those highlights.

Karina Kay:

This dark haired beauty has kept a low profile most of this year it seems but it's nice to see her again.We start out with a great upskirt shot and a smiling Karina turns around letting us check out her perfectly sized tits. Manuel is more than happy to get a feel for her boobs and the two have some playful banter while we check out her body. Holy fuck, we have perhaps the best ass on this dvd on Karina though Mia and Shyla give her a run for it in my eyes but really who cares they all have great asses!! Karina has a playful spirit about her which she displays here-- she loves cock both sucking and then taking the tasty surprise which comes out of one. Well we get to see Manuel bury his face in that pussy plus he does a little finger banging too which elicits several moans from Karina. Mr. Ferrara then gets up and really fingers that pussy and you clearly hear how wet it gets and the nectar glistens all over his fingers as they rotate on those lips. There's even a small bit of squirting done before it's time for Karina to suck dick and she kicks ass here fans. They run through some good vag positions and he even gets Karina to squirt again with Karina getting down at floor level to lick some of it up as Manuel's nailing her pussy doggiestyle. We end with a great facial blast to Karina and I mean it's a eye closing facial. Such a hot girl, I hope we might see more from Karina in this next year. Well she's not quite done yet as we have a group of unknown cocks step up and fire away and they do a good job coating Karina's face in jizz.

Alicia Alighatti:

On we go to Alicia who her scene leads off with a frontal trip up her body arriving at her smiling face. Manuel has a fun talk with Alicia who admits to being Italian but she likes all kinds of guys including Frenchman! There's some sexy talk from her to us in french and does it really matter what she said, it just sounded hot!! Manuel has some fun moving the camera around Alicia's body and she then beckons Michael Stefano over to her and he doesn't need to be asked twice. His cock is at the ready and before letting her suck on it, he slides it between her titties letting her lick at the tip before turning his rod fully over to her control. Another good side view for the bj with a mix of POV too. Sexwise you get some vag before Michael slips a finger into her ass prepping it for action and he asks if she wants that meat inside her booty and she affirms that desire for anal sex so Michael being a giver does just that slipping inside Alicia's ass in spoon. She says this is her first time but I could swear I've seen her do anal before so this might be an older scene Manuel held onto. The lighting too was a little darker here than I'd have liked but there's no mistaking Alicia's energy which was good and Stefano is always on I think. He gives Alicia a good load to play with after doing that ass in several good positions. Like Karina before we get a few more load spread over Alicia's cute face before they wrap up.

Alexis Silver Bonus BJ:

Well we only got a hint of Alexis in that scene with Shyla/ Lindsay earlier so now we get a lot more quality time with this busty babe and nicely those tits are fully on display as she takes on Manuel's cock. There really isn't much to be said here, she looks fabulous and gives great head. I just love her tits too, man are they dreamy. Like so many of the girls in this dvd she's got that presence on camera that just gives off an authenticity to her actions which totally turn me on. Good titty fucking too in this extra bit of knob polishing. He ends popping between those titties and the only thing which would've made this better was for Alexis to lick those nipples after rubbing the cum in.

There are a few other extras here like a popshot repeat, live photo shoot as well as a still gallery and you get some behind the scenes which with this excellent title I'd watch when you've recovered from all the wanking!! Another awesome title from Manuel and you really have to give it up for the cast too led by Shyla who puts in her best scene I've seen since her return and Mia adds one more chapter to her glorious fuck sessions with Manuel. An easy purchase recommendation.

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