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Evil Anal 9

Evil Anal 9

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Evil Anal 9:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Evil Anal 9 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Evil Anal 9 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Evil Anal 9 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Evil Anal 9 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Evil Anal 9 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Evil Anal 9 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Evil Anal 9 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/25/2009
Ok fans time to check out a new one from Manuel and he's got a pretty good eye for talent, seems most of the best girls want to bang him so no worries about hot chicks here. Seeing the list I'd say he did well, Velicity Von, Chayse Evans and Riley Evans just to drop a few names. I say no time to waste, let's hit some highlights.

Chayse Evans:

So we find Chayse enjoying some California sun as Toni Ribas and Manuel come in. There's a photo shoot going on too so another hot girl is there but the camera lense stays focused on Chayse. Moving ahead a bit we find Chayse in the bathroom enjoying some me time with a huge vibrator and it generates a pretty good orgasm as Toni/ Manuel get a perve view through the slightly open door. So the guys make their entrance and Chayse is so in the zone she doesn't bat an eye so Toni slides in with a few fingers, Mr. Hitachi Wand has done his job! Chayse then gets a real dick to work on and I've seen Chayse before, she knows how to bring it. Toni returns the favor even doing some great tongue licking to Chayse's ass, love watching girls ass get licked. It isn't much longer before we have that ass being pounded and Toni's a pro so he gets a great rhythm going. Manuel delivers some great closeups too, floor shots and the energy coming from Chayse and Toni couldn't be any better. Some seriously fine cowgirl anal here too fans, perhaps the best captured position and we get a couple shots at it so awesome. Chayse soon wears the pop on her face/ nose. Off to a fine start.

Dana DeArmond & Kelly Divine:

The next scene opens with a POV shot of someone's jeans, I'm assuming Manuel. Then we hear a commotion above as Dana pushes Kelly out of an upstairs bedroom and the verbal abuse is heavy as we get Kelly directed into a room and the door shut. Dana then sees Manuel and comes down and her demeanor is decidely different as she's lovey dovey with him. She doesn't want to talk about Kelly, nope, just wants to show off for Manuel and she does, the tits come out, the ass is thrust into the camera and then Dana engulfs his cock with spirit! But Manuel wants to include Kelly in the fun and this doesn't make Dana happy but it's Manuel's show and he can do whatever he wants. So Kelly's let out and we get a bit of POV head from Miss Divine. She's allowed downstairs and Dana at least warms up to letting Kelly bury her face in that ass, hell yeah, g/g ass licking rocks. The ladies then join up for a bit of the shared knob polishing and we finally get more of Kelly revealed too-- chiefly that ass which Dana is kind enough to tongue for us! Both ladies get their fair share of Manuel's cock, anal naturally otherwise this is the wrong movie for this scene. It doesn't get much better than Kelly Divine in cowgirl anal, that big juicy ass jiggling and they hit a floor shot here too and that just brings the point right home. More g/g ass licking too and we get A2OGM as well, thanks Dana. Loved the shot too where Dana's riding anal in reverse with Kelly's face right there licking at the free pussy and she does A2OGM as well so both ladies do the deed. A superb scene winds down with more anal, more g/g ass licking and finally the pops where Manuel shoots off several ropes to the open mouths and the cleanups solid too. Awesome scene here.

Riley Evans & Emma Heart:

So it's next scene time and looks like Emma's going to show off a 10,000 square foot house to Manuel but his gaze keeps falling down to Emma's ass when she's turned away. There's also another girl here and Manuel would love to meet her so we're taken back behind the house where we find Riley enjoying the sun, huge pool too. Whoah we see Riley's not shy and she's soon naked and massaging those tits while also massaging over Manuel's buldge. Emma's there too topless but for now it's the Riley show as she works that cock out and as the wind blows- you hear it clearly we see Riley working those lips which makes Emma jealous so she drops in for a few good POV licks. The ladies then take the party inside, Manuel's in front of the camera fully now and the trio keeps the momentum going with both ladies getting more face time with his schlong and Manuel's nice with some face diving into Riley's ass. Some good anal work here and it takes awhile but there is some g/g interplay as we see Riley riding anally in reverse with Emma licking her pussy and then doing A2OGM so lots of activity here in a short burst. The g/g play continues then so perhaps they just warmed up to it as Manuel continues banging Riley while Emma sits down and her girl gets a faceful of Heart pussy! More cock/ass tasting then for Emma and it appears Riley's getting the only dick in her pussy/ ass here with Emma a most interested participant in other ways-- riding Manuel's face and doing the multiple A2OGM shots. So all that's left is the pop and it's cool here as Emma does the jerking with Manuel only tilting it slightly so the jizz flies right to Riley's open mouth and we have several jets blasted here so fine work ladies. The scene wasn't quite as good as the previous which had g/g play for most of it once Kelly got involved, here it took awhile before that was brought in but once it was the girls kicked ass.

