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Everybody Wants Some

Everybody Wants Some

Studio: NuTech
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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BIGmike's ratings for Everybody Wants Some:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Everybody Wants Some overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Everybody Wants Some Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Everybody Wants Some Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Everybody Wants Some Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Everybody Wants Some Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Everybody Wants Some DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Everybody Wants Some A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  1/19/2002
This film was released originally by Exquisite Pleasures in 1996. This DVD was released by Nu-Tech Digital.

-Directed by Bionca

Starring Shelby Stevens, Jill Kelly, Goldie Star, Yvonne, Cumisha Amado, Caressa Savage, Tabitha, Missy, Paisley Hunter, Tracy Love, Christi Lake, Misty Rain, and Bionca.

-Opens with clips of what is to cum, during the intro. Then we see Yvonne talking on the phone, sitting behind a desk, in a large warehouse type building-

SCENE ONE : Yvonne, who was on the phone hangs up and walks over to a filing cabinet. She opens the top drawer and pulls out a dildo, she opens the second drawer and pulls out a container. She sits on some kind of contraption (that looks like a modified workout bench) and rubs herself all over. She stands up pulls off her tight shorts, and fingers herself, as she is bent over. She sits back on the bench and rubs and fingers her pussy. She sucks on the dildo before plunging it into her pussy. She gets up and puts the dildo on the bench, just when Goldie Star walks in. Yvonne starts handling Goldie as they rub up against one another. They kiss each other’s tits before Yvonne gets to Goldie’s pussy. Goldie gets her pussy and ass tongued and fingered as she is bent over on the bench. Some more fingering before Yvonne grabs a black bottle full of lube and pours it all over Goldie. Goldie goes down on and fingers Yvonne, in various positions. Goldie pulls a glow stick out of her purse, they both lick it, and Yvonne uses it on Goldie’s pussy as a dildo. The glow stick is now inside a clear dildo and Yvonne is fucking Goldie with it [the lights are turned down for this]. Yvonne licks it clean. Goldie squirts lube all over Yvonne’s ass and finger fucks her and then uses the same dildo on her. Goldie is wearing a pair of rubber gloves now and fingering both of Yvonne’s holes, she uses the dildo again. Goldie does some more fingering and pussy munching, they kiss, scene ends.

- Bionca on phone, same location-

SCENE TWO : Four girls (Christi Lake, Misty Rain, Paisley Hunter, and Tracy Love) are working out in a gym. They all strip one another, on a mat; there’s a lot of kissing, lots of licking, and lots of probing fingers. Christi gets her ass lubed up and the girls all finger fuck her holes wearing rubber gloves. They stretch her holes out and wide open, with lots of fingers. Misty grabs a dildo and fucks Christi’s pussy with it (she is still bent over) and then they fuck her ass with it. Misty gets eaten out and fingered by the girls now, they squirt lube into her gaping asshole, and do more fingering. Christi is holding a buttplug that is inserted into Misty’s ass. Paisley pulls the buttplug out of Misty’s ass with her mouth; sticks the end that was in her ass into Misty’s mouth; and back to her ass, she does this again. Then she puts it back in Misty’s ass, pulls it out, and sticks it into Tracy’s mouth. Now it’s time for some extremely large toy use on Misty’s holes, this doesn’t last that long. The girls pair off for a bit; Misty and Paisley, and Christi and Tracy; for some more fingers and dildo fucking in their holes. They gang up on Paisley with their tongues, fingers, and toys invading her holes. Paisley manages to get the extremely large dildo halfway up her pussy.

-Bionca, who was watching all of this through a small window, makes a noise, which breaks up the fun. They go and grab her and drag her over to the mat. She grabs the lube bottle and squirts the girls. Scene ends-

SCENE THREE : Shelby Stevens and Jill Kelly. Both are in a locker room drinking champagne. Jill shows Shelby some exercises/stretches, showing off her nice ass, and then Shelby does the same. Jill slaps Shelby’s ass as she is also rubbing it. Soon Jill is licking Shelby’s ass. They kiss. [Both girls are still dressed in one-piece bathing suits, as all this is going on.] Jill pulls the bottom of Shelby’s bathing suit a side as her tits are now freed. Jill is licking Shelby’s pussy and biting her clit. Jill opens a locker which has a bottle of lube, Shelby is now naked (and completely shaved) as Jill lubes her up. Jill rubs Shelby’s pussy, takes a swig from the bottle of champagne, and spits it onto Shelby’s chest. Jill is now fingering Shelby’s pussy, four then eight fingers (four from Shelby at one point). Jill grabs a toy from the locker, they both suck on it, Jill tit fucks her with it, and then Shelby gets fucks in her pussy. Shelby sucks on the toy before Jill fingers her ass, then she fucks her ass with the toy. Jill has the handle of a buttplug sticking out from the sides of her bathing suit. Now Shelby pulls off Jill’s bathing suit. Jill lies on her back and Shelby goes down and fingers her pussy, in various positions. Shelby grabs a double ended dildo from the locker, they both suck on it. They both ride the dildo. The buttplug disappeared and Shelby fucks Jill’s ass with the dildo. They kiss, Bionca was watching them through a small window.

SCENE FOUR : Caressa Savage, Cumisha Amado, Missy, and Tabitha. Missy does a strip dance in a gym while the other girls are working out. Then she gets on a stair climber nude. Caressa on a machine next to her strips down and continues her workout. Cumisha strips and continues her workout too. We don’t see Tabitha strip but she did have clothes on and then she is nude. Missy and Caressa kiss. Missy squats above Caressa, while Cumisha fingers Caressa. Tabitha goes down on Cumisha as Missy and Caressa are in a 69. Caressa gets lubed up as the girls probe her holes with fingers and toys. They stretch Caressa’s pussy with an extremely large dildo. Next up is Cumisha who gets the same treatment, only she takes multiple toys up her ass. They stick huge anal beads up her ass as well. Now Cumisha takes the extremely large dildo up most of her ass. Tabitha is next, she gets fucked in her ass with different toys. Missy and Caressa wrestle on the hard floor, hair pulling and probing fingers. Tabitha is wearing a strap-on and fucks Missy on the floor with Caressa under her. Then they get on the bench where Missy is dp’d with the strap-on and a dildo by Caressa. They all do a group huge and some kissing.


EXTRAS : Slide Show (2 minutes, autoplay), biographies (jump to scene), company info, and 11 trailers (all last between 2 minutes and 3 minutes, except one is just a list).

OVERALL : Four scenes filled with girls fucking girls with fingers, toys, and tongues. Extras were okay, but the hot action is why you bought this, after all. The sound during the dialog was very low, but the video was crisp and clear.

FINAL THOUGHTS : [I apologize if this review seemed a little long winded, but I loved it so much that I didn’t want to miss any details. There is a lot of action that I left out, or this review would’ve been way longer.] This was my first time seeing an all-girl all-anal film. I just hope that the rest of this series can live up to the intensity of these scenes. This is something you don’t see everyday, a high quality, well directed all-girl all-anal DVD.

-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you love all-girl all-anal features.

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