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Evil Anal 17
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Evil Anal 17

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Dan's ratings for Evil Anal 17:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Evil Anal 17 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Evil Anal 17 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Evil Anal 17 Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Evil Anal 17 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Evil Anal 17 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Evil Anal 17 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Evil Anal 17 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Dan  on  4/17/2013
Manuel Ferrara + Sheena Shaw
Strip-tease: nice ass. Sheena sucks Manuel’s cock, while he fingers and plays around with her asshole, until she has a hot expression on her face.
Sheena Shaw lies on her back and raises one leg high in the air. Spoon-anal. Manuel plunges his dick right inside the ass of this chick. She is helpless and weak, when he pins the knee of this chick all the way to her shoulder. Properly restrained, Sheena Shaw gets really trained in the hot art of anal sex with Manuel Ferrara. A2M.
Manuel lies on his back, and Sheena mounts his cock with her asshole for a reverse-cowgirl-anal ride. Pound her round the guy certainly does, while playing her clit with a firm hand to weaken her knees with the pleasure of it all and turn her into helpless putty in his hands once more. A2M.
Cowgirl-anal. Manuel now looks helpless and weak under his anally mounted chick. But turn the tables on her, he does once more. He reaches with his hands between her sexy ass-cheeks and expands her asshole a lot more by adding his fingers to his cock inside her. Groan and moan is all she can do with him having his way inside her asshole like that. Helpless and weak she is on top of his dick. A2M.
Sheena makes another attempt to dominate her anal guy, and this time she succeeds. She mounts his cock cowgirl-anal style once more. But this time she leans her body so far back that there is no way he can reach her asshole with his fingers anymore. Sheena’s tricky anal maneuvre opens up her pussy right in front of the guy’s face. It’s a great opportunity for Manuel Ferrara to play with her slit, masturbate her clit, and weaken his dominant lady at her knees once more. But he doesn’t take advantage of it, even though her pussy is bobbing up and down and teasing him right in front of his face. A2M.
Reverse-cowgirl-anal. Sheena is quick to mount his dick. But Manuel Ferrara doesn't let her continue in this position for long. He gets up and pounds her ass doggy-style for all he is worth. Hot doggy-anal. Gape. He rims her gape with his tongue. Manuel grabs Sheena Shaw by her long hair and pounds her ass doggy-style real good. He is now close to cumming, and he doesn't care anymore how he bangs her, as long as it's balls-deep inside her ass in any position she likes. Reverse-cowgirl-anal is her choice, and he doesn't last long with her there. Open-mouth facial for her, and she sucks his cock afterwards.

Manuel Ferrara + Claire Robbins
Strip-tease: this redhead has a hot ass, a pretty face, and a great-looking body. Kissing, cunnilingus, cock-suck. Up to four fingers inside her asshole in doggy. Manuel continues to finger her asshole, while sucking her clit in the 69 position.
Claire lies on her back and raises one leg high in the air. Plunge inside her nice ass the guy really does right away for a spoon-anal ride with her. He plays with her pussy and kisses her on the cheek, while riding her asshole balls-deep with his dick.
Brief reverse-cowgirl-anal. Her pussy looks great between her wide open legs.
Cowgirl-anal. Great view of her cheeks. Manuel Ferrara kisses her right on the lips.
Spoon-anal. She lies on her back with one leg high in the air, and nail the ass of this sexy lass the guy really does. Manuel clearly has the hots for this pretty lady. He keeps kissing her on the lips, while playing her pussy and clit, and nailing her ass with his dick all the way to his balls. It’s hot lust with every thrust. He looks like he can’t get enough of her, even while he keeps pounding her. This redhead beauty is an assman’s dream cum true, so nice is her ass.
Doggy-anal hard and fast. This guy cannot last. He pulls out of her sexy bum and coats her pretty face with his cum.

Dana Vespoli + Bridgette B.
Dana Vespoli plays the role of a plumber in the home of Bridgette B. Plumb the depths of Bridgette B.’s asshole she certainly does with her big pole, when she straps on a big dildo and nails the ass of this sexy lass.

Ramon Nomar + Bridgette B.
Ramon Nomar comes home, pays some money to the Dana Vespoli chick, and then he goes after his wife with his dick.
Bridgette’s fuck is spoon-pussy-fuck, and it gives you a good view of her attractive face and her nice big tits.
They switch to a cowgirl-pussy ride, but not for long. He moves his big dong from pussy to ass, and it’s a hot cowgirl-anal ride for this pretty lady. A very nice ass she certainly has, and you get a good view of it too. The side-view of Bridgette’s big tit looks pretty good too, when she turns to look over her shoulder at the guy’s cock pounding her ass.
Bridgette B. sucks the guy’s cock straight from her ass and lies on her side for another anal ride. It’s a kind of spoon-anal, with her guy standing up, and it gives you a good view of her sexy ass-cheeks. Good side-view of her big boob too.
Cock-suck. Tit-fuck. She lies on her back and raises her legs high in the air. Jump her nice ass the guy really does. Her freshly fucked asshole is a very tempting cock-target for the guy. He stands between her sexy legs and nails her ass really well in a kind of missionary-anal. Bridgette’s sexy pussy is wide open right in front of him. But unfortunately he neglects it and doesn’t play with it at all during his anal ride with her. He misses this great opportunity to have some pussy-fun, while he nails Bridgette B.’s sexy bum.
Pussy-doggy-ride is next. He misses her asshole with his big pole and ends up deep inside her pussy instead. Perhaps this is a pussy accident he didn’t intend to happen, because he soon goes back inside her ass and nails her good between her sexy ass-cheeks in a standing-doggy-anal. The view of her dangling big tits add some interest to her anal ride in this position. Nomar eventually cums on Bridgette’s face and tits.

Manuel Ferrara + Eva Karera
Eva Karera strips and masturbates her pussy and ass, while watching the video of Manuel Ferrara and Claire Robbins from the second scene of this film. She manages to put her clothes back on, before Manuel Ferrara comes. Manuel starts necking with her and quickly undresses her. Her artificially enhanced tits make her big nipples really stick out in a sexy kind of way. Manuel Ferrara gives one of her big nipples a really good suck, before he goes down on her pussy and she goes down on his cock.
Doggy-anal. Manuel Ferrara starts with Eva Karera exactly where he has left off with Claire Robbins in scene number two, which was doggy anal. He is back in the groove right away, and he pounds away between Eva’s sexy ass-cheeks as if he is back in scene number two having fun inside the lady’s bum.
They switch to spoon-anal, with him pinning one of her knees all the way to her shoulder. It’s a great-looking fuck, with a good view of her rack. Have fun in her bum the guy certainly does.
Reverse-cowgirl-anal. He plays with her pussy, while nailing her ass. A2M.
Cowgirl-anal. Nail her nice ass he really does with his cock from below.
A kind of missionary-anal is next, where he splits her legs and pins one of them all the way to her shoulder. Eva looks helpless and weak, while he nails her ass with his dick.
Cock-suck. Standing-doggy-anal fuck. Have fun in her bum the guy really does, while she holds onto the staircase railing and looks back at her fucking guy with a loving eye. She seems to have the hots for Manuel Ferrara, which encourages him to nail her ass just the way he likes. This is hot anal sex. They have chemistry with each other. A2M. He spills his cum on her attractive tits.

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