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Captain Jack Evil Anal 21 4.5 starsEvil Anal 21 4.5 starsEvil Anal 21 4.5 stars
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Evil Anal 21

Evil Anal 21

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal
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Starring: , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Evil Anal 21:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Evil Anal 21 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Evil Anal 21 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Evil Anal 21 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Evil Anal 21 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Evil Anal 21 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Evil Anal 21 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Evil Anal 21 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/17/2014
Welcome porn fans to the latest in the Evil Anal series and this time out Manuel is also working in another of his popular titles in the same show, that being the RAW series. Four scenes spread over two discs featuring a fine cast of girls being fucked by Manuel's cock. On to some highlights.

Bonnie Rotten:

We start with Bonnie and knowing this is a Raw scene plus an anal themed one also means lots of fun times for Bonnie Rotten fans I think. This type of scene also takes some time easing into the action as we open with Manuel and Bonnie discussing and looking at outfit options. He wants something slutty, me I just want to get her naked quick!! It takes a couple tries before she gets something on that Manuel likes. Once the outfit has been chosen we watch some of the still shots being taken. Not that watching this wasn't interesting but we did need something to keep us into the flow and Bonnie turns around opening up her ass for us and that does the trick! Not long after we have Manuel's cock out and Miss Rotten riding him boobs facing out to us. Manuel fucks her a little bit from behind then goes back to taking pictures and fingering her ass. Bonnie then takes a long pink toy and puts that in her ass while at the same time massaging her pussy. From that we get treated to some good dick play from our girl including some attention to the balls. You then get some anal for a short time before she turns around to furiously finger that pussy until it explodes in a torrent of pussy juice. There is more anal too with some big gaping too from Bonnie's ass. Miss Rotten then eases a rather fat sized toy into her ass before allowing Manuel to go back in for a few last thrusts inside her butt. The pop flies soon after up into her mouth. There was some good action here with Bonnie though you have to wade through some long stretches where there wasn't as much going on. More towards the end once they started to fuck real good the scene got into a good rhythm. Bonnie fans who want to see a lot of her and not fucking the whole time should enjoy this. She's a fun girl and she clearly had fun here modeling for Manuel and then fucking him. Manuel tells her to go but she won't!! Bonnie hops on for a few last pumps to her pussy and she fell off like she wanted to work one last squirt out but the video cut out before that happened.

London Keyes:

The second scene on this first disc features the lovely London Keyes. Manuel finds her outside and the two converse for a bit. She's heading out the next day to Seattle with a couple of friends. Manuel liked her outfit too but he liked it even more when the top portion is pulled down revealing London's fantastic set of natural tits. He tells her about this show and how he is combining the Raw series and Evil Anal series. London is down for it!! Like the scene previous we have London picking out some clothes to wear so they can take stills. She walks in after changing wearing a lavender skirt that hikes up beautifully showing off her ass. Around front is a top that neatly hugs her tits and the zipper goes right down the middle so she can give us some hot cleavage. Manuel gets a little touchy feely to her tits and ass before London drops down to take his cock in, POV style. You get some fucking for a short time then Manuel pauses to take stills and you see from behind him how he has the great ground shot angle working for his pictures. You have a couple of those angle shots worked in while we watch them do stills. The shot from behind stays in play when there's a long black toy put into her ass, readying it for action. Miss Keyes then engages in more sexy head then it is anal time with a fantastic boob shot as she rides tits facing out to us. There are a few other anal shots including the one with her riding ass facing out to us and you get A2M too from London. You have some shots with Manuel in front of the camera fucking London but most of it is POV action and there is a bit more with that ass facing out to us, doing lots of good movement here. The pop shot has Manuel standing almost at the base of her feet and jerking the load out and it reaches all the way up her stomach and some to her face. There is clean up too from London. Now on to disc two.

Cameron Canada:

The second disc leads off with Cameron and she also begins trying out clothes. The shorts she has on to start were pretty good and those get pulled down allowing Manuel to fondle her nice ass cheeks. She hails from Toronto and knows all about the wacko Mayor they have across the border. But back to her ass! I have to say that backside is rather nice and it deserved the screen time Manuel devoted to it. She shows off a few choices and eventually puts on a black mesh pair of stockings that thankfully leave her bush uncovered and that ass as well-- a spread shot for good measure of this too is given here. Not crazy about the hand around the throat he did but she seemed to like it. I should be familiar with how hot Cameron's ass is after watching her amazing g/g scene with Jada Stevens a couple of months back, lots of ass licking and plenty of close ups on her butt. Cameron adds a red checkered skirt and a white shirt in addition to the mesh stockings. Manuel goes floor level while she diddles her pussy for us. You see stills taken then and in a new twist the shots appear to your screen left so you see what he sees, that was cool. This scene took a little longer to get to some stronger action as they head outside where Cameron gets in some good oral on his cock. She also analizes herself with a toy for a short time leading to Manuel easing his cock in from behind. The action then goes back indoors where you have more head from Cameron as well as more anal sex-- her ass facing out to us was a pretty good shot. Most of the oral/ fucking is POV but Manuel does slip in front of the camera a couple of times and during one of those shots he also delivers some oral pleasure to Cameron. The scene lasts for over an hour though the main action doesn't occur until 30 minutes in. Like the Bonnie Rotten scene to start the pop is delivered from above Cameron shooting down towards her.

Alby Rydes:

The last of the four scenes features a girl I'm seeing for the first time. As we begin Alby is wearing grey sweats, black bottoms and white lace panties. She lifts up the top to reveal her boobs with the nipples nice'n' hard. Manuel inquires if she brought anything like outfits or shoes but it seems she came empty handed. Manuel has a couple of things that he brought that she can try on and the best thing here was Alby having to take her pants off allowing us a perve ass shot! She pulls a pair of skin tight pink tights on and I mean these were tight hugging her body. She loses the grey sweater and Manuel gets to touch those big boobs. The two head outside so he can take stills and like the previous scene you get to actually see the photo he takes but this time it's on the right side of the screen. Manuel slips in front of the video camera to pose her a couple of times pulling the pants down and shooting Alby from the front as well as more shots of her ass, opened up too! At one point we have Alby who is still posing ripping those pants open creating a nice open spot for her ass cheeks to spill through. Going back indoors you have Manuel doing a little face diving into her ass and we get some oral/ dick stroking from Alby too. There is fucking too including reverse anal though it was at a slight distance but she was wide open which was great. Hopping off you get A2M from Alby. There is more anal and from closer in as Manuel holds the camera not far off from her ass which is sliding up and down his cock. You have doggie anal as well leading to the pop and this one is right over her face and right on target!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good show from Manuel. It should be pointed out the action does take a little time to get going during the scenes. While waiting for things to heat up you do get nudity as the girls try on outfits and pose for stills. Manuel might do a little touching and the girls also begin to touch themselves in various places. You have some conversation too. The action is anal dominated for sure and you get some good head as well from the girls. Bonnie adds squirting to her scene and every scene had some good in close butt shots that you should enjoy. Now for extras you can repeat the cum shots, check out photo galleries and see trailers for other Evil productions. No BTS but that was pretty much worked into the scenes themselves as they did the ward robe choices, took stills, and other things. A solid four scene show here with a good varied cast of ladies.

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