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Evil Anal 8

Evil Anal 8

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Evil Anal 8:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Evil Anal 8 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Evil Anal 8 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Evil Anal 8 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Evil Anal 8 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Evil Anal 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Evil Anal 8 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Evil Anal 8 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  11/20/2009
Evil Anal 8 (2009)
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Anal, Big Butts, Interracial, Rough Sex, Cuckoldry, POV
The Cast: Kristina Rose, Jamie Elle, Mackenzie Pierce, Harmony Rose, Maya Hills, Andi Anderson, Mya Nichole, Manuel Ferrara, Deep Threat, Marco Banderas & John Strong
Produced & Directed by: Manuel Ferrara
Running Time: 3 hrs. 35 mins.
DVD Features: Extra Footage, Cumshot Recap, 6 Trailers, Filmographies & Photo Gallery

Four more reviews after this one and I am done reviewing and renting porn, unless something important to the industry (IMO) gets released, like, let’s say, a feature movie hopefully distributed by Evil Angel is released that’s about the “new” sexual escapade, called interracial cuckoldry (between white couples and black men), which I’ve taken part in personally off and on for years, which has been depicted in Details magazine and TV shows like Nip/Tuck and more recently, Californication (where the girl Marcy lives out a rape fantasy with a black man and her husband catches her). Without even seeing it until now, I’ve put Evil Anal 8 on my list of the ten greatest releases of 2009 because I just knew it was gonna be hard as hell. This is the third flick in the series that I’ve seen and something’s telling me it’s gonna be the best in the series and maybe harder than Evil Anal 7, which I’ve enjoyed very much. If it’s a work of excellence, I may have to do a trade-in one last time and part with my Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 DVD for one of these Evil Anal flicks. This is also the sixth Manuel Ferrara movie I’ve seen and so far, with his greatest releases being Raw, Evil Anal 7 and Slutty & Sluttier (with Evilution being his weakest effort) and I know this one will make it to the category as well.

Maya Hills & Manuel Ferrara
Maya Hills can be the perfect girl. She’s got everything, but there’s so much more in the air. My second time seeing her, since her legendary scene in Own My Ass 2. She’s in a pool with nothing but a shirt on. No panties, bouncing her ass in debris. She’s an incredible little motherfucker, no bout-a-doubt-it. She shows her wet booty-cheeks a great deal and I’ll admit… While every director shoots ass in different ways and from different angles, I’ve come to terms that no one shoots ass like Manuel Ferrara. She hops outta the pool and switches as she walks. Indoors, Manuel keeps playing with her ass before giving him a BJ as she’s bent over. A long glass toy goes in her ass, stretching her rectum out. Then, he force-fucks her mouth like a pussy before playing in her ass again. It gets mental and he chokes her and slapping her face repeatedly as they’re about to fuck. Notice how she keeps her shirt on and I love it all. They ride in cowgirl and she begs him to choke her again and he does so and slaps her face non-stop and her face even turns red at one point. In RCG, she rides with her coochie and ass, too. And Manuel keeps putting a stronghold on her, choking her like crazy, destroying her neck and she says “Harder!” Positions change to doggystyle.. More booty exposure from Maya herself and I’m just glad Manuel isn’t whimpering as hard as he was in his scene with Jandi Lin in Evil Anal 5. He goes from her ass to her pussy and they are really having fun. He keeps a stronghold on her pretty ass. She sits on his face and as she does so, furniture is dropping and shit. She sits on his face before she rides the dick again. More slapping, choking and fucking endlessly until he comes in her mouth. Maya Hills is a lovely lil’ mama. And this scene is a flawless victory, although it’s a tad bit longer than necessary.

