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Evil Anal 5

Evil Anal 5

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
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Long Noel's ratings for Evil Anal 5:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Evil Anal 5 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Evil Anal 5 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Evil Anal 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Evil Anal 5 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Evil Anal 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Evil Anal 5 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Evil Anal 5 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  11/3/2008

Evil Anal 5 (2008)
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Anal, Rough Sex, Interracial
Starring: Jandi Lin, Bobbi Starr, Dana DeArmond, Britney Stevens, Summer Storm, Manuel Ferrara, John Strong, Steve French & Steve Holmes (Sarah Blue, Melissa Black, Sandy Saint & Kathy Anderson in bonus scenes)
Produced & Directed by: Manuel Ferrara

Current thought:
I’ve seen a few trailers for most of the flicks in this entire series (and Raul Cristian’s “Ass Traffic” series). Most of them looked, to me, like a bunch of crazy powerfucking without any sense of sexual heat and I wasn’t interested in seeing any of them… until I saw the trailer for this flick. Plus, I am growing in serious awe of Bobbi Starr’s bad ass self! Oh, and this is the very first Manuel Ferrara flick that I have ever seen. He’s a very good performer and lays the pipe without being an asshole, like Brandon Iron. But I’ve never seen his style of filmmaking or his sexuality depicted in film. So, let me see what he has in store!

SCENE INDEX (In order of the greatest scenes):
The final scene in this flick happens to be the best scene in this motherfucker and it stars a big-butt white woman named Summer Storm. This scene is a flawless victory and happens to be the only flawless scene in this flick. Summer is sporting a fishnet skirt, showing off her buttocks and asshole outdoors by a swimming pool. There’s some major ass obsession and anal play, including the use of a butt plug going in Summer’s rectum as she’s sitting on a barstool. The plug goes in her mouth, she lubes it up with her saliva and savagely rams it in and out of her ass. She walks indoors, switching her ass so beautifully. Manuel buries his face in her ass, placing her fishnet skirt over his head, going crazy with her booty. She grinds the hell out of his face with her buttocks, dancing and wiping herself all on his face like it’s nothing at all. This is what a real ass-obsessed man would masturbate to, if he masturbates to pornography at all. She punches Manuel in the face with her buttcheeks vigorously, bouncing herself all over him like a basketball! She sits on his face, grinding the shit out of herself on his face. Manuel keeps eating the hell out of her gaping ass, as if he was trying to get a hint of what she was eating the night before. She blows him and then he really gets busy in this woman’s butt (and pussy, too) in various positions. Toward the end, she gets to sit on his face again, grinding herself on his nose and tongue. Her ass looks so good primed up on this guy’s face! Then, he places her over his knees, spanking her ass red until she can’t handle anymore. Hopping off him, she blows him until he comes. She takes some of his semen, wiping it on her asshole and the scene fades away with her wet ass exposed for the camera.

Here’s the moment I’ve really been waiting for: Bobbi Starr is picked up, riding in the back seat of a car. She’s horny as a sonofabitch and she wants Manuel to stick something in her. Ripping her pantyhose and playing with herself. Manuel fingers her and she sucks his dick sloppily. They go to a house where Steve Holmes is upset about it. He says he can’t do anything with her because she’s unclean and dirty. This is my very first time seeing Dana DeArmond in action. I know she's popular now, so let me see what's good with her! She grabs Bobbi, tosses her in a tub and washes her ass. For those of you who are into domination, this isn’t a scene that’s like “Bitch, get your ass upstairs and wash your stankin’ ass!” There is no sign of humiliation out here for those of you who are looking for that. It’s real cute and they both are having fun. Dana actually washes Bobbi ass & pussy, kissing all on her. I forgot… Can we say “major ass obsession”?! Dana is wearing some ass-less blue jeans and they come off so she can join Bobbi in the tub. Bobbi gets rinsed off and so does her mouth. When her butt hole gets rinsed off, more time is being spent on that than any other body part of hers being rinsed off. I felt it was unnecessary for Bobbi to make orgasmic noises when her body was being rinsed off. That was so overdone and I’m like “Does it make you come every time you take a bath?!” Dana pulls her by the hair, taking her back to see the guys. Steve smells all in Bobbi’s mouth & ass to see if it’s clean, then eating her. Manuel gets with Dana’s program, eating her out on a couch. Bobbi blows Steve, licks his ass, takes his clothes off and then everybody starts fucking. Bobbi Starr takes the dick from both guys like it’s their last day alive and I mean Bobbi really gets power-fucked and Dana doesn’t even get that here! Dana does get a DP and so does Bobbi. The guys bust. This was another very good sex scene, but I expected a little more out of it. Yet, this scene comes in second place.