Emma Heart:

Well that last scene ended on a high note but it was missing Emma taking cock so we get one final scene here to rectify that situation! Seems there are other guys in the house, David Perry and Steve Holmes who follow Emma's naked body like puppy dogs to another room. The guys are pushed down onto a couch, then we get Emma on all fours on top of a desk spreading that ass-- well this leads to Papa Holmes coming in and diving face first in that ass and I can't say I blame him one bit. Loved the shot too as we hit the ground level and Emma's butt is still smothering Steve's face. David then gets his turn and not sure how I'd feel about following another dudes spit but he gets some face time in Emma's ass too. The cock sucking then starts and Emma's quite forceful here with the head as David's still nose diving in that tush. Both dicks then get some personal attention from Emma, she's already jazzed from the work/ play with Riley so the energy here was spectacular. Why fuck around, it's anal from the get go as she hops on anally in cowgirl, riding Steve-O. The guys do a fine job alternating then fucking that ass then allowing Emma to clean their dicks off with her mouth. Nice to see some dp action too and Steve can't resist another lick at her ass before he goes back to fucking it. All we need now are the pops and the guys saved up good ones and her open mouth is rewarded! Ok we still have disc two but so far so very good.

Velicity Von:

Alright so only one more main scene to go and it's all Velicity Von, hell yeah! She's got a shorter hairstyle here but there's no mistaking it's Velicity once you get a good look at her chest. Nicely the outfit gives you such a view. So Manuel enjoys some time chatting with Velicity as well as taking perve shots of her covered tits'n'ass. Miss Von's man Toni Ribas is outside, running around naked, hmmmm. Velicity is hiding from Toni, it's a game which finally ends as he reaches up through the stairs to grab her ankle, lol. So finally some nakedness as we see those huge hooters worked out and she has a big black toy cock that's thrust between them. Velicity then continues the tease turning around to show off that ass and this prompts Toni to dive in face first, again can't say I blame him, that's one fine booty. Miss Von then gets her fingers involved and uses the black dong to fuck her ass-- getting ready for Toni no doubt. His cock then appears next to Velicity's face and she knows what to do so we get a fine bit of head here. Velicity continues to bang her ass doggiestyle while engulfing Toni's cock and she's pretty aggressive here with the dick play. So we warm Velicity up here with some standing vag fucking, more face diving from Toni so no shirking the pleasing his girl responsibilities. The two are fucking in front of a huge mirror too so they can see themselves-- a turn on I bet. Manuel delivers some great ass shots here, really zeroed in on that tush but we're not quite ready to fuck it yet, instead some fine bouncing reverse is captured. Nicely we stay with reverse for the anal too as she moves it down just a touch and is riding his dick anally! More great boob bouncing too, love boobies dancing. Toni then gets behind and we're treated to some very good doggie anal with gaping from Velicity's ass. She works in some A2M too for good measure before the scene's finished with a good combo open mouth/ facial for Velicity, cleanup too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans we had another great one here from Manuel with several girls standing out in this one, lastly Velicity but you can't forget Dana with Kelly, Emma Heart in two scenes and Chayse Evans got the whole show rolling so lots to enjoy here. Some fine extras too as you have not one but two full bonus scenes with Mika Tan first and then Kaiya Lynn- both scenes lifted from the Ass Attack 2 flick so all in all seven scenes, that's a lot of fucking'n'sucking fans. You also get some BTS here, just a shade over 20 minutes worth. Manuel knows his stuff so this being a very good title wasn't a huge surprise, the anal play was awesome, loved the g/g ass licking and the girl ass licking in general as the boys do this pretty good here. Well worth picking up.

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