Kristina Rose, Andi Anderson & Manuel Ferrara
This scene was made, I’d like to say, before Kristina Rose became a poster girl for serious stardom in the porno industry. 2009 was a very big year for her in the industry. She starred in almost every movie that was released in 2009, but wasn’t seen on every boxcover like Naomi Russell in 2006, for example. Let’s just hope her beauty doesn’t fade away anytime soon like Naomi’s did and briefly. I mean, she’s like the Shakira of this shit! She’s in a bathtub, sporting some pink pantyhose tights, Manuel puts his thumb in her ass through her garment occasionally and she rides the curve of the bathtub with her coochie. Her tights come down slowly but surely and shows all her cheeks and booty hole. She puts the hose in her mouth, stretches it out like a beast, fingering herself and puts it around her neck, choking herself with it, masturbating with her legs in the air. She puts the garment in her pussy and masturbates with it. Now, Andi Anderson appears with a camcorder and this is actually my first time ever seeing Andi Anderson and many men enjoy her and feel 2009 was a big year for her, also. She’s got one of those meaty butts who some brothers would call a “stankin’ ass”! Kristina is bent over on a flight of stairs and Manuel, looking all hip-hop, is eating her ass out as Andi videotapes it. Andi videotapes Kristina’s butt hole in a closeup before Manuel eats it again. Manuel and Andi plays with and digs in her ass. Kristina leans against the wall with her face planted on it and her entire butt exposed and ate out by Manuel. It’s such a lovely thing to witness! Can’t get over how meaty and plump Andi’s butt is, with the big heart tattoo on her right cheek. Manuel puts Kristina on a couch, eating and slapping her ass, getting in her psyche before actually bangin’ her in the mouth and the butt hole in every which-a-way. Andi gets a taste, too and her full lips looks great puckering on Manuel’s dick. The two, at one point, only pull on his foreskin and head amid the BJ. Kristina screams out of ecstasy and goes as far as saying “I belong to you. My asshole belongs to you, Manuel, because you’re the best!” and shit like that and Andi even porks herself in the butt with a big toy. No sex for Andi as she spends most of her time camcording the action and even getting some ATM, tasting Kristina’s butt from Manuel’s dick as Manuel pushes her face onto Kristina’s butt. The sex stops and Kristina holds her buttcheeks open, gaping as Andi gives Manuel a BJ and he puts this big toy back in her ass. More sodomy for Kristina in various positions. She even tells Manuel “I love you” many times. Manuel goes in her pussy, too. Andi jerks Manuel off and he comes in Kristina’s mouth. I mean, Kristina Rose was no doubt more energetic in her scenes from Rocco Ravishes L.A., Pretty Sloppy and from what I hear, Kristina Rose is Slutwoman also. But, this scene is a flawless victory.

Jamie Elle, Marco Banderas, John Strong & Manuel Ferrara
I truly adore Jamie Elle and I can’t describe how fucking immaculate I think she is right now. Her and Amber Rayne are both alike in their sexuality, their sexual endurance level and even in looks. I adore them both equally! Plus, Jamie Elle has the kind of ass that’ll make a dude walk three miles in the cold just to open her buttcheeks to smell and taste her asshole. I know it sounds very nasty, but I’m just that way and I know a few men who enjoys that type of shit, so B. Pumper, Belladonna and I aren’t alone by ourselves.

Manuel has a cuckold fantasy and wants to see Jamie get fucked by two other guys. They’re in a parking garage and Manuel stays in his car as Marco appears, grabbing all in Jamie’s titties and under her skirt. Marco is looking strong as ever, getting all in Jamie’s orifices and putting his fingers and dick in her mouth. John Strong comes out of the blue and she gives them both a BJ and even gets her hair pulled. You can’t hear shit because although she’s out of the car, most of the action is shot from inside the vehicle. Marco lifts her skirt up, pulls her panties down and digs straight in her butt with his dick, sodomizing her good and slowly! Jamie’s butt has flesh bumps, sexy goosegumps and pimples all over it, so there’s nothing animated going on here. This is what real sex is all about! John leans her over a pole and jams in her ass. Marco bends her over the front hood of the car and fucks her ass and John takes his turn. They both come in her mouth and send her back in the car to her man. He decides to get out and watch her switch her bubble butt and oh my goodness! It’s so beautiful! She’s a fine-ass horse (no pun intended; it’s a term Webbie used before in one of his songs). They go in an elevator and head to a secluded area, where she switches a whole lot more and bends over a couch with her ass in the air, with her rectum gaping. She asks incredibly “Did you like watching those nasty boys fuck me?” She stays bent over the couch with her ass exposed to the world. Manuel’s thumb goes up it, she shakes it and wiggles it, squirms like a worm and Manuel starts to sodomize her with his camera aiming at her POV style. First she gives him a BJ. In between the sex, her asshole gapes open and closes back while some fluids are bubbling up in there. And she really gets stretched out. Manuel turns her into an angel with a dirty face by coming on her face as bends herself over again in front of the camera. This scene is a pure fucking classic. I love it so fucking much!

Mackenzie Pierce, Harmony Rose, Mya Nichole & Manuel Ferrara
Harmony Rose is looking better than ever. Now she doesn’t do too much for me, in a sexual sense, but you cannot deny how incredible she’s looking right now! She’s watching Evil Anal 7 (an instant classic) and shooting the shit with Manuel, talking about his sexual prowess. She’s wearing an insane fishnet bodysuit to drive the men insane. She’s masturbating a little before Mackenzie Pierce (who I cannot get enough of) appears, sporting a fishnet bodysuit, looking fine as ever. Mackenzie Pierce also has the kind of ass you’d murder to smell and eat and fuck! She has the flesh of no other! Manuel digs in Harmony’s ass while she digs in Mackenzie’s and spreads it open. Mackenzie dildos her ass as Harmony gives Manuel a BJ. They both play in Mackenzie’s butt. Harmony puts the dildo in it as Manuel spreads it open. Harmony & Manuel tongue kiss and he eats Mackenzie’s butt. Mackenzie sits on Manuel’s face, Harmony gives him a BJ while she fingers her ass and Manuel beats her ass with the soles of his feet. The whole thing escalates into a wild-and-out threesome. Both women are like savages for this man’s virility. Mackenzie Pierce was just as untamable as she was in B. Pumper’s Big Phat Round White Booty and as far as Harmony goes… Well, this is the best I’ve ever seen her! I cannot get past how I crave Mackenzie Pierce! For some reason, her ass reminds me of a girlfriend’s ass that I’ve touched or even Sandra Romain’s ass! Mackenzie disappears for awhile and she’s replaced with Mya Nichole (who’s talents aren’t remarkable at all to me). But you know what? Mya Nichole is also at her greatest in this scene also! She rides Manuel like she’s using her all! Mackenzie’s back, switching her butt and all three women bend over next to each other, bouncing their asses, shaking, jiggling. While Mackenzie has not only the best overall features, but the best ass of all three, the other two really work it as if this is their only or last scene. No doubt, this is the best I’ve ever seen Mya and Harmony. All three kneel down before Manuel and he comes in their mouths. This is some of the hottest sex I’ve seen in a minute! It’s rare to find hot shit like this! The women swap tongues and nut. Another motherfucking flawless victory! A very nasty, butt-infested victory!