Jandi Lin appears in the first scene and the tease sequence is shot outdoors. I am reminded too much of a Jules Jordan skin flick. Jandi Lin looks too classy and she doesn’t look anything like she does in “Fuck Slaves 3” or “We Suck”. She masturbates, with a butt plug inside of her butt and Manuel chokes her and slaps the shit out of her face a few times. Jandi begs for it, too. She takes the butt plug out of her butt, placing it in her mouth (laughing and moaning with it inside her face) and the ass obsession finally arrives when Jandi bends over, showing her buttcheeks and anus with her thong pulled to the side. Manuel pulls out his uncircumcised dick, teasing her with it after he chokes her down to the ground and put half of his fist in her mouth. Manuel pulls her by her hair over to his dick and she sucks. More ass obsession. The butt plugs goes in her coochie and gets rammed back in her ass. They go indoors where Manuel gets psychological with Jandi and plugs her pussy (the action being shot underneath their two bodies) and mouth so bad. Manuel throws her on the ground, savagely opens her buttcheeks to see how it all looks, eating her ass out and Jandi sounds super dramatic! More vaginal thrashing. Jandi keeps saying “I love you! I’m yours!” Jandi bends over facing a wall, playing in her ass and awaiting her fate of being buttfucked and Manuel does just that to her. Starts out very slow, but Jandi gets even more dramatic (like she did in “Fuck Slaves 3”)! I am unsure if it was her first anal and I, personally, don’t give a shit about all of that bullshit about it being her first anal or not. It was a damn good sex scene. It wasn’t flawless, though. Why? I guess I’m just not used to seeing Jandi look so… prissy! The sex was rough and passionate, but it wasn’t nasty enough for my loving!

Britney Stevens’ scene is the weakest in this DVD, although it was a good one. The tease did nothing for me as she’s on the top of a building in pantyhose, squirting. Some nice booty shots of her. She goes indoors and three dudes await her and they fuck the shit out of her. There’s some DP, TP, her gagging and retching on some cocks and these men really work the hell out of her body, especially her mouth and ass. The scene had the potential to be flawless, but the tease was lacking for the most part. There’s a few nice shots of her body and buttocks (walking, climbing up stairs and bent-over), but it was nothing too remarkable. The sex was very anal oriented & dominant, containing some very nasty butt-plunging, including a horrible double anal (something I can’t stand). The guys come on her face. After it’s over, she goes back on the top of a building playing with herself. It was a good sex scene, but in the order of the best sex scenes to the least best, this one belongs on the bottom of the list.

The first bonus scene stars Kathy Anderson, looking real sexy and wearing a mask. Manuel throws money at her, she sucks him, she bends over playing in her genitalia and Manuel gives her a hand. Manuel soon fucks her in both holes and even goes as fat as putting his toes up her ass and she sucks her own shit off of Manuel’s toes, fingers and dick. I mean, Manuel really gets busy in this woman’s behind and at one point, he gags her mouth with a bunch of dollar bills while she’s taking the dick. Merciless pussy fingering with pussy-popping noises behind heard, male ass eating and Manuel comes on her face with her peeling the mask over her eyes and off. This was a very erotic sex scene.

The second bonus scene stars two of my favorite beauties: Sarah Blue & Melissa Black (from the first “Black Pipe Layers”). Sandy Saint is here also. Sarah & Sandy have Melissa bent over a pool table and they both smack the shit out of her ass. They pull her upstairs by her hair and panties as she’s crawling and they bring her to Manuel. Manuel has Melissa show her ass so he can check it out to see if she’s good enough for anal sex. It’s really psychological as she stares at him for a long period of time, doing everything he wants her to. He plays in her ass and she does the same. Sarah & Sandy go downstairs to have a serious meeting with two other guys and their asses while Manuel gets straight to the point of sodomizing Melissa! Some of the action reminds me of a Christoph Clark flick I’ve seen back in the day, where there was nothing but beautiful white women being sodomized and DPed by strong dicks, while they were sporting fishnets with the ass area being ripped apart. Melissa goes down and join the action and it also includes a dude coming in Sarah Blue’s asshole, only for Sarah to release the juice from her anus into Melissa’s mouth! Sarah does the same, expelling semen from her anus into Melissa’s mouth. Words can’t describe how much I loved this scene. We could have done without some of the disgusting anal gaping and double anal fucking.

I cannot stand double anal or any double-dicking in one orifice, unless it’s in a woman’s mouth. I can handle that. But this double anal bullshit is extreme. I won’t assume that Jules Jordan started that bullshit but the first time I ever saw it was in one of his “Ass Worship” flicks. Although the sex was more psychological and rough than anything, it could have been more heated and energetic without it being extreme in some areas. The final two scenes in this flick are the strongest, while the first two weren’t very remarkable. I did expect more out of the scene with Dana & Bobbi. But the 90 minute extra footage with them made up for what was lacking in the original sex scene.

The audio quality is great, but the video quality it too damn misty (not sharp enough)! This 2DVD set is loaded with extras. 2 bomb-ass bonus scenes in their uncut form (from two older Manuel Ferrara skin flicks), 3 Manuel Ferrara trailers & cast info. The BTS footage is 1 hour & 30 mins., which including a photo shoot. The entire BTS footage is from one scene and one scene only and that is the wonderful scene with Bobbi Starr & Dana DeArmond. The BTS footage with these two breezies alone would make this DVD worth a fucking purchase and it happens to be much better than the original scene itself. It contains interviews, conversation, Dana flossing her ass in her butt-less jeans, Dana talking about her MySpace profile and more serious, down-and-dirty ass-obsession, nudity and kinkiness than the average man could ever handle and it’s such a beautiful thing!

I’m not disappointed at all, although I’ve seen better ass-obsessed, anal-crazed skin flicks. It was nothing at all like ass-obsessed anal-sex-only flicks that I loved, like “Own My Ass 2” or even “This Butt’s 4 U” (both flicks were so much hotter than this)! The sex is heated sex because it’s psychological. So, you won’t see any sword fighting contests and thoughtless rough sex without any form of intimacy at all! Although there are some hot ass-obsessed sequences of the beautiful women, this flick focuses more on rough anal sex and power-fucking than ass obsession itself. I have seen better ass-obsessed, anal-crazed skin flicks. So don’t think that because I’m giving this a high rating means that it’s better than most of the shit that I’ve seen before. It’s great in it’s genre and it’s a great effort from Manuel Ferrara. But again, I have seen better. That is how I feel about the film itself. I have enjoyed this much more than any of Jules Jordan’s “Ass Worship” flicks that I’ve seen. Because not only was most of the tease and ass obsession brilliant, but these are some white boyz who can not only lay the pipe well, but they make love to a girl’s mind also (unlike much of the male talent in Jules’ flicks). So, I would advise the readers of this review to skip Jules Jordan’s “Ass Worship” series (unless we’re talking about AW4) and skip Christoph Clark’s ass-obsessed back catalogue. “Evil Anal 5” is better than all of those skin flicks combined!

As far as the extras, that makes this DVD intensely worth a purchase, because if I were rating the film itself and if the DVD only contained the film, I wouldn’t give this such a high rating or consider purchasing it or considering you, the reviewer, to even purchase this DVD! Like “Furious Fuckers: Final Race” & “Fuck Slaves 3”, the extra footage and the bonus scenes are much better than the original film itself! I loved the two bonus scenes and especially the 90-minute BTS footage with Bobbi & Dana. That alone makes this DVD worth a purchase. As far as the film goes, I just couldn’t see myself praising it because of one flawless scene out of four! This is another fully-loaded Evil Angel DVD, like “Furious Fuckers: Final Race”, “Fuck Slaves 3” and most DVDs that Belladonna has cranked out in the past. So, I’m not only rating the film, but I’m rating the bonus scenes, the DVD quality and the extra footage. I’ll rate each feature individually and then add them all to the overall rating.

I loved the arrangement of this whole entire 2DVD set. It’s a real gift, especially for those who are unfamiliar with Manuel Ferrara’s works and even those who only want to own only one of his films or those who’s looking for the perfect Manuel Ferrara DVD to own. This is the only Manuel Ferrara flick I have seen (“Evilution” looks very promising) and so far I’ll say this: If you have to own one Manuel Ferrara flick, purchase this freakin’ DVD!


OVERALL RATING: 97.5% - Own It!

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