Andi Anderson, Deep Threat & Manuel Ferrara
This is my first time seeing Andi Anderson perform. She looks almost like Gina Vice (the star of Buttman’s Anal Show). Pale, bootylicious, very young and fresh. And has lips like a rubber ducky! She shows her ass, plays in it with a butt plug. And here’s Deep Threat, another top-notch black male porn star, who ripped shit up in Justin Slayer’s Mami Culo Grande 5. The tease sequence is a bit lacking, but the sex damn sure isn’t. Andi goes down on Threat and she gives a great fucking BJ with her big lips. She bends over and takes him straight up her ass, just like she begged him for. Regardless of how big Threat’s dick is, he’s very aggressive in her ass, stroking and punching in her ass, driving her crazy and making her talk major trash. ATM. Positions swap and in cowgirl, she takes most of him without a problem, as if she’s had bigger. This scene is brilliant, but not flawless, unfortunately, thanks to the weak tease sequence. I could swear that B. Pumper directed this scene, if I didn’t know that Manuel Ferrara did it. This scene does look like something Pumper would have done. It’s a very hot, aggressive interracial butt-fuck and I can see Andi likes black dick very much! Regardless of how aggressive Threat is, she wants him to fuck her harder all the time! When she walks to another room, she can’t do it without playing in her ass, fingering her asshole and spreading her cheeks open. Manuel smacks her ass tough and she tells him to make it red. On the way upstairs, there’s major ass obsession, which makes up for the weak opening tease sequence. Upstairs, Manuel has his way with her. Threat and Manuel both come in her mouth. The scene ends with her ass spread open for the camera.

DVD Quality:
Well, it’s not as loaded as many other 2DVD releases from Manuel Ferrara. The first disc contains the first three scenes as the second disc has the final two scenes, 35 mins. of BTS footage, the photo gallery, filmographies and only 6 trailers (which includes the trailers for Evil Anal 7 and Slutty & Sluttier 8). I felt three more trailers could have fit. No trailer for New Whores on the Block 2? That’s one of my favorite Ferrara trailers, because Ricki White is in there, looking thick and devilishly sexy as ever! Unlike most Ferrara DVDs, there’s no bonus scenes at all. I felt there could have been more added to this package and it could have happened if the first disc held four scenes instead of only three. I dislike the fact that the DVD menu has the same exact music that was on the Euro Angels 13 disc. Otherwise, it’s an excellent package. Shot in anamorphic widescreen. The photo of Kristina Rose used on the second disc is fantastic and it should have been the artwork on the DVD cover.

It’s not too often I’ll say this, but the entire movie was addictive and flawless from top to bottom. There isn’t not one damn scene that you can skip through or fast-forward through. Not here! And I’ve said this about Mr. Butt Fetish, Buttman’s Stretch Class, Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4 and even Gapeman. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking when I passed this up for Rocco: Animal Trainer 30, which was supposed to be my final DVD. And I’m going to have to exchange the latter DVD for this one. I just know it! Not only that, but according to me, this is Manuel Ferrara’s greatest achievement! As far as the way Manuel Ferrara fucks, he’s not over-the-top and violent like Rocco Siffredi, Lexington Steele or Brandon Iron, although he’s not too far from being in a category like them. I’m glad he put Marco Banderas and Deep Threat in here to help him. Of the six movies I’ve seen directed by him, this is his masterpiece! This is also the best in the Evil Anal series, which won a 2009 AVN award for the best anal-themed series. I’m going to buy this on DVD and this is my very last porno DVD I’m adding to my collection. No more talking. I just love this movie too much, too badly. I loved it more than I did Evil Anal 7 or Raw. But if I could, I would own Evil Anal 7 as well as I’m about to own this one!

Replay Value: 97% - Extreme!
Overall Rating: 99.7% - Buy this motherfucker today!

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